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Chinese government caught bribing the Liberal Party, Labor Party and Julie Bishop

A stick of dynamite was lit on Friday (26-8-16) with revelations that Chinese businessman with links to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have donated $500,000 to the Western Australian Liberal Party. The question that Julie Bishop needs to answer is did she ask for the $500,000 donation when she was overseas in China on government business? If the answer is no then what exactly was her involvement with the donation as it is clearly directed at her and the decisions she may or may not make as Foreign Minister?

There is a lot of debate at the moment regarding foreign ownership, particularly by the Chinese, of Australian assets but the real issue is foreign ownership of the decisions that Australian politicians make. They say the hardest thing about solving any problem is knowing what the real problem is and in this case the real problem is foreign donations to the Liberal Party and Labor Party for favours which are bribes. If the donation issue is solved I suspect the foreign ownership problem will be solved quickly as well as the politicians will no longer have an incentive to do what the Chinese say.

Corrupt donations to the Liberal and Labor parties

The Chinese Government donations to the Liberal Party and Labor Party are part of a lot bigger problem.

I have written extensively about the corrupt donations the Parties take. Of recent times the Liberal Party has seen $4.4 million of funding withheld by the NSW Electoral Commission because the Liberal Party refuse to tell the NSW Electoral Commission were hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding came from. (Click here to read more)

Then there is also the Liberal Party and Labor Party stealing from taxpayers and laundering the money into their own bank accounts with the most recent scam run by the Liberals via a company called Parakeelia. (Click here to read more)

What these dodgy donations and the theft do is help keep corrupt politicians in power because come election time they have more money than the smaller Parties and independents to fund their election campaign.

When foreign nations like China donate to the Liberal Party and Labor Party they are also helping to facilitate corruption in Australia for their own benefit but which also results in the Australian public ending up with a corrupt government.

ABC report $5.5 million in donations between 2013 and 2015

The ABC first reported the dodgy donations on Sunday (21/8/16) with a full list of who donated what and followed it up on Monday and Tuesday with further details:

The donations include $850,000 given to the ALP by a businessman whose address is shared by a centre for retired Communist Party officials.

Their reporting also included the 2-minute video below which is well worth watching just to see the former federal treasurer Wayne Swan give us the scoop that:

Wayne Swan: We should be having a stronger debate about the role of political donations and how that potentially is leading to political decision making being skewed in favour of foreign countries“.

Mr Swan is basically admitting foreign bribery of Australian politicians. Why didn’t he speak up and say something when he was the Australian Treasurer?

The latest ABC reporting seems to be a follow on from investigations last year where they reported Chinese businessman Huang Changran has donated $1.9 million to the Labor and Liberal Parties since 2012. He also employed former NSW Treasurer Eric Roozendaal when he left Parliament in 2013 hounded by corruption allegations. (Click here to read more)

Former Liberal MP Andrew Robb takes bribes off Chinese companies

It was only in May that I wrote about the then federal MP Andrew Robb and said:

Australian politicians getting bribes off Australian companies and Australian citizens is a major problem but when it is foreign companies who are doing the bribery then that should be classified as treason because that is what it really is.

It was reported:

A Chinese government-backed propaganda unit and a swag of companies that stand to gain from the China Australia Free Trade Agreement have made more than half a million dollars of political donations in Victoria, raising concerns about the influence of foreign donors.

Companies linked to Chinese conglomerate Yuhu Group made a donation to then trade minister Andrew Robb’s fundraising entity the day the trade deal was clinched.

Chinese money has become so important to Australian political parties that, at a recent glitzy fundraiser, Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger made sure there was an interpreter to translate the auction.

Donors with strong links to China contributed $555,000 to the two major parties and fundraising entities in Victoria, a Fairfax Media analysis of Australian Electoral Commission data for 2014-15 reveals. (Click here to read more)

Federal Liberal Party MP Andrew Robb who is retiring at this election and is currently Minister for Trade and Investment should be investigated by the federal police. It is an obvious bribe when Andrew Robb is getting a big fat donation off the Chinese the same day he signs a trade deal with them on behalf of Australia. As someone said on Twitter:

“So it seems Andrew Robb was bribed by the Chinese to commit treason. In past eras we’d have hanged him.” (Click here to read more)

This is on top of the millions of dollars that the Chinese businessman have donated to the Federal Liberal Party.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop taking bribes

Bishop has a lot of questions to answer.

The SMH reported on Friday (26-8-16)

Chinese businessmen with links to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have donated half a million dollars to the Western Australian division of the Liberal Party during the past two years, political disclosures reveal.

All the donors have links to the Chinese government, and the vast bulk of the money was given by companies with no apparent business interests in WA. Ms Bishop, the leading federal member of the party in that state, has singled out each of the three key donors for praise.

Several of the donations have been obscured by the channelling of funds via executives or related companies, or by the donors’ failure to disclose them to the Australian Electoral Commission, in apparent breach of Commonwealth law.

A spokesman for the AEC acknowledged a loophole in Australia’s disclosure laws, saying: “While the commission can seek compliance, overseas donors cannot be compelled to comply with Australian law when they are not in Australia”.

The revelations raise further questions about foreign donations linked to ministers with trade and diplomatic responsibilities. (Click here to read more)

It is obvious that the Chinese $500,000 donation was to try to get favourable decisions from Julie Bishop and given her position as Foreign Minister that should worry all Australians.

Foreign investment in Australia is fine as long as there is benefit for the county but bribe taking Australian politicians shouldn’t be making those decisions. This story will keep heating up until the bribery stops and not even the Federal Police will be able to cover this one up. The Liberal Party and Labor Party should be investigated by the Federal Police for international bribery.

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  1. I am not surprised, after all she is a lawyer. I could not understand how it is that a profession can defend those who have committed the worst of crimes know their customer is guilty as sin and keep defending them for money. They sell their souls to the devil at the outset and this one is now selling off the nation’s future. Politicians without a conscience or a plan for the future of the nation. This lot are like the crew of the sinking ship who jump into the one and only lifeboat and machine gun the drowning passengers who are left in the water.

  2. I totally agree that questions must be answered, the problem is they never are.

    If a political Party is accepting donations from overseas, of course there are questions.

    Those people do not give away a half a million dollars, for the sake of it, they want something in return and what does Julie Bishop have in mind to give?????.

    Personally I believe that it may be better that we all pay a small levy to the political parties, so no further donations at all. Nobody gives large amounts of money because they love a certain party as I said before, they need favours or god knows what.

    I also believe that the Labor Party or anybody else for that matter should not be allowed to receive money from the Unions, Mr Katter received $125.000. from the CFMEU, so he has to do what the Union tells him to do. The whole situation stinks.

    Ms Bishop, please answer the questions asked on this site!

  3. I don’t agree that the people should pay a levy, these thieves take what they want when they want. I do believe politicians should be made more accountable to the people and made responsible for ANY corruption by a people’s court, not the garbage we have now. $500,000 will no doubt be used for something the community in W.A. doesn’t want or need. I only vote for the drovers dog, shame the dog isn’t on the ballot paper. I refuse to waste my precious vote on self opinionated liars.

    I used to think Julie Bishop was a decent sort of person until I was in the same room as her not long ago, always trust your intuition and your ability to read body language.

  4. Well that explains why both parties seem unable to distinguish between foreign investment and foreign ownership.

  5. I am not surprised about this, It has been going on since pollies could read and write. When they are caught there is a Legal free-for-all and some obscurer law gets them off. Try to cheat on your dry cleaning bills and they will hang you out by the ankles. May be when all parties running for the gravy train are given public supplied access to the media (T.V, Radio, and News Papers) for their rants and ravings they put out, things will change. Maybe?

  6. In past years, almost all Chinese university graduates became members of the Communist Party because it was good for their careers. Some of them went on to become billionaire businesspeople. The link to the address of the retired Communist Party members is no evidence at all of this person representing the Chinese Government. It’s possible, specially if this person had recently been an active member of the party, but it is a big error of judgment to say that it is already a proven fact.

  7. Then proven disreputable behaviour of certain politicians has nothing to do with their intrinsic features/abilities/values (our lack thereof) but completely and solely possible and actively abetted by an inept, corrupt and unquestionably anti-citizen MEDIA …….(& not necessarily media based or owned by Australian companies/persons). Without an open and truthful media, there can never be representative democracy, just a sham democracy which is what we have!

  8. I don’t think she would have to ask. Its how the wheels of politics turn in places like China, and all they’d need to know is that her approval would be tacit (via silence). Same for the Labor side. The Chinese know well that everyone has a price.

  9. It seems pretty obvious now that the Australian Federal Police are becoming as corrupt as our politicians. It is a sad state of affairs when they seemingly both work together to defraud average citizens out of trade and outsource properties, business and trade to foreign interests in backroom deals with paper bag donations. Australia needs investigation into AFP but who can we trust any more to do the right thing?

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