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How the Liberal Party and Labor Party steal from taxpayers and launder the money

This week the Liberal Party were caught stealing from taxpayers and laundering the money through a Liberal Party owned company called Parakeelia. After that you would think things could not get worse but in the last 24 hours the Liberals have had to sack a candidate for owning brothels and another candidate is refusing to answer questions regardings millions of dollars missing from a collapsed company he managed.

The Liberal Party brothel owner who resigned is John Min-Chiang Hsu and he was a candidate for the Victorian seat of CalwellChris Jermyn is the Liberal Party candidate for the Victorian seat of McEwen who in the last 24 hours has received some shocking press regarding his handiwork in helping $15 million disappear from a company. Chris Jermyn is refusing to answer questions at this point. (Click here to read more)

The main focus of this article is the Liberal Party and Labor Party stealing and laundering money from the taxpayers but John Min-Chiang Hsu and Chris Jermyn had to get a mention as it shows how widespread and systemic the corruption is with the two major parties. But back to the money laundering story and I’ll will deal with the latest laundering story on the Liberals first then look at the Labor Party’s theft and laundering history.

The thieving Liberal Party and Parakeelia  

The Liberal Party use voter tracking software called Feedback. The Feedback software is owned by the Liberal Party via their company called Parakeelia.

The Scam and how it works

The Liberal Party owned company Parakeelia sends invoices every year to Liberal MP’s and Senators for $2550 who then pay it. The MP’s and Senators then send an invoice to the Department of Finance for reimbursement. Parakeelia then would donate most of the money back to the Liberal Party.

It was reported on the 8th June 2016:

A company Liberal MPs direct taxpayer funds towards to monitor voter behaviour has become a major source of income for the party, raising questions about whether taxpayers are indirectly donating to the Liberals.

Nearly all Liberal MPs pay a company, Parakeelia Pty Ltd, $2500 a year to use “Feedback” software, money understood to come from their taxpayer-funded office allowances.

Parakeelia is registered to the same inner-Canberra office building as the Liberals. The company’s directors include the Liberal Party’s federal director, Tony Nutt, and president, Richard Alston. It is registered with authorities as being associated with the party.

Last financial year, Parakeelia transferred $500,000 to the federal Liberal division, making it the party’s second-biggest single source of funds. The year before it came in fourth with $400,000; before that $200,000.

But the Liberals would not say how much of the company’s revenue began as taxpayer funding. (Click here to read more)

The ABC’s 7.30 Report broadcast the below show on the matter on the 9th June 2016.

(Click here to read the transcript)

Then on the 10th June:

Greens leader Richard di Natale called on Thursday for an investigation into the “flow of money from Liberal MPs to Parakeelia and from Parakeelia to the Liberal party”.

But the Liberal campaign would not directly say whether the company has generated money for the party from taxpayer funds or detail the reasons it was sending money to the party. Late on Thursday a spokeswoman said only that Parakeelia “has not run as a profit centre”.

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister refused to clarify the meaning of “profit centre” on Thursday night. 

It can also be revealed that MPs have been paying Parakeelia well over the $1500 to which they have been entitled for software purchases by the Finance Department.

Many MPs are understood to have been covering the $1000 difference by dipping into their electorate allowances.

Party insiders say the software is primarily used to gather data on voters’ political leanings to allow MPs to focus on communicating with swinging voters. (Click here to read more)

It is interesting that the Prime Minister’s spokesperson refused to “clarify the meaning of “profit centre”. The reason is obvious because Parakeelia is not there to make a profit but to launder money back to the Liberal Party.

The Labor Party, theft and money laundering

I wrote an article in November 2012 that is still relevant today titled Money laundering the Labor Party and Union way” which dealt with the NSW Labor Party stealing $700,000 from 2 government departments which was laundered through the Transport Workers Union and then back into Labor Party bank accounts. I wrote in the article:

Theft and money laundering – How the scam worked

From 2002 to 2008 a total of $733,905 from two government departments overseen by the then NSW Minister for Industrial Relations, John Della Bosca, found its way into the bank accounts of the NSW Transport Workers Union run by his mate the then state and current national secretary of the TWU Tony Sheldon.

$660,905 came from Workcover NSW which went straight into the TWU bank accounts and $73,000 from the Motor Accidents Authority which went into another bank account of the TWU called “Concerned Families of Australian Truckies”.

John Della Bosca said it had nothing to do with him but “An article in Australian Transport News magazine from 2000 said Concerned Families of Australian Truckies had had a seminar sponsored by the NSW Motor Accidents Authority “following discussions with the NSW special minister of state John Della Bosca”. (Click here to read more)

So Mr Della Bosca was caught out lying. Yes that is the same John Della Bosca who is married to the former federal MP Belinda Neal who was made to do an anger management course after the infamous Iguanagate scandal.

“So the difference between taxpayer-funded grants going to the TWU and Labor party donations coming out of the TWU, the difference is only one per cent. And over a six year period, that must be more than coincidence.”

“The TWU-run fund, titled Concerned Families of Australian Truckies, was one beneficiary of the money and the chairwoman is Judith Penton. Her husband, Bruce Penton is a senior TWU official. He has run previously Belinda Neal’s election campaign.”

“Belinda Neal is the wife of John Della Bosca, and Belinda Neal recently praised Bruce Penton and the TWU boss Tony Sheldon in her inaugural speech to Federal Parliament since her re-election.”

“Reba Meagher has worked for the TWU. Paul McLeay, a Ministerial aspirant, Noreen Hay, Kristina Keneally and Diane Beamer all received donations that weren’t declared by the union. Other Labor Ministers, John Watkins, Matt Brown and Verity Firth received donations from the TWU, as did Labor MPs Andrew Macdonald, Richard Amery, David Borger and David Harris.”

“Now this is taxpayers’ money. The public are entitled to know whether it’s being used to prop up Labor Party election campaigns.” (Click here to read more)

Why aren’t the Labor Party complaining?

The Labor Party should be jumping up and down about the Liberals and their company Parakeelia but are saying nothing or very little. In fact the Labor Party have said virtually nothing about Liberal Party corruption the whole election campaign.

But what is stanger is that the Liberals barely mention Union corruption which is the main reason why we are having a double dissolution election. The reason for this is obvious and that is they have done a deal with the Labor Party not to fight the election on corruption issues as that would decrease their votes and increase the votes for smaller parties and independents which I wrote about in a recent post.

A survey this week said that 15% of Australians planned to vote for independent candidates or micro parties. To have an understanding of why that is probably correct you only have to read the above post. The Australian public are starting to fight back against the systemic corruption in a major way and nothing can stop it.

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  1. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Unfortunately the biggest glass house of them all is Australia`s legal industry. This industry ensures it is over represented in both political parties. Have a look at the number of lawyers. Malcolm, Bill, Julie, Tony, Christopher, George . just to mention a few, and all nasty pieces of work. No wonder our whole Judicial process is a seething pit of corruption that robs families and our communities and no wonder the two major political parties that represent the legal industry are able to steal tax payers funds to run their inept political campaigns. Where are our industries where are the jobs and career paths for the youth of our nation, the lawyer run mob of spin doctors that are currently presenting themselves for re election to the Australian people are no better than that charlatan, the Wizard of OZ and his hot air balloon.

  2. Maybe what this tells us is that “FEEDBACK” is really an acronym for “Futile Effort Expecting Dependable and Beneficial Action from Corporate Knuckleheads”?

  3. I suggest an investigation should also be done into Labors “The Chifley Research Centre Ltd”. It receives yearly funding from the Government via a grant. It was $239k plus as disclosed in its 2014-15 AEC entity disclosure return.

    Chifley then makes payments to the ALP

    I don’t know why Chifley are making payments to the ALP. It might have something to do with having access to Labor Party records. Chifley Research Centre is the official think tank for the ALP so one would expect the access to records would be free.

    The Liberals have a similar research unit with the Menzies Research Centre.

    but it does not appear to have made any payments to the Libs according to the Liberal Party’s 2014-15 Financial Return

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