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Malcolm Turnbull donates $1 million because corrupt Liberals have $4.4 mill stuck with Electoral Commission

Malcolm Turnbull has used $1 million of his own money to help buy the federal election win. The reason Turnbull had to donate the cash is because $4.4 million of the Liberal Party’s money is stuck with the NSW Electoral Commission as the Liberal Party refuse to come clean with who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Liberal Party.

This has been an ongoing battle which I wrote about in March 2016 and said:

“The NSW Liberals refusal to formally disclose the names of the donors led the commission to withhold $4.4 million in campaign and administrative funding claimed by the NSW Liberals from the 2015 state election. It has also frozen future public funding to the division until it complies.” (Click here to read more)

Not much has changed and on the 15th July it was reported:

“Meanwhile, the NSW Electoral Commission is refusing to consider the NSW Liberal Party’s claim for $4.4 million in withheld public funding until the party discloses all political donations it received prior to the 2011 state election. This is despite the Liberals having already provided what they said was a corrected record of donations.”

“The NSW Liberal Party had argued that withholding the money put pressure on its coffers ahead of the 2016 federal election.” (Click here to read more)

If the NSW Liberals had the $4.4 million there would have been no need for Malcolm Turnbull to donate the $1 million as the NSW Liberals could have lent the federal Liberal Party the money. This would have saved a lot of embarrassment for the Party and Malcolm Turnbull.

The NSW Liberal Party continue to lie to the NSW Electoral Commission about where the donations came from

It is a massive scandal that the NSW Liberal Party continue to conceal the true identity of hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations and it needs an open and public inquiry and people should be charged. That is why the NSW Electoral Commission refuses to hand over the money and so they should.

It’s been reported that the reason the federal Liberal Party ran out of money is because donations dried up after the leadership change from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull.

Liberal sources confirmed to Fairfax Media donations from the private sector dried up in the aftermath of the September leadership coup. (Click here to read more)

Did the $1 million come from Malcolm Turnbull or Rainwater Corporation scam

I wrote about Malcolm Turnbull’s own dodgy election funding in an article in 2012 titled “Malcolm Turnbull the rain man who speaks with forked tongue”. The article focused on how Turnbull, when he was Environment Minister in the John Howard government, awarded an $11 million grant to a dodgy company run by Matt Hanbury who was one of his key fundraisers. It said in part:

Mr Turnbull’s electorate fund-raising is done through an organisation he set up in 2007 called the Wentworth Forum. The SMH reported “Regarded as the country’s most sophisticated political fund-raising machine, the forum offers membership packages that give the most generous supporters more opportunities to gain access to Mr Turnbull.”

“It costs $5500 to be a “member”, $11,000 to be a “sponsor”, $16,500 to be a “patron”, $25,500 to be a “benefactor” and $55,000 to be a “governor”.”

“A governor can host boardroom events, and gets two tables at big functions featuring Mr Turnbull, and attendance at an exclusive dinner for supporters.”

“An analysis of forum donations, fund-raising events and memberships between 2007 and last December shows Mr Turnbull received more than $1.4 million. He personally contributed about $10,000 in catering for forum events. Most of the money was raised before the 2007 federal election.” (Click here to read more)

Matt Handbury was one of the donors to Mr Turnbull’s Wentworth Forum.

Before the 2007 election and two weeks after the election was called Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government would spend $11 million funding a trial of rainfall technology. The company in question was Australian Rain Corporation which was then part owned by Matt Handbury.

It says on Mr Turnbull’s Wikipedia profile “During the 2007 election campaign, Turnbull announced that the then Government would contribute $10 million to the investigation of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds. Literature suggests that the technology is based on bogus science. The Australian Rain Corporation presented research documents written in Russian, explained by a Russian researcher who spoke to local experts in Russian.”

“Although Turnbull claimed that Australian Rain Corporation is Australian-based, investigations have shown that it is in fact 75 per cent Swiss-owned. It was also revealed that a prominent stakeholder in the Australian Rain Corporation, Matt Handbury, is a nephew of Rupert Murdoch. Turnbull has refused to answer questions regarding Matt Handbury’s contribution to the Wentworth Forum, the main fundraising organisation for Turnbull’s 2007 election campaign.” (Click here to read more)

The question that I wonder is, did the $1 million donation to the Liberal Party really come from Turnbull’s own pocket or was it part of the millions he helped Matt Hanbury steal from taxpayers in 2007 in the above Rainwater Corporation scandal? This should be investigated as it may turn out that Turnbull actually hasn’t donated any of his own money at all but it is just another money laundering routine by the Liberal Party just like the recent Parakeelia money laundering theft.

Alan Jones with his snout in the trough as usual

It is off topic a bit but something I did not know and worth raising with the focus on Malcolm Turnbull and his money in politics. Laurie Oakes has revealed as a side note that Turnbull paid Alan Jones $5000 a pop to read out endorsement ads:

“Such a gift would certainly tighten the leader’s grip on the party. “Very unhealthy,” says a Turnbull critic.”

“How could a leadership change even be whispered about after such generosity?”

“It revives memories of the way Turnbull opened his wallet to win Liberal preselection for the seat of Wentworth 13 years ago — even paying Alan Jones $5000 a time to read radio ads endorsing him.” (Click here to read more)

I didn’t know that the cash for comment king Alan Jones promoted Turnbull previously. Obviously Turnbull has stopped paying Jones which might explain why Alan Jones has been attacking Turnbull so much in recent times.

Alan Jones will lie all day every day as long as he is getting paid for it. Some of you might have missed it but Mr Jones got absolutely owned on election night by Senator James McGrath for being the “grub” that he is and was called out for no longer being a friend of the LNP which is in the below video.

I wonder how much Malcolm Turnbull paid Alan Jones in total given it was $5000 per endorsement ad he read out. And did Jones tell his audience he was getting paid? I doubt it if previous form is anything to go on.

Does every Australian has a lazy $million in their pocket to run for parliament 

The average person doesn’t have a lazy million to run an election campaign so it makes politics look very elitist and I think would turn people off voting for the Liberals. With all the election funding corruption scandals it is not good enough for Turnbull and the Liberal Party to refuse to confirm or deny how much he has donated. And the NSW Liberals should be sent back to ICAC for their continued refusal to name their donors.

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind, that the donation of Turnbull to the Liberal Party is totally unacceptable. So in fact he has paid to get his job, it stinks.

  2. Why is it that I think it is going to cost us, the long-suffering taxpayers, a lot more than $1,000,000 with all the ‘progressive’ measures Our Mal will introduce now that he feels (note that word) he has a ‘mandate’.

  3. Once exposed, all M.P’s. of all parties should be sacked by the G.G. Simply too much crime in the county. Unfortunately, it starts at the top. Get rid of the crooks now, then Australia may, just may, have a chance to get cleaner polly’s.

  4. Looks like it was at a minimum $2million from latest reports. Labor advertising guy reckons Mal was spending a million a day to get the number of ads running in the last few days of the campaign so once he is forced to do the AEC returns the figure may well rise to $3 or more million. Wonder if it came out of his own account or a company account. ASIC and the ATO might well be interested if it came from a company.

    • Why cant you guys leave our prime minister alone? Malcolm is doing a good job, trying to build a better parliament, after years of labor and corruption everywhere.
      It’s easy to criticise a good man, when he tries with his own resources to fix up something that he really believes in, and we all have a responsibility to help where we can. So get off his back.

      • He is only thinking of himself. He has so many Shares in different Companies that deal with the Politicians, its just business as usual for him.

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