Senator Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson – The paid puppet in parliament for Kerry Stokes and Channel 7

Pauline Hanson has been on Channel 7’s payroll since at least September 2015. Channel 7 is controlled by the corrupt businessman Kerry Stokes who is well-known for using politicians and government employees as his personal puppets and doesn’t hesitate to bribe government officials to get his way. And it looks like Pauline Hanson has also been doing the HSU Craig Thomson and Kathy Jackson routine and using the One Nation Party’s funds as her own personal bank account.

What makes this dynamite is that the federal Senate is due to vote on planned media ownership law changes and cuts in TV license fee changes later this year which could make Kerry Stokes hundreds of millions of dollars richer or poorer depending on what the laws are and whether or not they are passed by the Senate. So having Senator Pauline Hanson and possibly 2 or 3 other One Nation Senators in the hip pocket would come in handy for Kerry Stokes to make sure laws and the currently proposed TV license fee cuts go his way.

Pauline Hanson being paid by Channel 7 and her defamation threats against journalist Mark Di Stefano is what motivated me to write this story as I know how 7 Chairman Kerry Stokes operates well given he has had a frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings against me for over 2 years. Hanson’s defamation threats against Di Stefano last year were in relation to him asking if James Ashby is a paid employee of Hanson’s. It came to my attention in an article Mamamia wrote about Channel 7’s Sunrise program giving Hanson and her party a helping hand in getting elected with plenty of free promotion. News Corp also ran a story quoting the Di Stefano story:

Late last year, days after announcing she would run for the Senate, Hanson refused to say whether she was being paid for her public appearances.

PAULINE Hanson loves a soapbox, and breakfast hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage wheeled one out for her routinely in the months and weeks heading into Saturday’s election.

The controversial Queenslander was not only afforded a platform for her messages but can confirm she was being paid to appear in the living rooms of Australians.

Hanson’s One Nation party secured two Senate seats in Queensland and will likely enjoy representation in NSW and Western Australia, too. But the question has to be asked about whether brekky TV gave her a leg-up.

Late last year, days after announcing she would run for the Senate, Hanson refused to say whether she was being paid for her public appearances.

“What business is it of yours or the public?” she said, when asked by Buzzfeed.

“And you know what, whether it is or not, I’m not saying whether I am (being paid) or not. I don’t see it is any of your or the public’s business whether I am paid or not. There’s a lot of appearances that I make on TV I can tell you, I don’t get paid.

“So I’m not answering your question because it’s none of your business and it’s no one’s concern about any arrangements that I may have, I’ll have you know I am possibly not getting paid for it but then again I’ll state, it’s none of your business.” (Click here to read more)

So after the defamation threats Hanson says “I’ll have you know I am possibly not getting paid for it”. This was a clear lie by Hanson. If she had nothing to hide she wouldn’t need to lie. There’s nothing voters hate more than a lying politician and Hanson should apologize fast.

After further research it becomes clear that Pauline Hanson also has many questions to answer regarding suspect financial transactions with her political party. It is obvious that Pauline Hanson is not the battler she tries to portray but likely a multi-millionaire who made her money from the taxpayers. Hanson reminds me a lot of Kathy Jackson and being caught with her hand in the cookie jar might be Hanson’s undoing as well.

The below video is an interview Today Tonight did with Pauline Hanson in 2009 and they raise the fact that Hanson withdrew $202,000 from her political party’s bank account and put it an account controlled by her and a friend. Other financial discrepancies were also put to Hanson regarding the millions of dollars that have been paid by the taxpayer to her party which she refused to answer. Hanson did what any fraudster or thief would do in a situation like that, she started crying. The crying game is an old routine to try to avoid answering questions. It reminded me a lot of Craig Thomson‘s fake crying in parliament in 2012.


In the video Hanson says she is treated different by the media than every other candidate that stands. She refuses to answer questions and says that the journalist should go and ask what the major parties have done with their money. Well the media have been asking the major parties questions of late and the major parties have been involved in fraud, theft and at times have also refused to answer questions.

There are a lot of reasons why people voted for Pauline Hanson and her Party but two key ones are voters are sick of the main parties being on the payroll of big business and main parties committing fraud, theft and stealing from taxpayers via their various slush funds and then laundering the money back into their Party’s bank accounts. I wrote about this on the 11th of June in an article titled “How the Liberal Party and Labor Party steal from taxpayers and launder the money“. (Click here to read the article)

As the evidence above suggests it looks like Pauline Hanson has had her snout in the taxpayer’s trough for about 20 years and is no better than the Liberal Party and Labor Party when it comes to accountability, fraud and theft.

Kerry Stokes puppet – On the corporate payroll just like other politicians – Has an agent called Max Markson

Every other politician would be crucified for being paid for interviews just before an election yet Pauline Hanson thinks it is OK. Even worse, she gets caught out lying about it. The money is also coming from Kerry Stokes who will be expecting a return on his investment.

In 2010 Kerry Stokes engineered what Tony Abbott dubbed the “2010 election year bribe” whereby after a secret meeting with the then Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy TV licence fees were cut by hundreds of millions of dollars. Senator Conroy couldn’t explain or justify it. I wrote an article in 2013 when Stokes lined up another election year bribe titled Kerry Stokes, Australia’s number one perjurer, also becomes the number one bribe taker if new media laws passed.

The point about the “2010 election year bribe” is that it shows how Kerry Stokes expects politicians like Senator Conroy to do what they are told (probably after being bribed). Kerry Stokes will also be expecting Senator Pauline Hanson to do what she is told given she is on his payroll and his television network gave her free publicity to help her get elected. It is guaranteed later this year when the Senate votes on the new media laws and reductions in TV license fees Kerry Stokes or his staff will be on the phone telling Pauline Hanson how to vote.

Pauline Hanson also has an agent called Max Markson to make sure she profits as much as possible from her political enterprise. How many other politicians have agents?

Pauline Hanson – The six-million-dollar lady – Career politician for the last 20 years

Pauline Hanson has in effect been a paid politician in Australia since she was first elected in 1996. She might have left federal parliament in 1998 but she has run for parliament many times since and gets paid for every vote she gets as long she gets over 4% of the primary vote. The estimates are different but the SMH ran an article a few days ago saying it was over $6 million paid to her party since 1996 plus another $1.2 million for this election. (Click  here to read more)

She’s now contested state or federal elections in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2016. (Click here to read more)

The $1.2 million for this election means she and/or her party will profit $800,000 as her spokesperson James Ashby said:

“I think roughly we spent around $300- $400,000 all up…but that money largely came from mum and dad donors,” James Ashby told, adding that Ms Hanson herself put up “the major part of that money”. (Click here to read moreAshby seems to contradict himself because I do not know how it can “largely” come from mum and dad donors and also Hanson put up “the major part of the money“.


Pauline Hanson has made some simple mistakes before she has even been elected with the first being she has already been caught out lying, being deceptive and deceitful and probably committing fraud and theft. Every lie Pauline Hanson tells will damage her reputation more.

I can understand why a lot of people who have been left high and dry by the major parties would vote for Hanson but Pauline Hanson’s claim she is not like the major parties is being proven more untrue by the day.

Hanson has no choice but to come clean with her Party’s finances and say what she has or hasn’t done and Hanson and her party really have no choice but to abstain from voting in the Senate regarding any new media laws or TV licence fee cuts although I doubt she will. Pauline Hanson needs to employ better advisors than James Ashby otherwise she will only last until the next election like last time and her party will self explode like the Palmer United Party.

This website has a focus on corruption not the social and political issues and policies that Pauline Hanson and One Nation are best known for and that is why I have not raised them. Also if I mentioned them they would take the focus off the corruption issues that I have reported above which need a light shone on them.

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  1. Being on Sunrise helped get her elected by putting her face out there, so I have no issue with that. It’s her time so why shouldn’t she get paid? whether that helps Kerry Stokes or not.
    I’m all for Pauline and believe she has been hugely maligned and bullied over the decades and admire her strength and resolve…she says what many politicians are too cowardly to say and look at the mess the world is in because of it.

    Go Pauline.

  2. What a croc, I do not watch TV and I voted for her because I am sick and tired of 2 party duopoly and Australian nanny state garbage. Also because it was the only way to beat the 2 party rigged election system.

  3. I pretty much agree with ‘sunshine’ as someone who has been a candidate for a minor party in the last three Fedral election I can tell you it’s pretty nigh on impossible to get any significant media coverage .
    We all know the so-called democratic system is pretty much stuffed . A good part of this is due to the fact that a large majority of people who vote are politically and economically ignorant.
    It therefore boils down to the fact that it is a big game, whereby those who can get the exposure are more likely able to prosecute their case and work out how to appeal to people with a very narrow view or understanding of what are the important characteristics for a good parliamentarian .
    All candidates should be given the opportunity for fair and equal exposure and it would soon be very apparent as to which of them has the substance .
    I am a great fan of Kangaroo Court and the work you are doing ‘without fear or favour’ and I believe you are probably pretty right re-Kerry Stokes
    I guess we shall just have to wait and see how things play out with Pauline. I think she needs to be given a fair go as despite her sometimes shortcomings in presentation The root of what she has been about all along is very well founded and widely supported across the Australian community. Time will tell but I hope you also will be there and objective in your appraisal of her performance.

  4. Whether she, and every politician are, or are not involved is beside the point. The political, judicial and media system in Australia and most of the world’s countries’ is so deep in the cess-pool of life that the warmth and coziness of comfort and wealth it offers ensures that none want to climb out to defend honesty and honour in ‘the system’.
    Whether or not this is posted it is the truth, but most of the slaves of our population are content in their self-imposed ignorance of the corrupt situation in which they live, and they find great pleasure in complaining and whinging which will never end, as those who operate from the apex of ‘the corrupt system’ are themselves corrupt.

    • I would be disappointed if what you say is correct however with regard to the payment for all votes over 4% every party/person is paid. Are they required to account for how it is spent?. Before the election I was continually badgered to donate to their cause by the major parties despite the fact that they are going to collect a huge amount. I will watch with great interest as to how this pans out.

  5. If Hanson is gaming the System it’s one that wasn’t created by her, but by her predecessor politicians who created it to benefit themselves. They just don’t like it when anyone who is not one of their own hops on the bandwagon.

    Turnbull calls an election 8 weeks out and all politicians from both sides immediately crisscross the country dragging an entourage with them as they tramp through shopping centres and pose for photo ops.

    The taxpayer paid for ALL of it because both Labor and Liberal didn’t officially launch their election campaigns till ONE week before the election simply because thereafter they had to pay for their own electioneering costs.

    If that isn’t a corrupt rort that cost the taxpayer millions I’d like to see a better one.

    If there is legislation afoot to reduce TV licensing fees even further, who has instigated it? Certainly not Hanson. Stokes may well benefit, but which of his political puppets proposed it in the first place?

    Stokes promoting the little nobody Kevin 07 on Sunrise raised Rudd’s profile sufficiently to give him the Labor leadership and ultimately the prize of PM.

    It’s an established promotional formula now and in our corrupt and compromised political landscape won’t change any time soon.

    Hanson’s question is valid – why challenge her personal financial status and nobody else’s?

    It remains to be seen if Paul Keating’s words ring true … “A soufflé doesn’t rise twice.”

    We shall see.

    • You says “Hanson’s question is valid – why challenge her personal financial status and nobody else’s?”. Maybe you should have a good look around this site. I have challenged many politicians personal financial status including Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull and many others. Hanson likes to play the victim in thed video to avoid answering legitimate questions about what happened to millions of dollars. You seem to support Hanson playing the victim.

      • Your exposure of corruption is the reason I watch KCA with great interest. Hanson’s question wasn’t put to you … it was put to the media hack trying to wedge her into a corner.

        No, I don’t support manufactured ‘victims’ of any stripe – just the real ones.

        And who are the biggest victims of the Organised Crime that currently wields power in both State and Federal Govts? It’s you and me and every Australian brought up to have faith in our Institutions, Judiciary and Legislature.

        Thanks to the tenacity of bloggers such as yourself, we’re all a little sadder and a great deal wiser than we might have been without the work you do.

        If a maverick like Hanson – or Hinch or Lambie or any other cat among the pigeons can make a few Parliamentary feathers fly, then I watch with great interest.

      • To paraphrase Lenin (I think): The best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition.

  6. Very good article, indeed people should know, I must say it puts a totally different picture of Ms Hanson.

    So she is just another one of the corrupt club, I should have guessed.

    Thank you for putting up this post, I am sure Kerry Stokes will get his return, that is how it works.

    No matter what, we pay!

  7. Politician plus money plus corruption all normal. Been happening since Aristotal’s time. In the Hunter nine out of ten pollies admitted they were on the take. The main objective since then (22 months ago) has been to ignore the findings and shoot the messenger – ICAC.

  8. she is the only person that tells what the people are afraid to say for being called a racist to hell with all the garbage about being political correct it has gone on far to long we should have one vote one value and scrap the prefrence vote which the parliment put in place to help their party

  9. Here we go the orchestrated campaign against Pauline Hanson clicks into gear, I don’t necessarily agree with everything she says, however she has the right under free speech to have her say. What are her knockers afraid of ? What is clear is there is a lot of Australians who agree with her. Hansons knockers support minority segments having their say and acquiesce to their demands, yet pillory her mercilessly, what are they really frightened of ?

  10. If I was in Hanson’s shoes I’d take Stokes money as well. Then I’d just vote however I saw fit. After all, what could Stokes say about her that hasn’t already been said and is still being said by all and sundry? And if he did, she could testify that he tried to blackmail her into voting a particular way, an offence that might finally see him end up where he belongs.

    • If she did not vote the way he wanted a murdochesque innuendo and loathing campaign would occur through his various media outlets.Don’t forget the power of this man,Tony Abbott went dinner at his home during Abbott’s campaign not the other way round.

      • The campaign has been running for 20 years already, and people have stopped listening a long time ago. That is why her vote was so high. Nothing they can drag out now will be anything that hasn’t already been tried. They even printed “porn” shots that were supposedly a young Pauline in the Queensland papers a few years back.

  11. I have never been more disgusted than I am at present with the crop of corrupt politicians we have now. This last election was the first time in my 75 years I voted for a minor party. It was too hard to decide who was the least corrupt between Turnbull and Shorten.

  12. I see state owned media now is being used to attack Pauline Hanson with SBS to broadcast a special program trawling through her life. Funny how they couldn’t find a single thing to say about Gillard’s early life though. I know which one I prefer to see in Parliament.

    • So do I, There is an article in MSN , which describes this upcoming program, which is pretty disgusting and also describes her maiden speech as divisive!

      I will not be watching the programme. They are doing the same to Sonia Kruger, now the sponsors of her program are threatening to pull out, really, it is sickening and also frightening, this reaction, this is a free country, as long as you say what we want to hear.

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