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Bill Shorten linked to fraud and theft at the HSU and Kathy Jackson

Bill Shorten and his relationship with Kathy Jackson is going to be in the headlines for at least the next 18 months or more with former HSU Secretary Mrs Jackson being charged (31/8/16) with fraud and theft. While Shorten avoids talking about it the reality is that while Jackson was ripping off the HSU for many years Bill Shorten was very good friends with her while at the same time he was ripping off workers at the AWU.

Mrs Jackson was charged by the police for 70 offences totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars and her first hearing date is September 19th in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. (Click here to read more)

What makes it worse is that Bill Shorten’s closest allies are currently ripping off the HSU members. The real HSU story that the stealing of members funds at the HSU continues today and nothing has been to stop it is yet to be told by the mainstream media as it does not suit their narrative for whatever reason.

In February this year the Fair Work Commission (FWC) wrote to the management of the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch and warned them about possible legal action if they didn’t stop stealing from the Union members.

Bill Shorten and Kathy Jackson

Bill Shorten and Kathy Jackson

I wrote in a post in February this year:

This website has been writing about the current fraud and theft going on at the Health Services Union for over 3 years and this week the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finally stepped in with a written warning regarding possible legal action if the stealing doesn’t stop. Bill Shorten’s supporters and friends Diana & David Asmar, Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching make Craig Thomson and Kathy Jackson look like amateurs when it comes to stealing from low paid union members but that doesn’t worry Mr Shorten.

The FWC warning relates to the multi-million-dollar fraud at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch which is clearly shown by the financial records and resulted in a $1.7 million loss in the 2015 financial year which came after a $1.5 million loss in the 2014 financial year.

This is extremely embarrassing for the union movement and the Labor Party but more so for Bill Shorten because the crimes are being committed by his personal friends and supporters in the Labor Party. The fact that this is being exposed in an election year makes it a thousand times worse for Mr Shorten. If the Australian public want to know what a vote for Mr Shorten means for Australia, they should have a good look at this scandal.

In 2012 Bill Shorten had the HSU put into administration and he claimed he did it because of corruption. At the 2012 union elections he had his own cronies elected to power at the Victoria Number 1 Branch with the help of financing from union slush funds.

The Fair Work Commission warning letter (Click here to read the full letter)

2014 Financial Report (Click here to read) versus the 2015 Financial Report (Click here to read)

I dissected the 2014 Financial Report in an article I posted in February 2015 titled “Bill Shorten’s supporters involved in multi-million-$ fraud at the HSU” (Click here to read more) You can read it yourself but I want to make 2 relevant points. Point one is at one section of the article I wrote:

“Take the $2,238,012 profit from the sale of the building out of the 2014 finances and the reported $735,745 profit becomes a $1,502,267 loss.” and above in the FWC letter they wrote:

“The 2014 comparative reported a surplus of $735,745 although this included revenue received from the ‘Profit on Sale of Property’ of $2,238,012. Excluding this one-off property sale, the 2014 result would have been a loss of $1,502,267.” (Click here to read the full article)

There are certainly many in the Labor Party and Union movement cheering the fact that Jackson has been charged but I think it will come back to bite other Labor/Union members who have either directly or indirectly supported corruption in the union movement.

The happiest people to see Kathy Jackson charged would be Bill Shorten’s enemies in the Labor Party and Union movement. If Jackson runs a conspiracy defense like Craig Thomson she might subpoena Bill Shorten as a witness given he put the HSU into administration when Jackson was trying to take over which would be interesting to say the least. Jackson probably will go to jail and deserves to but I suspect others will as well before it’s all over.

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  1. The whole dam mob are rotten to the core. It make one feel that at times the criminals are running the country and the sheriff is to dumb to realise it.

  2. We are definitely a country where the people with their snouts in the trough seem immune from all laws and regulations – and those groups include union officials. legal fraternity, politicians, financial/industrial big wigs and definitely in a league nof their own, the judiciary. What hope is there for this country ever being an honest nation? The lower down the scale you are the harder you have to work to get ahead and then these people rip it off. On top of that the country goes through the farce of awarding honours to some of the biggest crooks in the nation – ever wonder why the politicians cozy up to these rip-off merchants – maybe getting to the head of the queue for when they finally get out of parliament!

  3. What’s wrong with the main stream media in this country ?
    Why aren’t they showing this on main stream TV ?
    Seems the buggars with their noses in the trough are paying em off not to show it !
    Remember Craig Thompson ?
    4 bloody years Gillard took his vote after he stole from the union members !
    Why isn’t the bloody ABC investigating these CRIMINALS ?
    They have so much evidence to work with !
    Where is 4 corners ?
    Why aren’t they doing anything ?
    Why are CRIMINALS always allowed to get away with stealling good peoples money from unions ?
    Where are the Police ??? Why don’t they do there job ?
    Or are they payed off as well ?
    What about the Australian Federal Police ?
    Why aren’t they also investigating ?

    • 4 Corners isn’t what it used to be. Or maybe it never was. Anyway they seem to do a lot of “lowballing” lately. By that i mean they “cover” issues but only a small amount of the big picture. They will discuss, for example , ‘government spying’ but only what we already know. They’ll put it to some atmospheric music and quote a bit of Ed Snowden but no new information. Investigative journalism in the mainstream media is dead as a dodo in this country.

  4. I often wonder what position Australia sits in the list of the the world’s highly corrupt countries. Many people in mainstream Australia don’t have a clue about the ‘homegrown’ corrupt individuals but will for instance, negate Indonesia for a holiday destination because ‘they have full knowledge that everyone in that country is corrupt’.

    • Exactly right. Every now and again we get these international ratings saying we are low in corruption but just because culturally you don’t bride low level officials in this country does not mean something isn’t going on higher up.

  5. The corruption in this country has escalated dramatically over the boom time due to the average working man being able to earn large sums due to union push and big business profits and thus has allowed this corrupt influence to thrive as with the affluence ,scrutiny of these people has been non-exist ant .The unions are a prime example of the greedy little man (no names) being able to climb the power ladder more by stealth than good honest hard work.Of course big business should also be held to account for the backhanders given to these entities.Now due to this system of deceit and thieving we will struggle to instigate change as the main beneficiaries of this system are the people who manage this system i.e. The politicians,legal fraternity ,unions etc .Unless there is major change within Australia the slide will continue.

  6. “possible legal action if the stealing doesn’t stop”.

    Let that sink in for a bit everyone. We do not have equality under the law.

  7. Everyone should join a Union and help to keep the Union Reps in as comfortable a life style as they are used to. Like bloody hell!! I worked to dam long to waist my money on some left wing bludgers. If the dead heads want to waste their hard earned money on these lefties, then that is their privilege. Corruption and embezzlement know no bounds.

  8. HSU fraudster Kimberley Kitching is one of the favorites to take the vacant Senate position in Victoria following Stephen Conroy’s resignation. Shorten is behind all this, he wants Kitching to take the spot. Stay tuned.

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