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Channel 7’s Kerry & Ryan Stokes lie to cover-up sacking sisters after sexual harassment complaint

Seven West Media Directors have been caught lying to cover-up the sacking of Amy Taeuber after she made a sexual harassment complaint against fellow Channel 7 Adelaide journalist Rodney Lohse. The directors caught lying are chairman Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes, Sheila McGregor and Bruce McWilliam and their actions are a clear admission of guilt.

I have written about this scandal twice recently and the matter is now before the courts as Amy Taeuber instituted proceedings against Channel Seven after her termination.

This corrupt conduct by Seven West Media directors has happened right in the middle of when Seven West Media are asking for approval from the ACCC to increase their media market share with the purchase of a paper and website in Western Australia from News Corp which to some degree seems to have motivated Seven’s cover-up attempt. (Click here to read more)


I wrote an article on June 9th 2016 about Amy Taeuber, a cadet journalist with Seven, and Sophie Taeuber who freelanced with Seven, being suspended after Amy made a sexual harassment complaint. (Click here to read the article)

On the 17th July 2016 I emailed Channel Seven West Media directors and management:

Dear Mr McWilliam, Mr Parker, Mr Kerry Stokes, Mr Ryan Stokes and Ms McGregor

I have further information in regards to the sexual harassment cover-up by Channel 7 in Adelaide. Please answer the following questions.

1. Can you confirm that Amy Taeuber made a sexual harassment complaint about Rodney Lohse to Graham Archer?

2. Can you confirm that Graham Archer was the decision maker in deciding to sack Amy Taeuber last week or was the decision taken higher up at Seven?

3. Can you please name the lawyers that were advising Channel Seven on the Taeuber’s constructive dismissal and termination or was this decided by Channel Seven management without legal advice? (Click here to read the full email)

They had their lawyer Richard Keegan from Addisons Lawyers respond who said:

Dear Mr Dowling

I refer to your email below which has been referred to me for reply.

Neither Seven, its directors or lawyers intend to respond to misinformed and ill-judged allegations. We reject the suggestion of any improper conduct and suggest you refrain from doing otherwise. As a matter of fairness, you are suggesting people are involved in a matter or investigation who are simply not so involved. 

Finally, which lawyers the Seven Network takes advice from is confidential and privileged and a matter solely for them. 


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel

ADDISONS (Click here to read the full email)

Richard Keegan in his above email is lying on behalf of the Seven West Media directors in relation to what is currently before the courts. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) should investigate the directors for making false public statements. The Seven West Media directors have duties and responsibilities which they have clearly breached in both the sacking of Amy Taeuber, the bullying of Amy and Sophie and the lies they have their lawyer Mr Keegan telling on their behalf.

Taeuber Twins (2)

On the 19th July 2016 I published another article on the Taeubers which included the below:

In March/April this year Channel Seven Adelaide journalist Amy Taeuber made a complaint to News Director Graham Archer about being sexually harassed by fellow Channel 7 journalist Rodney Lohse.

The day after Amy Taeuber lodged her complaint with Graham Archer, it’s understood Archer, Lohse and other Seven staff members had a meeting which only had one topic on the agenda; how to get rid of Amy Taeuber. At the meeting it was also decided that Amy’s sister Sophie, a journalist at Seven’s Today Tonight, also had to go as she was a witness to the sexual harassment.

Channel 7 brought in the HR people, who were based at Channel 7 in Melbourne, to sweep the sexual harassment complaint under the carpet and line up reasons to get rid of Amy and Sophie.

A few weeks later Amy was told by Channel Seven HR that there was no basis to her sexual harassment complaint and it had been dismissed. A couple of days after Amy and Sophie were suspended for allegedly breaching Channel Seven’s internet policy. (Click here to read the full article)

Channel Seven, Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes fail to take action

At no stage have Channel Seven, its directors, management or lawyers contacted me to complain about the article that I published on the 19th July even though I published specific details of the sexual harassment and conspiracy by Channel Seven management to sack the Taeubers. Over the last 2 1/2 years they have sent me many complaints and legal letters so why are they so silent now?

Remember Seven’s lawyer said “As a matter of fairness, you are suggesting people are involved in a matter or investigation who are simply not so involved” in relation to me naming Graham Archer and Rodney Lohse being involved.

What I wrote was reinforced by The Sydney Telegraph who published a story on the 6th August 2016:

Amy Taeuber news Syd Tele 6 August 2016

The Guardian Australia also published a story titledSisters sacked by Channel Seven after lodging sexual harassment complainton the 19th of August 2016.

If I was so wrong with the questions that I asked the Seven West Media directors then why have other media followed and reported a lot of the same facts on the matter?

I wrote to Richard Keegan again last week (25-8-16) and pointed out that what I had written about the sacking had been reinforced in other media but he once again refused to answer the questions and denied everything.

Dear Mr Dowling

It was made clear to you in my email of 19 July 2016 that no one at Seven intends to respond to false, misinformed and ill-judged allegations. I confirm nothing has changed in that regard.


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel

On a daily basis Channel 7 demand people they interview answer questions but they don’t like answering valid questions themselves as the above shows.

Sexual harassment case – Where it is going?

Amy Taeuber instituted proceedings against Channel Seven for being sacked after complaining about being sexually harassed and it was set down for a conciliation hearing on the 30th of August. (Click here to read more)

At this point to my knowledge it has not been settled. Channel Seven and Stokes would be crazy if they did not settle the matter but that is their call.

A lot of bad publicity for Seven West Media in the last few months

Channel Seven have received a lot of bad publicity lately. The latest being one of their journalists, Krystal Johnson, facing possible contempt proceedings after a murder trial had to be aborted when she published evidence the jury had not heard. Then there was Seven’s recent frivolous and vexatious defamation loss to the ABC and the Taeuber’s matter has been all over social media the last couple of months. It’s no wonder that Seven’s Yahoo7 News websites lost 6.79% of its audience from June to July this year.

Channel Seven’s incompetent and corrupt lawyers – Addisons

Richard Keegan

Seven West Media’s lawyer – Richard Keegan from Addisons Lawyers

Seven West Media’s lawyer Richard Keegan from Addisons lawyers promotes the fact that he does work for Seven West Media and claims he specialises in “Defamation – Reputation – brand management – advising individuals and organisations on protecting their reputation and brand from negative publicity and social media campaigns.” Well he’s not doing a great job, is he? I know Mr Keegan well and he is morally and ethically bankrupt and a sad excuse for a lawyer.

Seven Group CEO and Seven West Media Director Ryan Stokes and his fiance Claire Campbell

Ryan Stokes and Claire Campbell

Ryan Stokes and Claire Campbell

It’s ironic that Ryan Stokes thinks it is acceptable to sack women who complain about sexual harassment and his wife-to-be Claire Campbell makes all her money from women. Claire is the CEO of her mother’s business Maryon’s which is a retail chain of four shops selling shoes, bags and jewellery etc. for women only. I wonder what Claire Campbell’s customers would think of Ryan Stokes’ actions in sacking Amy Taeuber and forcing Sophie Taeuber to resign?

Channel Seven and it’s directors are playing a real dangerous game with the reputation of Channel Seven on the line. They clearly have no understanding of online media and the power of social media as the Taeuber matter has already done a lot of damage to Seven’s reputation and it will do a lot more the longer it goes unresolved.

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