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Kerry Stokes and Channel Seven bribe NSW judges like the Mafia did with $2.2 million

Doing dirty deals and bribing government officials is nothing new to Kerry Stokes and Channel Seven but you would think they would realise when the game is up. Bribing judicial officers puts Stokes and Channel Seven in the same boat as the Australian Mafia which Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners program reported last year had bribed NSW judges $2.2 million.

The $2.2 million Mafia judicial bribery was confirmed by Justice David Davies last year while he himself was handing down a corrupt judgment in Kerry Stokes’ and Channel Seven’s favour in their frivolous and vexatious defamation case against me and this website. There has been some recent action in the defamation case so it is time for an update.

Recent loss by Stokes and Channel 7 in frivolous and vexatious defamation matter

Kerry Stokes and Channel Seven are notorious for using the courts in frivolous and vexatious court proceedings especially when they want to try and silence critics. Only a few weeks ago on the 20th July 2016 former Seven Group boss Don Voelte lost a frivolous and vexatious defamation court case against the ABC that would have been funded by Seven given it related to making Stokes richer in a dodgy deal.

As I have previously written this is on top of Channel 7’sregular court losses to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for false and misleading reporting on their TV stations. (Click here to read more)

Kerry Stokes and Channel Seven’s latest criminal conduct is again bribing the NSW Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, Justice Ian Harrison and Registrar Christopher Bradford in an attempt to avoid a final hearing in the defamation case. Stokes instituted the defamation case in April 2014 and has run every go slow routine since and has ignored court orders issued in December 2015 to approach the court to have the matter set down for final hearing. 

It has been obvious that Stokes will never allow the case to go to final hearing and will withdraw the matter but he is trying to drag it out as long as possible. 

Kerry Stokes suppression order poster for Article

Bribing Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, Justice Ian Harrison and Registrar Christopher Bradford

I emailed Stokes’ lawyers 3 times asking why they had made no attempt to have the defamation matter set down for final hearing and they did not respond the first 2 times. On the third time they still did not answer the question but offered to approach the court for hearing times. This was clearly just another time waster.

So I emailed Chief Justice Bathurst and the Supreme Court judges on the 2nd of August about the corruption and asking for it to set down before the Duty Judge ASAP seeking orders to:

  1. That the matter be struck out for want of prosecution.
  2. That costs, damages be paid to me and a public apology be issued to me.
  3. That the court charge Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Justine Munsie with contempt of court. (Click here to read the full email)

There was no response by Chief Justice Bathurst or the court even though he could have easily had it set down if he wanted to. On Tuesday 16/8/16 I phoned Stokes’ lawyers and told them I would be going to see the Duty Judge. I went into the court and the Duty Judge happened to be Justice Ian Harrison. It was Harrison who got the ball rolling in the case back in April 2014 with a secret hearing with Stokes’ barrister Sandy Dawson and he issued a super-injunction in Stokes’ favour.

To cut a long story short I tried to see the Duty Judge to have the case thrown out but I was lied to and deceived by his associate Bernadette Heywood and told to see the Duty Registrar. Eventually, without my knowledge and I was only told after the fact, it was set down for the 9th September 2016 to be given a final hearing date. So they want me to go back to court in three weeks to get a final hearing date when I wanted the case thrown out.

It was set down before Registrar Christopher Bradford so I emailed him explaining the situation and he emailed me back claiming I “apparently sought a date” for final hearing which was a lie and it was clearly contradicted in my email to Chief Justice Bathurst on the 2/8/16 where I wanted the matter dismissed for want of prosecution.

The lies from Registrar Bradford kept on flying thick and fast, he refused to answer most questions and nothing was changed but at least his lies were documented in the emails. I put Registrar Bradford on notice that I would be writing an article about his corrupt conduct and that he took a bribe off Kerry Stokes and asked him for a response. He hasn’t responded. (Click here to read the email exchange between myself and Registrar Christopher Bradford)

The list of wrongdoing and blatant corruption by Bathurst, Harrison, Bradford and others is a mile long over the last 2 1/2 years which I won’t list all of it here. This is an update of their latest crimes and to show the games they play. Almost every decision over that time has gone in Stokes’ favour. And Stokes and/or his lawyers have had plenty of private communication with numerous judges to get what Stokes wanted.

Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and their lawyer Justine Munsie are on the run

I am being sued by media owners Kerry and Ryan Stokes and their lawyer Justine Munsie and one of the reasons that they do not want a final hearing is because of the corrupt relationship with Justine Munsie which is exposed in Munsie’s affidavit.

As I wrote to Chief Justice Bathurst on the 2/8/16:

Justine Munsie is an applicant the in the matter but she is also being paid to represent Kerry and Ryan Stokes and has even written an affidavit for Kerry Stokes as his solicitor which is scandalous and criminal. Affidavit of Justine Munsie – Partner of Addisons Lawyers who do substantial work for Channel 7.

1. I am a partner of Addisons and the first plaintiff.

2. I am authorised by Mr Kerry Stokes, the second plaintiff, to swear this affidavit on his behalf and make this affidavit based on my personal knowledge or else on the information provided to me by Mr Stokes or other employees and officers of the Seven West Media Group, of which Mr Stokes is Chair, and to whom I will refer to in my affidavit, which information I believe to be true. (Click here to read Justine Munsie’s full affidavit)

Justine Munsie is being paid to represent Kerry and Ryan Stokes, is being paid to be an applicant in this matter and is also being paid to write an affidavit on behalf of Kerry Stokes. This is in effect bribing a witness and they should all be charged with contempt of court. The fact that all the judges who have heard this matter have done nothing about Justine Munsie being paid as per above is very disturbing.

All the judges have deliberately ignored this corrupt conduct even though I have brought it to their attention. It would be impossible to ignore it in a final judgement hence Stokes avoiding it.

Kerry “glass jaw” Stokes tries to close down the internet reporting his crimes

The case has already gone through 11 Supreme Court judges, 3 registrars and 2 1/2 years to go nowhere so it’s a running joke in the court but it is good for gathering evidence of judicial corruption as you see them all sticking together like any organised crime group does.

These fools think they are helping Stokes but all they are doing are exposing themselves. Stokes will throw them all under a bus when it suits him and in fact he already has but they’re too stupid to realise it.

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  1. Apart from all else, a man in a suit and tie is a slob if the end of his tie is not level with his belt, and, although he is wealthy he doesn’t have any honour, without which a man is nothing!

  2. You say there was no response by Chief Justice Bathurst or the court even though he could have easily had it set down if he wanted to. No response or silence can be seen as misleading and deceptive cobduct under their own laws of which these Judges are paid to uphold.

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