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Labor Party appoint tax dodging bankrupt Noah Carroll as National Secretary

The Labor Party has promoted Noah Carroll, another shady character of questionable moral and ethical standards, from the position of Victorian ALP State Secretary to National Secretary. Mr Carroll is a former bankrupt and has aided and abetted branch stacking and vote rigging in Victoria.

Noah Carroll “was forced into bankruptcy over unpaid tax bills in 2004 and had to resign as a Macedon Shire councillor as a result“.

“Official documents from the National Personal Insolvency Index show Mr Carroll was forced to give up control of his personal property to a trustee in 2004 after the Tax Office sought repayment of debts.”

“Under provisions of the Local Government Act, the bankruptcy forced him to resign as a councillor at Macedon Shire.” (Click here to read more)

The question that needs to be asked is why are so many Labor Party officials bankrupt or former bankrupts?

Unsurprisingly, on the networking website LinkedIn Mr Carroll makes no mention of his time as a Macedon Shire councillor. After Carroll’s bankruptcy in 2004-2005 his LinkedIn profile says he worked for Senator Robert Ray (2004-2006), Senator Stephen Conroy (2006-2007), followed by 2 Victorian MP’s and then a deal was done where he was made Victorian Assistant State Secretary in 2009 before being given the State Secretary role in 2011.

The Labor Party 2% donation scam

Something that leaked into the media in 2009 during the battle to appoint Noah Carroll ultimately as Victorian State Secretary is that the Labor Party skim 2% of the wages of Labor Party appointed staff.

The SHM reported in 2009:

All party members who owe their employment to Labor being in government are expected to pay the 2 per cent donation from their after-tax salary. (Click here to read more)

What it means is one of benefits and one of the main reasons that the Labor Party stack government departments with Labor Party crooks is so they get 2% of their wages back to the party as a donation. So it is ultimately the taxpayer who is getting scammed again and making another donation to the Labor Party to help them stay in power.

Noah Carroll’s right-hand men at the Victorian ALP – Stephen Donnelly and Kosmos Samaras

Over the last 5 years when Noah Carroll was Victorian State Secretary his assistant secretaries were Stephen Donnelly and Kosmos Samaras. Stephen Donnelly tried rigging an election when he was at La Trobe University and is lucky he didn’t do some jail time. Kosmos Samaras was involved in a scandal where a journalist lost her dictaphone and it was copied by Samaras and given to Noah Carroll who then used it for the benefit of the Labor Party as it had embarrassing content regarding the then Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu.

The fact that the 3 top officials of the Victorian ALP are crooks, fraudsters and thieves helps explain why the branch stacking scam run by Bill Shorten’s mates Earl Setches and David Asmar was swept under the carpet.


Branch stacking Kings Stephen Conroy and Bill Shorten

A Fairfax investigation has discovered that nearly 1000 ALP memberships and renewals have been paid for by anonymous gift cards over the past four years by prominent suburban Labor warlords. The scam is centred on Setches’ plumbers union and factional powerbroker David Asmar – two factional players rusted on to Shorten’s political machine.

The scandal has also widened with new evidence of the cards being used to pay for the party memberships of about 250 western suburban members – many with Turkish names – who are linked to notorious branch stacker Hakki Suleyman.

Mr Shorten has called for tough action against branch stackers, but many of those involved in the scam are the Opposition Leader’s close political allies. Shorten backers were also at the forefront of the move last week to avert a truly independent probe of the membership rorts.

The gift cards were used as part of an elaborate scam to build and maintain the numbers which underpin the power base of Mr Shorten and federal frontbencher Stephen Conroy. If Shorten is to face a leadership spill these members, controlled by the “warlords”, will each have a vote, which they will presumably cast for him. (Click here to read more)

It is well-known that Hakki Suleyman mentioned above was one of the branch stackers that gave Bill Shorten the numbers in 2006 to force out sitting Labor Party MP Bob Sercombe in the seat of Maribyrnong and become a federal MP. (Click here to read more)

Noah Carroll is also one of Bill Shorten’s “warlords” and it becomes obvious how he got his job as national secretary. He is hardly the person most Labor Party members would want having control of the Labor Party’s finances but Bill Shorten needs him: “Mr Carroll, who begins in Canberra on Monday, will be required to protect the leadership of Mr Shorten after the sudden departure last week of his parliamentary enforcer and fellow Victorian Stephen Conroy. (Click here to read more)

What is becoming very clear is that Bill Shorten is slowly taking all his Labor/Union crony mates to Canberra in preparation for becoming Prime Minister and if that happens the whole country will be able to see Bill Shorten and his cronies in full flight. Bill Shorten and crew seem oblivious to the realities that the public won’t stand for criminals like them running the country anymore but no one in the Labor Party is prepared to stand up to Shorten and do anything.

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  1. Corrupt as they come. We will never know the whole truth about Shorten Gillard and Rudd. Or anyone else in the labor party for that matter, both State and Federal. What chance would the country have if Shorten or Labor ever achieved Government. Look what is happening in Victoria under a union controlled premier.

  2. Make no mistake if Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison do not pull their socks up we are very likely to see Bill Shorten in the lodge.
    The only way we will get rid of Shorten is for someone to fund a court case for that poor girl he raped years ago, find the witnesses who where there and put the him behind bars. Can anyone really see Bill Shorten representing Australia on the world stage.

    • Eventually in the end Sue, Bill Shorten will never be prime minister of this country. In the last election a few months ago the labor party federal primary vote was at it’s second lowest in federal election history. Only the preferences has got Shorten close. If the preferences change or something like that, well Shorten is finished. Shorten will never get an election winning lead in the polls because he is too well known to the voters, even the labor voters know he’s corrupt. This Noah Carroll appointment will only hurt Shorten’s leadership even more. Stephen Conroy’s sudden departure has weakened Shorten’s leadership to a degree. Shorten may still become Prime Minister, but if he does he will not last long. The truth is that Shorten’s political career is slowly dying of a thousand cuts.

  3. I found Conroy’s resignation odd given we had just had an election. It reminded me of Brack’s and Thwaite’s departures shortly after a Victorian election. I can’t help but think someone had something on these people and forced them out. If true, I’d love to know what.

    • Because Conroy willingly helped out in leaking out the NBN documents illegally to undermine Malcolm Turnbull. Shorten & Conroy were behind these illegal leaks which in the end blew up in their faces. This is now under investigation by the Federal Police so a serious crime was committed by both of them. One of them had to go and it was Conroy. Because Shorten obviously had a higher position than Conroy, so Conroy was sacrificed to protect Shorten’s leadership. Shorten’s life of committing crime & getting away with it is being slowly exposed now, but it needs more reporting by the MSM to end his political career once & for all. Shorten & Conroy (the Shortcons) have been getting away with it for years for their crooked behavior, but this time they were caught red handed, and Conroy has taken the fall. Maybe next time it’s Shorten.

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