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Bill Shorten and Andrew Bolt’s mate Andrew Landeryou arrested

Bill Shorten and Andrew Bolt’s mate Andrew Landeryou and three other Labor Party and Union crooks were arrested in the early hours of election day for criminal offences undermining the election process trying to help federal MP Michael Danby. They are all good friends with Danby and Shorten. All four who were arrested have previously been involved in financial fraud, electoral fraud and/or theft at unions, councils and within the Labor Party.

Mr Landeryou and the other three were driving around election booths cutting down election posters belonging to the Liberal Party, The Greens and probably other candidates to benefit Labor federal MP Michael Danby. The four who were arrested and released while the police continue their investigation.

It is worth having a good look at this because the people who were arrested are career criminals who will have power and influence if Bill Shorten is ever elected PM as they are Mr Shorten’s personal friends. Andrew Bolt also needs to be held to account as he using his position in the media to aid and abet their crimes.

The first part of the below video shows Andrew Landeryou and the other three being caught outside a polling booth election night and fleeing. They have all refused to answer questions at this point including Michael Danby. The second part of the video is Andrew Landeryou lying in an interview on Lateline pretending to be an independent journalsit in 2009. At the time Landeryou, the Asmar’s and others were scheming to take control of the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch which they did in 2012

The police arrest and video evidence

The police arrested the four at “2.40am” on election day 2/7/16 and all four men were campaigners for Michael Danby.

Three box cutters were seized from the car they were travelling in, police said, but the men were released pending further inquiries.

A Greens volunteer told police the driver of the Jeep drove towards them, leaving him on the bonnet of the car, before he regained his feet as the driver sped away.

They could face charges relating to criminal damage, theft, driving offences and possessing prohibited weapons.

The suspects – and Mr Danby – did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

On Friday, after he was told Fairfax Media was calling, Mr Danby said “sorry I can’t talk at the moment” and hung up. (Click here to read more)

The Melbourne Ports Four fraudsters – Michael Danby knew

The others helping Andrew Landeryou election day are David Asmar, Dean Sherriff and George Droutsas. A little bit about their history:

Andrew Landeryou

Landeryou has a long history of fraud and theft. He fled authorities and went to Costa Rica in 2005 when liquidators wanted to question him about millions of dollars he stole from the Melbourne University Student Union. He was arrested when he arrived back in Australia. He was also made bankrupt by Solomon Lew after stealing millions of dollars from him. (Click here to read more)

His wife Kimberley Kitching aided and abetted Landeryou in his crimes and she is well-known to have had a sexual relationship with Andrew Bolt when Landeryou was overseas and some suspect it is ongoing which might explain why she is regularly on his TV show. Landeryou and Kitching along with the Asmar’s and Dean Sherriff have played a huge role in stealing members funds from the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch since 2012 which recently received a warning from the Fair Work Commission because it is now almost bankrupt.

In 2005 while Landeryou was on the run The Age wrote:

The tycoon, the missing husband and the millions

When runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou finally comes home he’s going to have a lot to answer for,

There is a bank account in Melbourne that authorities are watching very closely. Every so often, someone draws off a few thousand dollars. A bit gets sent here, a bit there. And once the money runs out, the authorities believe that runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou will return to Australia.

The Arrowhead Media bank account, and the way it is being managed, bear all the hallmarks of Landeryou’s curious business dealings. There are front men, false names, bogus directors and a chain of money transfers that crisscross the world. (Click here to read more)

Andrew Landeryou when he was previously arrested after fleeing authorities in 2005

Andrew Landeryou when he was previously arrested after fleeing authorities in 2005

Dean Sherriff

Dean Sherriff was heavily involved with Andrew Landeryou with defrauding the Melbourne University Student Union of millions of dollars in the early 2000’s. The Age reported in 2005:

Sherriff is one of several former Melbourne University Student Union administrators facing a $4 million Supreme Court writ over an alleged conspiracy to improperly syphon funds from the union.

Sherriff went on the work as a councillor but only lasted 5 days in office as he was charged and pleaded guilty for road rage.

“Dean Sherriff was found guilty of assault, criminal damage and careless driving in the Heidelberg Magistrates Court last Friday, a conviction that under the Local Government Act automatically costs him his place on any council for seven years.” (Click here to read more)

In 2012 when the Asmar’s, Landeryou and Kitching took control of the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Dean Sherriff was given a job at the HSU although he had no experience or clue what to do and based on numerous accounts did nothing but collect his pay.

David Asmar

David Asmar is a well-known fraudster and thief within the Labor Party and good friends with Bill Shorten and Senator Stephen Conroy who he previously worked for. David was meant to give evidence at the Trade Union Royal Commission regarding missing money in an AWU Slush fund but fled overseas and wouldn’t come back until it had finished.

Recently David Asmar has been exposed for a branch stacking scheme he has been running from the HSU and of course he has been helping his wife Diana, Landeryou and Sherriff steal from the HSU as well.

George Droutsas

George Droutsas has previous fraud charges for rigging an election when he was a councillor. The charges were dismissed but it will be a bit hard to get out of this one. How will he explain what he was doing 2.40am in the morning on film with box cutters?

George Droutsas with Michael Danby and a stack of how-to-vote cards

George Droutsas with Michael Danby and a stack of how-to-vote cards

The relevance of the background of the Thieving Melbourne Ports Four is that the destruction of the Liberal Party and The greens posters was not some one-off incident. It was the actions of four career criminals who are deep inside the Labor Party and influencing Australian politics supported by current federal MP’s.

Bill Shorten connection

Bill Shorten has finally made an announcement on the 23rd July 2016 which is 21 days after the arrest of the Thieving Melbourne Ports Four. That in itself says Shorten has been involved in the cover-up. Shorten says:

“I think anyone in an election who is conducting vandalism deserves to have the book thrown at them. In terms of that investigation [into Melbourne Ports], I haven’t been following it, I have no knowledge of the particular events,” he said.” (Click here to read more)

Shorten says he has no knowledge of the particular events some 21 days after it happened. Shorten also said he had no knowledge of the fake Medicare text message. Shorten doesn’t seem to know much about Labor Party crimes that are committed by his mates that benefit him. How convenient, I wonder if anyone believes it.

Andrew Bolt connection

Andrew Bolt and Kitching

Andrew Bolt and Kimberley Kitching

Andrew Bolt has a lot to answer for such as why does he have Kimberley Kitching on his show. He used to have her on his show in 2014 until she was busted by the Trade Union Royal Commission and then stopped it. But in recent times he has had her on his Sky News show. Everyone knows her and her husband Landeryou are crooks and have known for at least 10 years or more. I wonder what Bolt has said about Landeryou’s latest crimes. Not much I suspect.

Bolt had Kitching and Landeryou around to his house for Christmas drinks in 2014 and probably did last year as well. In 2014 The Australian reported:

Bolt Report up in the air

AFTER his final Ten show for the year, Andrew Bolt and his family held a Christmas lunch at his home in Melbourne yesterday. Dining on his home-cooked moussaka and fennel sausages were Janet Albrechtsen, Bruce Hawker, Richard Marles, Josh Frydenberg, Tim Wilson, Andrew Landeryou and his wife, HSU official Kimberley Kitching, Judith Sloan and Rowan Dean. (Click here to read more)

They are obviously very close friends which is an indicator to how corrupt Andrew Bolt is.

Second time Landeryou has been accused of trying to run over a person 

If you look at the above you will see Dean Sherriff being found guilty of road rage and the Thieving Melbourne Port Four almost ran over a Greens campaigner. Add that to former HSU official Marco Bolano in 2012 claiming Andrew Landeryou tried to run him over during the HSU election campaign then a disturbing pattern emerges. It is something the police should look at.

The Greens threatening Legal action

“The Greens are considering legal action against the Labor campaign for its conduct in the lead up to polling day, and Liberal candidate for the seat, Owen Guest, called on the incumbent to resign unless he distanced himself from the men, who were released without charge but are still being investigated.” (Click here to read more)

If The Greens do go ahead with legal action they will be heroes not only with The Greens members but also in the Labor Party as Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching are two of the most despised people in the Party. Kitching has made at least 4 attempts at pre-selection for the Labor Party and failed every time and that is even with Bill Shorten’s support. Or at least that is what Shorten tells her and Landeryou.

One thing is for certain and that is the four criminals were operating with Michael Danby’s full knowledge and support and it is highly likely that Bill Shorten knew beforehand as well.

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    • It may stop when a federal ICAC is established.The important part of a federal ICAC is that the terms of reference are the same as the NSW ICAC.The way that the terms of reference are set will be the important aspect.
      The wording of the terms is one way of hobbling the process or they could follow the example of the NSW Police Integrity Commission and starve it of funds.In their case if they have ten cases to investigate they only have enough money to proceed with one.

  1. I have followed your posts for some time – and despite my Scottish heritage, even kicked in some support. Your article has left me a little disturbed as I was totally unaware of the Bolt connection to these people. Strangely, without knowing the Kimberley Kitching connection I had been wondering for some time at her frequent appearances on Bolt’s show – paid appearances?
    The law in this country moves far too slow – cases running into years without resolution etc. I tend to put that down to the courts being packed with certain party appointed sympathisers, some of whom seem to be able to get away with exceedingly tenuous interpretations of law and excuses for not publishing their findings. Perhaps it is time to agitate for a review of the life time appointments and more accountabilty from the politicians holding the supervisory powers. I would even contribute funds for that!

    • It has been published on many websites that Bolt and Kitching were doing the dirty at one stage, and possibly still are but who knows. She is a criminal herself having been found to have committed fraud in the production of right of entry permits at the HSC by the Royal Commission. Bolt even came out in support of her running for a senate seat in Victoria and when she was on the Bolt Report there was often physical interaction and love sick school boy looks directed her way by Bolt. When he criminal acts became public her appearances on Ten stopped but apparently Sky are less fussy about crooks and shysters.

  2. It will be interesting to see if the different branches of law enforcement proceed with these matters.The investigating officers may have to decide if it’s good career move to continue to look into these matters.I’ve no doubt that pressure will be applied.I hope you will be applying more pressure too.
    The whole business sounds like a scenario from a third world country.

  3. Well this seems to me to be a real eye opener, I wonder why none of this has ever been disclosed in the media before?

  4. Michael Danby is simply not fit to be the member for Melbourne Ports. It’s obvious Danby orchestrated the whole vandalism thing on the liberals, the greens & others. Nothing surprises me about Landeryou & others doing this latest criminal act. Let’s hope they all face court over this. As for Danby, he must stand down as the member for Melbourne Ports if he is investigated by the police himself. Of course it won’t happen because he’s Bill Shorten’s parliamentary secretary. Shorten always protects criminals because they are his friends. Danby is a massive disgrace to Australian politics, and the sooner he’s gone the better. As for Andrew Bolt, he has no respect for his viewers by bringing in Kimberley Kitching to his show. Bolt’s arrogance has no bounds at all. Andrew Bolt is a fraud.

  5. With A L it’s not about doing your best to win the race to the bottom, he’s actually way down there already, wallowing about in the mire that’s apparently his comfort zone.
    Trashing the Middle Park Primary School poll is lower than most people would even imagine…let alone go out and do. You can only wonder at the smallness of it.

    The seat is a standing joke anyway. 40% Liberal primary vote. 30% Labor. The majority of voters here don’t want Danby but can’t get rid of him even with the democratic process.

    Bill Landeryou was one of the great pillars of incompetence, and shadowy feather-nesting, that characterised the sad Cain Government. During that monumental disaster John Cain made the amazing State of Victoria actually look, for the first time ever, completely stupid.

    They say lightning doesn’t strike twice…but with the Landeryou’s it did, big time!

    Thank God there’s no John Cain around to support and sponsor AL.

    Oh yeah. I forgot. Bill Shorten.

  6. For years I was an unquestioning Andrew Bolt follower, till the day Turnbull took over and Bolt went off the deep end about it.
    Since then hardly a day goes by without Bolt sticking poisoned daggers into Turnbull.
    Theres so much more he could be saying about Shorten, but Shorten hardly ever gets a mention. Every day its just more bile against Turnbull.
    When I sent my comments to his site, complaining about his obsessive hate for Turnbull, they were put on hold. When I sent a second comment that he should focus his articles much more on exposing Shorten, both comments were deleted.
    I think Andrew Bolt needs to be added to this watch list. Something definitely not right there.

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