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News Corp’s Andrew Bolt aids and abets his friend Kimberley Kitching with fraud and theft at the HSU

News Corp commentator Andrew Bolt has been using his TV show The Bolt Report to aid and abet his friend and alleged former sexual partner Kimberley Kitching in committing fraud and theft at the HSU and trying to boost her political career.

This has been happening for over a year and peaked a couple of weeks ago on the 26th of August when Ms Kitching had her criminal conduct raised at the Trade Union Royal Commission. The criminal allegations include but are not limited to, bullying, fraud and theft and running a “Right of Entry” exam racket. A few days later on Sunday the 31st of August Andrew Bolt had Kimberley Kitching on his show and failed to ask her questions on his show about the alleged criminal conduct raised at the Royal Commission.

Kimberley Kitching and her Husband Andrew Landeryou have a long criminal history of fraud and theft so Andrew Bolt’s strange relationship with Kitching has not been missed by his supporters and has caused substantial comment on social media. For example comments on Twitter and websites etc have included:

“No mention of the allegations against Kitching in #turc re running a right of entry permit racket on @theboltreport10 this morning.”

and: “And today’s guest with no credibility is – Kimberley Kitching”

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch) (It is from a post I published last year before the federal election – Click here to read the post)

The only thing that seems to explain the partnership is the rumoured sexual relationship between Bolt and Kitching. There have been rumours flying around for a long time that Andrew Bolt and Kimberley Kitching had a sexual relationship in 2004/2005 when Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou was on the run avoiding authorities. Landeryou did a runner to Costa Rica for 6 months just before he was due to give evidence regarding $2.5million he stole from the Melbourne University Union. (Click here to read more)

While Landeryou was away Kimberley Kitching is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with Andrew Bolt. I wrote to Andrew Bolt as per below over a week ago and he has not responded :

From: Shane Dowling Sent: Thursday, 11 September 2014 2:45 PM To: ‘’ Subject: Media questions – KCA

Dear Mr Bolt

There is widespread allegations that you had a sexual relationship with Kimberley Kitching when her husband, Andrew Landeryou, was on the run in Costa Rica for fraud in 2004/05. Can you confirm this? Or would you like to make a comment?

Some people are surmising that is the reason why you promote Ms Kitching on your TV show, The Bolt Report and fail to ask her questions about her alleged corrupt conduct. Is that true?

Also regarding Kimberley Kitching and the Trade Union Royal Commission:

  1. Why have you not raised on your show the fact that Kimberley Kitching has had adverse findings made against her by the Fair Work Commission?
  2. Why have you not raised the fact the Kimberley Kitching has been accused of bullying at the Trade Union Royal Commission?
  3. Why have you not raised the allegations made at the royal commission against Kitching that she ran a right of entry permit scam in her capacity of General Manager of the HSU Victoria #1 Branch?


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I also posted the above email in the comment section of Andrew Bolt’s blog last Thursday. I have not had a response to that either.

Why Andrew Bolt has a duty to come clean to his supporters and the general public about his true relationship with Kimberley Kitching.

1. Everyone knows that Kimberley Kitching is ripping off the Health Services Union. So what Bolt is doing is a criminal offence and breaches numerous laws. For starters Andrew Bolt could be charged with concealment of a crime, aiding and abetting fraud and theft and/or conspiracy to commit fraud and theft. If Bolt had raised the allegations against Kitching on his show and said he did not believe them then that would be a different situation. But Bolt has not done that so he has no excuse for his criminal conduct in aiding and abetting Kimberley Kitching.

2. What makes it even worse is that the HSU is having an election so Bolt is giving Kitching an opportunity to go on his show and say what a great job she is doing at the HSU. Yet he fails to ask her about the corruption allegations raised against her at the Royal Commission so the voters at the HSU do not know. Why does Bolt give her a platform to push her lies without revealing the very serious allegations against her? Is Andrew Bolt blinded by love? Bolt also fails to ask Kitching about the corruption allegations made against Diana Asmar who is the Secretary of the HSU Victoria #1 branch.

3. As you will see below the Fair Work Commission has made adverse findings against Kimberley Kitching and Diana Asmar and yet Andrew Bolt helps Kitching conceal this from the HSU voters by failing to ask questions.

4. News Corp who is Bolt’s main employer would have to be extremely embarrassed that Bolt has Kitching on his show on a regular basis. While it is not their TV show, Bolt is well known for his association and employment with News Corp and it would reflect poorly on them as well.

5. Both News Corp and Fairfax asked Michael Smith about his relationship with Kathy Jackson and alleged they might be more than friends. Michael Smith was more than happy to answer their questions and he denied the relationship. So if Smith can answer the media questions why can’t Bolt. (Click here to read more)

6. Andrew Bolt has a media watch style segment on his TV show which highlights bias in the media. Yet he will not answer allegations of his own bias on his own show.

7. If he continues to have Kimberley Kitching on his show without asking the hard questions he will do a lot of damage to his and his employer’s reputation.

The Kitching and Landeryou stalking campaign – With the support of Andrew Bolt and Bill Shorten

Kimberley Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou trolls on Twitter running a protection and advertising racket for Kitching and his mate Bill Shorten. He attacks, stalks and harasses anyone who dares questions Kitching and her actions. He is letting everyone, including the media, know not to question or criticise Kitching or otherwise he will trash their reputation.

Amazingly Mr Landeryou denied that Kimberley Kitching was his wife when asked on twitter on Tuesday (16/9/14) as per below:

Andrew Landeryou denies Kitching is his wife

Andrew Landeryou denies Kitching is his wife. He says “Never heard of her”

It is a sad situation when a husband denies that his wife is his wife.

When Landeryou responded to the above Tweet from @Misty_Bella “Is Kimberley Kitching your wife? and replied “Never heard of her”, the reply also went to @australian which is the News Corp owned The Australian newspaper. So Landeryou was also lying to the media that he did not know his wife.

Both Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching have been named at the Royal Commission again this week for their fraud and theft. That might explain why Landeryou denied that Kitching was his wife as he does not want people to know the connection and that they work as a criminal team. Then again maybe he has left her because of her sexual relationship with Andrew Bolt.

Stephen Mayne has written on the Landeryou-Kitching crime partnership a number of times.

“For mine, Shorten is completely inappropriate and unelectable as Labor leader until he publically denounces the sleaze, defamation, concoctions, standover tactics and skulduggery that Landeryou deploys with Shorten’s support.” (Click here to read more)


“Where Landeryou goes, filth and dirty pool follows, so was anyone surprised that the Gellibrand preselection contest quickly descended into the sewer?” and in relation to Kitching and Landeryou “people like Joan Kirner, Steve Bracks, Nicola Roxon are working hard to put them out of business?” (Click here to read more)

Kitching and Landeryou are hated by many in their own party and are the sleaze and smear Queen and King of the Labor Party.

Landeryou even physically stalks people as youth worker Les Twentyman found out a couple of years ago and had to resort to taking out a court issued intervention order in 2012 to keep Landeryou away from him and his family. (Click here to read more)

I get my fair share of abuse from Landeryou given I have written numerous posts on him and his wife. I wrote a post in July last year before the federal election titled Does Kevin Rudd support the Bill Shorten backed “Kimberley Kitching for Senate movement”? Andrew Bolt does! (Click here to read more)

Then a couple of weeks ago on the 20th August I wrote about Kitching and Landeryou’s close relationship and collusion with Labor leader Bill Shorten in a post titled “Bill Shorten uses internet trolls to try to blackmail & intimidate media reporting the Union Royal Commission”. (Click here to read)

And recently I wrote about what will be their undoing “Commissioner Dyson Heydon handed down written reasons for a number of applications made during the HSU hearings last week. Based on that, 2 witnesses from last week Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching for the HSU Victoria #1 Branch, are in a lot of trouble. Commissioner Heydon stated on page 5 of his judgment in relation to the Fair Work Commission: “On 26 March 2014, 15 Notices of Adverse or Potentially Adverse Findings were served on various officeholders or former officeholders of the Victoria No. 1 Branch (including the applicants).” The applicants Heydon refers to are Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching who were doing everything they could to make sure that the adverse finding by the FWC were not revealed at the Royal Commission.” (Click here to read the judgment)

Andrew Bolt needs to wake-up to himself fast. He is no better than the union fraudsters and thieves he claims to be against. Bolt’s own supporters are starting to criticise him because they can see what a hypocrite he is given his dodgy relationship with Kimberley Kitching.

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  1. I was a Bolt supporter but when he started using his wrong head I gave him away. Why is it we men often let ourselves do this stupid thing?

  2. I have written to Andrew Bolt twice about Kimberley Kitching appearing on his show giving tacit approval to her history as a known fraudster. He has never responded which I find very disappointing. It is doubly disappointing because I used to rely on him for a contrary view to the normal left wing press and programs such as Insiders. I told him I would turn The Bolt Report off if she appeared and that’s what I have done.

  3. Glenred07 – Most disappointed that K.K. has appeared twice now and no hard questions asked of her, in fact she is lauded as someone who has respectability – what tosh – she is a crook along with the red head – shame on you Andrew – you have lost an avid viewer and have sullied your own name into the bargain.

  4. I have been trying to call out Bolt on his blog for many months regarding Kitching but the posts never make it past the moderators, which is pretty amazing as he claims he no longer moderates his own blog since the 18C court case. If he doesn’t, then he must have issued orders to censor comments at the very least. Which considering his rhetoric about free speech points to even further hypocrisy on his part.

    Anyway, since he refused to address the issue I wrote to him personally giving him some hint of my inside knowledge from when I lived and worked in Victoria and asked him if he was really going to trash his reputation for the sake of past sexual encounters.

    Now, it is not the first time I have written to him having had many email exchanges in the past on other matters but just like you Shane, nothing by way of reply. No denial, no outrage at the suggestion, just silence.

    No Fear, No Favours? What a hollow hollow man Bolt turned out to be.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that Andrew Bolt is a hypocrite for bringing on a criminal such as Kimberley Kitching on his show. Bolt is losing credibility every day now, because of his so called promise of “no fear, no favors” is getting flushed down the toilet with his constant fawning over Ms Kitching. Bolt must know and reveal Kitching’s corrupt/criminal activities being made against her at this current Royal Commission immediately. But I know that will never happen. I agree with you Shane that Bolt is basically now aiding & abetting Ms Kitching’s crimes by not putting Kitching to account on his show. If Bolt had a sexual relationship with Kitching 10 years ago, then that would explain the reason why Bolt has been friendly with Kitching on his show. They are both obviously still friends, and for her to come on her show is highly strange knowing that Bolt is no friend/virtual enemy of the labor party. Very few labor politicians/people with labor backgrounds come on his show. Bolt’s behavior in deliberately turning a blind eye to Kitching’s corrupt/criminal activities is an absolute disgrace which may eventually ruin his show on Channel 10.

    • “Bolt is no friend/virtual enemy of the labor party”

      Sorry, you have been taken in by his mask Kurt. He thinks Shorten is a great bloke, thinks the same of Piggy Howes, was highly in favour of Gillard becoming PM, until she sold out on the carbon tax, and regularly gave advice of what Labor should do to win the 2013 election, takes every chance he can to bag Kathy Jackson out but won’t say one word against Kitching, Asmar, etc.

      Bolt calls himself a conservative, but he is a Labor man first and just wishes they would listen to him more. If he could find a way to lead Labor himself he is pretty sure he could guide Australia into a new golden age of centre left Conservative Labor glory.

      • Thank you for pointing out to me on that Climate Realist. I do know Mr Bolt is a good friend of Paul Howes & I also do remember Bolt personally supported Gillard in the last months of Rudd’s first stint as Prime Minister. And yes I do know Mr Bolt worked for the labor party in the 1980s I think. But as I said earlier, it is strange that someone who is a labor party MP/Senator, or who has a labor party background comes on his show. Many labor party people wouldn’t even respond to Bolt’s invitations to come on his show. So it makes even more strange that someone extremely corrupt as Ms Kitching comes on his show when it is obvious she is one of the most corrupt labor party/union people in this country today. Anyone else who has a talk show wouldn’t even invite Ms Kitching because of her known record in extensive corruption. Kitching invites herself on Bolt’s show, and he helps Kitching by smearing on Kitching’s enemies like Kathy Jackson etc.

      • Just look at the standard of most of the Labor people that do come on his show Kurt. Hawker, Albanese, Emerson etc. Maybe the other Labor people are not so much afraid of being grilled by Bolt as being seen in the same company.

        Also this, Bolt considers Graham Richardson a good friend. The same person that used to run prostitutes on his boat on Sydney Harbour for his Labor mates to party with, look up Richardson and Love Boat Scandal to get the whole story, and the same bloke that got found out hiding over a million dollars in a Swiss bank along with Rene Rivken that was proceeds from an insurance scam following a convenient fire at the Alpine Offset Printing plant just a couple of days after they had jacked up their insurance coverage on worthless plant and equipment to $50 million.

        The old saying about laying down with dogs and getting up with fleas was never more apt than for people that side with the Labor Union kennel hounds.

  6. Kim’s cow eyes and lash flutterings on Bolt’s show have not gone unnoticed. He’s thinking with his small head on her appearances.

  7. Gee, is there nobody out there who enjoys a high profile, and who’s capable of influencing public opinion who’s not been defiled with a reputation for dishonesty or corrupt behaviour ? I was always of the opinion that Andrew BOLT was pretty straight. Obviously I’m quite wrong.

  8. Very sorry tale this. A lot of viewers clamoring for a balanced p.o.v have been let down by Bolt’s silence on this KK issue. The longer he remains silent, the more it speaks volumes to everyone who watches the fawning and cow-eye antics on his show. Sad. I don’t watch or read his blog anymore.

  9. Again, I think you are right!

    I have been very vocal on his blog about the appearance of KK on his Show.

    And the last couple of times, my comments were not published, as I was a bit too truthful about Kimberley.
    I had heard once, that they had an affair, but is many years ago and actually I had not thought about it anymore, until the last time she was on Andrew’s show and she actually touched him, which I thought was totally unacceptable on such a show. I then remembered again about the affair, as she was just too familiar with him.

    I think he should explain, I am sure there are a lot of people, who will drop him, if he continues as though we are all stupid.

    • You just have to look at that photo at the top NTY to realise that is not a photo of guest panellist and host but of people with much closer ties. And if you look at her appearances on the show, the touching usually goes both ways with little hand strokes a regular occurrence. Wonder what his wife thinks about how pally they are.

  10. Bolt’s earliest political connections were with the Labor Party working on two election campaigns for Bob Hawke and being a staffer to ALP Northern Territory Minister. He still has a soft spot for the ALP and will not out and out condemn them for bad government or bad policy unless it is obvious to all, so he just goes along with popular opinion. Never any ground breaking journalism from him when it comes to the ALP.

  11. I posted on his blog asking why with his motto of “No Fear No Favour” he has not named Shorten as the Labor figure being investigated for rape saying that if it were Mr Abbott it would be over the front page of every newspaper and on every radio show especially the ABC but moderator deleted the whole post. So decided to write a personal message..No reply received. When KK began appearing as a fairly regular guest on the show I started to feel very uneasy and started paying more attention to issues covered on his show. I notice that he has become more and more critical of the Government and never seems to criticise the Labor Party and Shorten. It used to be my one must watch show each week but have began to wonder what Bolt’s agenda is. If it is true about his relationship with Kitchings it may go some way to explaining why he has totally dashed his career but he has DEFINATELY lost the right to use No fear no Favour….that now is a huge Laugh! Intelligent viewers knowing about his duplicity will stop watching because if you want to watch leftist propaganda, cover ups and spin you watch the ABC, ratings will drop and the show will eventually get pulled and Bolt will have no one to blame but himself.

    • Well said Suse. He will only have himself to blame for disregarding his disaffected supporters who have become disillusioned by his actions. Men’s egos have a lot to answer for.

  12. Well done for exposing another grub. Looks like bolt is too intertwined in the mud to remove himself. Too many skeletons. They probably thought they had it all sewn up. More to fall

  13. Hi Shane, no doubt Kimberly and her hubby are dodgy as hell and now Andrew Bolt isn’t looking too good either. I never could stand the arrogant bastard anyway. Regards, Warren Olsen

  14. Bolt is a pious reporter. I could not understand why he had Kimberly on his show. Now I know why. She won’t be on his show after this revelation. The other reason is that she will be going to jail for perjury.

  15. Andrew Bolt was on the Ray Hadley 2CC (2GB) morning show yesterday, primarily because a spokesman for the Grand Mufti mentioned Bolt as being an example of a shock jock. Hadley, being another so called shock jock, didn’t ask Bolt a single question about the oft mentioned social media comments surrounding his connection etc. with KK. Why would this be I wonder?

  16. Also questioned KK being on the show – if all of this is true who can we trust anymore? If true, Bolt has lost me – I would never believe a word he says anymore –

  17. What is the point of denying your wife is your wife? surely that would be a fairly easy thing to prove. I gave up watching Bolt awhile ago…I’m fairly right wing but Bolt just comes across as smarmy to me. Too smooth, too glib.

    Anyone who has anything to do with unions have rocks in their head..the corruption is astounding. 🙁

  18. Here’s a bit of prophesy for you. Kitching and Bolt will dump on Shorten now to deflect attention hoping that the bigger scalp will let her slip under the radar. I doubt she actually cares if it takes Asmar out of the running as well.

  19. I don’t care if Bolt had an affair with KK all those years ago. Many men do and move on and continue to be good fathers. But to continue to associate with a woman who has been up to no good with her union? Bolt wrote all about Kathy Jackson’s alleged corrupt use of union money on his blogs. He has not done the same about Kimberley Kitching’s alleged factional deals. Bolt talks about double standards and poor journalism on the ABC. He does not apply the same standard to his shows.

  20. Bolt is a shill for whatever interest is going. I doubt he has any actual principles that haven’t been bought and paid for by the various lobbies that he allows himself to be used by. He’s a Master of disinformation and a FOX News wannabe in a cheap suit.

  21. Shane; I would often wonder why Mr Bolt would have this footloose person on his TV gig. Now I know and it is goodbye Andrew.

  22. I find myself disappointed more often than not with Bolt’s television show.

    As for posting on his blog – I gave up months ago. The ‘closed for the weekend’ aspect is annoying in itself – anything that happens after 2.00pm on a Friday seems to have little to no chance of ever appearing on the site – but on top of that, his moderators run a very tight ship. Any comment that doesn’t fit into their GroupThink goes straight to the big round file in cyberspace – and it would seem that most of my posts do not fit into Bolta’s moderators’ GroupThink.

    • However Albatross, leftie luvvies were given plenty of posting opportunities. If one leaned to the conservative right the right of reply was often thwarted. Someone called Bobbi gets a dream run.

      • I think posters like Bobbi, Mr Jordan etc are just token pinatas that Bolt lets through. Like I said before he’s an entertainer, not a journalist, hence the lack of concern about the likes of Kitching and her ilk. I note this post of yours hasn’t figured on his Blog thus far Shane. I’m sure he knows about it by now. His previous advocacy of the 18C repeal would make it harder for him to have a go at you without looking publicly disingenuous, even to his rusted on echo chamber.

  23. I tried to post the link to this article two days running on Bolt’s blog. You won’t be surprised to learn that they never made it past the censor.

  24. Also tried to contact channel 10 and Andrew Bolt to complain of his bias regarding K.K. Not easy. He has lost yet another viewer. Why does the Australian media keep on hiding stories about labor corruption?

  25. Tim Blair and friends won’t put up this article either. They all protect each other, they all have fear and favour.

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