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The Bill Shorten Crew stalks and harasses witnesses and journalists at the Trade Union Royal Commission

Below is photographic evidence of Bill Shorten and his crew stalking and harassing witnesses and journalists at the Trade Union Royal Commission. It is explosive evidence given the photograph was used for the criminal offence of attempting to intimidate a witness and it leads straight back to Bill Shorten who wants to be Prime Minister of this country.


The Trade Union Royal Commission into Governance and Corruption has been conducting public hearings since May 2014, mostly in Sydney. In August it held hearings into the Health Services Union Victoria Number 1 Branch (HSU). The hearings were held in Sydney.

During the course of the hearings, as the photographs show, someone has been stalking the witnesses and others outside the building and taking photographs. The photographs were passed on to Bill Shorten’s good friend Andrew Landeryou who has used them to harass witnesses and others online.

The pictures were taken without the knowledge of the people in them which includes me, Leonie Flynn who gave evidence again on Friday as a witness at the RC regarding the Health Services Union and HSU member Sue Hay. Leonie Flynn is on sick leave because of work related stress and has made complaints to the Fair Work Commission regarding bullying at her workplace by HSU Victoria #1 branch Secretary Diana Asmar and General Manager Kimberley Kitching. While Asmar and Kitching deny the bullying it is Kitching’s husband Andrew Landeryou who has stalked and harassed Leonie Flynn and others online, including last Friday. Landeryou’s treatment of Leonie Flynn is clearly a type of bullying which supports Flynn’s complaint to the Fair Work Commission and Royal Commission.

Royal Commission stalker 3

(The names and location on the picture were added by someone, maybe the person who took the photo, Andrew Casey, or maybe Landeryou)

No one can justify the above photos and others like it that Bill Shorten’s crew have taken while stalking people for the purposes of harassment and intimidation.

Andrew Casey – Union Troll and Royal Commission Stalker

Andrew Casey

Andrew Casey – Union Troll

It is almost certain that Andrew Casey is the one who took the above photo of me, Sue Hay and Leonie Flynn and others like it and then gave them to Andrew Landeryou to use for harassment. I base this assumption on some very powerful evidence. Mr Casey claims to be an independent journalist but “worked for nearly a decade at the ACTU, during the Kelty Accord years” and “has worked for a variety of unions in communications roles – the CFMEU, the LHMU (now United Voice), the AWU and the ANMF.” (Click here to read more) Mr Casey has spent a lot of time over the last couple of days defending the CFMEU so he must be back on their payroll at the very least.

Some of the evidence

1. Andrew Casey was previously caught stalking and trying to take a photograph of me. This happened in May when Ralph Blewitt gave evidence. I was standing outside the Royal Commission building and I turned to my right and there was Mr Casey trying to take my photo. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted a photo of me for a story. He knew who I was but never bothered asking until I noticed him.

2. Andrew Casey jumped to Andrew Landeryou’s defence last Tuesday (16/9/14) in the media room in Melbourne. I was talking to someone in regards to Mr Landeryou stealing millions from the Melbourne University Union and Andrew Casey said aggressively words to the effect “I would watch what I say about that if I was you”. What I was saying has previously been well reported in the media (Click here to read) and it is not for any journalist to tell another journalist what they can and cannot say in the media room.

3. Mr Casey has continued to support and chat to Mr Landeryou on twitter even though Mr Landeryou has been clearly trying to intimidate witnesses with slanderous and defamatory comments. Mr Landeryou uses two Twitter accounts @landeryou and @HSUcorruption and Mr Casey supports both of them by re-tweeting some of the comments.

4. The stalking photos were taken in Sydney most likely on the 26th of August and Mr Casey is the only likely person other than maybe Peter Wicks. But given Casey has previous form on the board it is highly likely him.

Mr Casey is one of those sleazes that get around in the media room pretending he is everyone friends while stabbing people in the back as soon as he gets the chance. There is further evidence but that is plenty at the moment. Mr Casey should consult a lawyer and fast as he might be joining Michael Williamson and others in jail very soon.

Trolling the media room at the Royal Commission

The media room at the Royal Commission has been trolled by Andrew Casey and Craig Thomson’s puppet Peter Wicks. They get around telling anyone one who will listen that it is all Kathy Jackson’s fault and she is the real problem and how hard done by convicted thief and former politician Craig Thomson is. Both at various times have aggressively defended the sleaze and smear campaign of Bill Shorten’s boy Andrew Landeryou and push the union/Labor Party line hard. When the hearings are in Sydney they always sit next to each other in the media room. When a new journalist walks in they latch onto them and start dribbling on the propaganda to them such as “Kathy Jackson stole millions, Craig Thomson only got done for $28,000” Wicks and Casey will tell them.

Peter Wicks is the person who harassed and stalked Fairfax Media journalist Kate McClymont in 2012 and put a picture of her house and address on the internet for writing a story about Craig Thomson. Peter Wicks also demanded that Ms McClymont give back her Walkley Award for her story on Craig Thomson. Ms McClymont was forced to get her lawyer involved before the sleazy Peter Wicks would take her address and a picture of her house down from the internet. It was clearly designed to intimidate Kate McClymont.

Mr Wicks is also the nutter that called the police in 2012 after I wrote about him harassing and stalking Kathy Jackson’s 11 year-old son and 16-year-old-daughter in 2012. For example Mr Wicks wrote online in relation to Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter “hope mummy remembers how many candles to put on the cake, as she may occasionally forget these things“. That is not journalism, it is just a nutter and sleaze like Peter Wicks stalking and harassing. (Click here to read more)

Bill Shorten and the unions do everything they can to undermine the the Royal Commission then say it is a waste of money.

Andrew Landeryou – Bill Shorten’s boy and friend of Andrew Bolt (Click here to read the previous post)

Fraudster and conman Landeryou uses pictures on Twitter, including the one above taken by Mr Casey, and then makes slanderous and defamatory comments below the pictures. One is calling people, including me, paedophiles.

It is worth noting that Bill Shorten is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, which I have written about extensively, and Mr Landeryou spent 6 months on the run from authorities in Costa Rica in 2004/05 which is a known paedophile tourist destination. (Click here to read more) I think Mr Landeryou and his trip to Costa Rica is something the Federal Police should take a closer look at.

Andrew Landeryou is also using stolen pictures of children from Facebook accounts of HSU members in his Tweets on Twitter. One I am told is a 15-year-old girl and another is a 5-year-old-girl. Bill Shorten needs to make a public statement regarding his close relationship with Andrew Landeryou.

The more that is revealed about Bill Shorten’s character and past the more disturbing it becomes. I wrote about Shorten intimidating witnesses at the Royal Commission a month ago and he still keeps doing it. So he clearly has contempt for the law. (Click here to read more)

What this post shows is that Mr Shorten is still a union man and acts in the same corrupt and deceptive way like he did when he was working at the union as Secretary of the AWU. Using the union game of intimidation and threats is still very much in Mr Shorten’s bag of tricks which he is using now at the Royal Commission via his trolls.

Diana and David Asmar, Kimberley Kitching, Andrew Landeryou and crew are not people with high IQ’s. They are just dummies for people like Shorten who are higher up the chain to use for the dirty work. But these are the people that Shorten will give cushy jobs if he is elected Prime Minister which is a worry.

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  1. Just couldn’t watch the Andrew Bolt Report last Sunday after learning about KK and her husband and AB’s alleged affiliation – seems corruption, lies and abuse is on every level

  2. Shorten to be come PM -joke of the century- if people vote for this kind of a candidate then Aussies are mad and will learn to live like paupers…..I will certainly see to it that LABOUR never gets a single seat in the coming GENERAL ELECTIONS.

  3. Remembering the Cold War and Russia’s place in their procurement of “useful idiots” amongst the unions and university population in Great Britain, Bill Shorten has acquired his own special breed with the likes of Casey and Landeryou! There’ll always be someone to carry the flag whether they be zealots or simply brainless!

  4. Bill Shorten is a grub and he has as much chance of being PM in this country as Gillard is of getting the Nobel prize. Shortens main problem is he talks garbage. One thing going for the sensible people in the future is the demise of the unions which are losing members at a rate of knots due to the rorts of the officials and people are at last taking off their blinkers. Allan from MyalupWA.(unionphobic)

  5. As a retired copper, something I have learned over the years, how many thugs there are amongst Union officials. It’s really quite frightening when you think about it, and the distinct possibility that Labor will probably get another go at the helm soon rather than later, with Bill Shorten as a possible Prime Minister ? Still, I’ll be dead most likely, by then ? On Andrew BOLT, corruption exists everywhere in this country. Literally everywhere !

  6. They talk about the mafia. How else would you describe this mob!!! corruption and dishonesty make it worse than the mafia. What hope is there for the country??

  7. Believing that by far the biggest industry on this planet is CRIME, of which I do not want to be a part, I have never understood why so many teachers, lawyers, university students and generally learned people can ever be socialists….maybe I have missed something in my 68 years living in London for 23 years and Melbourne for 45! The left wingers and bolsheviks are everywhere in this country and as for the union thugs, I think we have more than our fair share in Oz. Are the normal decent people in that much of a minority that we have to continually fight to get our voice heard in the biased media of the ABC and The Age etc. I have written so many comments and emails to them over the years and got a guernsey once about 6 years ago….however I still do not give up and keep sending them in…… have even tried Radio 3AW Talkback with Neil Mitchell lots of times and never get on to voice my opinion! What’s this about BOLT now…….I must have missed something whilst away recently….is he or has he been messing up with a left wing troll ? I am confused Shane…can you or anyone provide more info. At least I get a fair go with KCA! All power to the social media!

      • Bolt’s little friend Kitching named Shorten in her last appearance at the RC as being involved in the installation of the Asmar team. Bolt then ran his first anti Shorten post, on a different topic, in many a year in the same week. And now twice this week he has given Albanese a soft interview opportunity on radio and TV to help raise his profile for a leadership takeover. Why?, you might ask. Well shifting the spotlight onto Shorten might be their idea of reducing the damage that Kitching will suffer, bigger scalp and all that. Good luck with that Bolt.

  8. Nothing surprises me about Bill Shorten and his grubby team. They are there to protect the unions interests, and destroy people who want to tell the truth of union corruption. Bill Shorten is behind this, no doubt about it, in his own grubby, sickening quest to become the prime minister of this country.

  9. Don’t know about Casey taking the photo, yes he is an ALP stooge, but the one and only Peter Wicks was lurking in that area. Wicks is more likely to engage in such stalking. Richo’s boy Brad Norrington was also present, hanging with Wicks actually. It could have been him as well.

  10. Where do we go with this Shane. Mr Shorten is proving to be a leader of a nobody party. There is no one in Labor who would back his judgement, so we ask where do they go———————-to hell as fast as possible I say. Regards.

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