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Australia’s paedophile epidemic being covered-up by judges

Australia has an epidemic of paedophiles and as a country we need to face up to it and deal with it. The courts are a key area that the paedophiles are getting support and protection from and I will give multiple recent examples in this article as finding the examples is not hard as there are many of them.

This website is meant to focus on judicial corruption and it is impossible to ignore the links between the judiciary and paedophiles. In recent times we even had Judge Garry Neilson use the sanctity of the court to defend paedophiles which only another paedophile would do. While Judge Garry Neilson was meant to be suspended from hearing sex abuse cases he is still a judge. (Click here to read more)

Paedophile Judge Garry Neilson

Make no mistake the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was only the tip of the Iceberg. Over the next year or so it will be a huge issue as the government deals with the recommendations of the Royal Commission and as more people have become empowered by the Royal Commission to raise issues that have long been hidden or covered up. Social media has also had a huge hand in empowering people to raise complaints.

The Royal Commission handed its reports and recommendation to the federal government in December 2017 and that will be dealt with this year and everyone should keep a close eye on it as people in the background and some in the media such as Alan Jones who will go to work to try to undermine any reforms.

Royal commission v judiciary

As I have previously written: In a speech on the 13th of April 2017 the Chairman of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, The Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM, raised issues regarding the failure of judges and prosecutors to do their jobs properly and therefore fail victims of child sex abuse.

Justice Peter McClellan is also a NSW Supreme Court judge and it is almost unheard of for judges to criticise their follow judges so it is a big call. And as I have reported in the last few posts it is not just members of the public that are raising issues of judicial failings and corruption. Many members of the legal fraternity are also raising issues themselves as the problem is now out of control. (Click her to read more)

The Royal Commission was only the start and has published a final report that has 17 Volumes.

On 12 November 2012 the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced that she would recommend to the Governor-General that a Royal Commission be appointed to inquire into institutional responses to child abuse.

Following this announcement, the Terms of Reference were established and six Commissioners were appointed on Friday, 11 January 2013 by Her Excellency Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Hon. Justice Peter McClellan AM was the chair of the Royal Commission and worked with the five other Commissioners, Mr Bob Atkinson AO APM, Justice Jennifer Coate, Mr Robert Fitzgerald AM, Professor Helen Milroy and Mr Andrew Murray. Visit Our Commissioners to read their full biographies.

On 15 December 2017 the Royal Commission presented a final report to the Governor-General, detailing the culmination of a five year inquiry into institutional responses to child sexual abuse and related matters. (Click here for the final report and the 17 Volumes)

Some of the judges and their scandalous judgements and conduct – How many of them are paedophiles or are protecting their paedophile mates?

Magistrate Graeme Curran – Mr Curran was charged by police in October 2017

Sydney magistrate Graeme Curran appears in court charged with child sex offences

A high-profile Sydney magistrate has appeared in court charged with alleged sex offences dating back to the 1980s.

Graeme Bryan Curran, 67, is facing nine counts of indecently assaulting a teenage boy.

Mr Curran has appeared briefly in the Downing Centre Local Court, with his case being heard by Victorian magistrate Felicity Broughton.

A spokesperson for the Chief Magistrate’s Office said this was to “avoid any apprehension of bias”.

It is standard practice for a judicial officer from another jurisdiction to hear a case if it involves a NSW magistrate. (Click here to read more)

Father Finian Egan – Suppression orders granted then lifted after media intervention

In 2013 Irish catholic priest Father Finian Egan was sentenced to eight years jail with a minimum of four years jail. He was released from jail in December 2017 after spending the minimum four years jail and was due to be deported back to Ireland after a decision by the of former Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. But Finian Egan appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (ATT) and won and also had a suppression order placed on the hearing.

That’s right. Paedophiles get suppression orders to protect their “reputation” which many judges are happy to grant. But the judges often buckle when the media put pressure on them.

The Herald Sun newspaper appealed the suppression order decision on the 22/1/18:

IRISH paedophile priest Finian Egan has been named as the child rapist the Administrative Appeals Tribunal is trying to save from deportation.

AAT deputy president Janine Stevenson recently set aside former Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s decision to cancel Egan’s Australian citizenship.

She also ordered that Egan not be identified and that evidence given in the case be suppressed.

The Herald Sun today appeared before Justice Stevenson and successfully appealed against the confidentiality order she issued on December 6 last year.

While Justice Stevenson today ordered that some details of the case remain suppressed they relate only to the identities of Egan’s three child victims. (Click here to read more)

I’ve written about Finian Egan before and his strong friendship and political connection to former Attorney-General Greg Smith who used his office to try to help Finian Egan. (Click here and here to read more)

Paedophile gets $45,000 for legal costs that should have gone to the victims

NSW Police ordered to pay $45,000 to child sex offender

NSW Police paid a Hunter man’s $45,000 legal bill after a failed child sex case against him, only months before he was charged again and jailed for similar offences against another young girl.

The man, who was jailed in 2017 and cannot be identified because of a suppression order relating to the failed 2012 trial, was awarded costs after a NSW Supreme Court judge found “deficiencies” in the police investigation before the first case.

But the victim in the 2012 trial and her mother say the case illustrates the difficulties facing child sex victims in the criminal justice system and the need for state governments to act on more than 80 recommendations for change made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

“He’s a paedophile. He’s in jail because he’s a paedophile. He’s turned around and come up with smoke and mirrors to get taxpayers’ money to pay his legal costs but nothing changes the fact that he has sexually abused children, including my daughter,” said the mother of the 2012 trial victim. (Click here to read more)

He didn’t just come up with smoke and mirrors to get the $45,000 he came up with a compliant and supportive judge. The article doesn’t name the NSW Supreme Court judge unfortunately.

Judge John North

District Court Judge John North

Judge John North gave a confessed paedophile who abused two young girls a suspended sentence and then protected his identity with a suppression order in November 2017. Both Justice North and the paedophile have lived in Dubbo for many years and I understand are friends.

District Court Judge John North handed TM a two-year suspended sentence with no supervision order. 

Paedophile, 55, spared jail because he has high cholesterol and never had sex education lessons accused of abusing MORE children – and paid one victim $5,000 to silence her

  • A paedophile spared jail for a variety of reasons is accused of abusing more kids
  • Victims believe the 55-year-old raped at least two other women from age 10 to 13
  • It is alleged the man paid one girl $5000 in a park to not give evidence in 2002
  • He avoided jail due to high cholesterol, sleeping problems and no sex education
  • The man faced a 54-year sentence after pleading guilty to historic sex offences

The Dubbo predator, known as TM, was given a two-year suspended sentence due to high cholesterol, sleeping problems and because he never had sex education. (Click here to read more)

Thanks to Judge North the paedophile is now in a position to abuse more children.

It cannot be disputed that Australia has a major problem with child sex abuse:

A University of Queensland study found that 10.5% of males and 20.6% of females
reported non-penetrative child sexual assault before the age of 16 and 7.5% of males
and 7.9% of females reported penetrative child sexual assault before the age of 16.
(Mamun, Lawlor, O’Calloghan, Bor, Williams. & Najman, 2007)

The primary reason that the public is not sufficiently aware of child sexual abuse as a
problem is that 73% of child victims do not tell anyone about the abuse for at least a
year. 45% of victims do not tell anyone for at least 5 years. Some never disclose
(Broman-Fulks et al., 2007). (Click here to read more)

Some people try to attack the Royal Commission and say it has failed. It hasn’t failed but a lot more work needs to be done and investigations and changes must go a lot further into other areas such as the judiciary otherwise the long-term benefits of the Royal Commission will be minimal in comparison to what they could be.

As regular readers know Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is trying to stitch me up for more jail time because I have written extensively about judicial paedophilia which is more evidence of the paedophile epidemic in Australia being supported and covered up by judges. (Click here to read more)

I’m back in court on Tuesday (30/1/18) for one of Channel Seven’s court cases against me. The arguments to be heard Tuesday are relevant to the above article. This one is named Seven Network v Shane Dowling and I will be arguing that:

The court order an interstate judge be appointed to hear the matter or the matter be transferred to the Federal Court of Australia given Chief Justice Tom Bathurst wants me jailed for calling him a paedophile and/or calling 17 other NSW Judges / Magistrates / Registrars paedophiles or alleged paedophiles in an email I sent to them and published on my website in September 2016. This is confirmed in a police statement by Principle Registrar Chris D’Aeth of the Supreme Court of NSW. (Click here to read more) or (Click here to read the Notice of Motionand (Click here to read the affidavit)

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  1. #metoo aged 7 years. Not enough evidence for Court? We will never know. Google “Marita Murphy Court case” there wasn’t one and l had the privilege of paying NOT to be heard. Their ages (2 x 14) made no difference to me, damage done! Three adult males still alive to be called to trial that the woman judge ruled, over ruled by three males, disgraceful. My Mother university educated yet l leave all formal schooling aged 12? Mrs Marita Murphy Australia 🇦🇺 no justice here..

  2. Not proud to be Australian: federal and state court presidents all cover up their own judges and registrars stating that Australians cannot complain about them. Corruption is rife from the top, crime is crime. Judges are personally accountable, responsible for inhumane decisions, holding families to ransom, laughing at paedophile and sick acts on the web by predators they protect & Holding closed courts. In the feral circuit court more than ten years as a respondent while court teams team up with the wealthy to corrupt. They fleece all your resources, Stopping mackenzie friends and witnesses from speaking, isolating victims of serious crimes, aiding arbeting in a modus operandi ring, allow child abuse and alienation on precious vulnerable lives. All judicial corruption must stop. Put all judicials guilty of this behind bars not on the Barr. If we have no democracy laws or justice or rights in Australia, what do we have? Do we take our case to international court? All lives of vulnerable adults grandparents and children do matter

    • Yes, they should be visible. But to achieve that Courts should be clean first. Government can’t interfere in courts matter? Police cant investigate judges and court staff? So the court can only be investigated by …the court? Judge can investigate his best mate, accused of Pedophilia. .and not being biased? I’m laughing here

  3. The epidemic is very evident in the Australian Family Court. Incidentally the current Chief Justice of this court is the Hon John Pascoe who succeeded the  Hon Diana Bryant. He moved from the same position at the Federal Circuit Court and might not have been the first choice. For a very short time the Hon Stephen Thackray was named as a temporary replacement for Hon Diana Bryant. The latter had set up the Federal Circuit Court c1999. Its original name was the Federal Magistrates Court. With the  name change came the sudden elevation of all its magistrates to judges. Possibly to gratify the Family Court Chief Justice of the time. 

  4. Not only protecting their judicial ‘mates’, judges extend their protective ‘cling-wrap’ to other sub-human scum,

    [quote]District Court Judge John North decided to impose a suspended sentence in Dubbo.(as in the above SD report) for ‘other mates’ rates’.

    It is not surprising that in many cases not published, family members become unofficial judges and jury!

    • Jonde. I hope it is true that the Victorian government is to abolish the use of character witnesses in courts. These are (or used to be) used by magistrates as the basis for leniency. Yet those providing glowing references usually belonged to the same family as the offender and probably contributed to the causes of the crime. In 2010 I witnessed the trial of a barrister who pleaded guilty to dishonesty. He was given a fine about the same as his average fee for a case, and no conviction was recorded. The reason given by the gentle magistrate was that it would have affected his recreational interests in another country which has character requirements for visas. This man had been married several times and some of the character witnesses were former spouses receiving financial support. They had a very great stake in his being able to continue to practise. The magistrate also took into account the fact that one adult child was also supporting him against the ex-wife whom he had wronged by dishonesty. This is typical of alienation of a child by a third party so common in the Court in which the barrister still practises..

  5. Maybe a back door can be opened to investigate these dregs of society, that is, the entire judicial system, and the protection rackets enjoyed for its members, and mates, including politicians in NSW to start with.
    Each member that has ever commented on KCA and as many of their equally concerned family and friends needs to immediately
    prepare a letter to their local member, firmly stating that as a concerned constituent and a citizen of this State you strongly, in the interests of Justice, demand the NSW Attorney General appoint an interstate JUDGE/MAGISTRATE to hear SD’s case/cases.
    Further demand that the Attorney General on behalf of all NSW residents make himself familiar with, and investigate all the allegations raised within KCA concerning the possible, pedophile element, corruption, gross abuse of power and protection rackets within the NSW Judicial system and in particular the events surrounding SD.s jailing. furthermore, all investigations and results be recorded in Hansard for public viewing We all know that as an individual a complaint is not worth the paper it’s written on, you become a rogue citizen to them, we have to have numbers to do anything to bring these grubs the public’s notice at least. This has become as alarming to every one of us now not just Shane. we need to help him bring his efforts to fruition and the only way we are going to do it is with numbers.
    At the same time, a letter should be sent to your local FEDERAL MEMBER ( this is where interstate people can get involved ) The letter to your Federal member should clearly and simply state you demand the AUSTRALIAN COMPETITION AND CONSUMER COMMISSION investigate the NSW Trustee and Guardian, ABN # 63764821435 for multiple breaches of the trade practices act, in particular, section 52 of the act, UNCONSCIONABLE, MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT, a weak part of the act but still small grenade as all involved right down to individual employees can be nailed.
    Worth a shot people, but in numbers only it’s the only way we can help future generations is to TRY!!!
    Please use this site to confirm involvement, a letters will be drafted and posted for all to comment, add to etc copy/print to drop in the mail,l that simple, the letter will simply ask questions and particular actions be taken, they can provide the answers.
    Always remember, these people are paid by you to do a job both honorably and honestly,
    always view them as the public servants they are, hold no fear of them, it’s when they become corrupt and abuse power that undermines our freedom from tyranny, the public has to be made aware of these tyrants and their puppets.

    • Allan,

      Well SAID 👍

      There is no reason why people cannot contact their local State and Federal members, either by letter, phone or email.

      People need to rally behind people like SD and make a stand. In America, people are turning up in droves to local courts to hold the decision makers to account.

      People’s lives are being destroyed as a result of the conduct of these individuals. The Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice is becoming abysmal in Australia, and it generally all links back to Paedophilia im the Judiciary, Clergy, Government and the ELITE!!

  6. Well said , Pell was shifted over to Vatican as the water became a little to hot filthy bastards should be shot

  7. 3 months for raping 3 boys?? Chief Justice Tom Bathurst needs jail and the key thrown away…or put him in with rapist’s an see if he likes it
    We need to save our children!!
    All perpetrators are victims..not all victims are perpetrators…let’s stop this cycle
    What can l do to help?

  8. I come from Dubbo and know of John North and TM sexually abused me too. My father Don Johnstone sexually abused me from the age of 11 to 15 years old, he used the statement it would kill Granny if she ever found out. He said it was his job to show me and teach me for when I got a boyfriend. He was part of the masons in Dubbo as was John North. I wonder what happened to mr maiden and mr Martin who were the solicitors for myself and the parents. I never spoke to or met mr martin before that morning in court although I am sure I should have had some sort of conversation with him. Maybe a female solicitor would have been more appropriate given my circumstances. R.A.STENT, ESQUIRE, SPECIAL MAGISTRATE. as he is called said and I quote that parts of my statement read like a romance novel. This SPECIAL MAGISTRATE said I say in passing, that following police investigations, things may well be different, but in this point in time definitely not. Because my father was charged and the charges were dropped by this special MAGISTRATE. I have no chance of having my day in court to prove them all wrong. I know that I didn’t lie to anyone about any of this. I wonder if even back then the masons and magistrates were all working together to keep him from going to jail. Everyone except the people I have listed on here believe me. This paedophile ring that is in Dubbo is huge. No ones kids are safe. While there are judges that are giving people like Tm a walk because he didn’t have sex ed as a kid we the community have no chance.

  9. It would be nice to balance this story with the disparity in sentencing that Female pedo’s get compared to Male.. The amount of female teachers screwing and grooming their kids (OUR kids) and then getting either a light sentence or no sentence is a joke here… We can only deal with this issue when we tackle the whole issue.. The children who are abused are much more likely to grow up and be abusers themselves, our school kids deserve protection and as a community gender of the offender should NOT be considered..

  10. Justice Nicholas, NSW supreme Court wrote a judgement, unsigned, no Court seal, giving my home to a multi millionaire developer, the orders stamped on the back signed by a clerk. The Inverell council, did not generate any state law documents, colluded with developer. Nicholas didn’t ask for contracts, development application, agreement, because there were none. Receiver from Skybridge, never made contact, spelt his name wrong continuously in affidavit, folio number on property wrong as was on orders. Mark Speakman didn’t want to know, Adam Marshall listened, but nothing, Ombudsman useless. Complained to Supreme court not interested. There’s more, but this is an example of the incredible corruption in our entire system.

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