Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten and the Victoria Police rape investigation. Do we have a right to know?

This is a follow-up to the two previous posts on the Bill Shorten rape investigation. Below is also a video where I have interviewed members of the public in relation to our right to know about the police investigation and should Bill Shorten address the public on the issue.


The above video is also on YouTube. (Click here to watch on YouTube)

Current evidence

The specific evidence below is currently unchallenged by Bill Shorten expect for a general denial of rape.

In 1985 the alleged victim joined the Labor Party and had the fastest growing Young Labor group in Victoria and she attracted people in Melbourne. Bill Shorten and 2 others went to Wodonga to see her. In 1986 at the age of 16 she was elected to the Rural Policy Committee and became a delegate for state and national conferences.

In 1986 she went to a Young Labor camp near Geelong and Bill Shorten assigned the sleeping arrangements. The victim was alone. At about 4am there was a knock at her door and she thought it was her friend Kim. Bill Shorten had been chasing the victim around all night and she thought she had finally got rid of him but it was him at the door.

Bill Shorten pushed her into the bathroom, up against the towel rail, pulled down her pants and raped her.

A few months later the victim confided in a friend that she had been raped at the camp. (Click here to read more)

What does Bill Shorten have to say about the allegations? Not much except for the standard denial via his lawyer. And as regular readers know he refused to answer the questions that I emailed him. (Click here to read the questions and the post)

But he does not deny any specifics such as knocking on her door at 4am and having sex with her.

The unchallenged fact that Bill Shorten allocated the sleeping arrangements and put the victim by herself does support an argument of premeditation by Bill Shorten? In other words he planned the rape.

Political conspiracy theory

Some people are saying it is a political conspiracy but that is not supported by any evidence whatsoever and I do not believe it for a minute. And it is a big call to suggest someone would commit the crime of making a false complaint of rape to the police for political benefit. The alleged victim’s complaint is totally consistent with the evidence of other victims that has come to light in the current Royal Commission into child abuse where they have waited many years before coming forward.

As any crisis manager will tell you Mr Shorten had no option but to make a public statement and address the allegations when they were first made and the fact that he has not makes him look very guilty.

Any time a serious allegation is made against a politician the Australian public have a right to know as far as this site is concerned. I will be following up on the above story.

Admin: I am 2 weeks late for the first post for the year but I had an issue that I had to deal with which slowed me down. Back on track now and hoping for a big year for this site. Welcome back everyone. 

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  1. This has obviously been delayed for many years and I am glad the Victorian Police are investigating the matter. In view of the fact that the alleged perpetrator is in such a powerful position the matter should be bought forward quickly so that he has his day in Court.

    If he is found guilty he should be sacked from the Labor Party and serve a term in gaol.
    If the Police prosecution does not go forward – Mr Shorten has very powerful friends – I would suggest that this case become part of the Inquiry into child abuse.

    In the meantime unless he is actually charged it does not seem as if it should be all over the papers if he is innocent. Of course, if he was a member of the Coalition there would be no such reticence on the part of the MSM. There are no secrets on the net of course.

  2. Good to have you reporting again, Shane.

    Of course he should be named, he is the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Abbott is being accused of all kind of things he never did or/and never said,
    Mr Shorten should be named and stand down, while investigations continue.
    Much hope of that!!!

  3. Shane the vic police i have no confidence there, look at Thompson?
    the Dillard Wilson sliding under the radar they have had this one how long?

    the labor look set to get back power” nothing is going to happen

    if Abbott gets this royal commission right? it may flush him out anyway

    this story needs more media attention to get traction

  4. YES!! We should have a right to know.

    Biggest problem we face, the government themselves, they’re not about to give the public open slather to scrutinize the political goings on in Oz, or should I say “Rorts & Deals” I feel the public should have access to most federal and state information, especially if it directly affects the public. Like Abbott wanting to repeal thousands of laws, what laws Abbott? the ones that protect us from you, we the public have a right to know, there OUR laws after all.

    As far as this case is concerned, I think Shorten should be made to stand down as leader of the opposition, and all the information should remain in a closed file until after
    the case is dealt with, purely to stop any pre trial prejudice, (although I think it’s a bit late for that) then it should be made public. After all, Shorten is employed by the public via the public purse, so it’s morally right he should be open to public scrutiny and investigation, comes with the job Bill.

    And political criminality should be made priority cases, not kept in the wings to be slowly swept under the political rug over years. These cases should be dealt with within 6 months, this act alone could save the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars, as there would be no long term investigative or legal costs involved.

    I could go on, but it would end up way off topic.


  5. Once again, Shane is virtually alone in disclosing what are serious and substantive allegations against a senior public figure (I brought this one to the attention of a couple of our ‘brave & fearless’ radio shock-jocks. The result, pretty much as expected: no response, total silence.)

    But even if an enquiry is initiated, I fear that if it’s dealt with in the same ‘timely manner’ as allegations against Ms Gillard, then there’s a good chance Mr Shorten will have already departed planet Earth and will be answerable to no-one but his Maker.

  6. The Australian public has a right to know about this. An allegation such as this, and since then is under current investigation by the Victorian police, Bill Shorten must answer questions on what he did that night in 1986. Not answering on what he did that night, (still hasn’t for a number of months now) suggests to me that he planned and commited the rape, knowing that the alleged victim has already explained what had happened that night in 1986, on Facebook. Shorten has basically not defended himself on this, which also suggests that he is guilty. The Australian media have failed in it’s reporting of the public interest again. Two of the last three labor party leaders (one former & one current) Julia Gillard & Bill Shorten are under current investigation by the Victorian police for serious crimes, and apart from The Australian newspaper, basically not one report, story etc has been reported in the Australian media about this. Is the Australian media ignorant, corrupt, or just simply stupid?. Social media is the media today in this country, no doubt about that. It has exposed plenty in such a short space of time. It has exposed politicians & others that have had a criminal past, people like Julia Gillard & I believe now Bill Shorten. Social media is our only hope of real & honest media in this country.



  8. What about the strong rumour Bill Shorten got one of his parliamentary staff pregnant & paid for the abortion? A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

  9. I still think its early days, but as to the publics right to know? Look what happens when you don’t get told, you end up with Gillard for a PM.

  10. If this investigation goes down the road like the Gillard enquiry has gone, we will get no result inside of 2 years minimum.

  11. The aspect that amazes me is the support he gets from his ultra-feminist deputy Tanya Pleberseck, who cannot be unaware of his dalliances. And where are Julia and the rest of the handbag hit squad?

    • Don’t be fooled! Pleberserk is absolutely beside herself with glee at the prospect of Shorten going under and leaving her as the Opposition Leader by default. You can see it in her face.

  12. Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black”. Today I read that Bill Shorten’s comment about the Royal Commission into Union Curruption , he said he “wanted ‘low-lifes’ facing the ‘full force of the law'”. Now there’s a mouthful from a supposed “low life”

  13. Imagine if it was a Liberal Party member the media and all the feminists would be out in full force. Mother in law is a disgrace as well. The way the media goes on about female abuse these days they hush this up not even mentioned in Parliament.

  14. Imagine if it was Tony Abbott. Parliament would attack him at every move. Imagine the feminists. The media and Parliament never let up accusing him of having an illegitimate child which he did not and apparently paid some woman to claim her son was his father.

  15. I agree ! the guy is a grub ! how the hell can a corrupted person even get this far ? easy ! Union/Labor.. But more importantly where are the police up to in this investigation ? I just cant find anything in the media about it.

  16. Hope this isn’t swept away like Gillard issue or Heiner issue (hush money).
    The left are 10 times better at sweeping and hiding issues and their propaganda for themselves and against others is amazing.

  17. I think the public should be thankful that we have people like Shane who spend hours of their time diligently pursuing these disgusting grubs that infiltrate our governance system by lying and deceiving the people that pay their salaries. The gall of some people to stand up there and call people liars without batting an eyelid. Lets get these allegations on Shorten sorted out and remove all the garbage from Canberra past and present. Allan from Myalup WA.

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