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Doing jail time for Kerry Stokes, Channel 7 and the Jane Does

Last year I spent 4 months in jail after refusing to abide by another dodgy suppression order issued in the Tim Worner / Seven / Amber Harrison sex, drug and fraud scandal and continued to name 2 other women in the scandal whom the court gave the pseudonyms Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

The suppression order and subsequent contempt charge was paid for by Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media on behalf on Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 who are an on-air TV personality at Channel 7 and a well-known actress. The irony is that the women’s names are still on my website and numerous other websites and no one has said anything.

It was about standing up to dodgy suppression orders and exposing the fraudulent use of shareholder’s funds and the corruption

Writing the article that got me into trouble was never about whether or not the 2 women had a sexual relationship with Tim Worner. It was about whether they were involved in using shareholder’s funds to help facilitate the relationship and whether shareholder’s funds were used for their benefit or to shut them up as was the case with Amber Harrison.

Amber Harrison admitted she had been given a $10,000 bonus off her lover and Seven CEO Tim Worner for no justifiable reason and had been paid $100,000’s to shut her mouth about the affair. Seven said they paid Amber Harrison over $400,000 for her to shut her mouth. And then there were $millions of shareholder’s funds spent on legal fees against Amber Harrison and others to conceal the truth.

So the question has to be asked is how much more money has Tim Worner spent on other alleged sexual partners at Channel 7. None of the women I have named have signed affidavits denying they had sexual relationships with Tim Worner as Amber Harrison has alleged but they were happy to send me to jail and their frivolous and vexatious SLAP defamation lawsuit against me continues.

They were named in a legal document which was submitted to the Australian Human Rights Commission and I had a right to name them and there was never any exceptional circumstance which was required by law to say I couldn’t name them. 

And I had lost count of the number of dodgy suppression orders and non-publication orders Stokes and his companies had taken out against myself and others, so I had decided to take a stand.

Just think of all the celebrities being named in sex scandals recently such as Geoffrey Rush, Craig McLachlan and Don Burke. None of them have been able to get suppression orders so why have Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2? It’s because of judicial bribery for dodgy suppression orders. Kerry Stokes Seven paying for the Jane Doe defamation case and contempt case against me is not about protecting them. It is about protecting Seven’s CEO Tim Worner. So Kerry Stokes and the Seven board had me jailed to protect Tim Worner.

By the women hiding behind the pseudonyms it does damage to the reputation of all the women at Channel 7 as “a well-known on-air host at 7 and a well-known actress at 7 allegedly had sexual relationships with Tim Worner” is all over the internet. And it was on ten internet before I ever named them.

The process and the jails

I had never been to jail before and had no criminal record before last year’s 4-month stint. I’ll post a separate article in relation to Justice Ian Harrison’s scandalous judgment.

The biggest thing about jail is the initial shock of thinking you’ll be in a dodgy jail like the Surry Hills holding cells with no sunlight for your whole sentence but after that boredom is the main issue.

I was jailed on the 10-8-17 and the standard routine for jail in NSW is that you first go to the Surry Hills holding cells which is at the police station for 2 to 5 days. I spent 3 days and 2 nights there. From there I went to Penrith holding cells for 3 days which I think is at the court house. At neither place do you get to see any sun light. The Surry Hills holding cells are regarded as the worst jail in the state.

From there I went to Parklea Jail which is a remand jail. From memory I arrived there on the 16/8/17. Prisoners there are either waiting to be sentenced or classified and sent to their prison to do their sentence. For example, I was given a C1 classification which is minimum security. I would have been given a C2 but I still had further court matters, so they gave me the C1.

Parklea is a maximum-security jail and you are allowed out of the cells for about 6 hours a day from roughly 9am to 3pm. At least once a week on a Tuesday it would be an all-day lock-in. Sometimes there might be a few lock-ins during the week.

A few months before I arrived there was a video that a former prisoner uploaded to the internet showing himself using a mobile phone, having drugs and a weapon in jail which gained widespread media attention and because of that there would be regular searches of the cells which the prisoners called ramps.

I never saw any fights but heard from others there were a few. Overall the prisoners are mainly concerned about doing their sentence and getting out.

Then on the 14th of September I was sent to the Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Correctional Centre (OMMPCC). It was a lot more relaxed than Parklea and we we’re allowed out of ours cells for a couple of hours longer each day. Most of the inmates had 12 months of less to go though some had up to 4 years or so remaining. The offences were also fairly minor driving, drug offences and AVO breaches etc. Others had longer sentences of up to 10 years but had been in for quite a while and because of their good behaviour had worked their way down from a maximum security jail to a minimum security jail.

Because of the type of offence I was convicted of I was sent to a minimum security jail which is a lot better than the maximum security jails.

Above is the Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Correctional Center which is commonly called John Morony 2. There is another male and female jail just out of picture.

If you look at the picture above the very bottom green building is where I lived for the last 3 months of my 4-month sentence. It was called I Wing and housed 25 inmates. There were 10 others Wings inside the jail and 2 outside the jail called the Honour Houses which you can see right at the top of the picture.

The inmates living in the Honour Houses had to have impeccable good behaviour records and most had normal type jobs they went to during the day and then went back to the Honour House at night. They also got weekend leave and other benefits.

They jail had various jobs for inmates such as the laundry, ground maintenance both inside and outside the jail and the upholstery shop making lounges etc. I worked in the Print shop for about the last 7 weeks of my sentence.

Is says on the website:

The John Morony Correctional Complex is located 5 km south of Windsor, a town 56km to the north west of Sydney.

The complex houses

I can genuinely say all the guards at the jails that I was at and dealt with were good and treated people well.

Hells Angles and Brothers for Life etc

In NSW the jails generally only have one or two bikie gangs per jail. For example Parklea jail is a Hells Angles jail and so was OMMPCC. Outside of jail they might have bad reputations but inside jail they are like everyone else in that they just want to do their time and go home. The same with the BFL. I got along with them fine.

When Australia media are having journalists jailed to close down free speech and stop journalists exposing corruption every Australian should be concerned

People sit here in Australia criticizing other countries and their abuses of human rights and their treatment of journalists who expose corruption. We might not be at level of killing journalists which we read about happening in Russia but we do jail them as I can attest.

Looking forward

I would have preferred not to have gone to jail but I have no regrets and like everything in life you always should look at the positive. I managed to lose 10 kg with plenty of exercise and I’m back eating a normal breakfast which I had stopped doing about ten years ago and feel better for it. And we all know the saying “if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.”

There were a lot of funny characters in jail and I met a lot of good people who had just made mistakes in life. It was also good to see how positive some were even though they had a few years to go.

Yes, there are a lot of bad people in jail but by and large they are in the maximum-security jails doing long sentences. It is like another inmate said to me not long after I first arrived: “Most of the people are in jail because of the wrong split-second judgement they made. It was a would’ve, could’ve or should’ve moment and they made the wrong call.” For me it was taking a stand against corrupt suppression orders and judicial corruption and I would like to think my time in jail helped shine a light on it to at least some degree.

I have other court matters coming up which relate to free speech and political communication and hopefully I can avoid more jail time. Then there are also Kerry Stokes’ ongoing frivolous and vexatious defamation matters to deal with. But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and win, lose or draw one of the goals of this website is to blaze a trail in dealing with judicial corruption for others to learn from who will hopefully go on to do bigger and better things to hold people in power to account. And I think this website site is achieving that at least to some degree.

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  1. Great summary of your time behind bars. Hopefully, we can help you avoid a repeat of the same.

    Your website has a wealth of information and it has certainly helped me in navigation through the twisted and corrupt legal system that we have if you find yourself trying to EXPOSE corruption or misconduct..

    What SWM shareholders do not realise is that every time you attend court, they have at least (3) legal representatives sitting in court. Deplorable is the best way to describe this situation.

    They have a team of Solicitors and Barristers working against you. The real concern is how many others are sitting at their desks preparing all the material for these hearings, most of which is SHAMEFUL..

    Well DONE 👍

  2. One must and cannot presume innocence when dealing with kangaroo courts. Always send an affidavit of truth to the public prostitute purling their treason. If not refuted with proof then it becomes truth. Demand a jury of your peers as per the constitution where the word shall is used making it an imperitive. Ask judge for his credentials in other words make sure he is not an imposter and that he/ she derives authority from the queen of Great Britain and Ireland. Which we Know the gg does not. Put this all in your affidavit.

  3. Karma is great, it will eventually catch up with these mongrels, i just hope I am around to see it happen

  4. A fair and level headed article, free of venom, which has fairly presented the issues and principles involved.
    You are spot on Shane, – “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”
    Hate and venom only screws up people who entertain it, and you are well above that.

    Good on you – and my small donation is on its way.

  5. Good luck but the courts, judges and lawyers are all corrupt! The corruption does need to stop but will not due to money hungry pigs

  6. Thank you for the detailed report Shane.
    What I fail to understand in relation to our prison system linked to the various levels of the ‘criminal content’ inside the brain of individual perpetrators.
    On a scale of the most hellish crimes committed against humanity at one end and the scale, and the most simplistic offence, as deemed by a judge, to a non-offence of Freedom Of Speech which should not be on the scale, involves being moved to various locations, then to the final, minimal security prison.
    Being a person who is not a threat to society in any way, shape or form, taxpayers money is used to pay wages to those employed to move people to various prisons when the minimal security prison should be the first and only confinement for a simple misdemeanor.
    The situation is pathetic to say the least when corruption allows a paid servant to judge and imprison an individual who has not committed any crime due to criminal (a) requesting criminal (b) to enforce a judgement outside the law to suit the weak-minded, selfish, lying, cheating criminal (a) cretin to hide the truth.
    A criminal, judge in this case, cannot infer that an honest citizen is a crimnal, and is guilty of an act which is not a crime under The Laws Of Australia.
    Keep up the good work Shane, you have many supporters.

    • We urgently need a Bill of Rights. Shane’s case shows how threatened these powerful political appointees, known as judges, feel when faced with courage and integrity. Shane is an excellent example. Those judges etc involved with Shane are guided only by self-interest and are so taken aback by Shane’s stance that they want to break him. Hence the light deprivation in cells etc. This is a form of torture because it causes depression in the susceptible. But not in Shane fortunately.

  7. Sending Shane to jail has not stopped him doing what he does. In fact, this has given him more encouragement and purpose to fight against all sorts of corruption. I always believed that this will happen and is happening. Our country this time around has slipped further and perceived as got more corrupt on the latest 2017 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. In contrast New Zealand has climbed to No.1 as the least corrupt in the world. In 2012 we scored 85 out of 100. Now that score is 77 out of 100.

    If the widespread corruption that is hidden was exposed last year there was no chance for Australia to remain on already poor No.13 ranking is my view. How many of the politicians, police, watchdogs, Tribunal Members and the judges will be ready to put their hand up and say I take some blame for the part that I played in allowing this to happen?

    Our country with the level of loss of trust in the judiciary, politicians, watchdogs and many government agencies is the sign of serious decline in public confidence in the way it is currently run is my view.

    On top of this there are many who in my view needed to be named and shamed for the part they have played in allowing the corruption under their leaderships ignored and continued are made judges, some have received a great honour of the Officer of the Order of Australia AO and this is expected to continue if the journalist in our country and the people that control them are not exposed first for the part they play in picking and choosing the stories they like.

    I invite any honest journalist to expose these people that have contributed to destruction of democracy in our country. In my view it is just a matter of time that the ordinary people will say enough is enough.

    Shane needs support and encouragement is my view. I hope the people in the positions of power and trust reading this will not make mistakes of going after people fighting corruption. It will backfire and backfire very badly is my view.

    All the names of the numerous people engaged in alleged documented corruption cover ups are available. The time is right to expose them together so that there is a beginning of the corruption eradication movement to stop the corruption cancer spreading uncontrolled in our country. The Federal ICAC is no way going to be enough even if it is put in place is my view.

    The sacrifices made by the whistle-blowers to expose corruption in the banking industry, child abuse in religious institutions and the exploitation of women in the entertainment industry is enormous. When Shane talks about the judicial corruption there appears to be united effort to destroy him. It is nothing but a national disgrace is my view.

    • I invite any honest journalist to expose these people that have contributed to destruction of democracy in our country. In my view it is just a matter of time that the ordinary people will say enough is enough.

      We’ve been waiting a bloody long time for that, Vasant Wagh. What we know by now is that they don’t have it in them. It would have happened long before this if they were capable of revolt against rich crooks who run our show.

      • There are no honorable journalists in MSM, only prostitutes, and pimps, people who are just as traitorous as the low life we are all concerned about here. not one of them has had the guts to expose the circumstances surrounding SD’s jailing, all employed by our enemies, including the grubs at the ABC, in the main, traitorous, left-wing taxpayer sponges who wouldn’t find work anywhere else.

      • Can’t agree with the last half of your rant, Allan. The ABC’s original purpose was to provide for the intelligent people in our society who wanted more than the grist the commercial mill churned out in such quantities. It was given freedom from attack by politicians, yet that’s all they’ve ever known–political attack and accusations of bias from the innately stupid in our midst. The fact is, intelligent people tend to be left-wing. Russia sent its lefties to the gulag. We do the same, being the hypocrites we are. Murdoch’s RW plant at the head of the ABC should be your target, not the good people there being crushed by your RW mates.

    • Vasant Wagh, it has been written many times on this site by me and others who understand what ‘should be done’ and what can physically be done to rid all and sundry corrupt individuals in our society.
      A down-to-earth straight answer is, “Nothing can be done due to the apathy of the majority of people in Australia who whinge, moan and complain about they way they are treated by judges, politicians and other authoritarian officers.”
      If unsatisfied, they should quit the complaining and take action within legal limits.
      How would you make changes to put Australia at the top of the minimum corruption list when those individuals in office are the corrupt rulers and law-makers, do you really think that they will give up their wealthy, exubriant, opulant lifestyles to stop their corruption and turn into honest, upstanding citizens……
      …………and force themselves against their wills to respect, lower their self-made high esteems and genuinely care for the people of Australia.
      Meanwhile…………..’someone should do something to make changes’, They Should, although it is difficult to do anything when shackled hand and foot by the corrupt criminals who rule Australia.

      • Hi Jonde,
        Totally agree with you here. maybe some shock therapy on social media on the results of electing lawyers into public office, ie, corruption on a massive scale in this country, in particular, NSW. People with both balls and high public profile would be needed to make the sheep notice the herder.
        All of you here should get hold of the document named “THE MISSING 13TH AMENDMENT” @, this document says it all

  8. Thanks Shane. I have often wondered what it would be like to be “inside”. Keep up the good work. I only wish that I was in a position where I could help.

  9. Wow! Poor devil and it seems that no-one else in media could/would help? All afraid of Stokes and the other powers.

    • Everybody is afraid of everybody else in the Australia we cobbled together out of stuff picked up at the dump.

  10. Hello allan moore.
    I have read the the document THE MISSING 13TH AMENDMENT, I have read in total The Constitution Of Australia, The Magna Carta on which The Constitution Of Australia is based.
    I have read the information relating to the United Nations pushing aside and ignoring sections of The Constitution Of Australia.

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