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Justice John Sackar interferes again in the Seven West Media / Tim Worner / Amber Harrison sex, drug and fraud case

The scandals at Seven West Media / Channel 7 never end with Justice John Sackar called in for another favour to try and conceal 7’s CEO Tim Worner’s fraud, drug use and his long list of lovers at Seven. Add that to another Channel 7 executive, Hamish Thomson, being suspended for alleged sexual harassment and the $8 million fraud by 7’s former executive John Fitzgerald still being investigated by the NSW police and it shows there doesn’t seem to be anyone actually managing anything at Seven West Media.

I could say the icing on the cake is the Media Watch report on Monday night (17/6/19) titled “Claims of false exclusives and ripping off other work are plaguing Seven’s Sunday Night program”. But Kerry Stokes’ Seven is a company that keeps on giving with more icing after Seven West Media dropped off the share markets ASX200 and Seven’s share price tanking over the last 6 months.

The below video is the Media Watch report about Channel Seven and it shows a company so desperate that they are stealing stories and content from other media companies and lying about having exclusives. A must watch to see what old media companies like Seven are currently doing in a volatile media industry trying to survive. (Click here to see on the Media Watch website and for the transcript)

Channel Seven’s Sunday Night producer suspended for alleged sexual harassment

Sunday Night producer Hamish Thomson denies telling a staffer she needed a “good f***” but it has been reported he has been stood down pending an inquiry.

“If Hamish Thomson ends up losing his job he’ll be the third EP in five years to walk the plank.”

“Meanwhile, ratings plumbed an embarrassing low last week with only 342,000 people watching the program in the five big cities.” (Click here to read more)

If Hamish Thomson did say to a staff member she needed a “good f***” it would not surprise as SWM Chairman Kerry Stokes is well known for condoning women being sexually harassed at Seven West Media and other companies he controls such as Capilano Honey.

That sort of harassment is also straight out of the playbook of Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner who is well known as being one of the biggest sexual predators in the media industry. In court last Friday I also pointed out that I regularly write social media posts calling Tim Worner a sexual predator, coke head and fraudster etc and Seven never complain so there is obviously truth to it. Seven’s barrister Sandy Dawson SC sat at the bar table like a stunned mullet and said nothing when he normally objects to almost everything I say.

Below is one of the infamous messages that CEO Tim Worner sent Amber Harrison when she was an employee at Seven. So, the below message is similar to what Hamish Thomson is accused of saying to an employee. If Thomson is sacked his defence might be that he knew the CEO said things like that to female staff and it was OK, so he thought it was also OK for him to say it.

Below Amber Harrison says “I actually don’t know what to say to you anymore” and Seven CEO Tim Worner replies ” I want to f… you so badly. I want to f… you like a wild man”

Normally when the women complain about sexual harassment at Seven West Media they get the sack such as Amy Taeuber so maybe things have changed at Seven although I doubt it given Kerry Stokes and Tim Worner still run the company.

Justice John Sackar – Good friends with Seven’s Bruce McWilliam and his wife Nicky

Kerry Stokes spends a lot of time and money trying to cover-up corruption at Seven West Media and his other companies and his go-to man to do that is Seven’s Bruce McWilliam whose job title at SWM is Commercial Director but he also operates as the company’s general counsel.

Mr McWilliam also has a history of harassing women. I wrote in 2017:

Is Bruce McWilliam an online stalker of women?

Fairfax Media reported in 2017 that Bruce McWilliam threatened and harassed a female journalist over several days and only stopped when she threatened to go to the police.

“When another Fairfax reporter covered some of McWilliam’s real-estate dealings, he emailed her, calling her work “crap” and “ignorant”.

“I am suing you for defamation,” he wrote, before adding, “By the way, no one I ask at Fairfax has heard of you.” The emails continued for days, she says. “After a while I went to the editor and told him it was worrying me, and that I was thinking of going to the police.” She says the emails abruptly stopped.”

The same article goes on to say:

When, on the Saturday morning of his wedding to Nicky, a neighbour’s garden work threatened to disrupt the event, McWilliam paid a call on a judge who happened to live nearby, and got an injunction to have the work stopped. “It was easy,” he says.

McWilliam’s connections now spread so wide that he is all but tripping over them. In April, for instance, it was disclosed that the judge hearing the Amber Harrison case in the Supreme Court, Justice John Sackar, had known McWilliam for years and done academic research with McWilliam’s wife, a mediation lawyer. (Click here to read more)

So, I wonder if the judge that lived nearby to Bruce McWilliam, who gave him an injunction on the day of his wedding to stop his neighbour’s garden work, is Justice John Sackar? Whoever the judge is it looks like he is making plenty giving out injunctions as a sideline to his main job.

I was in court last Friday (14/6/19) for the defamation list for directions in the Capilano Honey v Shane Dowling matter and for argument about an application I filed for interrogatories and discovery in the Jane Doe & Ors v Shane Dowling matter. The Jane Doe matter is a well-known Channel 7 presenter, a well-known actress and 2 other former Seven staff members suing me for defamation. They claim I defamed them because I wrote they were named in a legal document tendered by Amber Harrison in the Australian Human Rights Commission saying they were also sexual partners of Seven CEO Tim Worner.

None of the women have ever written or signed affidavits denying the allegations made by Amber Harrison and their claim against me relies on one affidavit by Addisons lawyer Richard Keegan who was found by the NSW Supreme Court – Court of Appeal to have lied and deceived the court like no tomorrow in the Capilano Honey v Shane Dowling matter.

I asked Justice Sackar to recuse himself from hearing the Jane Doe & Ors matter last Friday on the grounds of his relationship with Bruce McWilliam, his wife Nicky McWilliam and the fact that Justice Sackar had heard the Amber Harrison case and awarded indemnity costs against her which is almost unheard of against a self-represented litigant. I also pointed out to Justice Sackar that he had been smashed in the media for hearing the Amber Harrison matter given his personal interest and that I had also published an article extremely critical of him which I tendered a copy in court as evidence. The title of the article that I published in May 2017 is: “Malcolm Turnbull’s close links to the judge in the Tim Worner Channel 7 sex, drug and fraud scandal

I probably should have added that I have written many articles about Malcolm Turnbull’s corruption and that John Sackar is very good friends with Malcolm Turnbull which is another reason Justice Sackar should not have heard the Jane Doe matter (Click here to read and see the article I tendered in court)

Justice John Sackar refused to recuse himself and dismissed my application for interrogatories and discovery in the Jane Doe matter. At this point, Sackar hasn’t published a written judgment.

Not long after I walked out of the court, I tweeted the below tweet:


Once again, the court tried to harass me with 4 Court Sheriffs. Why Justice Clifton Hoeben wasn’t hearing the defamation list and Justice Sackar was I don’t know. Maybe it had something to do with my article a few weeks ago titled: “NSW Police harass journalist Shane Dowling after another malicious complaint from Australian judges” about the court and police harassment.

Former executive John Fitzgerald alleged $8 million fraud at Seven West Media / Channel Seven

The SMH reported on the 27/5/19

“It is clear from the material before the court that a serious and ongoing fraud appears to have been committed by Mr Fitzgerald against his employer,” said Justice François Kunc in the judgment granting the asset freezing order in April, 2016.

Last year, Mr Fitzgerald and Seven West reached a settlement whereby he repaid the money which had also been invested in his superannuation fund. The 2016 freezing order has now been rescinded.

The police have confirmed an investigation is underway.

“In March 2017, detectives from the Financial Crimes Squad received reports of the misappropriation of funds totalling more than $8 million by a former employee of a media network,” said a police spokesperson. “Investigations under Strike Force Hamment are continuing.” (Click here to read more)

Like most media companies Seven West Media are struggling but some have suggested they have a bright future, but I can’t see it with the current management who have no clue.

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