Chief Justice Tom Bathurst

“Known paedophile Chief Justice Tom Bathurst” orders Justice Kelly Rees to stitch-up journalist Shane Dowling for exposing Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket

“Known paedophile Chief Justice Tom Bathurst” of the NSW Supreme Court has ordered Justice Kelly Rees to have me jailed on behalf of Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media. How do I know? Because he has done it before numerous times, including using Justice Rees, and left a truckload of evidence including dodgy police statements from senior court staff.

It is set for hearing on the 1st and 2nd of February 2021 via videolink and as per usual it is not listed on the NSW Courts website, which it is meant to 3 weeks prior, as the court doesn’t want the public and media to know. Although it is showing up since Friday on the Supreme Courts daily list for Monday. This is standard practice by the court for my matters and for example, Justice Button refused media access to the court file in the Capilano Honey matter.

A lot of that evidence is published in my latest book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” which was published in September 2020 and which has without a doubt infuriated Chief Justice Bathurst who I name as a known paedophile in the book. It’s an allegation that I first put to Chief Justice Bathurst in 2016 and published on this website which he has always refused to deny. And he can’t sue for defamation as it is way past the time limit of 12 months and he would have lost anyhow. What he has done is use court staff and its financial resources to stalk and harass me including having me jailed twice.  Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has also had court staff make frivolous and vexatious complaints to the NSW police who have harassed me at home.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is on the front cover of my new book.

Justice Rees is the third judge in the last six months who has been set to hear the matter after Justice Kunc, who had the matter since 2017 and was adamant that he would hear it, jumped ship after I pointed out that I had told the police he was a suspect in a police investigation into a hoax phone call I received last year from someone impersonating a Supreme Court employee. (Click here to read more)

Mid last year, a few weeks after Justice Kunc jumped ship, the registrar set the hearing dates for this matter on the 1st and 2nd of February 2021 and allocated it to Justice Kate Williams to hear the contempt charge which I wrote in the book. I suspect she jumped ship to hear this matter because she didn’t want to be involved in stitching me up.

Justice Rees now has the matter and is exposed for being corrupt in my new book as well so that is the likely reason, she is the new chosen one to stitch me up.

Justice Kelly Rees

Justice Kelly Rees

Justice Kelly Rees previous corrupt conduct in this matter

In October 2018 I was in jail for contempt and Justice Rees ordered Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media be given a copy of my computer which meant I could not go through it for legally privileged material. They should not have been given a copy anyhow as they subpoenaed it from the police who had taken it after a malicious complaint from Chief Justice Bathurst and court staff working in with Kerry Stokes, Seven and their lawyers to stitch me up. Kelly Rees had only been a judge for a couple of weeks when she issued the orders in October 2018. No new judge acts that corruptly unless they are under instructions from the Chief Justice to do so.

The Seven matter has always been a civil matter and there was never going to be a final hearing until I got out of jail so there was no reason to hear Seven’s application to have access to a copy of my computer while I was in jail with limited ability to represent myself. E.g. No access to my computer and documents. So, I was refusing to participate in the hearing and Justice Rees had jail prison guards threaten me to make me participate for the benefit of Seven. Sounds like China or Russia but the abuse of human rights and denial of natural justice happens in Australia on a regular basis and Justice Rees and the NSW Supreme Court are up to their necks in abusing human rights and natural justice.

I would rate Justice Kelly Rees as one of the biggest grubs sitting on the bench at the NSW Supreme Court although it is very competitive for the title.

The latest attempt to have me jailed is even more scandalous than the other times because I have been living in Queensland since November 2019 and the matter should have been transferred to the Supreme Court of Queensland. Justice Kunc refused to make a decision on transferring it but said he would hear the Notice of Motion for contempt which is the cart before the horse. The reason it hasn’t been transferred is that there is no actual court case to transfer and any Queensland judge would kick it out for being scandalous, frivolous and vexatious.

The irony is when I was in NSW attending the NSW Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Bathurst would have 4 and 5 Court Sheriffs in court to intimidate and harass me and he would make frivolous and malicious complaints to the NSW police to harass me. But since I moved to Queensland in November 2019, he has made sure my matters have not been transferred here even though legally they should have. Looks like Chief Justice Bathurst wants to take over all courts in the country.

There is no court case

The case against me is non-existent as the court case is Seven versus the owner of the website, that they claimed I owned at one point, but which has been owned by Kerry Stokes / Seven since at least 2017 when they took action to get ownership. So they are in effect now suing themselves and have been since 2017. The matter should have been dismissed a long time ago for being frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of process.

The only thing standing in the court case is the applicant’s Notice of Motion against me for contempt and my Notice of Motion for contempt against the applicants. Although my Notice of Motion has been stood aside by Justice Kunc at this point which once again shows bias.

By the applicants own admission their Notice of Motion is a circumstantial case that I breached court orders in the Amber Harrison court case with no evidence. But from what I can tell it is a circumstantial case on top of another circumstantial case which has no legs.

Justice Kunc, Justice Sackar and Justice Button

Chief Justice Bathurst also wouldn’t be happy with given I have recorded evidence of corrupt conduct by Justice Kunc and Justice Sackar which I have published on this website. And then there is Justice Button who has been sitting on a reserved judgement in the Capilano Honey v Dowling matter since June 2020 even though the matter has been before the court since October 2016. Why does a defamation matter take over 4 years? Who’s paying who?

Given I am a judicial corruption whistleblower, with a strong focus on NSW, which this website proves and so does my new book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” which has pictures on the front cover of Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman. On the back cover, it has pictures of High Court of Australia judges Justice Virginia Bell, Chief Justice Susan Kiefel and Justice Stephen Gageler, will I receive a fair trial in NSW? Of course not. Is there a perception of bias especially since I published the book which means it should be transferred to Queensland or an interstate judge be brought in the hear the matter? Obviously, but they do not care as they are protected by their political masters.

There are a lot more details and evidence to this story and if I do get stitched-up for jail again it’s because of what I have exposed on this website and in the book “Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket” which has most of the details.

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  1. I wish you all the best Shane in all you do in exposing these corrupt pedo pollies that seem to be everywhere. Know that you have many, many Australians who are totally supportive of your endeavours.

  2. I am frankly shocked at the level of high level corruption . I haven’t had the time to fully navigate your site, but am amazed at what you have uncovered from what I have read. Being a whistleblower is a courageous act . I salute you. I shared your story on Facebook .

  3. Unfortunately Shane, you have chosen to “out” what is surely the sickest group of human scum on our beautiful planet. Also unfortunately, so many of these sick “things” hold positions of power! It is sad that the many, many people who support and admire you cannot do anything constructive to help you. You are a truly brave man Shane and I hope they never cower you. 🙏

  4. What is a “known” paedophile? Is it the same thing as a convicted paedophile? Or an alleged paedophile? Or is a “known” paedophile simply someone who is widely thought of by some people or groups as being a paedophile?

  5. Shane hold your head high, you face such high huddles it begged belief.
    You are such a strong human being to stand up and to carry on in the face of such stacked odds .
    You are with out doubt The peoples Australian of the decade .no one can deny tour courage against a rigged game .
    Good luck sir .

  6. Shane, bloody good on you, your a champ l admire standing up to arrogant sleazy immoral mongrels in positions of power. I also fight fiercely for fairness, the underdog & people scared to challenge & standup to manager bullies in the gov workplace.. Please keep up the excellent work exposing corruption & importantly pedophile scum.. l will donate, wish for a explosion of Aussies to stand shoulder to shoulder and voice & protest the corruptions Kangaroo court exposes, & never backs down or intimidated..👍✌️💪 AJ….✅

  7. One continuously seeks a solution to punish the corrupt, legalised, immoral, hypocritical b………ds who call themselves judges, and swore on oath to serve the citizens of Australia.
    In your case S.D. they are no better than a rabid pack of dogs trying to make a meal from an old bone.

  8. Excellent work Shane. You’re a true Aussie hero!! Praying for your protection by God as you expose this great evil. God bless!

  9. Good on you Shane. I outed an ex school teacher/convicted pedo. in an over 55s village where I lived in Yamba. Believe it or not there were people who would not speak to me because of it. They were NO loss. This person was to face court on historical charges in Wagga Wagga.

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