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Kangaroo Court of Australia 2022 Christmas and New Year post

It has been a good year for the Kangaroo Court of Australia media sites which have grown strongly mostly on the back of the YouTube channel. It is the support of you the readers and viewers who underpin the work the KCA media sites do shining a light on corruption and other issues.

As old media fail, with their bias towards various political parties and advertisers, the need for independent media has never been more important.

In the past, there has never been a business model allowing independent media to be financially viable and most independent media you read or watch do it on the smell of an oily rag and out of their own pockets. But as outlined below the KCA media sites are starting to become self-sufficient.

The KCA media sites are now in a position where they have some financial stability which is important to make sure that I can keep them going on a permanent basis. The money raised still puts me below the average wage but based on the growth over the last year, and especially since I set up a Patreon account, I think I can grow the KCA media sites enough over the next few months to guarantee their long-term future.  

In August 2021 the YouTube Channel had less than 1000 subscribers (It’s free to subscribe) and it was not making any money from ads. Since then, I have focused on growing the Channel and it now has over 19,100 subscribers and it forms the financial foundation, via Patroen and a small amount of ad revenue, to allow me to publish articles and videos. The KCA media sites also raise money via PayPal donations and merchandise sales.

Below is my 2022 Christmas and New Year video: 

Arrest warrant 

Last year I spoke about the arrest warrant and it is still outstanding. Last year I wrote:

In September I was sentenced to 10 months jail in the NSW Supreme Court for contempt of court on behalf of Kerry Stokes’ Seven Network and Seven West Media and an arrest warrant was issued. I live in Queensland and they will have to arrest me and extradite me to NSW which I will fight and I know I have strong grounds to fight it. There has been no attempt to arrest me at this point but it will happen at some stage.

That is the reality of being a journalist in Australia and writing about corrupt judges and business people like Kerry Stokes but I have no regrets about shining a light on them via the articles I publish on this website. (Click here to read more)

The irony is that during the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case which concluded a few months ago, with the judgment reserved, Seven West Media and Kerry Stokes were accused of being involved in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Lawyers and barristers for Nine Entertainment told the court that Seven West Media and Stokes paid for lawyers for Ben Roberts-Smith’s witnesses and that the witnesses had colluded to give false evidence. Kerry Stokes and Seven’s directors could be in jail before I’m ever arrested.

If I was arrested and they tried to extradite me one of my defences would be that it would breach the Queensland Human Rights Act 2019 as I was, and would be in the future, denied a fair trial in NSW.

Your support powers the Kangaroo Court of Australia media sites 

It is the supporters of the KCA website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account that powers the work I do. People who follow and share the articles and videos give the KCA media the power to help drive issues. So thank you very much if you read and share my articles and videos. And a big thank you to the people who donate via Patreon, Paypal and have bought my merchandise.

Kangaroo Court of Australia in 2023

I will take at least 2 weeks off and be back publishing sometime in January. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. Thank you Shane for your tireless efforts which hopefully finally bring to account those you have highlighted during 2022. You put the torch to these issues and its independent media like yourself who hold them to account.

    Have a well earned break and look forward to your work in 2023!

  2. Thanks for all you do Shane. Liars and cheats abound in the world of the rich. They must be pursued and they must be revealed as the scum they truely are.

  3. I would like to express my gratitude to you Shane, and any others behind the scenes at KCA, that might assist you. Looking back, it has been a tumultuous year internationally, nationally and locally. Thanks everyone for your efforts., including those that read and comment, on the articles.
    May this festive season bring joy and happiness to you all and that you celebrate it in a manner that is true for you and your families. Stay Safe.
    Looking forward to more KCA in 2023. For now, take a well-earned rest Shane!

  4. Another year ahead of us and I fear times are going to get even more strange. Thanks for your tireless efforts Shane. Cheers Charles 😀

  5. Thank you Shane for all the articles of truth for this year. Enjoy your Xmas /New Year.Look forward to a happier 2023. Cheers.

  6. Happy New Year cobber, your one of best journalists in this country because you do a journalists job. Investigate, tell the truth, and state the facts. Your not fearful of anyone as well. Your a decent human being good health in the new year.

  7. Your a true blue bloke mate!
    An absolute inspiration and you alone have helped me in ways I can’t explain. Well your books are a great information source. At least someone is tryin to make the weasels accountable for their actions.
    I’m so over the evergrowing anger that had inflictied me from these so called authorities, these narcissistic hypocritical oxygen thieves (all people, no matter their status, occupation, uniform, gender or ethnicity)
    Sincere thanks mate
    Thankyou Mr Shane, the legendary Fugitive 🤘🖤💋XTX💋🖤🤘

  8. Hope you had a great Christmas Shane,I trust 2023 is a great year in the fight against corruption.Thank you for all your efforts.
    Regards Ian R.
    Long live independent media.

  9. I don’t think you need to worry anymore about the outstanding arrest warrant, Shane. It has been so long since it was issued that it now looks as if it was all one big bluff. Either that or you have beaten them at their own game. Having your arrest warrant outstanding for so long makes the authorities, and the system they are supposed to uphold, look ridiculous. Certainly not something to take seriously.

    • I would like to believe that Shane, unfortunately they can apply for extensions and I am sure, in your case, they will get it. Keep dodging the bullets. You are a brave man, but you know everything works in their favour!!! Stay safe.

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