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Scott Morrison declares he is a fully qualified lawyer and barrister at the Robodebt Royal Commission

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave evidence at the Robodebt Royal Commission on Wednesday (14/12/22) and he had lost none of his previous form. It was lies, lies and more lies although this time he was under oath not that it slowed Morrison’s lies down for a second.

The video below is Scott Morrison being put in his place several times by Commissioner Catherine Holmes SC and the Counsel assisting Justin Greggery KC when Morrison tried the same routines he uses with journalists.

At one point Commissioner Catherine Holmes asks Morrison: What do you understand was the legal basis requiring someone who had not been on Government benefits for 6 months, 3 years or longer to confirm or deny ATO data which said they had a debt? 

Morrison replied by talking like he was a lawyer or a barrister and started quoting the relevant legislation, but he was wrong and Commissioner Catherine Holmes SC carved Scott Morrison up and put him in his place.

Put simply the Robodebt scheme was an unlawful method of automated debt assessment and recovery employed by Services Australia as part of its Centrelink payment compliance program. On the 29th of May 2020, the Morrison Government announced that it would scrap the debt recovery scheme, with 470,000 wrongly-issued debts to be repaid in full.

Initially, the total sum of the repayments was estimated to be A$721 million, however in November 2020 this figure expanded to A$1.2 billion after the Australian government settled a class-action lawsuit before it could go to trial. (Click here to read more)

Just so there is no confusion Scott Morrison didn’t actually declare he is a fully qualified lawyer and barrister but he tried to act like he was.

As I say in the video it must be remembered that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and federal MP Bill Shorten were forced to defend themselves against fraud allegations at public hearings at the Trade Union Royal Commission in 2014 and Scott Morrison had to answer questions publicly yesterday.

So, there is no reason the new National Anti-Corruption Commission can’t have public hearings as the normal standard instead of only in exceptional circumstances which means almost all its hearings will be secret hearings. If it doesn’t change this Royal Commission could be the last time we see federal politicians on the witness stand, justifying their actions, for a long time. 

What is most disgusting is that the Robodebt Royal Commission is about the widespread damage it did to many people’s lives but Morrison could not care less but we all knew that from his time as Prime Minister. 

Scott Morrison isn’t listed on the witness list again this week, but it would have to be likely he will be called again when the Royal Commission continues hearings next year. Other former and current federal MPs would also have to be a good chance to be called next year.

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      • To the contrary, Roy. His removal should never have been an issue if the people of Australia had’ve wide awake when he got sacked from Australian Tourism and NZ Tourism. That’s when the warning bells began their tolling. Alas, the wrecker was allowed to continue his damaging crime wave.

    • Morrison, Albanese and Howard are perfect examples of why it is time to overhaul the Australian Constitution and regain our Democracy.

    • An inquiry is needed to give an exact total of who and what were given payments during Covid money scramble. Detailed expenditure to see where the Trillion dollars went.

  1. This inept individual is not only a disgrace to Australia, Democracy itself but to mankind and those whom have a conscience in regards to their fellow man

  2. As a long time ‘coal face’ Centrelink worker (I was there for 30 years) , now retired , I can state that Robo debts were illegal , a fact known to workers there, back in 2015/16 . The basis for calculating a legal debt to ‘The Commonwealth “ was NEVER changed , in spite of both DSS & DHSS high level senior staff advising the Govt at the time (2015 ) that a change to the legislation was needed. It was pretty clear that Morrison as Minister at the time was FAR more interested in ‘Budget Repair” …Robo Debts were set to recover $1.2 BILLION from those who in most cases didnt owe a cent! PLUS Morrison was determined to pursue “rorters’ who were ‘ripping of the system & other taxpayers “…again ongoing stats show those that rort/cheat the system with intent are a VERY small percentage of those in reciept of Centrelink payments .

  3. No one should underestimate the silky language and presentation skills of this grifter. His whole life has been spent developing them. Slight hiccups and missteps are a part of his performance. I see getting Counsel and the Commissioner annoyed and frustrated is quite intentional. A distraction. A really telling personal blow is yet to be landed. The RC Report on this issue will seriously rebuke the PS and the Morrison Government. The grifter ? Nothing to see here.

  4. Hey Scotty, what about the 10 commandments ” You shall not steal ” awe well I am sure you will be redeemed by your buddy in church.

  5. There must be someone in the DSS who knows the truth about why the legal advice stating the need for new legislation disappeared by the time of the cabinet submission. Please be brave. Please come forward.
    The actual culprit may be dead or retired but an underling must know the truth. Please blow the whistle.
    Morrison claimed the relevant briefings may have been oral. Surely, the public servant who briefed him made a file note or diary entry after they returned to their desk following the oral briefing. Please locate and produce the file note or diary entry.

  6. Great work. Much appreciated. I do wonder whether Morrison’s appearances at NACC will be viewed as exceptional and in the public interest to merit an open hearing. I suspect yes.

  7. And we still don’t know why “SCOMO” was sacked by the Tourism Commission Or the rumour that the NZ govt. also ‘sacked ‘ him. Will we ever know ?

  8. Personally, I am not a someone that seeks comfort in this book of tales, the bible. As is the case in this “free” democratic country; each to their own.
    Mr Morrison espouses to follow the creeds set forth in his book of choice, the bible, however, it seems IMHO, his pitiful demonstration of its virtues continually goes begging.

    Mr Morrison does not and obviously has not read his own bible.

    “Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.” Psalm 106 3

    IMHO, I think he’s once again “doing his familiar number”, but this time on his own supposed faith.
    God help him, Mr Speaker!

  9. Scott Morrison should be stripped of his ‘Hon.” title.
    His government went out of its way to kill democracy in Australia.

  10. Don`t forget that the whole of the Coal-ition backed Morrison even after many stories of illegal demands were written in the MSM. So, they are equally guilty of demands with menaces. Those who had their lives turned upside down need another class action for compensation. Against the Coal-ition. For millions.

  11. Robodebt still continues with the ATO. The ATO bills small businesses 10% interest of outstanding payments while at the same time takes money in advance for PAYG even when they have made a mistake and they continuously send demand letters with legal threats for funds they have no right to. When small businesses have been forced to overpay, they are not given the 10% that their money has earned for the ATO.

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