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Hillsong Church makes public the dirt file they have had on Brian Houston for 10 years. Why now? Are they preparing to sack him?

Hillsong Church’s new head, Pastor Phil Dooley, dropped a dirt file bomb on Brian Houston on Friday (18/3/22) outlining his harassment of 2 women dating back 10 years which on the face of it has to be the first step in getting rid of Houston from the church for good. 

It is not a good look to say the least for Brian Houston who stepped down as the director of all Hillsong boards in January 2022 to defend the criminal charges that he concealed his father’s child sexual abuse. It is also not a good look for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, 2 months out from an election, who regards Brian Houston as a mentor and close friend.

Hillsong Church has a long and proud history of scandal both here and at its US branches so the latest revelations should surprise no one. (Click here to read more

Pastor Phil Dooley and the other senior staff at Hillsong Church have obviously decided to protect the cash cow that Hillsong has become and thrown Brian under a bus to save their own financial future. As they say there is no honour amongst thieves and Hillsong is one of the largest fraud scams Australia has ever seen. 

The ABC reported (18/3/22):

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston breached code of conduct with inappropriate behaviour towards two women, leaked letter says

Hillsong Church says founder Brian Houston breached its code of conduct, with the organisation apologising “unreservedly” to two women who complained about his inappropriate behaviour. The Hillsong Global Board on Friday afternoon sent a letter to church members, leaked to the ABC, about complaints made about Mr Houston’s conduct in 2013 and 2019. 

The letter was sent to members hours after the new head of Hillsong Church, Pastor Phil Dooley, held an extraordinary meeting with 800 global staff members detailing Mr Houston’s “indiscretions”.

“We have sadly been dealing with two complaints made against Pastor Brian over the last 10 years,” the board said. 

The first incident, detailed in the letter and by Pastor Dooley, involved “inappropriate text messages” sent to a female staffer which led to her resigning. The Hillsong Global Board said Mr Houston at the time was “under the influence of sleeping tablets, upon which he had developed a dependence”. 

The 2019 incident, the church said, occurred during its annual conference in Qudos Bank Arena in Homebush, NSW which Prime Minister Scott Morrison opened. 

Pastor Dooley said Mr Houston met a woman, who was not a member of the church, in the foyer of the Pullman Hotel. “It was after one of the conference nights and he was drinking with a group,” Pastor Dooley said. 

“Later that evening, Pastor Brian attempted to get into his room but didn’t have his room key and ended up knocking on the door to the woman’s room. “She opened the door and he went into her room. 

“The truth is we don’t know what happened next. The woman has not said there was any sexual activity. Brian has said there was no sexual activity but he was in the room for 40 minutes.” 

The board said an investigation found Mr Houston “became disorientated… following the consumption of anti-anxiety medication beyond the prescribed dose, mixed with alcohol”. 

Pastor Dooley told the meeting that some church elders raised concerns the board had “covered up” the two women’s complaints by failing to mention them in the statement about Mr Houston stepping aside.  He denied any allegations of a cover-up. (Click here to read more)

They say they have been dealing with the complaints against Brian Houston over the last 10 years, which they never made public, but then claim it was not a cover-up. The Hillsong Church have in fact become well known for cover-ups including recently being accused of covering up sexual assaults and alleged rape. (Click here to read more) And then of course Brian Houston is currently facing charges for covering up his fathers rape of a boy.

The police took 5 years to investigate Brain Houston and lay charges (Click here to read more) and now we know that the Hillsong Church have been covering up for Brian Houston for 10 years regarding complaints from 2 women. 

Hillsong have been struggling lately with thier once crowded Sydney Church having a lot of spare seats as per the below picture taken in Sydney on the 6th of March 2022 (Click here to see more pictures) It’s not hard to guess why crowd numbers are down which means less money for Hillsong.

Hillsong Church

Hillsong Church – Sydney – 6th of March 2022 

One of the reasons, if not the only reason, that Hillsong have leaked the dirt file on Houston is that they were worried the cover-up might come out during his court case which would mean that Pastor Phil Dooley and the other senior staff at Hillsong Church were protecting themselves and the Hillsong cash cow. 

If Brian Houston is jailed for the criminal charges he is currently facing the Hillsong Church will take a hit financially and there are signs that is already happening which I have no doubt was front and centre in the decision making of Hillsong releasing the dirt file on Brian Houston now instead of at least waiting until after his court case was finalised.

As the picture says, I think “The Road To Restoration” for Brian Houston might be some jail time.

This website has done a lot of work researching, interviewing and writing about and exposing Brian Houston and Hillsong since 2014 so this website and its supporters can take a little bit of credit for their downfall. But it isn’t over yet so I will keep following up.

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  1. Religion is a hoax. This type of religion is even worse. It’s a showbiz type religion that has all the dirt that showbiz has including sex drugs and rock and roll….. Brian has form ….. and Brian is a creep like his best friend Scotty from marketing….

  2. Seems the Prime Minister mixes with certain crowds that most members of society would prefer to stay clear of, be it his religious or political or business associates. Morrison seems to attract these types of unsavoury individuals.

  3. Those ‘evangelical’ power trippers have grown from strength to strength since I first attended Frank’s church in Waterloo in 1991. They damaged many lives, of poor broken ppl, taking only an interest in wealthy influentials and a middle of the road fan base to carry the cow. I was there 4 odd years and that was enough to screw me for many more to come.

  4. I met Frank at his original church in Double Bay, it occurred to me that he was in fact practising hypnotism on his worshippers. He would invite all and sundry onto his stage and sort them out according to their vulnerability and gullibility. Leaving the susceptible on stage for further hypnotic acts, which of course involved the Lord making them talk in tongues, flail around and cry out their problems. He would place his hand on the forehead and push, if you acquiesced you were in, if you showed resistance you were cured and told to sit down. Frank whispered in my ear, while I was on stage ‘go sit down and never come back’.

  5. The Head Men in these cults are always sexual predators. Money and sex are their motivations. Always.

  6. Man made religion is evil and lifeless. BUT never assume religion reflects the heart of God. One of the biggest frauds is evolution. It hides our Creator behind fairy tales (a frog will turn into a prince!) See creation.com
    Also don’t compare yourself to Houston but to Jesus and we will all realise we need His grace and guidance to cope in this world. He promises to make right all wrongs.

  7. I was driving an Uber on the Gold Coast a year before Covid hit. I picked up four 30 somethings and overheard their conversation and eventually became part of it. They were talking about how one of their mothers was visited by Houston in her room at the conference in the early hours of the morning. They didn’t go into details but did mention the mother received a visit by some big wigs in Hillsong soon after and offered her a fair sum of money to keep quiet.

  8. Well who would have thought? Ha! This holier than thou, principled disciple of God, mentor and close friend of our very own prime minister Scott Morrison. No Xmas card this year. IMHO, he is allegedly nothing more than a grubby heathen, as outlined by his very own colleagues, evading scrutiny and accountability by any means possible. I don’t believe he resides in Australia. Is that so? He may well, very soon ask for forgiveness from his ever diminishing flock of money providers. Yes indeed the “Hills are alive with the sound of Music”. IMHO, he is an absolutely disgraceful human being.

  9. it’s more like damage control I reckon.
    To control the narrative is all nowadays.
    So you go early and go hard with your story and then all else is
    framed around the groundwork you just laid.

  10. He’s goooone….Just has to take his (inept) marketing #Scommo with him, but that will happen in May!
    The HappyClappers happy to sacrifice Uncle Brian, the Holy One, to keep the (gullible) rivers of gold flowing into (tax exempt) “church” coffers! 😉
    Lets see how #Scommo polishes this one….
    Very well called and reported Shane…If it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of yourself, FJ and Serkan, we would all be in a much worse position!

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