Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison and the dirt file he gave to Murdoch’s media to win pre-selection in 2007. Starring Sam Dastyari and Senator Fierravanti-Wells

Labor’s Sam Dastyari, in the below video, was the key player in producing the dirt file for Scott Morrison that he used to destroy the reputation of his Liberal Party competitor Michael Towke so he could steal his pre-selection for the Sydney seat of Cook in 2007. Also in the below video are Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, who Mr Towke worked for afterwards, who explains her knowledge of the scandal and Scott Morrison ducking and weaving on the issue.  

People who have so far watched the video think it adds value, as per the below review on Twitter, to the current discussion about Scott Morrison and how he colluded with Sam Dastyari and Murdoch’s media to destroy a Michael Towke. (Click here to see on Twitter)

I published the below video last Thursday (31/3/22) on YouTube, 2 days after Senator Fierravanti-Wells unloaded on Scott Morrison in the Senate, and since then the story has taken off like a rocket after Michael Towke released 2 affidavits accusing Scott Morrison of using racism in 2007 for his political benefit. (Click here for the story in The Saturday Paper)

Scott Morrison has in recent days accused Michael Towke of the criminal offence of lying in a statutory declaration but has not gone to the police. Why?

Morrison says Towke’s allegations are “bitter and malicious slurs” and if that is the case then Towke has committed a crime and also defamed Morrison and he could sue. But Morrison is doing neither, gone to the police or sued, at this stage. 

If that is accurate, and two people have signed Statutory Declarations to the effect they say something which Morrison says is not true, which would mean both have committed either State or Federal offences, why has Morrison not referred the matter to police to investigate two people who have sworn statements which are untrue?

Morrison has to put up or shut up. As Prime Minister, Morrison can’t accuse people of crimes but then fail to go to the police. What standard does that set for others?

Of course, if what Michael Towke says is true then Morrison would be in trouble for making a false complaint if he complained to the police about Towke which likely explains why he hasn’t gone to the police.

Below are relevant links to articles regarding what was discussed in the video:

On the 29th of March 2022, I published an article titled “Scott Morrison exposed for his corrupt history and lies by Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells in 10-minute speech” which has Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ full speech. (Click here to read the full article)

Article from April 2019: “Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his dirty deal with the Labor Party and Sam Dastyari” (Click here to read the article)

Article from June 2019 titled “Looks like PM Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft” (Click here to read the article)

Article from November 2019: “Scott Morrison left Tourism New Zealand in similar circumstances to his sacking by Tourism Australia. Why?” (Click here to read the article)

The Liberal Party are self-destructing at a rapid pace as Scott Morrison’s enemies look to square up and their weapon of choice seems to be nothing more than telling the truth about Morrison.

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  1. The 82-8 result of the first Liberal pre-selection in Cook in 2007 says it all. Claims of branch-stacking aside, this is a powerful level of support for Towke versus Morrison. That the loser was able to cry foul and to have the result declared invalid and to have a new pre-selection run is amazing.

    The “David” won by daylight against a lazy “Goliath” who has recently been President of the NSW Liberals.

    Seems that Goliath has (a) a long-held problem with reading the mood and (b) low recognition of and lower use of truth and veracity.

    And many Fairfax/Nine newspaper articles dating back through the last decade and a half show that there was quick support from the Murdoch press for the “pile-on” on Mr Towke and his reputation.

    “Goliath” has form in sidestepping, in “fact-management” and in Trump-like “alternative” facts.

    I’d been led to believe (by faith-based god-loving relatives) that good christian men are people of veracity and ethics. I tend to lean on the words of deposed NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells when she implies that the PM uses christian faith as a branding rather than a true lifestyle.

  2. Not only is it strange that Scott Morrison hasn’t gone to NSW Police to make a complaint, but so too is his unwillingness to swear to his own affidavit denying that he uttered the words and committed the deeds he has alleged to have said and done. If they did not happen Prime Minister, then provide a sworn statement to that ‘fact’. If you cannot swear such a statement, then we can only conclude that the allegations are true.

  3. ScoMo says Canberra shouldn’t interfere in State preselections…Isn’t that exactly what they have done in NSW?

  4. Two 007 – A Licence to obliterate Towke. How were the Public blindfolded to this and the previous sackings of Scott Morrison from TWO Tourist Bureaus. Thanks for further exposing this, our worst ever Prime Minister?

  5. Thank you for showing people there is more to politicians than the surface. Looks like Morrison’s reign is about to be over, hopefully all his cabinet will go with him, as most of them are entangled in every raw deal that happens. Including all the rapes ETC; that go on in Canberra.

  6. I cannot believe that there are still so many people in Australia that either cannot or do not want to look at and see through the person currently residing at Kirribilli. This goes well beyond the presented public persona that this person projects to the Australian people. Simply put, he cannot be trusted or looked upon as a balanced holistic person when faced with any issues that require or involve compassion, truth, integrity, respect, leadership, humility, passion, courage, decisiveness or clarity. And by implication all of his liberal national colleagues are either similar or the same. This person should never ever have been given the position he now holds. It was a very big mistake then and it would now be a huge mistake, if allowed to occur again. This is my honest opinion. (IMHO)

  7. Things are quite nasty even before the election campaign has started. There are red-coloured billboards that tells voters “CCP says vote Labor” with a picture of Xi Jinping putting a voting ballet in the box. This all started at a time when the Religious Discrimination Bill was killed off, that SM & PD started ramping up their attacks on Labor for being weak on national security, with SM saying that a “manjurian candidate” is in Parliament and pointed out a Labor minister. It seems that SM remains a bully even after he left high school.

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