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Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang eyeing up fraud and theft on the $59 Billion annual Government expenditure

The take-over of Australia’s capital, Canberra, by Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang seems to be complete with known fraudster and thief Andrew Landeryou now spruiking himself as a “Labor insider” and commentating on Sky News as the picture below shows. The picture is from November 2017.

Government procurement is a place were massive fraud occurs every year and the politicians know it and abuse it themselves when they think they can.

Andrew Landeryou, his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching and others are blatantly eyeing up the $59 Billion the federal government spends each year as they have form on the board doing dodgy and fraudulent procurement deals at the Melbourne University and Health Services Union when they were in charge of both. Add that to Bill Shorten’s own dodgy and fraudulent procurement deals when he ran the AWU then it is clearly game on for the fraud to start which has been telegraphed by Kimberly Kitching in her role on Joint Select Committee for Government Procurement from 1.12.16. You can see Kimberley Kitching’s and former Senator Nick Xenophon talk about the issue in the video below.

For white-collar criminals it is important to know how the system works and with Ms Kitching on the committee she will get to know the players and where the blind spots are to commit fraud and theft from the tax payers.

“If you know how the processes work and you’re a criminal then you can abuse the system.”

Andrew Landeryou’s background

I wrote in July 2016:

Landeryou has a long history of fraud and theft. He fled authorities and went to Costa Rica in 2005 when liquidators wanted to question him about millions of dollars he stole from the Melbourne University Student Union. He was arrested when he arrived back in Australia. He was also made bankrupt by Solomon Lew after stealing millions of dollars from him. (Click here to read more)

His wife Kimberley Kitching aided and abetted Landeryou in his crimes and she is well-known to have had a sexual relationship with Andrew Bolt when Landeryou was overseas and some suspect it is ongoing which might explain why she is regularly on his TV show. Landeryou and Kitching along with the Asmar’s and Dean Sherriff have played a huge role in stealing members funds from the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch since 2012 which recently received a warning from the Fair Work Commission because it is now almost bankrupt. (Click here for the full article)

In 2005 while Landeryou was on the run The Age wrote:

The tycoon, the missing husband and the millions

When runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou finally comes home he’s going to have a lot to answer for,

There is a bank account in Melbourne that authorities are watching very closely. Every so often, someone draws off a few thousand dollars. A bit gets sent here, a bit there. And once the money runs out, the authorities believe that runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou will return to Australia.

The Arrowhead Media bank account, and the way it is being managed, bear all the hallmarks of Landeryou’s curious business dealings. There are front men, false names, bogus directors and a chain of money transfers that crisscross the world. 

Landeryou, 35, fled the country in early December, dumping a $3 million debt on his wife, former Melbourne City councillor Kimberley Kitching, and his father, Bill, once a state government minister and for many years a powerful union leader and numbers man for the right wing of the ALP.

Kitching filed for bankruptcy this week. She claims she does not know where her husband is, nor if he will return. But when he does, he faces arrest.

Landeryou has managed to maintain a surprisingly low profile, despite his political pedigree and some high-powered business connections. He fled just before he was due to step into the Victorian Supreme Court to account for his involvement in the tangled affairs of the failed Melbourne University Student Union and answer allegations that he profited from its questionable deals.

Acquaintances say Landeryou is highly intelligent and plays his cards close, that he is sharp and unforgiving.

However, the big debt that has landed on his family stems from a bitter row with a man just as unforgiving: retail tycoon Solomon Lew who, Kitching says, attended their wedding. Landeryou and Lew fell out when online gaming and statistics company IQ Corp failed, leaving no books, no records and no trace of Lew’s $4 million investment.

Landeryou may have underestimated Lew’s doggedness in pursuing a debt. But that is nothing compared with the professional investigators now delving into his affairs. They include Victoria Police, liquidators of the student union and, it is believed, the Tax Office.

Since he left the country, investigators have watched money filter into the Arrowhead Media account from other accounts in Hong Kong and Cyprus – funds that appear to have originated from a $1 million deal in 2003 linked to the failed students’ union.

Money has been drawn electronically from Arrowhead’s account to pay individuals in Melbourne. Landeryou is the only signatory to the account but has no apparent legal connections to the Arrowhead business. His brother-in-law, Matthew Mason, is listed as Arrowhead’s sole director, company secretary and shareholder. But when he enters the Supreme Court next week, Mason is expected to deny all knowledge of it. Mason has told investigators that he did not know he was involved in Arrowhead and that what appeared to be his signatures on documents were forged.

Investigators have uncovered a pattern of forgery and falsification in the MUSU affair. It is not the first time that people linked to the union have been plumped into the role of company director without knowing it. And there are a surprising number of fictitious people wading around the MUSU perimeter, signing documents, corresponding through emails, making phone calls and, in one case, having a meeting in Collins Street with former student union president Darren Ray.

Liquidator Dean McVeigh says unravelling the threads of the union’s dealings has been especially difficult “because what has been done has been systematic, it’s almost a cultural corruption of the organisation”.

“So we don’t have one single person coming along and going, ‘I will rip some money out of this’ – it has required the co-operation of a large number of people,” he says.

McVeigh is studying five deals of the student union that he believes contributed to its collapse. All involved companies that were insinuated between the student union with its $9 million annual budget and contractors that provided services to the students. All the companies were associated, variously, with Landeryou and some recent former student union presidents, who were all young politicians-in-waiting aligned to the Labor Right.

In each case, the companies landed lucrative deals that appear to have milked at least $2 million from the student union over a few years.

What concerns the liquidator is that in each of the five deals, the companies seem to have secured contracts by circumventing proper processes, by cultivating close friendships with the student union executive, even by lying or hiding their links to past student presidents. (Click here to read more)

Then in January 2017 Landeryou was charged by the police:

Criminal charges have been laid against Bill Shorten’s crime gang for attempting to influence the outcome in Michael Danby’s seat of Melbourne Ports during the 2016 federal election. Danby just scraped over the line and was re-elected with preferences from The Greens.

This should not be a surprise given branch stacking is what allegedly allowed Bill Shorten to become a federal MP and there were allegations of vote rigging when Shorten defeated Anthony Albanese in 2013 for the leadership of the Labor Party.

The people charged include Andrew Landeryou who is the husband of Senator Kimberley Kitching, David Asmar who is married to HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and Dean Sherriff who has a long criminal association with Andrew Landeryou. Also involved was George Droutsas but at this point it is unknown if he has been charged. (Click here to read more)

Landeryou and Kitching aid and abet massive fraud at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch (Health Workers Union)

In February 2016 I wrote an article titled “Bill Shorten’s supporters given warning by federal authority to stop stealing from HSU members” and said:

This website has been writing about the current fraud and theft going on at the Health Services Union for over 3 years and this week the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finally stepped in with a written warning regarding possible legal action if the stealing doesn’t stop. Bill Shorten’s supporters and friends Diana & David Asmar, Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching make Craig Thomson and Kathy Jackson look like amateurs when it comes to stealing from low paid union members but that doesn’t worry Mr Shorten.

The FWC warning relates to the multi-million-dollar fraud at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch which is clearly shown by the financial records and resulted in a $1.7 million loss in the 2015 financial year which came after a $1.5 million loss in the 2014 financial year.

This is extremely embarrassing for the union movement and the Labor Party but more so for Bill Shorten because the crimes are being committed by his personal friends and supporters in the Labor Party. The fact that this is being exposed in an election year makes it a thousand times worse for Mr Shorten. If the Australian public want to know what a vote for Mr Shorten means for Australia, they should have a good look at this scandal.

In 2012 Bill Shorten had the HSU put into administration and he claimed he did it because of corruption. At the 2012 union elections he had his own cronies elected to power at the Victoria Number 1 Branch with the help of financing from union slush funds. (Click here to read more)

Add Landeryou’s and Kitching’s fraud and theft at the Melbourne University Student Union with their fraud and theft at the HSU and it is easy to see what they are scheming to do with the Federal Government’s $59 Billion procurement expenditure.

(Click anywhere on the below video to watch)

(In the above video Senator Kimberley Kitching, wife of Andrew Landeryou, and former Senator Nick Xenophon talk about the Joint Select Committee for Government Procurement, the review and the government’s $59 Billion expenditure.)

Landeryou’s wife only became a Senator in 2016 and it is highly likely that Landeryou is now on the government payroll working in her office which Sky News should be telling its viewers. I wrote at the time of her appointment an article titled “Senator Kimberley Kitching – The fraudster and thief who takes federal parliament to a new low“. (Click here to read the article)

(The picture is also from November 2017.)

In the above picture Andrew Landeryou is second from the left and beside him is James Massola who is the Chief Political Correspondent, SMH & The Age, for Fairfax Media in Canberra. Who the other two are I do not know. It raises the question as to why James Massola would be associating with someone like Andrew Landeryou and does he have Fairfax’s approval to do so.

The major reason for the likes of Landeryou and Kitching being able to go to Canberra to try their fraud and theft schemes is because of the failure of political journalists like James Massola to out them for who they are and what they are doing. As the picture shows the exact opposite is happening. Mr Massola is in effect aiding the fraud and theft by giving the likes of Landeryou credibility by appearing on the same TV show as him.

Andrew Landeryou and wife Kimberley Kitching at the 2017 Mid Winter Ball in Canberra

There is one certainty with Andrew Landeryou and his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching and that is it doesn’t matter whether it’s this week, next week or even next year. At some stage in the future they will use their current government positions to try to commit a multi-million-dollar fraud of tax payer’s money. The reason is they are career criminals and they won’t change.

If you want to keep up to date with their deeds make sure you follow this website as it looks like the mainstream media won’t be reporting their crimes anymore.

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  1. Great to have you backl Shane, but how can Kitching remain a senator if she has just filed for bankruptcy?

  2. I am at a complete loss as to how these people can obtain such roles in Government.

    Further, it is disgraceful that MSM refuse to properly inform the public of the past and present conduct of these people.

    Obvisouly, these individuals all have DIRT on each other and when push comes to shove, they use the past to land the top jobs when they arise.

    Further, these fraudsters are preventing other candidates from becoming Senators, Ministers or Senior Public Servants.

    SD, when you connect the dots, it is extremely scary how many individuals in our Government have such DARK & CORRUPT pasts.

    Lets hope MSM pull their fingers out, and start EXPOSING the fraudsters!

    • Rum Corp… 26th January 1808 Commencement of the Rum Rebellion. To get a nomination from a major Australian Political Party in a seat you can win, you must be subservient to the status quo who are minders of “the” vested interest. If you care about your community and respect family you will not get nominated for a gig within the Australia political landscape. The reason being, you may actually be an honest and caring person and we certainly do not need those people in Canberra.

  3. You mentioned in your post the name of Mr James Massola. I am not going to comment on that subject matter but I have serious concerns about the independence and impartiality of Mr Massola. The following are the extracts from my letters to him. He did not respond to any one of them and did not care to even acknowledge that he received them but cannot help. There are no values seen at all. No wonder our democracy is getting hit with the wrecking ball all the time. It appears that the bosses like him to keep the real stories affecting our nation covered up.

    1. Why did Mr Ahmed Fahour abruptly resigned? What is the truth?
    To:; 18.8.2017

    Dear Mr Massola,
    Do you want to take up this matter? Numerous politicians are aware of this matter. Your “Independent Always” could be displayed here is my view. I am your subscriber. If you are not interested please tell me to show that you care when ordinary people write to you. It is also requested that you permanently delete this email from your records including all the attachments if you are not interested and confirm that to me if you do not want to know the story. (NO RESPONSE)

    2. You are now back at work after striking
    To:; 15.5.2017

    Dear Mr Massola,

    You are now back at work. It is important for you to act as responsible journalist and show that you are Independent Always.
    Awaiting your response. (NO RESPONSE)

    3. Are you on strike? You may not need a job at Fairfax after all.
    To:; 7.5.2017

    Please form a solid group of journalists and I will tell them the story that will hit hard on both Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten at the same time. That will be the real independent story and it is in the public interest of the entire nation and the world. You may not need a job with your current employer as you will be in great demand from everyone to hear the story with endless corruption and cover ups that is ongoing. (NO RESPONSE)

    4. Unchecked identity thefts in our country deserves a Royal Commission
    To:; 11.3.2017

    I have attached here few letters received by me. The former first female Attorney General quit the politics to spend time with her daughter Rebecca after writing the attached letter to Senator the Hon John Faulkner. Please note that there is no mention of AFP in her letter. The corruption to cover up my identity theft has continued from 15-16 June 2006.The matter is unresolved and ongoing. (NO RESPONSE)

    Can you trust Mr James Massola?

    Please keep up with your work. The new year must be the beginning of the end of the highest level corruption and unless the big names are brought to justice first nothing will change.

  4. In my opinion the UWC sorry FWC is a retirement carpark for the many that have wreaked havoc on employers and created a monopolised workforce for years. Any government of any pursuasion has an unhealthy relationship with union. Do the liberals have any checks and balances to ensure infrastructure spending and the jobs it creates reaches all Australians, i think not. Most likely this job creation employs and funds more union eba’s and union enforced subscription

  5. Don`t spread yourself too widely, Shane, or you will burn out. Corruption is wherever you look in Australia, and you can`t pursue it everywhere. Concentrate on one field and collect the evidence. Then, try to make it known. Not easy in our controlled media.

  6. On Twitter today:
    Peter Martin
    1h1 hour ago
    Replying to @Kangaroo_Court

    I believe the person on the far right is James Campbell, a journalist from the Herald-Sun in Melbourne.

    • In the last few days Bill Shorten’s allies have escalated a civil war in the Labor Party and union movement and it is now unavoidable that in the coming months it will explode. At the heart of the civil war is the ongoing fraud at the Health Services Union and now involves alleged fraud and misuse of credit cards by the National President Chris Brown and others to the tune of $140,000 over the last 2 1/2 years.

      The $140,000 fraud was reported in Melbourne’s Herald Sun on Thursday (1/12/16) by corrupt journalist James Campbell who is a well-known propagandist for Shorten’s crime gang led by Andrew Landeryou, his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching, HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch Secretary Diana Asmar and her husband David Asmar. Landeryou and Senator Kitching would have been the ones who leaked the story to James Campbell.

      Read more:

  7. It doesn’t surprise me that the most corrupt senator in the Federal Senate Kimberley Kitching has got a high position in the Senate committee!. Kitching and her husband Andrew Landeryou will use their positions to steal millions of taxpayers money. How can these 2 criminals get away with so many crimes they have done?. Well it helps when have Bill Shorten protecting you, secondly when you have grubby journalists like Andrew Bolt, James Massola & James Campbell protecting you too. The Bill Shorten crime gang are a group of criminals still at large who will lie, cheat & steal all day every day. If the Victorian opposition win government at the end of this year, they must launch an internal investigation into Shorten & his crime gang, it may be the only way that what they have been up to for years. As for Andrew Landeryou been a “Labor party insider”, that’s a bloody lie!, Landeryou is really Bill Shorten’s right hand man/personal protector. Maybe Sky News can rename Andrew Landeryou’s description next time.

    • I wish I could believe that if the government changed in Victoria the corruption within the government processes and the courts would cease but unfortunately I would be naive to believe. Guy Matthews, the lobster with the mobsters is Victorian Labor`s greatest asset as is Bill Shorten with regards to the federal Coalition.

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