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Has Kerry Stokes outed himself for bribing Chinese Government Officials? When media asked questions Seven sold assets

I emailed questions to Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and other Seven Directors on the 11th of July 2017 asking them about allegations of bribing Chinese Government officials. Kerry Stokes and Seven had me jailed on the 10th of August 2017 and it was reported on the 22nd of August 2017 that Kerry Stokes was selling out of China with a $540 million deal.

By itself the questions I asked about bribing Chinese officials and Seven selling their assets in China might seem like a coincidence. But it is exactly the same game plan Kerry Stokes’ good friend James Packer used when Chinese authorities arrested 18 of his Crown Casino staff in October 2016. Packer retreated fast and sold his shares in the Chinese assets of his Casino business “amid a major crackdown on gambling and corruption in China” and Packer closed overseas offices in Asia.

Kerry Stokes and the Seven Group have done business in China for many years and that in itself would lead to suspicion the company was bribing government officials given Chinese business practices. Kerry Stokes also has a long history of bribing Australian politicians and government officials. (Click here and here to read more)

The questions that I sent to Kerry Stokes and others:

Sent: 11 July 2017 22:55
Cc:;;;;;; Richard Keegan <>; Martin O’Connor <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Media questions: Allegations Kerry and Ryan Stokes bribing Chinese government officials and politicians?

Dear Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes

I have been investigating allegations that both you have been involved in bribing Chinese politicians and government officials for your various business interests which have dealings in China such as Seven Group Holdings and WesTrac Group etc.

Can you please answer the following questions:

  1. Have either of you ever paid any funds/bribes to Chinese politicians and/or government officials and/or business people to help facilitate business operations in China for Seven Group Holdings and/or WesTrac Group etc?
  2. Have either of you ever hired any government officials or their family members for any of your companies that you are shareholders in?
  3. Have either of you ever met or dealt with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang?
  4. Have either of you ever met or dealt with Dr Chau Chak Wing?
  5. Have either of you ever met or dealt with Mr Huang Xiangmo?

Can you please respond ASAP as I might have follow-up questions. I also need to send questions to the Australian government and the Chinese government so your expedient response would be greatly appreciated. If you have Richard Keegan respond I will take that as an admission that both of you have been paying bribes.

P.s. I received the attached subpoena today from Richard Keegan which shows you are trying to subpoena my computers and data from the NSW police which shows what grubs you both are.

Both of you have plenty of skeletons in the closest with $billions to lose with your various companies and here are both of you trying to harass and bully an investigative journalist. Are you taking Bruce McWilliam’s champion advice again or is it your own stupidity?


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

The line in my email that I suspect worried them most was “I also need to send questions to the Australian government and the Chinese government so your expedient response would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a video of Kerry’s son Ryan Stokes, CEO of the Seven Group, talking at The Australian and Deutsche Bank’s Business Leaders Forum in Perth 9/3/2016

Ryan Stokes talk’s up Seven Group’s investment in China then at the 2.20 minute mark he talks about corruption in China and at the 3.30 minute mark he says he needs to be careful how he picks his words talking about Chinese corruption. Why did he need to be careful? What was he hiding?


Kerry Stokes and James Packer at the Australia in China’s Century Conference – 2014


Kerry Stokes had his perjuring lawyer Richard Keegan respond to my questions as per below and he clearly didn’t answer any of the questions.

From: Richard Keegan []
Sent: 12 July 2017 16:15
Subject: RE: Media questions: Allegations Kerry and Ryan Stokes bribing Chinese government officials and politicians?

Dear Mr Dowling

I refer to your email below.

Your “investigation” is nothing more than a figment of your imagination and your questions are absurd.

In fact, your email provides further justification of the need to subpoena your records as you are clearly misusing your various accounts and websites to propagate fake news.

For the record, your allegations are false.


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel


D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357  | F +61 2 8916 2075


Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A few weeks after Richard Keegan’s response Seven Group sold their Chinese assets and as for the claim of “fake news” by Richard Keegan well old Kerry has some serious questions to answer for using a law clerk to set up a fake GoFundMe page. But more on that in the near future.

The media reported the sale of the Chinese assets as:

Long-time China bull Kerry Stokes is selling his biggest investment in the world’s second-largest economy – the Caterpillar heavy machinery franchise he built from scratch 17 years ago.

The surprise $540 million sale of WesTrac China allows Stokes to exit what has been at times a difficult business and deploy capital back to Australia where Seven Group Holdings is looking at a range of deals in the energy and mining sectors. (Click here to read more)

It has been widely reported that the Chinese government is bribing Australian Politicians and putting them on their payroll when they leave government. But the Chinese Government would also be trying to get support from media owners like Kerry Stokes. So maybe the bribery has worked both ways.

This will be an ongoing story as I ask more questions and dig further and I’ll continue to follow-up.

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  1. The questions seem pretty straight forward to answer 👍

    This Richard Keegan must be extremely well paid to be a puppet 🤔 They must dread receiving emails from you 🤗

    The Solicitors involved in our families Estate dispute often write similiar responses when I put simple YES/NO questions to them as well.

    These dishonest PARASITES are a disgrace to the legal profession.

    The more people that EXPOSE these CRIMINALS, the better 👍

  2. expose them yes. why does the government not bring this out and do something they are all tarred with the same brush.

  3. Putting you in jail was never going to work to stop you in what you are doing. We can see that here.Getting hold of your computers is just a sign of baseless threat and even if they are successful you can always buy another computer and start again.

    Fighting against the corruption is not going to be easy but at the end of the day those who will try to silence you at every possible opportunity will lose and lose badly is my view.

    I have been fighting against the highest level corruption in our country that started from Australia Post’s corruption over eleven years ago. The judicial corruption to protect Australia Post is all documented. Who is now gone? Mr Ahmed Fahour-former MD and Group CEO of Australia Post. One of his most senior persons that was responsible to solve this matter has taken his own life in 2010. They hide it from me. Is it going to work for them? The answer is NO.

    If you have the truth on your side no amount of money the others may have will be enough to hide their corruption. The money only allows them to prolong the matters with the hope that it will wear you down so much that you will stop. With the person of your type they still do not understand that the money has limited powers whereas the power of truth has unlimited powers.
    Please keep going as our country is perceived as getting more and more corrupt every year and there is not a single politician that I know of will take any responsibility for that perception. This is why no matter who is in the government the corruption is not curbed.

    It is time to get rid of corrupt people on a mass scale in one hit to start the process of corruption eradication with the people power is my view.

    All the best and this new year hopefully wakes up our country to put the derailed democracy back on it tracks.

  4. It is well-known in Southern Queensland that an ex-assistant Defence Minister accepted ‘presents’ in China when he ‘visited’ there for talks.

    Is his investment company ‘tied to China’ one wonders, and denies it to Fairfax Media, and we read that Kerry Stokes had an interest in ‘merging’ with Fairfax Media.

    All Australians are being subjected to Improprietry and Corruption Unlimited by politicians, our legal system and Kerry Stokes’ corporation, et al.

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