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Kerry Stokes and Seven threaten journalist with jail for asking questions regarding the #MeToo sexual harassment campaign

I emailed questions to Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and other Seven West Media directors last night (9/1/18) and they responded by having their grubby lawyer Richard Keegan threaten me with jail when there is clearly no basis for the threat. Mr Keegan is in breach of the Solicitors Rules for making such a baseless threat and should be struck off.

While I was in jail after Channel Seven’s Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 instituted contempt proceedings against me, which was paid for by Kerry Stokes’ Seven, a lot has happened regarding Stokes’ and Seven scandalous conduct in threatening and dealing with former employees.

The questions I emailed Stokes and Seven related to alleged sexual predator Craig McLachlan who was due to star on Seven in the Dr Blake series, Seven’s grubby CEO Tim Worner, a fake website Seven’s lawyers admit setting up and another they deny ownership off regarding Amber Harrison and former Seven employee Amy Taeuber.

Kerry stokes and Seven threatening me is not just about what I have and haven’t written. It’s about Stokes and Seven trying to intimidate others not to come forward with evidence of sexual abuse and corruption at Seven. It’s also about trying to stop the #MeToo campaign that is gaining traction in Australia regarding sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment and media industries which clearly worries Kerry Stokes and numerous male managers at Seven.

Below is the response and threat of jail from Stokes’ and Seven’s lawyer Richard Keegan. I won’t publish the questions I sent Kerry Stokes and Seven as I’ll save that for another post but this post is about the threats the likes of Stokes and others use to try to silence the media and former staff. Kerry Stokes is without a doubt the worst offender in the country for using legal threats to silence critics.

Richard Keegan quotes Justice Lucy McCallum below but fails to acknowledge that Justice McCallum is good friends with Mr Keegan’s boss Justine Munsie (Click here to read more) and also Justice McCallum stood down on the 19th of December 2017 from hearing the matter further on the grounds of bias which Justice McCallum did not dispute.

From: Richard Keegan []
Sent: 10 January 2018 10:18
Subject: RE: Seven’s lawyers admit setting up a fake GoFundMe page to stalk and harass Amber Harrison. Seven have also illegally leaked HR documents relating to former Seven employee Amy Taeuber

Dear Mr Dowling

I refer to your email below which has been referred to me for reply.

Your email is based upon a series of false premises. Seven has not been involved in setting up “fraudulent” websites, websites containing “stolen” documents nor has it been “illegally leaking” HR documents relating to Amy Taeuber or even attempted to “destroy” evidence in proceedings brought against you by Capilano Honey. The remaining allegations you make are equally fanciful and are rejected.

As has been made clear, including to Ms Harrison, the gofundme page was set up in error by a law clerk as part of an independent research task unconnected to and without the knowledge of Seven. The law clerk and Addisons have apologised for the error.

Given the content of Justice McCallum’s judgment handed down on 19 December 2017 (Doe v Dowling) which referred to your conduct as “…he [Mr Dowling] is prone to drawing extravagant conclusions on the strength of scant evidence, applying little intellectual discipline or forensic rigour.”, we request that you refrain from continuing to make ridiculous and defamatory claims against Seven, its officers and employees.

Perhaps you should be more conscious of your bail conditions set by Justice Wilson in NSW Supreme Court proceeding Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Dowling.  One of those conditions relates to your good behaviour and to not be in breach of court orders. You can assume that any publication by you which breaches the numerous court orders restraining you from publishing certain defamatory allegations (across various proceedings in which you are a party) will be brought to the attention of the Court in the manner outlined by Justice Wilson.

Finally, a bound volume of documents was sent to you under cover of letter dated 21 December 2017 to the address nominated by you on the notice of appearance filed on 13 December 2017.  These will be the documents provided to the Judge on 30 January 2018, to enable the proceeding to be dealt with as efficiently as possible.  If you did not receive those documents please let me know and I will send you a further copy.


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel


D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357  | F +61 2 8916 2075


Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000


I wrote back to Richard Keegan and the Seven Directors:

Sent: 10 January 2018 11:12
To: ‘Richard Keegan’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>
Subject: RE: Seven’s lawyers admit setting up a fake GoFundMe page to stalk and harass Amber Harrison. Seven have also illegally leaked HR documents relating to former Seven employee Amy Taeuber

Dear Mr Keegan

Can you please advise the specific parts in my below email which you claim is defamatory in the questions I asked and which court order do you claim it breaches? Can you please advise when was the last time Justine Munsie spoke to or communicated in any manner with her good friend Justice Lucy McCallum? Can you please confirm that you and Justine Munsie were involved in having Simon Mulvany’s GoFundMe page taken down on behalf of Capilano Honey which is 20% owned by Kerry Stokes?

As far as the court orders are concerned Justice Helen Wilson was specific to court orders relating to the matter before her and as for the “good behavior” part that was deleted by the Local Court as it makes no sense. Furthermore the questions I have asked could not in any shape be construed to breach any court orders made against me as they relate to matters that have nothing to do with me or the court cases Seven has brought against me. Journalists asking questions is not a breach of court orders.

So your threat is a breach of the Solicitors Rules.

As I am sure you are aware I did not get the documents and specifically asked you to email them to me which you admit not doing. Can you please email them to me ASAP.


Shane Dowling

I am still waiting for a response from Mr Keegan or Seven regarding the above email.

How Channel 7 work behind closed doors revealed on tape

I have written about Amy Taeuber and her dodgy termination by Channel 7 in 2016 before. (Click here and here to read) The below video is from the ABC’s 730 Report in September 2017 with more revelations about Amy Taeuber’s termination including a tape of the Seven HR Department stitching her up and denying her the legal right of a support person. This happened not long after Amy Taeuber made a harassment complaint against a male colleague.


Its time for the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to intervene with a public inquiry given the likes of Rolf Harris, Don Burke, Craig McLachlan and the cover-up and/or threats in matters concerning Seven and Amy Taeuber, Talitha Cummins, Amber Harrison and my jailing for naming Channel 7’s Jane Doe 1 and Ors who have never denied the claims in court.

The hypocrisy of Seven

A follower gave me the tip today that the Seven Network have applied under FOI for all emails/documents relating to incidents/complaints of bullying/harassment/assault (including sexual) involving QLD Ministers as per below. Seven need to clean up their own house first before worrying about others otherwise they look like the hypocrites they are. 

For the QLD government website that has the screenshot above click here.

Seven have threatened many journalists and most media companies with legal action over the last year or so including the ABC, News Corp and Fairfax Media as well as bloggers etc. So much for Seven and free speech. I’ll write a follow-up article in the near future.

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  1. I`d be inclined to lodge a complaint against lawyer Keegan with the Legal Services Commissioner of the relevant State.They are knocking off solicitors and barristers at a good rate. Lawyers have ALWAYS manufactured whines against a contesting citizen, stretching the truth as far as possible, and blaming their client if the matter backfires. Judges let them get away with it because they did the same things when they practised.

  2. It is not difficult to see and read the clap-trap in Keegan’s reply to your correspondence. It is written in a similar way to that which a schoolboy with wealthy parents would answer after being caught perving on the girls in the shower cubicles.
    The comment at the end of Keegan’s correspondence, [quote]” If you did not receive those documents please let me know and I will send you a further copy.”
    (tugs forelock as he slowly bows before you)

  3. Dosent make me want to watch channel 7, disgusting behaviour from the top! seems to reak of injustice towards a young girl making a legitimate claim for protection! they should be ashamef of themselves! just my opinion!

  4. As has been made clear, including to Ms Harrison, the gofundme page was set up in error by a law clerk as part of an independent research task unconnected to and without the knowledge of Seven. The law clerk and Addisons have apologised for the error.
    BS. There is no law clerk on this planet that would commit such an ‘error’ without express direction and approval of a lawfirm partner.

      • Ross,

        Your beliefs of the (OLSC) are not entirely accurate. Contrary to what you may have read, they do very little.

        If you review the Annual Reports, and google (OLSC) you will become very alarmed.

        The (OLSC) protects Solictors and Barristers. While they do go after some, many go untouched.

        That said, having now had (18) plus months dealing with the (OLSC), I would encourage SD to submit a formal complaint 👍

        In fact, I would like to assist based on my experiences to date. I plan on sharing these to the wider audience in a couple of months.

        SD, there is plenty of time and I will write to you directly.

        Addison’s have in my view engaged in FRAUD, and have possibly sent you correspondence that not only breaches the Solicitors Rules, could fall under the other Act that you have raise, as I consider that email to be harassing, and threatening.

        One thing is for certain, their excuse is so lame, it is embarrassing. Regardless of who did it, the question is why someone was actually doing it.

        If it was a junior, they would not last (15) minutes in the witness box, before breaking down.

        This needs to be EXPOSED, and the (OLSC) is one Authority that could make an adverse determination.

        Lastly, ANYONE can make a complaint against a Lawyer or Barrister. It states the same on the (OLSC) website!!

        People need to ABSORB that and think outside of the square!!

  5. Hope you don`t mind, Shane, but I keep pushing your website in newspaper comments. If this is counter-productive, let me know. Latest bomb dropped in the Guardian:- ‘Lenore left out a major source of corruption–the legal profession and our courts. We exposed both way back in 1970 when we persuaded the Labor Party to pull divorce out of the Supreme Courts and create a standalone court. Which soon developed a corruption of its own. Look at the number of lawyers disbarred, fined or censured over that period from the 1970s. Now judges are being outed from their protected status by sites such as the Kangaroo Court of Australia. Social media means we cannot keep the lid on how we have been exploited for so long. ICAC is only the start of a long-delayed clean-out of Australian society’

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