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Sydney Siege, Smoking Gun ICAC letter re: Margaret Cunneen & why DPP Lloyd Babb SC should be sacked

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) is an absolute mess riddled with corruption. There is a drug taking culture amongst the prosecutors which has resulted in a recent arrest, the Director of Public Prosecutions Lloyd Babb SC is busily trying to cover-up their responsibility for the Sydney Siege gunman being free on bail. And then there is the Smoking Gun ICAC letter that should be the end of Margaret Cunneen as a public prosecutor which Babb has failed to act on.

Drug using Solicitors in the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Public prosecutors should be squeaky clean but only a couple of months ago senior management in the DPP office called the police to investigate the drug taking culture in the office. One has been arrested and maybe others will be:

“THE top echelon of the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions asked police to investigate its ranks fearing a drug culture was emerging among its star team of lawyers.”

“The ODPP Director’s Chambers sparked a targeted police investigation into ­alleged drug supply that has so far seen one solicitor charged with cocaine possession.”

“The solicitor, Lisa Munro, was a member of the ODPP’s elite team of lawyers, known as Group 6, which deals with high-profile cases including referrals from the Independent Commission Against Corruption.”

and “The sources said the Director’s Chambers was concerned about drug use throughout the organisation.” (Click here to read more)

Lisa Munro

Lisa Munro

It is amazing that there could be a drug culture in the Office of the DPP given these are the people who are meant to jail the drug dealers. It would also leave the prosecutors, who are drug users, open to blackmail from the criminals. I suspect a few might be up for taking bribes as well given they obviously have no respect for the law.

Ms Lisa Munro as mentioned above pleaded guilty last week to cocaine possession and will be sentenced in September. (Click here to read more)

The drug taking culture has been happening under the nose of Lloyd Babb and he has to take a large part of the responsibility for it happening.

Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen and the ICAC letter which shows she defamed her sister and lied in public statements

The below letter written from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to Caroline Cunneen is the Smoking Gun that should force Margaret Cunneen’s resignation or sacking from her role as a Crown Prosecutor.

I wrote in an article in May 2015:

“Margaret Cunneen has been telling the media since last year that she was being investigated by ICAC only because of a frivolous and vexatious complaint by her sister. The truth is it was a complaint by a Federal law enforcement agency which is certainly not a frivolous and vexatious complaint and needs to be fully investigated.”

“Cunneen would have been fully aware she was lying to the media and should be sacked for that alone. She was trying to make the investigation look trivial when it clearly wasn’t. A Federal law enforcement agency wouldn’t refer it to ICAC unless they have some very powerful evidence.” (Click here to read more)

Operation Hale as mentioned in the below letter was the name given to ICAC’s investigation into Margaret Cunneen for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Cunneen took legal action and the High Court said that Cunneen’s alleged conduct fell outside ICAC’s power to investigate. (Click here to read more)

Caroline Cunneen - Media Statement - 19-8-15 - 2

Why Lloyd Babb SC has not acted on the above letter is beyond me. Once again he has failed in his duty as the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Sydney Siege cover-up is in full swing

Almost immediately after last December’s Sydney Siege it became apparent that Man Haron Monis should never have been out on bail and people in the legal fraternity had a lot to answer for.

I am sure most readers remember the Sydney Siege well so just a brief background:

“On 15–16 December 2014 a lone gunman, Man Haron Monis, held hostage ten customers and eight employees of a Lindt chocolate café located at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia. Police treated the event as a terrorist attack at the time but Monis’ motives have subsequently been debated.

“After a 16-hour standoff, a gunshot was heard from inside and police officers from the Tactical Operations Unit stormed the café. Hostage Tori Johnson was killed by Monis and hostage Katrina Dawson was killed by a police bullet ricochet in the subsequent raid. Monis was also killed. Three other hostages and a police officer were injured by police gunfire during the raid.” (Click here to read more)

Since then an inquest has been investigating the Sydney Siege:

Inquest into the deaths arising from the Lindt Café siege

“The inquest into the deaths arising from the Lindt Café siege will examine the circumstances surrounding, and issues arising in relation to, the deaths of Tori Johnson, Katrina Dawson and Man Haron Monis in December 2014.”

“The State Coroner, Michael Barnes, will preside over the inquest. Jeremy Gormly SC and Sophie Callan are Counsel Assisting the State Coroner.” (Click here to read more)

Right from the start Lloyd Babb was trying to cover-up the role of his office in letting Monis out on bail when he clearly should have been behind bars.

“The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) initially sought to exclude the question of bail from the scope of the inquest and, more recently, to keep confidential numerous communications between police and prosecutors who examined a potential appeal after Monis was charged as a murder accessory in 2013 but released back into the community.” (Click here to read more)

Lloyd Babb SC failed in stopping the inquest investigating why Monis was out on bail. But in the last few days Babb has been successful in concealing numerous emails and documents under the pretence of legal privilege and also protected the names of two DPP lawyers from being published in the media.

“One solicitor, who has already given evidence at the inquest into the Sydney siege, unsuccessfully opposed bail for Monis on a charge of being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife in December 2013.”

“The second solicitor, who is expected to give evidence at the inquest on Thursday, advised against opposing bail when Monis appeared in court on 40 sexual assault charges just two months before last year’s siege.”

“Counsel acting on behalf of the media, Daoud Subtain, argued it was in the public interest to publish the names of the two men.”

and: “State coroner Michael Barnes dismissed the challenge and ruled to keep the men’s identities a secret.” (Click here to read more)

Why state coroner Michael Barnes is aiding and abetting Lloyd Babbs SC in the cover-up is very disturbing to say the least. The public have a right to know the full facts of what happened.

Lloyd Babbs SC has no right to be up to his neck in the cover-up. He has failed to act on the Margaret Cunneen matter probably because has she got too much dirt on Babb and the others in the DPP Office. Then we have the recent revelations that quite a few are suspected of having a drug problem.

Surely the NSW Government have to take action and sack Lloyd Babbs SC. This is a first of a number articles that I will be writing on the blatant cover-up attempt of truth behind the Sydney Siege.

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  1. One thing for sure the office of the DPP is a disgrace ,totally corrupt ,incompetent beyond belief ,Criminal by their perverting the course of justice and an outright blight on justice and Rule of Law . Even When the DPP prosecuted Roseanne Catt/ Beckett 20 yrs ago the Crown Prosecutor was sacked and jailed for child porn .

    The general public deserve much better from those in positions of Power and Authority but will we see change ? not unless some major players are sacked and jailed otherwise it will be business as usual for the Druggies and Criminals the DPP .

  2. Just an average Jo, of reasonable (I think) intelligence. Have always taken an interest (albeit not active) in the “affairs” of State/s and Public management of society in general….
    My jaw still drops when I read articles such as this…

    Naive ? most likely, but also so very sad, that there are people in position of authority who will try to confuse appropriate research.

      • Yes that’s right We the People ,put them there and then went to sleep and trusted them ,it is only us that can fix this ,but is there enough people that care about what is going on in the many Government Departments ? at this stage all I can see is things will get a lot worse if before they stand a chance of getting better .

        What a Frustrating and Sad situation it is . One consolation , and probably the only one is that thanks to this website we have full access to the truth and that is a great thing to have the ball is in our court .

  3. Looks like we should have another Royal commission on the Justice system as long as the commissioner doesn’t show his bias so that the DPP can call foul and kick the commissioner out. The rule book on Royal commissions went down with the Titanic. Like I have said before the whole fibre of this nation is a bloody shambles. Allan Usherwood Myalup WA.

  4. As you know I live in Melbourne and we only get the smallest bits of information on this Man Monis. I did notice that there seem to be a lot of documents ‘confidential’ and kept secret.

    I would have thought that this siege was of interest to all Australians everywhere and that there would be more publicity given to this enquiry.

    I am sure that you are correct Shane and it is another cover-up, I find it amazing that there are not more people who want to know exactly why this man was out on bail. After all everybody must be interested in our safety.

    I also agree with you on the dishonesty of Margaret Cunneen. I am pleased to see you are following these cases.

  5. And then there’s the DPP’s corrupt handling of the case of Roseanne Beckett which led to her being jailed for ten years. The DPP are out of control.

  6. It’s also highly likely that if a drug culture is established by the investigations, then depending upon whether it involves drug manufacturing, distribution, sale or use, it seems reasonable that the users in particular would have serious underlying mental health problems that needed addressing rather than punishment for their use…… a bit like alcohol abuse isn’t it.

  7. Margaret Cunneen must be sacked as the Crown Prosecutor immediately. That letter from ICAC exposes Margaret Cunneen as a disgusting liar. It is also the smoking gun against Margaret Cunneen as well. Is the NSW DPP fair dinkum in getting rid of corruption? Well absolutely not.

  8. Your right, but don’t shoot the messenger. It looks like the DPP is just another “town crier from the 1700s”. The fish to fry sit higher up the food chain….

  9. Incompetence alone does not explain how Monis was out there, and the manner in which he was able to arm himself and walk in there unchallenged on the day and time that he did. I strongly suspect he was silly enough to think they would let him “escape” after the politics and media part of it was completed, never realizing (except maybe near the end) that in the end he was just another useful, expendable idiot.

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