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Premier Mike Baird. Is he Australia’s #1 terrorist hiding corruption with threats?

There is clear-cut evidence that Premier Mike Baird’s government uses intimidation for political gain which could and should be classed as terrorism. I will use three documented examples of the corrupt conduct of Mike Baird’s government in this article but I know there are many others.


A google search says terrorism is: “The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”.

Given that this site is an anti-corruption site it could be said that this website is involved in the “the fight against terrorism”. For example the political terrorism by the likes of Premier Mike Baird.

Mike Baird’s merry men of terrorists are gutless fools like most terrorists as you will see below. They talk tough but when confronted they run and hide.

Terrorism example one and two – Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton – Threats and intimidation – Mike Baird’s Correspondence Manager Gayle Mitchell

On the 9th June 2015 I sent an email to Chief Justice Bathurst and NSW Attorney-General Upton, all the Supreme Court judges and others which started off:

Dear Chief Justice Bathurst and Attorney-General Upton

Kerry Stokes, his lawyer and fellow applicant Justine Munsie and barrister Sandy Dawson are clearly involved in bribing four NSW Supreme Court judges to have ex parte hearings and to issue orders in Stokes’ favour. The latest being Justice Davies who issued orders ex parte on Friday to make me take down 2 articles.

Any matter is hard pressed to justify one ex parte hearing and they should be extremely rare. Four ex parte hearings for one party in their favour and with court orders in their favour is a disgrace and a clear pointer to judicial bribery taking place. (Click here to read the full email)

(An ex parte hearing is a hearing with only one party there and without the knowledge and/or consent of the other party. The other party (in this case me) is denied natural justice as they cannot defend themselves and as such ex parte hearings should only happen in extreme situations)

On the 25th June I received an email on behalf of the NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton which said the standard line that they cannot intervene and that I should appeal. It also said:

“It is also not appropriate for you to publish the contents of such correspondence on your website as they are defamatory in nature and can be regarded as a contempt of court.” (Click here to read the full email)

I found that to be an amazing statement as there is no judgment saying I have defamed anyone and how can exposing corruption be in contempt of court. I wrote back and said:

From: Shane Dowling
Sent: Thursday, 25 June 2015 10:27 AM
To: ‘’ 
Subject: RE: Your correspondence to the Attorney General – (Matter15/002565)

Dear Sir/Madam

You say below that “It is also not appropriate for you to publish the contents of such correspondence on your website as they are defamatory in nature and can be regarded as a contempt of court”.

On what basis do you say that “they are defamatory in nature”. And please point me to the judgment that says that.

And on what basis do you say “can be regarded as a contempt of court”.

And when is speaking the truth a contempt of court?

I notice you make no mention of the applicants unjustified ex parte hearings being a contempt of court, why is that?


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I received no reply so I sent another email on the 25th August and said if they did not reply that I would write to the Premier. Once again no reply which I interpret as Premier Baird approving their conduct. (Click here to read the email chain)

For the Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton having a faceless person (no name on the email) write to me and say what I had written is “defamatory in nature and can be regarded as a contempt of court” is a clear attempt to use “intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. The political aim in this matter is to cover up the corruption of Channel 7 owner Kerry Stokes bribing NSW judges.

These are possibly some of the same NSW judges who were bribed $2.2 million by the mafia. (Click here to read more) This is not the first time the Baird government have used the defamation threat to try to intimidate me. In March this year a week before the state election Premier Baird’s Correspondence Manager Gayle Mitchell made numerous threats against me including threatening me with frivolous defamation proceedings that she did not follow through with. (Click here to read more) There is aa obvious pattern starting to emerge on how Premier Mike Baird and his government operate.

As a side note NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton is a former corporate lawyer and New York merchant banker who has sacked 7 government drivers in 2 years as a Minister. (Click here to read more) I wonder why? Is she paranoid they know too much? She sounds like a real nutter.

Gabrielle Upton (second from left) and NSW Premier Mike Baird

Gabrielle Upton (second from left) and NSW Premier Mike Baird

Terrorism example three – Assault by NSW Court Sheriffs

On the 24th of August 2015 I was at the NSW Supreme Court for a directions hearing. I made a complaint on the 26th August 2015 that is set out below which was also sent to the Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton. There would have been at least 40 witnesses in Court who saw the below complaint happen.

Dear Ms Linda Murphy – CEO & Principal Registrar Supreme Court of NSW

I am writing to you in relation to criminal conduct by a Supreme Court of NSW Sheriff which occurred on Monday the 24th of August. The conduct includes contempt of court, intimidating a witness and assault. This was aided and abetted by Registrar Rebel Kenna.

I was representing myself in court on Monday in the matter Munsie and Ors v Dowling 2014/114469 which was before registrar Rebel Kenna and I asked her to transfer the matter to another registrar and she refused. So I gave her a mouthful as I have had her before and she does whatever barrister Sandy Dawson (who represents Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Munsie) says in a clearly blatant way.

Some background: The case is a frivolous and vexatious defamation matter where I am being sued that has gone nowhere for almost 18 months as Kerry Stokes has no intention of going to hearing. Everyone knows that when I am allowed interrogatories and discovery the case will be withdrawn by Stokes. The judges and Kenna have been aiding and abetting in the delaying tactics.

What I said to Rebel Kenna on Monday was within the confines of the 2004 High Court of Australia judgment Coleman v Power which is quoted and referenced on the Judicial Commission of NSW website.

On two occasions when I was standing at the Bar Table addressing the court the Sheriff came up to me and threatened me in an extremely aggressive manner saying words to the effect “I have warned you” when he did not like what I had said to the Registrar.

This was clearly done to intimidate me in an attempt to deny me natural justice. It was also clearly contempt of court as a Sheriff does not have authority to threaten someone at the Bar Table. It also constitutes intimidating a witness which is a criminal offence.

Both times the Sheriff came up to me he came within 30 centimetres. So much so I could smell his stinking breath. Once again this shows he was trying to intimidate. He also deliberately invaded my personal space and his actions fall within the definition of assault as outlined on the Judicial Commission of NSW website at:

This email is a formal complaint and I want action taken and a response to what has or hasn’t happened. Rebel Kenna is also liable as she allowed it to happen in her court and therefore obviously approved of it.

I would also like the Sheriff’s name in case I need to take the matter further


Shane Dowling

The response I received was basically a cover-up by the Supreme Court CEO Linda Murphy. (Click here to read) She replied a month after the complaint and said she had read the transcript for that day and would not do anything. (It was not the complete transcript. It deliberately left out the part where I was threatened by the Court Sheriff about 20 minutes earlier) Amazingly Linda Murphy never bothered to talk to any witnesses and ask what happened. Or most likely she did and then decided on the tactics to cover it up. She said she had passed on the complaint to the Court Sheriff who has not been in contact.

At no stage did Linda Murphy deny what I allege in my complaint which is in effect admission given how serious the complaint is. It is a bit hard to deny it when there were 40+ witnesses.

Once again this is an Australian court using physical threats and intimidation against litigants who blow the whistle on corruption and the people and politicians above giving it complicit approval by their non action. This is clearly a type of terrorism. How many other people have been illegally threatened by court sheriffs when they are standing at the bar table trying to defend themselves?

I won’t say more now as I will follow up with the above complaint.

The bottom line is: Do the three examples I used above fall under the definition of “The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. I say they do which makes Premier Mike Baird a terrorist.

The fake Premier Mike Baird is slowly being exposed for who he is by the “Internet Truth Train” and I doubt history will be kind to him.

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  1. How can a legal judge be impartial, when in close association with insurance companies?
    As judge for insurance industry awards, the Ron Shorter Memorial Award hosted by sponsors of the award, Colin Biggers & Paisley on 28 May 2013, one was Principal Registrar of Supreme Court of NSW, Linda Murphy.
    “Zi Lim, QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited spoke on “Certifying an Act of Terror – the role of insurance in response to terrorist attacks”. The presentation focused on key insurance issues such as aggregation and terrorism levies”
    ‘winner for 2013 was Patrick Williams of Moray & Agnew. Patrick presented on the “Potential pitfalls of liability expert evidence””
    The group Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA) is the Australian chapter of the International Association for Insurance Law ( Association Nationale De Droit Des Assurances – AIDA). AILA has co-joined with the NZILA. AILA maintains an ongoing liaison with segments of the insurance / reinsurance, legal, loss adjusting and broking fraternities by having AILA industry liaison representatives acting as ambassadors in those professions.

  2. What you have described in this post is the exact same thing that is going on in the Family Law Court and now you know why there are so many fathers are committing suicide because what you have just described in this post is what fathers who are litigating in the Family Law Court are now calling NORMAL PROCEDURE in the Family Law Court

  3. Although Baird’s popularity seems unusually high but judging by the earlier polls so was Shorten’s further prof that the public have no conception of integrity or character, any unsavory facts uncovered on Baird will not surprise me, when he took over from O’Farrell there was a cloud over his head whilst treasurer of the NSW government I suppose these things will all come out and bite his bum. Allan Usherwood Myalup. WA.

  4. Premier Mike Baird is fully responsible for the administration of the Ombudsman Act 1974 in NSW. Mike Baird was aware of a child abuse cover-up by the NSW Ombudsman’s office for many years. Nevertheless, Bruce Barbour got away with it.

    Premier Baird failed to sack Bruce Barbour and even praised the ombudsman: “… I would like to commend Mr Barbour for his service to NSW,” Mr Baird said”

  5. Sounds to me like you are again 100% correct premier Baird is a Terrorist a liar Traitor Fool and Thief ,and Yes History will not be kind to him and rightly so, but I also think there is a bigger Terrorist and he is an Ex Banker as well his name is Malcolm Turnbull .

    I remember a court in Canada during a very important trial of Ernst Zundel where the Judge said ” Truth is No Defence ” nothing has changed except more and more people are aware of how fast justice has disappeared along with our rights .

    An unrebutted Affidavit stands as Truth but when dealing with Terrorist’s We need to have more tricks up our sleeve .

    I too have been Assaulted by Police and a Sheriff which has caused a lot of pain and I have now commenced legal proceedings for that .

    My Uncle walked 28 days in 1915 as a Gilgandra Cooee to help the Anzacs when no one else was brave enough to go ,they left our shores National Heroes ,and I am dam sure they didn’t do that so we could be abused for defending ourselves against corrupted and deceitful So called Governments or Terrorist’s . And I just walked 500 plus km’s in their Honour as Part of the Centenary of the Anzacs and Cooee March

    I will never give up seeking justice , Never !

    • Mike Baird now has by his side the most powerful corrupt public servant John McMillan OAIC July 2015 appointed him NSW Ombudsman and McMillan is seeking to resume as Cth. Ombudsman in 2017. God help Australia

  6. I am of the understanding that in fact, contempt of court is a construct of common law and thus can only apply in common law jurisdiction. Ex parte hearings in particular and also, contract law, civil law, etc, are not heard in common law. Any threats, enforcement, or use of contempt of court outside of common law jurisdiction is an act of fraud, then you would be a victim (ironically) of the common law crime of fraud…

  7. Baird Government quietly pass legislation that allows councils and other bodies to enter homes and properties without a warrant!
    Councils tried to quietly get these powers through in State amendments to POEO Act a few years ago. But our group exposed it back then in a Parliamentary enquiry with evidence embarrassing to the State government showing council abuse of such powers. The State backed off but publicly suppressed the evidence.
    Now we find out that these same powers were slipped into amendments to the ‘Environmental Planning and Assessment Act’ last year.
    Read more on this site:

  8. 170’000 signatures pleading with Queensland Attorney General to appeal this gross injustice fell on deaf ears! Infact, the A/G has not once replied. What makes this case even more CORRUPT is the fact that Gary Brabham has prior history for molesting children!

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