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Justice David Davies – The sleazy, slimy corrupt go-to man at the NSW Supreme Court

I have been writing about Justice David Davies criminal conduct since June 2015 and have made documented complaints to ICAC, Chief Justice Bathurst and the NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton.

It is important to write about this because an inquiry into the judiciary is probably not far away. Especially given recent revelations that a police report says NSW judges have been taking bribes off the Mafia of at least $2.2 million and that there is a police file that names paedophile judges. Someone in the police force is obviously leaking this information for a reason.

In June this year Justice Davies had a secret hearing for Kerry Stokes son Ryan Stokes and issued corrupt court orders for Ryan even though he was not a party to the proceedings. When I pointed this out later Ryan Stokes applied to become a party to the case. Justice Davies has never given reasons for his secret hearing or the orders he issued although by law he has to. So immediately we have perceived bias, actual bias and corruption.

Justice David Davies seems to be the go-to man at the NSW Supreme Court for people who have issues with ICAC. Problem is I made a complaint to ICAC about Justice Davies a couple of months ago and have also written about his criminal conduct since then so Davies shouldn’t be anywhere near any ICAC matters.

As it turns out Davies is the judge who on Monday (30/11/15) will hear the second application by perjury boy Kerry Stokes and his bumbling son Ryan Stokes to have my defence struck out in their frivolous defamation case against me. Justice Davies is clearly good mates with Kerry and Ryan and did them a huge favour back in June but more on that in a minute.

Eddie Obeid and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

Justice Davies was a NSW Labor Party appointee in June 2009 (Click here to read more) and most likely good mates with many Labor Party politicians and/or cronies. So it is rather disturbing that Davies is the one dealing with Eddie Obeid and his claim against ICAC.

Eddie Obeid is the former Labor Party MP who was investigated by ICAC for corruption. On the 31st July 2013 ICAC recommended criminal charges against Eddie Obeid and he was charged in December 2014.

It must be noted that Justice Davies did make Obeid hand over his passport so he couldn’t do a runner after a lower court Judge refused to do so. But Davies really had no choice as it was quite scandalous that Obeid had received such favourable treatment.

Obeid is so corrupt 2 Fairfax Media journalists published a book about him and I doubt that it will be long before Justice David Davies name is on the front of a book. I should know because I put corrupt bribe taking former judge Justice Michael Moore’s name of the front of a book.

He who must be Obeid

Mr Obeid is now suing ICAC and quite a few of its staff in effect claiming he was set up by a blackmailer and ICAC. Justice Davies is the one hearing the case.

The case is so frivolous and vexatious the only chance of it having any legs is for it to have a dodgy judge hearing it. So it seems like they have called on Justice David Davies for a bit of help.

“Obeids’ own barrister had conceded his clients “would not have the courage” to get into the witness box to provide evidence to back up their  “serious allegations” against nine ICAC staff” (Click here to read more)

Surely there would be a Supreme Court judge who could hear the case that isn’t accused of being corrupt themselves and wasn’t appointed by the well-known corrupt NSW Labor government in 2009.

This is the same as the fact that Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes do not have the “courage” to answer interrogatories and or hand over documents that I have requested and are being protected by crooked judges like Justice Davies.

Margaret Cunneen and ICAC

On November 4th 2014 Justice Davies helped corrupt Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen:

LAWYERS for top crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen have today won a Supreme Court order that will force ICAC to reveal details of what she has called the “malicious complaint” that sparked their controversial inquiry.

Justice David Davies has made the order this morning and on Thursday will hear an application for an urgent injunction to stop the public inquiry, which is due to begin on Monday, November 10.

Justice Davies granted them permission to issue a notice to ICAC to produce documents which relate to the complaint, the reasons why they have decided to conduct the inquiry and the reasons for the public hearing. (Click here to read more)

Justice Davies forced ICAC to hand over documents but he himself won’t hand over written reasons (or any reasons) for his secret hearing with Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson. How the hell can he sit in judgement of ICAC or others on similar issues or any issues really.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst

Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and ICAC

I have written about Justice Davies corrupt conduct and made complaints many times so it is scandalous that Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has lined him up to hear my matter on Monday.

Some examples are:

On the 9th June I wrote an email to Chief Justice Bathurst and Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton and highlighted the corrupt conduct of Justice David Davies. The same email I raised again in my last article.

On the 5th July 2015 in an article on this website I wrote this about Justice David Davies”

“A couple of weeks ago on the 5th June 2015 Justice David Davies and Kerry Stokes lawyers had an ex parte hearing (a secret hearing they never told me about until afterwards) and issued various orders making me take down 2 articles. (Click here to read the orders) I ignored the orders as they were corruptly issued.” (Click here to read the full article)

Then on the 7th July 2015 I wrote an article titled “Top secret police report says Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2m. Some corrupt judges named” (Click here to read) and said this about Davies and others:

“Some of the corrupt judges I have had first-hand experience with and have evidence of their corruption and have previously named on this website are Supreme Court of NSW judges:”

Justice Ian Harrison, Justice Lucy McCallum, Justice Peter Hall, Justice Michael Adams, Acting Justice Henric Nicholas (now retired), Justice Clifton Hoeben, Acting Justice Robert Hulme, Justice David Davies, Justice Peter Garling, Justice Stephen Campbell and Chief Justice Tom Bathurst. I wonder if any of them (or how many) shared in the Mafia’s $2.2 Million judicial bribe.

I followed up with an article on the 19th July which has an email I sent to ICAC regarding a complaint I made to them and names Justice David Davies as being corrupt and one of the people I had complained about to ICAC. (Click here to read)

I also sent an email to Justice Tom Bathurst, Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton and most of the NSW Supreme Court judge’s associates on Thursday night before I knew what judge was hearing my matter asking if they can guarantee I won’t get a corrupt judge on Monday. Given the recent police reports of judicial corruption and criminal conduct I thought that it was a fair question to ask them. At this point I have had no response.

Just so no one says the title of this post is defamatory, it is actually your constitutional right to criticize judges (including calling them corrupt) as covered by the 2004 High Court judgement Coleman v Power which regular readers would know. There is nothing Justice Davies can do about it and it is time for all Australians to start calling a spade a spade when it comes to the fools masquerading as judges in this country. If we all do it then an inquiry into judicial corruption will happen sooner rather than later.

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  1. Here, here! The whole system is corrupt and good on you for bringing it into the open. The more people stand up and fight and take everything to court, the less likely they are to get away with it.

  2. offer him some ribbons & a skirt to go with his curly wig, & he might just do a little slip jig

  3. Judges, like politicians are dodgy as they all come from drop out dodgy lawyers and there lies the problem. Many judges have been kiddy fiddlers and the maffia has owned many judges and politicians for years.

  4. As I have been reading on KCA for sometime, this judicial corruption is obviously endemic in the NSW system and needs to be cleaned up now.

  5. Yes I agree the whole system and the staff are corrupted beyond Redemption .

    We need a Royal Commission alright ,but one with real terms of reference , and sadly the Paedophile Judges you speak of have many well to do friends ,some with blue uniforms

    and lots of silverware ,some with Khaki uniforms and again with lots of silverware ,and others who are right up there with the millionaires and big business guys and girls

    all in all the very people who you would expect to protect children and uphold the Law are doing the exact opposite .

    I for one Do Not Consent so Lets break Down their walls and put them before a court ,then put them behind a big wall for a long time , this cant go on much longer surely ?

  6. Having just read the link to the swearing in ceremony in 2009, I just couldn’t stop laughing at the what was said!!!!. Is s swearing in ceremony supposed to be professional and serious or some sort of “get together of mates at the local pub”, unbelievable!

  7. Yes, have seen first hand corruption at the local court level, local magistrate, prosecutor and detectives discussing cases at the local club on who will be found guilty and who will not. Funny how you know a decision 2 weeks before going back to court.

  8. The Judiciary is obviously neglecting its lawful duty of Judicial independence, which may be defined as the ability of a judicial officer to conduct their work free from improper pressure by executive government, by litigants and by particular pressure groups.

    There needs to be a Royal Commission with a general scope to investigate every aspect of judicial recruitment, training and performance etc.

    It seems the Judiciary in NSW in particular, has recklessly chosen not to understand the historical origins of the principles of judicial independence that are all too often taken for granted today, considering Australia is a modern democratic state/society the Judiciary mostly in the lower courts it seems have been blatantly ignoring their obligation and duty to act independently without interference and perverting the course of justice. Lets hope this will be at their imminent peril.

  9. What we need is a Justice John Deed, as seen on TV. We only need one like him to make a vast improvement here. It may only be a TV show, but all the elements of chicanery in the legal/political system in the UK is exposed. Perhaps a similar series could be developed in Australia. How entertaining and educational would that be?

  10. Justice David Davies is indeed well-known, not in a good way.
    I did not think it was possible that he hears your case against Kerry Stokes and Son.

    But then everything is possible in the nowadays Judiciary, which as you have often explained, is being paid more than their handsome salaries and of course the rules have gone out of the door long ago.
    The whole lot needs throwing out and then start again, however, it must be impossible to
    find honest replacements, they just ain’t there..

  11. Frank Scargill, you took the words from my keyboard, well said. It would appear that John Deed is as good in bed as he is in court judging by his conquests the writer must be very close to the production to have this seemingly accurate knowledge of the system in Britain which of course would be the same here.The public has reason to think it is any different from the TV show. Allan Usherwood Myalup

  12. Don’t despair, honest replacements are always there, but only if you want to find them….which of course depends on who’s looking for them.

    We all know that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer,you only need to start culling those that need culling ….one at a time….just one at a time!

  13. This is all like Music to my Ears. Hoeben = most definitely. Bathurst = most definitely. Then there is Basten = most definitely. Their system is buggered – broken to pieces. And Yes Upton along with them. The people, as individuals have allowed them to fester away until this putrid mass has now formed. A royal commission is long overdue.

  14. I wonder how long we have to wait for good citizens to take the law into their own hands against these so called “law of the land” evil low life scum that utterly makes good people do something insane for the sake of REAL JUSTICE.

  15. What you are suggesting is utterly wrong!
    You don’t take the law of the land into your own hands, ever: as this is exactly what the “dishonorable people” are doing!

    Another way, is to expose by name and deed where the evidence supports the charge. This includes the biggest players of all…. the CEOs of our mainstream media being the most dangerous puppet masters around ( Rupert Murdock did chat with Ronald Reagan didn’t he) …start there!. Without a free press to report local, national and more importantly international events there can be no justice, in many local, national or international events.
    Who are these people?…. What is their history?, What are their networks, How did they get whether they are? Long live whistleblowers!

  16. TD Happen. Wake up and smell the roses. People are already turning against certain groups /bodies. We can only see it becoming very bad before it turns back to normal. TOO MANY LIES told by too many dirty rotters. They only have themselves to blame. And YES good on the whistle blowers Con.We can at least trust them to tell / write the truth.

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