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Larry Pickering, known fraudster and thief, is looking at jail time with smoking gun evidence

The Queensland Police are finally investigating Larry Pickering for major fraud estimated to be at least $15 million. Pickering has been a criminal on the run for many years but his time looks like it is up with reports that police questioned him last week about his sports betting software scams. Below is smoking gun evidence of Pickering on tape deceiving a court pretending to be a Mr Paul Perry which should see him do some jail time by itself.

I’ve been given a confirmed tip that the Queensland Police Fraud Squad have been traveling interstate to interview witnesses. There is a truck load of evidence to convict Pickering and he should have been charged at least 4 years ago when the police were handed a huge file of evidence by investigator Ken Gamble.

The Daily Telegraph reported last week:

FRAUD Squad detectives have reopened the investigation into cartoonist Larry Pickering and his involvement in a sports trading company called Cohen Strachan Investments that collapsed owing millions.

Queensland Police are going back over the original files and are understood to have quizzed the 72-year-old political satirist at his Gold Coast home last week.

Pickering helped set up CSI, a sports arbitrage company selling software to punters guaranteeing big returns from supposedly sure bets.

The company went bust leaving more than 100 investors without their life savings, valued at millions of dollars. (Click here to read more)

Why have the police re-opened the case and why was it closed in the first place when they have so much evidence? It has been known for years that Pickering has been running scams and I wrote an extensive article in August 2012 titled: “Larry Pickering who ripped off $15 million in a betting software scam claims to be investigating Julia Gillard for the AWU fraud scam.” (Click here to read)

Rumor says it was re-opened because of pressure from Malcolm Turnbull. I have to wonder if that is true but something made the police re-open it. Whatever it was it’s about time.

There are two video’s below that tell the story of the evidence. The first one is a Channel 9 story from 2011 and the second one is from a small claims court in Gosford in 2012. I wrote how Pickering’s scams worked in 2012 and I have copied that below as it is the same now.

How the Larry Pickering scam worked.

Mr Pickering’s $15 million betting scam was done through a company called Cohen Strachan Investments. As you will see in the video below Mr Pickering refused to answer questions when A Current Affair tried to interview him in October 2011. He just stayed in his house and would not come out to be interviewed. Pickering had other people appointed as the directors but he was the man who owned it. Larry Pickering worked at the company himself and used the name Paul Perry when he was trying to sell to investors.

Mr Pickering refuses to answer the reporter’s questions in relation to allegations that he was involved in a major fraud involving millions of dollars. In the video ACA cut back to a previous story done years ago where Larry Pickering admits being involved in a previous scam selling software that predicts winners in horse races. So why did he get involved in another scam. He has been doing the scams for years. Google Larry Pickering scam or Larry Pickering fraud and you will see.

Mr Pickering told News Ltd in relation to his involvement it’s “not true” “I don’t know where all this comes from” “It is rubbish.” But Pickering did admit that he helped set up Cohen Strachan Investments (CSI) 5 years ago. (Click here to read the articleThe only thing left for Pickering to do is claim he was “young and naive” like Julia Gillard has when he set up CSI. He would have been 64 years old at the time so it would be a bit rich to claim he was young and naive but knowing Pickering that will not stop him.

Smoking Gun tape – Pickering caught pretending to be Paul Perry

Larry Pickering has ripped off hundreds of people if not thousands over the years and one of them was Ricky Partington who took him to a small claims court in Gosford NSW in 2012 in an attempt to recover $17,600.

Mr Partington was in court in person and Pickering was on the phone using his alias Paul Perry. (Click here to read the judgment) Larry Pickering has said he had nothing to do with the scams but there are many witnesses including former employees who say that Pickering used the alias Paul Perry when conducting his scams over the phone.

The below tape goes one step further because you can actually hear Pickering pretending to be Paul Perry on a tape recording of the small claims hearing. The tape was bought legally by Mr Partington as the small claims court sell the recordings and/or transcript. With witnesses it is Pickering’s word against theirs. But with tape there is no room for Pickering to tell his lies.

In the recording below you hear Mr Partington talk and then at the 1 minute and 40 seconds mark you hear the Judicial Officer say. “Mr Perry have you heard all that.”

Pickering: Yes.

Judicial Officer: “I am now going to ask Mr Perry some questions.” And then you hear Larry Pickering talk again.

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Larry’s son Jamie Pickering was committed to stand trial in March for supplying cocaine to four teenage girls. (Click here to read more) A real classy family by the looks.

The fact that Larry Pickering has failed to make any public statement given he was interviewed by the police a week ago is quite telling. If he isn’t charged this time something is still badly wrong with the Queensland Police force.

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  1. NO !

    • queen1, I tend to agree..This has more to do with Turnbull protecting himself and others than it does about real justice. This is what sickens me. Politicians doing all they can to cover up their own dirty deeds by having cases long closed re-opened because it suits their political needs. Now that the swing against the Libs in the North Sydney bi-election shows that Turnbull is not the saviour he believes himself to be with conservative voters he will try even harder to shut down all who have dirt on him. The Greens have already started their dirty (filthy corrupt) campaign against ALA scared they may lose Senate seats. This re-opening of the case against Pickering is a Political move -nothing more nothing less.

  2. There is a lot more to this story than has been told.
    Pickering worked with disgraced former PI and ex detective Mick Featherstone and was involved in a LOT more than just CSI. Gamble had proof of Featherstone’s involvement which was passed to the Queensland Fraud Squad years ago and like the thousands of other complaints was buried by Brian Hay the head of the Qld fraud squad for reasons yet to be proven.
    So Pickering had Featherstone working with him. Featherstone was an ex fraud squad detective who was very close to Assistant Commissioner Wilson who retired after being investigated for other serious issues.
    Not hard to see why Larry was never investigated even though there was evidence he committed serious fraud.
    The Fraud Squad even refused to charge Featherstone over numerous other very serious offences – he appears to have been a protected species in Queensland.
    The police had no option after the inquiry into Organised crime in Queensland stated that the gold Coast is the home to most of Australia’s fraudsters and organised crime gangs running scams.
    Maybe they should talk to Larry about his current projects as well.
    Organised Crime at it’s worse.
    There is plenty of evidence that Larry is a liar and a conman – just need the Qld Police to actually do their job – (which they refused to do for a decade)

    Sure Larry will have the Nyst Lawyers represent him. Scum looking after scum.

    Larry will put up false posts – he has done this repeatedly over his years of scamming. Featherstone and Pickering ran websites deliberately targetting their opposition.

    Well done for this article – the pressure did not come from Turnbull – it came from the thousands of people who were affected when the Queensland fraud Squad refused to investigate certain organised crime figures very well known on the Gold Coast.

    Check out the Irish Boys – great mates of Pickering.

    The Gold Coast became the home of all these scammmers because the Police openly refused to investigate.

    • I agree with that George. The Gold Coast is a haven for criminals like Pickering to scam, blackmail people. The Queensland police have plenty of questions they must answer over their refusal to investigate Larry Pickering until now. It just doesn’t make sense that the evidence against Pickering is there for a long time, but only been finally investigated recently. Many people have been burned by Pickering, they are responsible for the police investigation achieving the final likely outcome against Mr Pickering. Turnbull was not responsible for this recent police investigation against Pickering.

    • This is a great follow-up piece on Pickering, his cohorts in crime and the inefficient – read muffled – corporate QPS – read ‘force’ in place of service, compliments of Bligh – who promise much and deliver zip.
      And to you Mr George Parker: Glad you brought up the Featherstone connection-he left the force in 1996. Back in 1998, as a computer software training professional, I was invited by a GC firm to investigate & implement the set-up of their off-the-shelf accounting software and train their daughter in how to use said software. This NZ family firm was selling race-horse, sports betting software for thousands of dollars & attempted to coerce me into making follow-up calls to victims to hurry-up the payment process and to then up-date their financials on a per-hit basis via on-line banking updates. Over the very short time I was contracted by this firm, I received many complaints from the call-staff about the pressure sales they were forced to make and when they would be paid, as most had gone unpaid for many weeks. This firm was based in Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise and backed onto a well known watering hole-cum-sleezey night club named Melba’s.
      Down the track, my family had dealings with Featherstone’s Phoenix Global in 2008, after our child was run over by a red-light runner. PG was recommended to us by our child’s litigation solicitor to report on witness statements & the driver’s GC criminal lawyer (P.o.t.t.s employee) was invited to ‘consult’ with us by this litigation solicitor – a true conflict of interest – but that’s another story.
      What stands out to me is this: The appearance of Pickering at Melba’s back in 1998 with this firms family at round table discussions & the distinct possibility of who else I believe I saw there – Featherstone – who at the time I knew nothing about, but upon seeing his photograph, I am more than sure it was him at this meeting back in 1998. On Pickering being there, it was a no brainer. It was him! Can I prove it? No I can’t, as it would be my word against his and with his connections to organised crime, I would have been crucified had I have come forward so long after the event.
      Mr. George Parker: You are absolutely correct in stating “There is a lot more to this story than has been told”. View this article from an insider: ‘It’s organised crime … they think they’re untouchable’ > – Quote: A former Gold Coast police detective has told the ABC’s 7.30 program he tried to blow the whistle on what he saw as improper relationships between police and the private investigator at the centre of the CCC’s boiler room investigation, Mick Featherstone. Stuart Phillis, who spent 17 years as a Queensland Police Service detective on the Gold Coast, told the ABC he suspected information on the police computer system had been leaking to clients of Featherstone who were being investigated for fraud and other serious offences. But Mr Phillis was warned off by his superiors when he raised the close links between Featherstone, himself a former detective, and senior Gold Coast officers.
      You have to question why wasn’t Pickering’s involvement mentioned in this article?
      Sorry if I went a tad off Pickering topic here, but there is a connection between Pickering-Featherstone-QPS-Legal profession and I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for years since connecting the dots via your informative investigations.
      Thanks very much for keeping us all informed. Stay safe & Merry Christmas!

  3. OMG, The more you scratch the surface, the deeper it gets, and the putrid smell emanated. Good Old QLd, Sunny one day, and sh…. next day. This is because police dont like to investigate their mates. This is a new world. When you wrote in 2012 , I didnt understand the depth of the case . So only now In know it.Tks for open the Pandora box

  4. What I do know is that Larry Pickering has got the number of the political lefties…the ALP anthro global warmers and GLBT crowd would love to see him closed down…

  5. Just as a matter of interest, I wonder how much truth is in the claim by Pickering, that he was visited on a wet and windy night, by a couple of coppers, to talk about death threats that Pickering had received. This claim came after a series of articles and cartoons, about Moslems, that appeared on his Pickering Post website. Pickering claimed that he received a knock on the door, that night. Looking at the first vid, by Ch9, there is a security gate which is controlled from inside the mansion. A knock on the door would not be possible without requesting access through the security gate. There was no knock on the door, there were no coppers and there were no death threats. Just more of Pickering’s lies to impress his gullible readers.

  6. A few questions:

    Where did Pickering’s son get the cash to buy two bars in Surfers Paradise? Did the cash come from the missing $15 million?

    I have, on good authority, info that L Pickering is a stakeholder in his son’s company, ZRO Technologies. How much does he get from that investment and what name does he use, seeing he claims to be in receipt of the age pension?

    There is a lot more to this con-artist than meets the eye.

  7. Some of the teenage girls his son supplied cocaine to were only 15 but they were allowed into his nightclub, served alcohol and taken back to his flat and given cocaine, according to the reports at the time of his arrest. I posted on Pickering’s facebook page, “Are you going to go after your pedophile son the same way you go after the church Larry?” Needless to say I was and still am blocked from his site immediately.

  8. I heard he sold his nightclubs, sold his penthouse and his mansion in Molendinar. Now has 50 million real estate development in Nth Qld. Wonder who bank balance has got a boost?

  9. Pickering was good friends with the one and only Anna Bligh. Little wonder he was never investigated by Australia’s own Inspector Clouseau (Brian Hay)
    Enough evidence of the links between Pickering and Bligh.
    Enough evidence of the links between Pickering and Featherstone.
    Pickering and Cropper, Pickering and Foster, Pickering and Emerton, Pickering and Glen Connelly, Pickering and the Irish boys (in Aust and overseas), Pickering and Gatto. Pickering and Nyst – all one big club protected by the Queensland police and judiciary.
    Ask the federal court in Queensland why they released Peter Foster early from his gaol sentence. Was it to give him time to take out a hit on his major witnesses as now being reported in the media – the Judge is lucky people have not been shot – appears the safety of witnesses is not very important in Queensland – the welfare of career criminals like Foster takes precedence.
    This really is a joke – it is only because certain people kept pushing for an investigation (sometimes at risk to themselves) that anything is being done.
    These guys threaten anyone who tries to expose to them and their disgraceful scams.
    Death threats, vicitimisation, threatening phone calls – we have had it all as have a lot of other people – and what do the Qld Police do – NOTHING.

    BRIAN HAY stated that these people were not dangerous – HE IS A COMPLETE JOKE and should be held accountable for protecting ORGANISED CRIME SYNDICATES that openly threaten anyone who tries to expose them – BLOODY DISGRACEFUL.

    The Qld Police will not get away with a couple of show trials – we have already given them a massive amount of information regarding members of these groups living the high life on defrauded money in Australia and overseas or running new scams openly – the police have not scratched the surface and appear to not want to. May be they have not been provided with enough stafff – typical Government trick so as not to investigate properly.

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