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Scott Morrison steals another $2 million to give to the Angus Taylor Cayman Island family trust

The Cayman Island company, Eastern Australia Agriculture, which was set up by federal MP Angus Taylor and corruptly given $80 million for water that didn’t exist will get another $2 million for water that may or may not exist.

With the original $80 million purchase, the then agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce, had to rig it so he could pay well above market value so he got rid of the requirement for a tender process which is standard for government departments and then paid $millions more above market rates.

How many $millions will Scott Morrison and the government give to Eastern Australia Agriculture before the next election?

The chances of Barnaby Joyce having his own Cayman Island account, which ownership of are basically untraceable, would have to be red hot and the chances of some of the stolen funds being in it would be red hot as well.

When Barnaby was questioned on who the financial beneficiary of the original $80 million he refused to say for a long time but eventually said in one interview that it was a family trust. Given that Angus Taylor set up the company, but claims he no longer has an interest, one has to conclude the family trust is owned or controlled by Angus Taylor or one of his family members. If that’s not the case Angus Taylor can correct the record by saying who the financial beneficiaries are which he would know but has refused to say.

One thing is for certain, both Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce know who is the financial beneficiary of the $8o million and who the true owners of Eastern Australia Agriculture are and given they won’t say it is fair and reasonable they have a lot to hide. In those circumstances, it is also fair and reasonable for the public to use all available evidence to draw conclusions.

What the new $2 million fraud shows is that the Scott Morrison government doesn’t care about being exposed acting corruptly. If they couldn’t tell us who was ultimately getting the $80 million before why are they sending more money to the Cayman Islands?

Angus Taylor and Scott Morrison

Angus Taylor and Scott Morrison think stealing from taxpayers is all a big joke

What is also disturbing is that only one media outlet, The Guardian, has reported the new $2 million scam. And it has to be called a scam because we do not know who is getting the money and the government MP’s who know, Joyce, Taylor, Littleproud and others won’t say.

The Guardian report starts off:

The federal government is spending up to $2m buying water from Queensland agribusiness Eastern Australia Agriculture in a bid to keep an internationally significant wetlands from dying, despite paying $80m to the same company three years ago for water rights for the same purpose.

The $80m purchase of overland flows from Eastern Australia Agriculture has been controversial and is now under scrutiny by Australian National Audit Office.

The extremely large purchase was done without tender by the former agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce, who concluded that the opportunity was exceptional and that it warranted direct negotiations. (Click here to read more)

When Barnaby Joyce says he “concluded that the opportunity was exceptional and that it warranted direct negotiations” what he really meant was that it was an “exceptional” opportunity to rip off taxpayers $millions with his mate Angus Taylor.

Angus Taylor sent legal threats last year to journalists over his involvement in the fraud and theft but he has never backed it up and his lawyers refused to reply when I sent them questions last year. I take that as an admission by his lawyers that Angus Taylor was involved in the fraud and theft.

Federal Water Minister David Littleproud has to take responsibility for the scam

Water Minister David Littleproud has been crying about an article I published about him titled “Water Minister David Littleproud’s family linked to $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud yet he is still Water Minister” as being false. He even used his appearance on the ABC’s QandA program in October 2019 to attack social media and my article.

But Littleproud is now in a position where he can’t duck responsibility because as Water Minister, he would at least have some say in water buybacks and would know, or could easily find out, who the financial beneficiaries of the new $2 million buyback are. That would also likely solve who the financial beneficiaries of the original $80 million Eastern Australia Agriculture fraud are.

Ultimately this is the same scam repeating itself and Scott Morrison has to take full responsibility because he has fostered the environment to allow it to happen and likely approved it himself given his previous form with rorts.

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  1. Seems most of the LNP and Nats just can’t be trusted handling taxpayer money except for only their personal gain, Morrison and others have previous form rorting the systems.
    sack the whole bloody lot and charge them ALL

    • The trust is likely just an offshore repository so the funds can be redistributed into the crypto currency of choice. No point in jailing them, they’ll still have the money, its untraceable and unrecoverable. The only way to stop this is the rope and lamppost solution.

  2. Wouldn’t trust that Angus Taylor as far as I could throw him.. The people of Hume( His electorate) think he is the next PM(ha ha)

  3. Getting rid of them is simple, don’t vote for the corrupt, crooked rat-bags.
    Why do people complain if they’re not prepared to take action, people power can make changes but the general attitude of apathy is glaringly obvious throughout Australia.

    • To true but occasionally communities galvanise and stop stuff like Eqinox from drilling for oil in the great Australian Bite !!😇

  4. Yes, it is the Australian, and international apathy, by the mentally subjugated communities, who keep voting for them, instead of charging them with treason, all of them, all parties, and demand an implementation of our constitution, which gives we, the people, the right to sack them all.
    What an example of dis-honesty these immbeciles we keep allowing to stand for election, they are, and, why don’t we, youo and I, stand up against them, demand they step down and face legal proceedings for their traitorous behaviour?

  5. Throw the lot of these thieving scrum in jail with the general pop and see how long they last . These barsteds are running this country as well as running it into the ground and they expect us to work harder for less wages and an older retire when you are to old to be able to stand letalone have a retirement that you can enjoy like these scumbags are doing right now on our money.

  6. People need to understand all Politicians are in the game to make money at the taxpayers expense ; we need to set a one term limit and out the door. Then they would hesitate their evil ways as they would be back in the real world.

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