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Water Minister David Littleproud uses QandA to attack social media for exposing his links to a $20 million water fraud

Water Minister David Littleproud used his appearance on Monday’s QandA program (28/10/19) to attack an unnamed person and Twitter and Facebook users for accusing him of having links to his wife’s cousin’s $20 million water fraud and theft.

While Littleproud didn’t name me or this website it was clearly in reference to myself and an article I published on the 28th of April titled “Water Minister David Littleproud’s family linked to $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud yet he is still Water Minister” which has been shared 88,000 times on Facebook and 1000’s more on Twitter as per the below example that was tweeted in September and was shared 461 times.

David Littleproud Twitter article.jpg

David Littleproud’s attack on me and the social media users who have promoted the article was a clear attempt to divert from the question that he had been asked which was about members of parliament having to declare their assets but not water rights they own.

As it currently stands assets such as property and shares have to be declared on a parliamentary register but they don’t have to declare their ownership of water rights which is an issue I also raised in my last article titled “Australia will be importing milk from China in 5 years because of corruption in the Murray-Darling basin says pastoralist Rob McBride“.

In answering the question David Littleproud firstly said he is no longer married and then spoke about his former in-laws being dry farmers implying they didn’t have water licenses but not actually deny it. Then he said:

“We get a lot of people who hide behind the curtain of Twitter and Facebook, get on a keyboard and say a lot of things that aren’t right. Quite hurtful. You know what, have the courage to come forward and put your name to it.”

My name is all over this website and on my Twitter account so there’s no hiding from me.

Then Littleproud spoke about the fact that someone on social media had raised the link between him and his wife’s cousin who had been charged with fraud which is almost verbatim the title of the article I wrote in April.

Given that no-one else has written about the fraud and David Littleproud’s link for a long time or ever to the degree that I have and the fact that my article has been going viral on Facebook and Twitter since I published it then it’s obvious he was talking about myself, this website and the supporters who have been sharing it on social media.  I have also raised the same issue in other articles since which also wouldn’t have made him happy. (Click here to see some of the other articles)

The below video shows a QandA audience member asking the question and David Littleproud trying to avoid answering it to try to divert attention away from the question.

Littleproud had to be asked a third time before he said he had nothing to declare. But what about other politicians such as Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor etc? And do any of the large corporates who own water licenses donate to the National of Liberal Parties?

David Littleproud - Mick Keelty

David Littleproud and former AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty who is the new Murray-Darling Basin’s top cop

The April 2019 article started off:

The current federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud has direct family links to the $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud which has resulted in police charges in Queensland. David Littleproud’s wife’s cousin, John Norman, is the kingpin of the alleged $20 million fraud and was charged in August 2018 after the police raided his farm in October 2017.

Yet David Littleproud is the one Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the government has overseeing complaints and an investigation into the separate $80 million Murray-Darling Basin Watergate scandal involving federal MP’s Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor.

This is shaping up as one of the biggest fraud scandals the country has seen.

There is a federal $13 billion Murray-Darling Basin plan which put simply covers rivers / water flow in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. It says on the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) website:

The Basin Plan aims to ensure the water resources of the Basin are shared between all water users in a sustainable way. It is about striking a balance and maintaining a healthy and productive system to sustainably support industries and communities.“ (Click here to read more)

Buying back water rights and/or giving grants to farmers for water-efficiency projects are two ways the Murray-Darling Basin plan is meant to achieve its stated goals. But water buybacks and the water-efficiency projects have been left wide open to fraud. David Littleproud’s wife’s cousin, John Norman, claimed $millions for water-efficiency projects on his properties and he is alleged to have actually used the money for farming instead.

While the $80 million fraud involving federal MPs Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce involves a water buyback fraud at inflated prices and the money being funnelled to an overseas company based in the Cayman Islands that was originally set up by Angus Taylor. There are still many unanswered questions and both Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor are refusing to answer those questions.

The main focus of this article is David Littleproud and his perceived bias and links to a number of water frauds. But if you are new to the story watching the below video gives a very good backgrounding to the Angus Taylor / Barnaby Joyce $80 million fraud. (Click here to read the full article)

Everything I said in the article was relevant, fair and reasonable. Littleproud has no reason to whinge especially with the number of lies he tells. Nothing he says can be believed and everything he says needs to be questioned.

David Littleproud was called out for lying on QandA about what really happened with the government draining the Menindee Lakes for no reason by Maryanne Slattery from The Australia Institute as per the below video. Littleproud sat there like a stunned mullet when he was caught lying on national TV in front of a studio audience full of farmers and country people.

David Littleproud tells lie after lie which shows he has nothing but total and utter contempt for the farmers.

I originally wrote the April 2019 article about David Littleproud because it was relevant to the $80 million Angus Taylor / Barnaby Joyce Watergate fraud as Littleproud was at the time Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. After the May 2019 election, Littleproud was sacked from the Agriculture portfolio but kept the Water ministerial position.

A point everyone should take-away from this article is that we now are the media and have been for a long time. Someone like me can write a relevant article and you, the supporters and readers, can drive its influence by sharing it. Almost every time David Littleproud is in the media that article gets a run and another few thousand shares and that’s why it has been shared over 88,000 times. At the current rate, by the next election, it probably would have been shared close to 500,000 times which shows we do have an ability to get our voices heard.

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  1. When will you follow up how the national$ have also gifted the drinking water supply of Armidale NSW 2350 to Costas Tomato Farm Guyra NSW to grow tomatoes for export and the profit of foreign shareholders by ‘losing’ the water supply contract containing a Force Majeure clause that would suspend contract obligations for water supply? The Tomato Farm gets unlimited water from Malpas Dam while Armidale ratepayers are on Level 5 water restrictions.

    The actions of Barnyard Joyce and NSW Minister for Holla$A Marshall in these water matters also need to be exposed.

    • Unfortunately ALL our politicians, except a few independants, are either owned by BIG FARM, BIG CORPORATES, BIG BANKS and are traitors to all Australians, as they are continuing to sell us all down the drain, especially farmers, small business, so they and their pupateers, can make mega dollars as they sell us into hell.
      This has been going on for at least 100 years, and, as usual, the Australian citizens are too damned lazy, stupid, to get off their collective arses and change the system.
      Now what will anyone do?
      Will they, as usual, run ’round in cicles, blaming everyone else for the mess, or will some politican, with some balls, stand up, demand an election, that we, the voters, can have a chance to send all the Labou, Liberal and Country party politicians to the sin bin, to we can find leaders who are ready to lead, willing to put government back in the hands of the commuity, are willing to stop this ongoing theft of our natural resources, and charge all involved in this criminal behaviour with treason.

  2. How about Littleproud and his cohorts try and sue in a collective manner all supporters of KCoA, the relevent articles written by S.D, the supporters’ comments and individuals who spread the truth relating to Littleproud and all corrupt politicians who somehow believe that they are not Public Servants.

    (Collectively, under the umbrella of Christianity, people elected to become ‘politicians’ who purport to be of Christian faith, swear on a Bible to be a servant of ‘the people’ prior to being accepted to take office as a government member.)
    [quote] purport – “to claim to be, or do a particular thing when this claim may not be true, appear to be or do something, especially falsely”

    It should be possible for Australian citizens to sue corrupt judges( public servants} and politicians for illegal acts against their own laws and ‘the people’.

    Many comments state that ‘someone or something’ must be done to stop whatever illegal acts are being enacted.
    If the major political parties do not receive the majority of election votes, or preferences, then a minor party with the majority of votes will govern a State, or Australia.
    The pen is mightier than the sword but most of those who complain don’t use the pen to solve the complaint.

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