Attorney-General Christian Porter

Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988

Attorney-General Christian Porter is the alleged “Cabinet Minister Rapist” accused of raping 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988 in Sydney. It is a national security crisis that has left the Prime Minister and federal government open to blackmail by foreign powers and immediate action needs to be taken. Any foreign country, companies or opposition politicians etc could easily blackmail Scott Morrison and/or Christian Porter by threatening to make public the allegations against Christian Porter.

I emailed Christian Porter questions today as per below, but he has refused to respond at this point.

The Australian media and other politicians have totally missed the national security crisis and focused on the rape allegations which have been dismissed by Scott Morrison as being a police matter and out of his hands. That is a lie by Morrison as the police cannot do anything given Katharine Thornton is now deceased and Morrison knows it.

Scott Morrison has said that he has been advised by AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw that he does not need to take any further action. Once again that is a lie because we know that when the Member for Manila Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen was visiting bars, for several months a year, in the Philippines the AFP investigated to see if George Christensen had been compromised as a potential blackmail target by foreign countries.

The allegations of rape against Christian Porter are a lot bigger security risk than the allegations against George Christianson yet the AFP Commissioner has not advised the Prime Minister of the security risk? That’s not believable but given the government has only a one-seat majority in parliament they can’t afford to lose even one politician, so Morrison doesn’t care about the national security threat. But all opposition politicians should and must take action even if that means naming Christian Porter in parliament with the parliamentary privilege protection that gives them against defamation action. The reality is Christian Porter won’t sue anyone as it would put a spotlight on the matter and he would lose because the matter is political communication which is protected as per the 1997 High Court judgment Lange v ABC.

Scott Morrison and the government are trying to cover-up the rape allegations against Christian Porter and the media won’t name him or Katharine Thornton, but the media’s reporting has left many clues and social media users have been investigating with some of the evidence below. In any government cover-up, it is important to get as many details as possible publically known which puts pressure on the authorities to take action and stop the cover-up.

The media has reported that Katharine Thornton said she was raped in Sydney in 1988 but first met the alleged rapist in 1986 in Adelaide. (Click here and here to read more)

Christian Porter’s Wikipedia page said he was in Sydney in 1988 as captain of the Australian team for a World debating competition but the reference to it kept being deleted on the weekend. I managed to take a screenshot when it was up and Tweeted the below. (Click here to see on Twitter)

But the reference has again been deleted on his Wikipedia page. (Click here to see)

Christian Porter and Katharine Thornton

Christian Porter and Katharine Thornton

The World debating competition in 1988 was held at the University of Sydney and the nearest police station is Redfern. The media have reported that the police complaint about the alleged rape was made at Redfern police station.

The 1986 National Schools Debating Championships were held in Adelaide and Christian Porter was at school in 1986 and in his schools debating team so he would have been in Adelaide. And Katharine Thornton was in the Adelaide school’s debating team in 1986. (Click here to see on the SADA website)

Katharine Thornton also went to Perth in 1987 for the National Schools debating competition which is where Christian Porter is from so they might have met again then.

It has been widely reported that the person alleging she was raped in 1988 by Christian Porter died of suspected suicide in 2020. The ABC quoted the police as saying:

The NSW Police statement said: “On Wednesday 24 June 2020, the body of a 49-year-old woman was located at a home at Adelaide by South Australia Police (SA Pol).” (Click here to read more)

Katharine Thornton passed away on the 24th June 2020 in Adelaide. She was born on the 23rd February 1971 which meant she was 49 years old. It is the same person that the NSW police are talking out. It is sad that I have had to do investigative work to find that out. The Australian public has a right to know and it should have already been reported.

Below is the email I sent Christian Porter today which I also sent to Senator Penny Wong, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Senator Simon Birmingham.

Sent: Monday, 1 March 2021 2:35 PM
Subject: Rape allegations against Christian Porter

Dear Attorney-General Christian Porter

I will be publishing an article naming you as the Federal Cabinet Minister accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in 1988 in Sydney and I have a few questions.

  1. Can you confirm that you are the federal cabinet minister accused of raping a 16-year-old girl that has been in the media in the last few days?
  2. Do you know who Katharine Thornton is?
  3. Did you ever meet Katharine Thornton?
  4. Did you ever have a sexual relationship with Katharine Thornton?
  5. Can you advise that you or your staff edited your Wikipedia page over the last few days to delete the reference to the debating competition that you attended in 1988 in Sydney?

Would you like to add any further comment which I can publish? Please respond by 7pm tonight (1/3/21) so I can publish.


Shane Dowling

Senator Wong and Senator Hansen-Young were both emailed the allegations against Christian Porter last week and Senator Birmingham knew Katharine Thornton personally as the below Tweet from 2010 shows. Katharine Thornton published a book titled “The Messages of its Walls and Fields” and Senator Birmingham Tweeted the below. (Click here to see it on Twitter)

Some people might think I should not have named Katharine Thornton. There are many reasons why I should. For starters, the government are trying to cover these allegations up and like I said previously the only way to stop a cover-up is to make as many details as possible public which makes it hard for the cover-up to continue. Also, I read today:

“What she wanted fundamentally was accountability, in the sense of the perpetrator being held accountable,” she says.

“And I think the way we can try to provide that is to ensure that a proper, thorough a well-resourced coronial inquiry occurs.

“And also through, ideally, providing a platform for her through print, and television, which was what she wanted, for her story to be told in all of its dimensions. And for that, to involve her name and who the perpetrator was. (Click here to read more)

To me, it sounds like she was happy to fight her battle publicly the same way that Brittany Higgins has, so I have no issues in naming Katharine Thornton. And what if Christian Porter is a rapist and it was to happen again? Would journalists who had an opportunity to out him have some responsibility?

I gave Mr Porter the opportunity to respond above but he has chosen not too, and he could have outed himself and fronted the media, but he has chosen not too.

The Canberra media have focused on the rape allegation and what will the government do about it. They should not. The media need to put the rape allegation aside for a while and focus on the national security crisis, with Christian Porter not stepping aside or being named publicly, and that will force action by the government and then maybe there will be some chance of having an investigation into the rape allegation or at least get a commitment from the opposition for the Senate to have an investigation.

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  1. Well done breaking the story. Please also ask why NSW Police refused to immediately interview the complaint but rather delayed with the spurious excuse that Covid prevented them from going to Adelaide. SA Police was able to give special exemptions if applied for. Poor woman got sick of waiting and told them to get stuffed and the rest is history. Lame excuse. Of course nothing to do with the fact that NSW Police is under the control of a very parochial NSW liberal party. As the great Private Eye says “Shurely shome mistake?”.

    • Yes and actually the SA police could have taken the statement from the victim and given to the NSW police. There is no legal or constitutional issue with doing that.

    • When I first heard this story about another woman assaulted by Christian Porter, I did not know who it was .Now I hear it was my old friend Katherine Thornton from Saints, my heart froze.
      I did Debating at NHS , just down the road and I used to see her on the bus a lot.She talked about what happened to her in 1988, but would not name her attacker.I sought her help in Debating when I went to another school as well.I am angry as I thought that she did do something about this years ago as she said she would.I had similar experiences and so I knew her pain…….

    • Justice is finally done. Today, Sydney Morning Herald
      Christian Porter and his defamation barrister are facing a potential costs bill in the order of half a million dollars after losing a legal fight with a friend of the woman who accused the federal Liberal minister of rape.

      Mr Porter and Sydney defamation expert Sue Chysanthou, SC, were ordered to pay the legal costs of Jo Dyer, a theatre and film producer and festival director, after she won Federal Court proceedings to stop Ms Chrysanthou acting for Mr Porter in his defamation proceedings against the ABC.

      At a hearing in the Federal Court on Tuesday, Ms Dyer’s costs were estimated to be in the order of $550,000, based on one assessment. But Mr Porter and Ms Chrysanthou have queried how that sum was calculated.

  2. Cheers, re naming Kate. I sleuthed it yesterday joining some dots. Seeing her tribute notice and the date clinched it.
    RIP Kate.
    Interesting coincidence the other accused rapist worked for the previous AG, Brandis.
    Excellent work btw.

  3. seems Canberra is chock a block full of serial sexual offenders, and all this is the tip of the toxic iceberg,

  4. Thank you for publishing this. Voter have a right to know these details so that they may make an informed choice. We can only hope that Porter will drop the prosecution of Bernard Collaery (in a secret trial).

    • Strongly agree! It seems so hypocritical what he has done to Bernard Collaery and Witness K with the secrecy behind it all.

  5. Odd how the religious ‘holier-than-you’ Coalition has never condemned two adulterers (Joyce and Tudge? But, then, they haven`t stirred over pedophile judges and the corruption of the legal profession.

  6. I connected the same dots as you did – I don’t know about the propriety of naming KT but it took 10 minutes of Googling to figure it out (going off the list of SA debaters for the year) so it’s going to come out. I’m hoping someone reads her entire letter into Hansard under parliamentary privilege preferably while Porter sits there twisting in the wind.

    • I hope that if Porter ever stands for re-election (perish the thought), he is soundly defeated, and spends the rest of his miserable life in a hell of his own making.

    • Maybe we should contact SHY and urge her to read the letter on the condition those who compiled the dossier and her next of kin agree. She’s at least alluded to naming said suspect.

    • Agree totally that this is recorded in Hansard. I did some sleuthing and had come to the conclusion that Porter was the rapist. I emailed Morrison and indicated my suspicions as he has bad form previously. Don’t expect a response from him

  7. Thanks for publishing. Why are Christian Porters (alleged) actions also not considered a conflict of interest!!
    The highest law maker appointment in our government in a position to legislate laws to protect himself.

  8. Thank you for being perhaps the only media source to name the alleged perpetrator and the deceased person. It seems as though just about every federal politician and mainstream media outlet has known about this for months/years. They are happy to wave “allegations” in front of the public for political purposes or as clickbait journalism, but won’t actually name anyone involved. The threat of defamation never seems to worry them when it’s rugby players, and as mentioned, Porter wouldn’t dare sue anyway. It was reported by the ABC that there was going to be a coronial inquest in SA regarding Katharine Thornton’s death but now that seems to have gone quiet. It is the very least she deserves.

    • On
      right now,
      acknowledges the possibility that the complainant’s death was not a suicide, says investigation is of paramount urgency.

    • Why has there been no mention of the rape being reported back in 88 as you have suggested?
      Where did you get your info?
      Why hasn’t the NSW Police have any records?

  9. I reached essentially the same conclusion.

    However, you have got it a bit wrong. The people editing Porter’s wikipedia page were doing so to implicate him and didn’t care much about the true details. You need to use wayback machine a bit more judiciously to ascertain the truth.

    In fact Porter was at the relevant World University Debating Competition, but not in a capacity of ‘captain’ of the ‘Australian team’. There was no ‘Australian team’: it is a competition primarily between different university teams.

    The competition had its opening night on 3 January 1988, opened by then G-G Sir Ninian Stephen.

    At that time, neither Porter nor Thornton were at university.

    There were, however, two teams competing made up of Australian school students:
    1. Kate Thornton and Matthew Deeble.
    2. Christian Porter and Daniel Mulino.

    Matthew Deeble yesterday went to the media to say he was with the complainant on the night of the alleged assault.

    Daniel Mulino (now ALP federal MP) has not yet made a public statement.

    Despite suggestions of Porter taking advantage of a much younger woman, she would have been only about seven months younger than him.

  10. Thanks for including her picture, giving her a human face. It adds weight to the necessity that something be done. Christian Porter has demonstrated has the AG he likes keeping stuff secret. As a white, privileged lawyer he knew any accusations towards him would be dismissed or he could cry defamation. He obviously has no remorse for Katharine because his behaviour and attitudes towards women are still despicable.

  11. Rape is a horrible abuse of power for personal gratification. Surely you would never put a person suspected of rape into a position of power until a thorough investigation has exonerated them.

    But when I look at this government’s attitude to power – I see robodebt. Robodebt, a scheme designed to terrorise the vulnerable into handing over their money – so that the government could brag about a budget surplus.

    Power is something to be used sparingly and wisely. There is something sickening about this government’s abuse of it.

  12. What of the suggestion she was murdered that Turnbull alludes to? Can you investigate this? Could Dutton be involved? He seemed to go into hiding over this … looks sheepish and suspicious.. I hope they are caught. There ought to be a petition to oust this government. Hopeless criminals that they are!

  13. ‘Leave it to the police to solve’? Ha, that`s why we are in the mess we are in today. Too many dodgy deals covered up or dismissed. Where`s the investigation into the bribes and pedophilia KCA has been posting for yonks. Every time there`s a Royal Commission into various State Police, they expose the cover-ups that seem to go on from generation to generation. And how many RC recommendations are implemented?

  14. Thank you so much for publishing this information and for making it harder for the PM and CP to hide.
    What a sad and terrible debacle.

  15. That would explain why CP went ballistic with the 4 Corners expose where they gave details of his University days of sleaze. That was cutting too close to the bone, the one he wanted to hide.

    • Yes, I totally agree with this.

      Also the barrister who spoke out, I am sure she knew even more than she disclosed on Four Corners.

    • And interestingly he was the most vocal of all the LNP about that program. He even tried to stop it from airing and when it did he then stated publicly that he would seek legal advice for possible defamation. This clearly shows that he has plenty of things to hide.

  16. Great work, thank you. Given that he is the AG, I am still perplexed as to why Wong, Hanson-Young and Turnbull (having knowledge of this since 2019) simply ‘left it to the police’ rather than addressing it in parliament. How could the two female senators continue to work with him albeit across the floor.

  17. And now we’ve been told this afternoon that the NSW Police have closed the case. This is a disgrace. Thank you for calling out this parliament sex pest. I hope this poor woman gets justice however with Federal Politicians involved I can’t see it happening.

      • NSW Police referred it to the DPP who advised there was insufficient admissable evidence on which to lay charges.

      • So the DPP advised there was insufficient admissible evidence to secure a conviction. I therefore ask again – why is this a disgrace? Was the DPP lying or perhaps simply displaying downright incompetence? If the DPP was lying or being incompetent, how do we know this?

  18. Total lack of leadership from our PM. The gutless alleged rapist has tarnished all of his male cabinet colleagues as being perceived rapists by not taking ownership and responsibility for the alleged rape. A truly despicable debacle, why would anyone vote for this bunch of filth.

  19. Why do the media keep repeating that it was an alleged historical rape? No one says “historical murder” or “historical armed robbery.”

    There needs to be an investigation. Someone who commits rape is probably capable of more than that and has probably offended more than once. The average number of offences for each rapist is 6 times.

  20. If anyone sues KCA I will be donating to this website (and will donate anyway). If KCA starts a GoFundMe defense fund it will probably be overwhelmed with donations such is the feeling out there towards the cabinet rapist. An apparently that other little alleged grub Bruce Lehrmann has escaped overseas.

    • I doubt Porter will sue me and he would lose anyhow as I say in the article. But you never know, he might try it on. The ABC has reported that the government wouldn’t allow Lehrmann to go overseas even if he wanted to.

  21. According to tweets on auspol ppl are thinking Lehrmann has gone to the U.S. Not that you can believe everything on Twitter, or maybe anything, but it also wouldn’t surprise me. There is no end to what people will do to cover up for their mates.

    Anyway KCA is has just about reached national hero status today.

  22. Fun Fact: Type

    Porter rapist

    in any of Bing/DuckDuckGo/Ecosia

    and this page pops up FIRST


    Porter rapist

    into Google and …. this page has DISAPPEARED

    If you are coming here for the first time – know this – the above linking is a direct result of the recent “world-leading” legislation that allows the government to increasingly control the flow of money from digital advertising in Facebook/Google to their favourite media companies and hence ultimately control the flow of information. Make no mistake, we are one step closer to tyranny. Know this too; Google is being evil by being in cahoots with our evil government and all of its rapists/crooks/liars/inside-traders/cayman-island tax dodgers/shirkers/censors/paper-shredders/abusers/cheats/cronies/sportsrorters/porkbarrellers/misogynists/environmental vandals/supercilious twats/thieves…and that’s just the cabinet.

  23. Dead man walking I would say. Dead man walking. Political career just gone up in smoke. And he “catergorically 100% denies” it does he? Absolutely 100% guilty look all over him.

  24. I’ve just shared this on seven different subreddits, the truth needs to come out! Thanks mate for your journalistic work.

  25. What a strange coincidence that the police close the case the day before Porter decides to call a press conference. There must have been some serious cloak and dagger stuff going on during the last few days. Nothing to see, my little hamsters!

    • The lady in question is dead. Nsfails police have failed her miserably. There is NO excuse for the nsfails police lack of urgency, dedication, or professionalism.
      The SA coroner is the last hope for justice, this should NOT be missed.

      AUSTRALIA cannot afford an Attorney General or Primeminister who cannot support the INDEPENDANT role of Police, or the judical system. PORTER must stand down, resign, or be removed from the position of A.G. IMMEDIATELY

  26. This will be the third time Morrison is going to go out the door with his tail between his legs.
    There is no way he did not know about this prior to Porter being outed in the ABC 4 Corners as it will come out that the ABC journailsts had asked about it. You could see it on the Morrison’s face today. They knew he knew because they had asked the question prior to the programme. That is why they were so sure Porter would do nothing about it.

  27. And don’t forget that this horrific act is said to be not the rape of a female in the usual sense; this was the far more brutal rape. It’s so horrible that I don’t even like to write the word, but I think it needs to be known.

  28. Thank you for giving some power back to the victim. I thought it was telling that when interviewed Malcolm Turnbull twice answered that “she was discovered dead” when suicide was discussed. Obviously, trauma reappears constantly but is there any chance Katherine was in fact murdered? This alone should ensure a full investigation.
    Additionally, thank you for sending that email to Porter – this timing obviously has played into his having to make a statement. Strangely enough, Porter has rejected Katharine’s claim, Morrison seems surprised that we don’t all understand and accept his statements- top tip Scott – the man denying the consent claim is why it’s referred to as rape and interestingly not many men suddenly appear at police stations admitting they raped someone!
    What did we expect- Morissons lack of understanding of the real world is breathtaking – he needs to spend less time in church praying for miracles and more time in the real world making change for an issue that has been around causing primarily women untold trauma since his “god walked the Earth.”-

  29. Some of Katharine Thornton’s statement is available on-line, and in it she states the cabinet minister may have drugged her on the night of the assault. Given that the drugs Bill Cosby used were popular in the 1970s and 80s, and the fact that the victim is now dead, there needs to be a full and independent investigation of the minister.

  30. Interesting that you have the guts to do what the MSM will not do. What the PM, gormless worm, will not do. If we had a leader running the show and not some failed advertising clown with his fingers in pedophilia protection rackets, this would already be dealt with. A swift sacking from the party and the ministry would be appropriate followed by an inquiry into the matter. This woman took her own life there is no greater pointer to the guilt of Porter. This guy has form going way back and several broken marriages because of his vile misogynist agenda. One would hope that one of the ex wives would come forward to defend the sister who has taken the ultimate step for freedom from this vile criminal. He is our attorney general, the highest law maker in the land. Go figure. LNP Liars Narcissists Parasites ……..oh and rapists as well ….

  31. Couldn’t finish watching the press conference, I just felt sick to the stomach. Get rid of him, the ADF bonehead and the rest of them. According to Louise Milligan there are more victims of Porter. So I guess the defamation lawyer he’s hired is to try and scare them off. I hope they come forward.

  32. Watching the press conference he looks like one of those husbands the police present to the media when they are looking for his wives killer (knowing who did it)
    Crocodile tears!

  33. I’m surprised that Australian Prime Ministers do not do background checks before choosing their cabinet in most other Australian workplaces you would be sacked or denied the job. It just proves Members of parliament are in a league of their own.

  34. Porter said he never entered her room.
    He said he watched her ironing the shirt.
    Where did she iron the shirt?

  35. Is anyone drawing a link between Porter, his position as AG and being top of the chain regarding ASIO. They are not know as the ‘AGs’ for no reason. I bet the Director General of Security must be having kittens. How anyone with any sense of decency would not stand down pending the outcome of a review of allegations, is incredible. Just goes to show how morally deficient this person is. It would have been so much simpler to just tell the truth!

  36. What is sad is that there are some people on social media right now saying that they can’t tell whether Porter is lying or not. I hope they never sit on a jury, whether for sexual assault or any other crime. The first thing law school teaches students is how to act and convince a jury. That was exactly what Porter was trying to do in that press conference.

    • Exactly! He was rated one of the top 5 debaters in the world in the 1990s. That, being a lawyer and being a successful politician, all point to his highly developed persuasion skills.

      His performance is likely to incense anyone else he has assaulted over the years. Hopefully a tsunami is coming his way.

  37. Did I miss something in that Porter interview? Was he trying the Sergeant Shultz ‘I know nothing’ defence, even though he is supposed to be one of the best legal minds in the country? Was he claiming that he had never read the ’30 page’ accusation? If I was in his situation, I would have gone through the police complaint, paragraph by paragraph, with comments, so that I could answer questions at the interview, even if I was as guilty as hell. But Sergeant Shultz, that is beyond belief??

  38. As a genuine question I wonder why it is that when a man is accused of rape, innocent men worry “What if I was falsely accused of rape” when presumably no one has ever falsely accused them. But they also are presumably have not been the victim of rape. But they don’t seem to think “What if it was me who was raped and people didn’t believe me.” Men as well as women are raped by rapists, and presumably most men witness men acting violently at some point in their lives, such as down the pub or sport etc… yet the likelihood of actually being raped as a man seems more probable than being falsely accused of being a perpetrator, yet the innocent men who worry never seem to imagine being the victim of sexual assault, they worry of being falsely accused of it. It is puzzling.

  39. After the unveiling today of Christian Porter, the current Attorney General of Australia, as the alleged historical rapist, and his subsequent strenuous denial, one wonders for the integrity, not only of the law in Australia but also the lawgivers of Australia, the Federal Liberal Coalition government lead by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

    Nothing less than an independent inquiry will suffice to clear the matter up as Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and many others have pointed out. The Attorney General cannot be found guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, but for the sake of the integrity of Australia and the credibility of its leaders, this inquiry must go ahead, all evidence considered and conclusions drawn.

    Only then, can this matter be laid to rest, and if it causes the government to fall, and the end of political careers, then at least the cancer at the centre of Australian politics will have been excised, or at least exposed. For everybody’s sake, not just the deceased rape victim, this must happen. Denial is not a solution.

    As George MacDonald Fraser wrote: Political correctness is about denial, usually in the weasel circumlocutory jargon which distorts and evades and seldom stands up to honest analysis.

  40. It reminded me of watching the interview with Prince Andrew. Sad that media commentators are trying to shift the blame onto Porter’s parents for putting too much pressure on him rather than his own misogynistic attitudes. Funny how rape is never the fault of the rapist.

    I feel sorry for Katharine Thornton’s parents. Porter couldn’t say Katharine’s name. We only know her name because of KCA. The prime minister we never got to have. That sick grub thinks it should have been his job. I hope he quits politics altogether.

  41. Porter: ‘It did not happen’. Known in the trade as the Robodebt Defence. Well, it didn`t work for victims when Porter and Tudge sooled the dogs onto welfare recipients, so I guess it shouldn`t work now. But, then, we have come to accept that there are two sets of rules.

  42. Today he was inconsistent with the answering of questions and when the Prime Minister found out about the situation.
    Christian Porter as was shown on Four Corners last year has form, but whether he did it no one knows. i do think however he should not be Attorney General. The highest legal position in Australia and he has this stuff hanging over him.

    Good on you Kangarroo you do an excellent job, a job which our current media are useless at doing. Keep up the good work.

  43. And also we may yet find out through witness statements how close they were, because today he said he hardly knew her.

  44. That press conference wasn’t for the public today. The performance of being shattered is to play on the sympathies of his other purported victims. Louise Milligan has hinted there are more victims, a reporter asked Porter today about a non-disclosure agreement, and Malcolm Turnbull has questioned the circumstances of Katharine’s death. Porter is desperate to appear wounded with the shadow of the defense lawyer in the background. He wasn’t given the title of champion debater for nothing. It’s the hallmark of a manipulative person that they will suddenly cry that you are driving them to the edge if you start holding them accountable. If there are other victims please come forward in public or to the police if you can.

  45. “Reporter: Are you saying that the specific allegations, they were very specific allegations, that have been made quite obviously, are you saying that there is no truth in it at all? The very detail…

    Mr Porter: It is exactly what I am saying. All I have by way of the allegations is what I have literally read, the same things that you would have read. They just didn’t happen.”

    Both Porter and Morrison admit to not having read the 31-page dossier submitted by the complainant. They are denying the contents of the dossier they haven’t read!! Too clever by half I think.

  46. The fact that Porter refuses to read the dossier written by his accuser is the confession of a guilty man. He should pack up his office and go immediately, taking his Napoleonic ‘born to rule’ complex with him!

  47. Time for the libs to go never again labor are not much better but a poor woman died no one commits suicide for nothing, am disgusted in all of them including the police who in my opinion stalled as much as possible sucking all hope out of her your finished libs and Porter your job is untenable, she died last year but she took you down 1 year later, she was an amazing lady google her at linkedon she left her page open for everyone to see her achievements normally its shut unless your a member and an affiliate she planned ahead RIP and welcome Labor please be honest and treat us Australians with respect

    • And within 24 hours her linked in page has disappeared from the web! The link and its synopsis still show but the page does not – even Wayback which archives almost all web pages (545 billion of them) says it has no records of the linked inpage “”?

  48. Again we see ScoMo’s double paternalistic and mysogynistic standards. On one hand, he stands by his AG, and absolutely believes his strenuous denials. On the other hand, he threw his Defence Minister under the bus in the Brittany Higgins issue, by not standing by her and stating that he wished she had told him. I am sure she tried to do her best

  49. Where is Daniel Mulino in all of this ?????
    He was there on the night concerned……
    La Folie !!!!

  50. I cannot believe the Government knew nothing about her death in June 2020. Am sure the police contacted the Ministers Office and told them she was dead and also told the Attorney General’s office. An enquiry if done properly would prove there was a cover up commencing from June 2020 when she died. If not for her friends who brought this to light we would never have known anything. The MSM attempted to keep her name out of this making her just a faceless accuser but now she has a face and a name Christian Porter’s job is absolutely untenable even in the back bench am sure he will leave Parliament and be given millions in compensation by the libs and the Australian Tax Payer

  51. Katharine Thornton’s friends and family saw ability and skills in her that pointed to her being the prime minister one day based on merit and talent. While media commentators say that Porter had that expectation put on him from a young age . . . because he was a boy and was entitled to it? Was Porter subtly inferring that he was innocent and helpless because he had never ironed a shirt? It sounds like blame-shifting to the parents. If he was expected to be PM because he was male, white, able and rich, and not because of talent, then that would make me angry too if I was a boy.

  52. Expectations placed on boys because of their biology can harm them but whatever Porter’s background, it doesn’t excuse his behaviour if he did the things that are alleged. It seems like private girls’ schools tell girls they can have the world, and private boys’ schools are saying to boys that they own the world and everything in it. Perhaps that’s too simplistic but that’s what it looks like.

  53. It upholds the rule of law to have an inquiry into all this, not the other way around. How does having an inquiry over substantial allegations undermine the rule of law as the government is now claiming? The government doesn’t know what it’s talking about and is convincing no one.

  54. It makes me uneasy that Porter referred to prawns in his press conference. I don’t think his PR team know the possible violent slang meaning of it.

  55. DARVO
    All the rapists and rape apologists are in hospital or taking mental health breaks……Boo hoo.Poor sociopths.

  56. If Morrison is so concerned about ‘The Rule of Law’, why is he letting Porter delay the formation of a Federal ICAC? With so many examples of corruption around him (Robodebt, Sports Rorts, Community Grants Rorts, Murray-Darling Water Buy-back, to name a few), why is he so reluctant to enforce the Rule of Law?

    • A person who breaks the law, is sacked from a previous employer under a serious cloud, protects Paedophiles inside and outside of Parliament, and those who have allegations of rape against them, the last thing he would want is such a Federal ICAC; especially when he may be sitting before it one day as an accused and show up his horrendous abysmal Breathtaking Failure of Leadership and Humanity…God And I Have Given This A Wink! Watch!

  57. I don’t understand why the AG wouldn’t welcome an independent inquiry if he is innocent as he purports to be. What would he have to hide? If all he can say is, ‘It didn’t happen’, then just say that, but let the inquiry run its course. Does he not believe in the integrity of Australia’s formal processes?

  58. With the power of the Murdoch media on Porters side, I can see Mr Porters dream job of becoming
    PM just might come true. Be very afraid Australia.

  59. Reporter: Did you have a girlfriend at the time?

    Mr Porter: I think I did yeah, I was 17, I think I turned 17 about six months before that. I was a boy. ( sheepishly)

    Does he offer an explanation of just being a boy, cheating on his girlfriend at the time ?

    I really feel he hung himself by his own tongue.

    Watch the conversation and see it in context and let me know your thoughts.

    • I did watch it and it was appalling. He did say he had a girlfriend at the time.There were a lot of inconsistencies, half truths and vague language. He said some of the allegations he was hearing for the first time at the press conference, others he had read but most he had not read, and then he hadn’t read any of it and neither had the PM but it was all untrue, apart from the bits he could remember that were true, like a shirt being ironed. Did you see the bit where he literally said “I did -” and there was a silence? You can even see it in the transcript.

      • I did think Porter had a hang dog look when talking about the girlfriend. More worrying was when asked if he had any contact with the alleged victim since 1988 and he said “Not to my recollection.” So maybe he did?

  60. Are we really in a situation where we have a former prime minister saying that there are questions about the death of a person, and that the death may be connected to the actions of a sitting cabinet minister, the highest law officer in the governement, and there’s no inquiry?

  61. Apparently there is the Rule of Law for some, and not for others. While the AG was weeping crocodile tears and playing the victim, Dutton is able to unilaterally cancel visas if he determines that a person is undesirable based on secret intelligence files. The person who has his/her visa cancelled is not entitled to appeal, or be given a reason for cancellation, or have access to the secret files!!

    • And apparently not only cancel visas but citizenship as well. Citizenship for god sakes! Read below from twitter.

      Kon Karapanagiotidis
      So yesterday the lawyers at @ASRC1
      spent their day before a Senate Committee trying to stop a new law by Dutton and Porter that would allow refugees to have their visas or citizenship cancelled based on secret evidence they would have no right to see. Take that in for a moment.

  62. What I notice now is the political wagon has circled and the garbage really flows from those elite grubs, Frydenberg, sticks up for LR calling Higgins a lying cow, being of the chosen he sure knows how to tell lies, I also notice that when the spotlight is shone on the cockroaches in Gov’t they run off and hide away from scrutiny,

  63. Family have now expressed their desire for an independent inquiry.

    This should be the final nail for Porter !!!!

  64. The police have said case closed. How good is that that Morrison has the NSW and AFP.
    Porter should stay quiet re the family of the lady. In speaking he has basically said to the parents that their daughter is a liar.
    The lady left detailed diaries apparently. Why can’t they be used in an inquiry or law, especially when Kathleen Follbig has been in jail for 18 years so far on the basis of her diary entries? This is the lady that over 70 professionals are saying now that she is innocent through scientific tests and needs releasing immediately.
    Further, Robodebt was implemented by Morrison to penalise thousands on welfare asking them to prove they were innocent; so how is that different to Porter?

  65. I was sure Malcolm Turnbull said that the victim killed herself the day before she was going to sign a formal police statement. But the media are relentlessly pushing the line that the victim withdrew the informal statement to police by email some time before she died. Something seems off with all this.

  66. If this guy is so innocent, why doesn’t he just agree to an investigation to clear his own name? It’s pretty simple.

  67. To the sisters out there – Porter- will probably survive this but despair not, a bigger story is unfolding. Katherine’s legacy; her bravery, her sheer bloody-mindedness over three decades is not only only transforming gender-relations and basic accountability as she hoped- she is slowly, inexorably, taking down a stinking government and changing this country forever. With every day that elapses without an appropriate inquiry the country is having graphically revealed the utter soullessness of the ghouls supposedly sent to serve us. Internal polls are signalling a complete collapse of the woman vote for the Morrison government which will almost be impossible to come back from.

    To the brothers out there who can indeed seal this deal consider this. Think about all the women in your life who have ended-up ironing your shirts. Outside mums/sisters, I’ll wager you’ve slept with the lot. Now think of some casual, female acquaintances, perhaps ones that you’ve met less than half-a-dozen times but with no romantic action. Now imagine how weird it would be if they ended up ironing your shirt. In what sort of bizaaro universe can this happen? In Christian Porters’ imagination that’s where; an imagination bereft of empathy – male or female. QED.

    • Exactly. You iron someone’s shirt that you’ve just met once or twice. I don’t think so.

      The SA coroner investigation is on and then maybe it’s not. Like its a flip of a coin. Journalists and politicians drip feeding information to the public. E.g. Katharine’s alleged state of mind and that she had quarantine but the public don’t know the half of it. The people are supposed to be sovereign. What a joke that is.

  68. Seems to be getting very hard to follow CP references from Wikipedia – 404 errors – page not found ( fortunately still available via Wayback ) and now Katharine’s likedin page cannot be recovered – server error!

    Friends in high places??

    Save what info you can while it can still be accessed – if it is not already too late?

  69. If there’s an inquiry it won’t be independent. Government and mainstream media are resisting so strongly it shows that there is a lot more being hidden than just this story. And I’m curious about the alleged victim’s complaint supposedly being withdrawn by email. It’s easy enough to fake an email. Remember ute gate and godwin gretch re malcolm turnbull.

  70. you’d think if Porter cares so much about the legal profession and the rules he says he’s been following all his life then he wouldn’t want the office of the AG having a big black cloud hanging over it.

    Remember when people like Julia Banks said she was being bullied by male colleagues. They all need to go.

  71. imagine someone did an armed robbery by the time they were 17, that there were questions about whether there had been other thefts in the meantime. and then imagine your mates were saying that no investigation was needed. would the media really keep emphasizing the point that the armed robbery was historical. I don’t think so.

    • Exactly. A historical rape is one that happened in Roman times, not one where the alleged offender is still alive today. There’s nothing historical about this.

  72. So now we have calls in the media for Porter to be investigated by the High Court. The same High Court who let Pell go free. The same High Court who are all professionally and socially connected to the attorney-general’s office and other members of the profession. As if that’s going to work.

  73. wonder how well those in the mainstream media eating Sri Lankan curry puffs in scomo’s kitchen are dealing with their cognitive dissonance today.

  74. given concerns raised about the impartiality of the royal commission into aged care and the one into disabilities, does anyone really believe an inquiry into Porter set up by his mates in government is going to be independent and make findings publicly available? who is going to want to investigate Porter and have their name associated with him at this point? Some Tory from the UK maybe. Who wants to bet.

  75. There’s something really off about high-profile women in the media running stories about how girls can keep themselves safe, and that high-school girls don’t even know what consent is. Nothing about boys and their behaviour, or having the principals on from these elitist private boys schools explaining how they educate boys not to be rapists.

    • To their credit ABC Radio Hobart Breakfast interviewed the principals of two exclusive boys’ schools. Too bad one of the schools in particular has a bad reputation for teaching boys to step all over everyone in every way possible to get ahead in life.

  76. why does there need to be a precedent for there to be a public inquiry about something? It just so happens that there are precedents. But if there wasn’t then that’s ok, we’ll just let alleged rape, strangulation and possibly worse be what it is because we can’t find a precedent? The law works for the people not the other way round.

  77. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the LNP at this point. They think putting a woman into the acting AG role or as state opposition leader is somehow going to fix this. Women in the Liberal party are like human shields the men hide behind when the going gets tough for them.

  78. ” It never happened ” he used the same line when accused of flirting and kissing a staffer while married at an ACT wine bar which was witnessed by several people, he is a coward and a liar. He can thank Kate for his career till now because if she went to the police in 1988 he would not have entered politics but God’s justice is delayed sometimes and takes different courses to what we expect, as long as the libs hang onto him they are finished and labor knows it. RIP Kate

  79. A death is always a tragedy…If it was suicide, especially so, given the circumstances…
    I would believe the pressure she felt would have been released somewhat if she withdrew the complaint…
    The questions I have are: Did she withdraw the complaint or was she pressured applied to do so?

    Did someone give her an indication they were not going to move forward with it so she didn’t sign?

    Given the Police had a number of interactions with her, why wasn’t a signed complaint already in existence?

    Since when do Police have a number of interactions with a woman who is alleging rape if she hasn’t signed a complaint?

    Did the complaint get buried or lost after her death? Surely such a serious allegation against the AG isn’t dropped by the Police, given the serious nature of the complaint because someone is now deceased?

    For someone who had shared what happened with friends and others over an extended period of time; what were the series of events with Police and others that led to her death(the day after she supposedly withdrew the complaint)? What were her final movements in the days and hours before she died?

    Doesn’t the supposed withdrawal of the complaint and her subsequent death the very next day; raise some very serious red flags that must be addressed and answered methodically and comprehensively?

    Praying for Kate, her friends, family and those who loved her, counselled and listened to her; to give her justice and peace?

  80. Could eventuate into a very negative exercise for the AG and the PM.
    Should there be a court case with cross-examination. Questions would be asked and honest answers are expected. Savvy defence team could unpick his answers.

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