Andrew Laming, Peter Van Onselen and Christian PorterAndrew Laming

Christian Porter, Andrew Laming and Channel 10 political reporter Peter Van Onselen gang up to threaten and intimidate one woman

Canberra politics has hit a new low with Christian Porter, Andrew Laming and Channel 10 political reporter Peter Van Onselen, who also acts as Porter’s personal publicist, ganging up to threaten and intimidate one woman with defamation. They have used the same grubby lawyer, Rebekah Giles, who sent 3 concerns notices, one from each of them, in one email to Gemma Carey demanding she deletes Twitter messages about them and pay their legal costs.

In a Tweet below by Peter Van Onselen, who has poured a lot of his own credibility down the drain defending alleged rapist Christian Porter, he damages his own credibility even further by being a bully intimidating a second woman.

But let’s start off with Rebecca Giles email to Gemma Carey on Wednesday the 27th of October 2021 which is below.

You will see at the bottom of the email 3 Concerns Notices are attached to the email with the first one named (P …, the second one (A ….  and the third one (C … which obviously stands for Peter, Andrew and Christian. A Concerns Notice is what you send as an initial step before possibly commencing a defamation claim in court. If a person agrees to the demands in a Concerns Notice, such as an apology and paying legal fees, court proceedings can often be avoided but not always.

Australian of the Year Grace Tame summed it up on Twitter as per below

It’s my understanding that Gemma Carey agreed to take down the offending Tweets and pay their legal costs. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise money for Gemma Carey to pay her legal costs which I helped promote via Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday (3/11/21). Nina Funnell, who is well known for work helping empower women and abuse survivors, is organising the fundraising appeal with the money raised held in trust by Marque Lawyers.

At this point I won’t promote it further as the fundraiser has already raised over $170,000, of a targeted $150,000, and that seems enough to cover Gemma Carey’s legal costs and the costs of other women who have also been threatened. But if they do follow through and still decide to sue Gemma Carey or other women then I will look at helping promote it again at that time. Raising over $170,000 in matter of days should have sent the message to the 3 cowards that if they want a fight, they will get one. But some people like Peter Van Onselen don’t learn.

Everyone has the right to send a Concerns Notice if they believe they have been defamed but to do it like a pack of wolves against one woman is the act of cowards. And then to ridicule the woman you sent it to on social media like Van Onselen has is even more cowardly and helps explain why Van Onselen has defended Christian Porter against the rape allegations.  

Sending three Concerns Notices in one email is designed for maximum amount of intimidation. I’ve been told that Peter Van Onselen claims that it was not coordinated to send the three Concerns Notices at once. That is not plausible as the lawyer Rebekah Giles clearly did coordinate it and it is not believable that she would not have told her clients.

Porter and Laming will both be gone at the next election which is due anytime in the next 6 months so they don’t care too much about their public profile but Peter Van Onselen will still be on Channel 10 so his reputation could take such a beating over this matter he might even lose his job.

(Peter Van Onselen’s account is protected and only people he approves, which isn’t me, can see what he writes but someone sent me the above Tweet)

In the above tweet Van Onselen thinks he is funny making a joke about getting all the money that has been crowdfunded to upgrade his boat. But I see it as a coward using Twitter to try and bully and belittle Nina Funnell who has set up the crowdfunding campaign to help Gemma Carey and other women. So that is 2 women in one tweet that Van Onselen has ridiculed. And what is Van Onselen trying to say about the poeple who donated by thanking them for donating? 

For most high-profile journalists most people don’t differentiate between their personal and private conduct, and this can be seen being played out on Twitter and Facebook etc daily, and media companies like Channel 10 know this and they won’t tolerate Van Onselen doing damage to their brand. Many other journalists have found out the hard way and have been sacked because of their tweets and other social media posts. Peter Van Onselen is right on a knife edge with the above tweet but he is too stupid to realise it.

Porter, Laming and Giles are cowards who I have written about extensively and they won’t come anywhere near me but instead they troll the internet looking for victims they can intimidate.

Two of the articles I have written about Christian Porter are:

“Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988” – (Click here to read) and “Christian Porter used taxpayers’ money to help facilitate his relationship with his girlfriend while Fortescue Metals likely paid his legal bill” – (Click here to read)

Two of the articles I have written about Rebekah Giles are:

“Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, said to her ex “You and (the woman) will be very happy as long as you keep your Viagra script current, keep flashing your cash and keep the cocaine coming”” (Click here to read) and “Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, has corruptly used the law and tech company Google to hide her past. Will she do the same for Porter?” (Click here to read)

Two of the articles I have written about Andrew Laming are:

“Confessed online stalker and alleged sexual predator Andrew Laming MP wins $79,000 defamation payout after sticking his snout in the taxpayer’s trough again” (Click here to read) and “Federal MP Andrew Laming threatens journalist Shane Dowling with defamation after article naming Laming as an “online stalker and alleged sexual predator”” (Click here to read)

When Laming threatened me he did it in a Twitter message but when I stood my ground and I never heard from him again. The point is, they are good at threatening women and others they think they can intimidate but when someone stands their ground they generally fold. Although, Laming has sued Nine which I think he has been badly advised as there seems like a long list of women who will be happy to give evidence against him and Nine have the pockets to pay for a long drawn out legal case.

The above battle is far from over so I will keep on following it.

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  1. 3 empowered men each with a media profile take on a woman because they don’t like what she said. Better yet they all work in concert. Unbelievable that this is what discussions have come down to

  2. To be clear: I wasn’t serious when I said Peter Van Olselen also acts as Christian Porter’s personal publicist. I said that because Van Olselen has used his articles in The Australian and his appearances on Channel 10’s The Project and the ABC’s Insiders to defend Porter in regards to the rape allegations. Van Olselen has been heavily criticised on social media for doing that.

  3. Funny how hurt feelings with the government are the basis much litigation now, but when it comes to Macron, other members in the same government infer he should get over it apparently.

    There appear to be two sets of rules these days.

    “All people are equal, but some are more equal than others”. George Orwell, Animal Farm.


    All people have feelings, but some peoples’ feelings are more important than other peoples’ feelings.

  4. These three should be charged with consorting. I hope Van Olselen’s boat sinks with him on it.

    With any luck, PVO will meet the same fate as Alan Jones just suffered. Channel 10 has quite a few cowardly & arrogant smart-arses to get rid of & PVO should be at the very top of its list. What a creep & thin-skinned, scumbag.

  5. I just wish I knew what Prof Carey wrote that got their knickers so knotted.
    Not being a twitterer nor tekky enough to retrieve from the Net I’ll never know.
    However, it is good to know that those prats are upset so bad cess to them, suck it up snowflakes.

  6. Cowards and Bulleying behavior yet again and to think the Liberal Party still have Porter and Laming as members on their backbench. And to think a woman lawyer is stinking up for them. Ms Giles should be ashamed herself.

  7. I thought van Onselen had sworn himself off Twitter some years ago due to the platform being used for trolling and harassment, why is he still using Twitter, is it the PR, fame, ego…?

    Now spent too much time in the political media boys’ club or echo chamber that affects one’s judgement e.g. other year suggesting the left were fascists or Nazis because the latter had socialist in their name……

  8. I don’t dare in this forum express what I’m thinking, in case I get served with something other than a continental breakfast. Will there soon be thought police? With this lot in “power” anything is possible. These situations have been progressively getting rather ridiculous. There seems to be a prevailing development of governing of the people through FEAR! Once again, power and money appears to prevail. This is my honest opinion. (TIMHO)

  9. Defamation proceeding are used as bullying tactic, to silence citizens exercising free speech (With Responsibility) Having survived 3 years of litigation I can quote chapter and verse how Democracy is being undermined in the this country!

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