Attorney-General Christian Porter

Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, has corruptly used the law and tech company Google to hide her past. Will she do the same for Porter?

Christian Porter is the new Minister for Industry, Science and Technology but his lawyer Rebekah Giles has been abusing the law over the last 2 weeks in collusion with tech company Google, to have a previous article I published blocked in searches, which I believe makes Porter’s new ministerial position untenable. Others also think Porter’s new appointment is a mistake but for different reasons.

Two weeks ago on the 20th of March, I published an article titled “Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, said to her ex “You and (the woman) will be very happy as long as you keep your Viagra script current, keep flashing your cash and keep the cocaine coming” and I noticed it wasn’t showing up when I did searches on Google but it was showing up on other search engines. At the bottom of the Google searches, it would say after clicking on a link that an article had been blocked on the 19th of March, which is US time and in effect the same day I published the article, but it would not say the title of the article that had been blocked which it normally does.

I also know from my dealings with Kerry Stokes and his lawyers abusing the law that they will get suppression orders for say 5 articles but then get Google to block 20 articles and I think that Rebekah Giles has done something similar. She seems to have received suppression orders and has used those same suppression orders to get Google to block my article even though there are no legal proceedings against me. Google is used by the public for over 90% of internet searches in Australia.

What Rebekah Giles does or doesn’t do is one issue, but she is representing the former Attorney-General and federal MP Christian Porter in his defamation case against the ABC and he is meant to be a model litigant and not abuse the law or court processes and procedures. In Porters latest filed evidence, he has demanded the ABC act as a model litigant and not waste his money on unnecessary costs, but it seems Porter’s own lawyer isn’t a model litigant as I have been denied natural justice with my article being blocked by Google without my knowledge and without my day in court to defend myself.

It also raises the question of will Christian Porter use his position as Minister for Industry, Science and Technology to have Google and or other tech companies block media that is unfavourable to Christian Porter? 

Below are the questions that I emailed Christian Porter and his lawyer Rebekah Giles:

Sent: Wednesday, 7 April 2021 1:16 PM
Cc:;; Richard Keegan <>; Kieran Smark <>;;; Monique Cowden <>;;; Martin O’Connor <>
Subject: Media questions regarding the ABC defamation matter

Dear Christian Porter and Rebekah Giles

I am writing an article with the title “Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, has corruptly used the law and tech company Google to hide her history. Will she do the same for Porter?” and I have a few questions.

  1. Why has Rebekah Giles refused to answer the previous emailed questions from myself as published on the 20th of March in the article titled: “Christian Porter’s lawyer, Rebekah Giles, said to her ex “You and (the woman) will be very happy as long as you keep your Viagra script current, keep flashing your cash and keep the cocaine coming”
  2. Can Christian Porter and/or Rebekah Giles please explain why Google are now blocking an article or articles, since the 19/3/21 (US time), when various searches are done, such as “Christian Porter Rebekah Giles” or Rebekah Giles, as per the attached screenshots?
  3. Is one of the articles that Google is blocking the article that I published on the 20th of March as per question 1?
  4. On what legal basis have Christian Porter and/or Rebekah Giles had at least one of my articles blocked by Google?
  5. Who at Google helped to block the article or articles?

Please respond by 6pm today in case I have further questions and so I can publish.


Shane Dowling

The screenshots attached to the above email are: Rebekah Giles – Google Screenshot and Rebekah Giles – Google Screenshot 2 and Christian Porter – Rebekah Giles – Google Screenshot 3 and Christian Porter – Rebekah Giles – Google Screenshot 4

At this point, I have not had a response to the above email.

Neither Christian Porter nor Rebekah Giles has contacted me in regards to the blocked article nor has there been any court proceedings against me that I know of.

Below is the search result on Microsoft’s Bing search engine for “Christian Porter Rebekah Giles” showing my article comes up second on the first page. It also shows up second on other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Yahoo.



But on Google, the article doesn’t show up and at the bottom of the page it says 2 pages have been removed as per below:


Christian Porter Rebekah Giles - Google 3


If you click on the link when you do the search you get the below page which talks about a court order and says it was sent on the 19th of March to Google in the US which is the same day I published the article:


Given it is an article that has been blocked on my website how come I have no knowledge of the court order nor have I been contacted by anybody.

Other complaints:

On the 30th of March 2021, Christian Porter announced on his Facebook page “Today I was honoured to be sworn in as Minister for Industry, Science and Technology and thank the Prime Minister for this new appointment. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve as Attorney-General and, since the 2019 election, as Minister for Industrial Relations.” (Click here to read more)

Crikey reported (6/4/21):

Christian Porter: minister for lame ducks?

Porter’s new portfolio will likely keep him out of the headlines. But stakeholders in the tech sector aren’t so excited to work with him…

Dogged by historic rape allegations (which he denies) and entrenched in the early stages of a defamation battle with the ABC, Porter was moved on to the portfolio of industry, science and technology last week.

But he now faces another challenge: stakeholders are furious about his appointment and many don’t want to work with him. There are fears that Porter’s appointment could deter women in tech from engaging with the government. And there’s a broader feeling that the former attorney-general’s reshuffle is a sign of the government’s deep, historical ambivalence to the tech sector. (Click here to read more)

Government MP’s such as Andrew Laming and Peter Dutton are abusing and threatening media and social media users to protect themselves and to conceal their corruption and Christian Porter is also having a crack at doing the same.

It did not matter what portfolio Porter was moved to there was always going to be many people that don’t want him there so that is why he should have been moved to the backbench. Porter’s lawyer Rebekah Giles has the same legal rights as anyone and should be able to have articles blocked if she is defamed etc, but she does not have the right to deny people natural justice.

Rebekah Giles is unfit to be involved in such a high-profile case involving a federal MP who is meant to be a model litigant which is the same standard as Christian Porter is demanding from the ABC.

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  1. The rich and powerful use their positions to conceal their wrong-doings and it is getting worse by the day.
    Secrecy rules in the LNP.
    These politicians and their legal representatives are taking the low road in their actions rather than letting people speak out. If they have nothing to hide, it is advantageous one would think, to let people speak out and be made fools of by their misinformation, but when litigation and threats are made I feel there may be truth they are covering.
    Basically it is bullying by them to the citizens. Shame on them.

  2. From deep in the trough as AG, still deep in the trough with the new appointment ,nothing changes once you are a pig at the taxpayer trough,and the whitewash coverup are worse then the crimes, as the thingo lawyer shows her true colours as well,when you lot are deep in a hole stop digging, as you make it worse

  3. So, is this an example of how Morrison’s “rule of law” functions? Thanks to KCA, Rebekah Giles & Christian Porter may run, but they can’t hide.

  4. Nice one KCoA.
    When the nitty-gritty fact bubbles are brought to the surface, and a once-basic web browser, Google, has it’s name written in relation to hiding information to assist a corrupt lawyer, how long are the tentacles of Australia’s corrupt legal individuals wrapped around the corrupt tentacles of the Google corporation.

  5. Seems like …”the games have well and truly begun” … in earnest. I appreciate your efforts KCA!

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