Scott Morrison’s media tax on Google and Facebook is now undermining Australian democracy with censorship

I have written about Google and Facebook numerous times manipulating search results etc for the benefit of politicians and the rich and it has become obvious that Google is starting to take it to the next level of abuse when I did a search for NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro a few weeks ago.

A lot is written about News Corp and other media companies pushing lies and propaganda for certain politicians and political parties but so too does Google and Facebook as well. The reality is it should be no surprise given Australia’s largest media companies are now on the payroll of Google and Facebook and have been for a few months and it is now clear that they are looking after each other which is has the effect of undermining Australian democracy and has led to illegal censorship by Google and Facebook.

When you have a corrupt government that use our money to buy votes by pork-barrelling in their own electorates it should have been obvious they would expect payback from the large media companies when they forced Google and Facebook to start paying them a few months ago. (Click here to read more) I have also written about Christian Porter’s lawyer Rebekah Giles abusing the law in collusion with Google to block articles I have written. (Click here to read more) And I also published an article in January 2021 titled “Google Australia CEO Mel Silva caught lying defending Google and admits Google censor their search results”. (Click here to read more)

In the Mel Silva article mentioned above, I also published the below video regarding the new Google and Facebook media laws which is worth watching again.

Accusing Google Australia CEO Mel Silva of lying probably hasn’t helped my cause but it’s true and doesn’t justify them reducing search traffic sent to this website. I’m not the only one to accuse Google of being corrupt and censoring their search results for politicians and others as a quick look at their Wikipedia page will show:

In testimony before a U.S. Senate antitrust panel in September 2011, Jeffrey Katz, the chief executive of NexTag, said that Google’s business interests conflict with its engineering commitment to an open-for-all Internet and that: “Google doesn’t play fair. Google rigs its results, biasing in favour of Google Shopping and against competitors like us.” Jeremy Stoppelman, the chief of Yelp, said sites like his have to cooperate with Google because it is the gateway to so many users and “Google then gives its own product preferential treatment.” In earlier testimony at the same hearing Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, said that Google does not “cook the books” to favour its own products and services. (Click here to read more)

And in relation to China: Google has been involved in the censorship of certain sites in specific countries and regions. Until March 2010, Google adhered to the Internet censorship policies of China, enforced by filters colloquially known as “The Great Firewall of China“. Google.cn search results were filtered to remove some information perceived to be harmful to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). (Click here to read more)

What the China issue shows is that Google has a history censoring search results on behalf of governments if it helps Google financially and I have no doubt they are doing that in Australia now at least to some degree. 

Do your own search results test

You don’t have to take my word regarding Google and Facebook now undermining Australian democracy with censorship. You can do some testing yourself and come you your own conclusions. Just do a search on Google and do exactly the same search on DuckDuckGo or Bing or other search engines and see the different results as I have done below and it is blatant that Google and favouring the large media companies they have financial agreements with and in other cases Google are concealing corruption allegations against politicians that other search engines are not.

What motivated me for this article is when I did a search on Google for, John Barilaro, a few days after I had written an article about him on the 14th of June titled “Corrupt NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro turns NSW Police into a Nazi goon squad to assault, harass and jail journalists” not only was my article nowhere to be found the first page was very sanitised as if someone had cleaned it up to make him look good. So I tried, John Barillaro corrupt, and even then the search results looked fairly sanitised.

Then I tried two other search engines DuckDuckGo and Bing and search John Barilaro and the results were greatly different than Google. The DuckDuckGo search for John Barilaro came up with 3 independent websites on the first page of results accusing John Barilaro of corruption including this website and the Bing search for John Barilaro also came up with 2 independent websites accusing John Barilaro of corruption. When I search, John Barilaro corrupt, on DuckDuckGo this website came up twice in the search results as well as a number of other independent websites and when I searched Bing for John Barilaro corrupt this website again was number one and numerous other independent websites were also on the first page.

Remember when doing your own testing that it is the first page of search results that really counts as a large percentage of people don’t go past the first page of results.

So why is Google pushing independent websites down the rankings in search results in Australia? Firstly, I think it is because of the financial deal they now have with the large media companies and secondly to keep numerous politicians happy. The most feared media by governments around the world, including Australia, are independent journalists and small media companies because many of them report without fear or favour.

ACCC bias when acting in collusion with the government

One very disturbing element of the new Google and Facebook tax is that the ACCC who are meant to promote competition between businesses have set up a closed shop for large media companies to collude with Google and Facebook to undermine smaller media companies and independent journalists. A few months ago the new “Murdoch Tax” was finalised where Scott Morrison’s government forced Google and Facebook to start paying Australia’s largest media players but the small independent journalists and media businesses missed out.

You won’t see News Corp, Nine Entertainment or Seven West Media write an article like this one questioning Google or Facebook because Australia’s large media companies now rely upon Google and Facebook for income. And how impartial will the ABC and SBS be now given they will also receive money from Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook have a huge financial incentive to keep Australian media companies happy because if they don’t the government might tighten the new media laws on Google and Facebook which could also cost them dearly on a global basis if other countries follow what is happening in Australia.

A lot is written about News Corp and other media companies pushing lies and propaganda for certain politicians and political parties but so too does Google Facebook via manipulating search results and what they allow and don’t allow on their websites.

What impact has it had on the Kangaroo Court of Australia website?

I am probably down about 10 per cent of the overall traffic that I would have otherwise had if Google had not been censoring this website as much as it has. And how much Facebook has blocked my website is unknown although I know Kerry Stokes had some articles blocked on Facebook. (Click here to read more) I will survive and continue to grow but at a slightly slower rate than I would have.

Where the real damage is done is that the difference between the Liberal/National Party coalition being in power federally or the Labor Party is only a couple of percentage points and only a couple of seats so if Google, who account for 92% of all internet searches, censor their search results only a few percentage points it can change an election and the same could be said for Facebook. Not only that, Google and Facebook are helping hide the crimes of the rich and powerful.

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  1. In 2012 US psychologists Robert Epstein and Ronald E Robertson conducted extensive research on the effects of google-search rankings in shifting the public perception of political issues and political figures. Their conclusion: “What we actually found was astonishing. The proportion of people favoring the search engine’s top-ranked candidate increased by 48.4 per cent, and all five of our measures shifted toward that candidate. What’s more, 75 per cent of the people in the bias groups seemed to have been completely unaware that they were viewing biased search rankings.”

    That’s right. People’s political views were massively shaped by what came up on their google search results. The psychologists noted that “Google now has the power to flip upwards of 25 per cent of the national elections in the world with no one knowing this is occurring.” Similar outcomes apply to social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook.


    • I setup A Pi-hole to block Google tracking last year, and started using DDG. But I only realised a few days ago, you actually need to install the DDG plug-in as an extension into your browser, namely Miscrosoft Edge, then Google truely doesn’t track you. Now at least I can keep Google and Miscrosoft from tracking me as I work, or even using my phone on my home network.

  2. Part of every day I spend several hours of research of different subjects, and have learned many facts relating to the disgusting actions used against world-wide users of Google and Facebook which are on my list of ‘CRUD’.
    I rid myself of their Crud a couple of years ago, they are an on-line intervention into the private and public lives of everyone who visits their domains.

  3. I just tried to share this article on Facebook but I was blocked from doing so. This is what came up after I clicked on the FB share post button –
    FB… Error… “:Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”
    KCA, you are truly on the ball & 100% correct about FB & Google censorship. The no longer independent ACCC should be scrapped & it’s obvious why this corrupt Morrison gov. pushed so hard on getting these FB & Google media reforms passed through parliament. It certainly was in its interest to do so. The right-winged power surge continues & it seems no one has the power to stop it.

  4. Like Tina I stopped using Google years ago, but Ecosia is my preferred search engine. It didn’t take long for it to realise that I live in Australia, and now it usually puts an Australian item first after two silly ads that are easy to ignore (and help pay for Ecosia’s tree planting). I’m very happy with that.

  5. “One of the best things you can do to help fight the censorship by Google and Facebook is to follow independent websites like this one via the free email subscription and share new articles on your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook etc.”
    Sorry, can’t do that as I won’t allow either on my system. Don’t use Google, agree that DDGo is the best alternative to avoid tracking. Shane, can you suggest any independent websites worth a look? Keep up the good work

    • Yes, no social media of any kind for me, it’s another arm of the disease about which KCA writes.

  6. I have encouraged my family and friends to use DDG search engine for some time now. I hope this does not go the same course as that of the small suburban corner convenience shops; those that I came to love and indeed grow up with. Now that was a real example of the big bully boys slowly and insidiously squeezing out many small businesses.

    In this case today, the ongoing loss of freedom of press and freedom of speech are following the exact same trajectory. It won’t be long before you will ONLY be able to hear the governments spin on everything and nothing else.

    I have absolutely no doubt and dare I say it, this deceitful creep will ultimately lead to an undemocratic regime.

  7. I use Duck Duck precisely because of what you so accurately write about; Google’s deliberate attempts to censor out anything exposing the crime infested corporate oligarchs and global corporations and their parties bought and paid for, the Coalition state and federally in Australia.

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