Christian Porter names the Kangaroo Court of Australia website’s Facebook page 21 times in new evidence filed in his defamation case against the ABC

Christian Porter has named the Facebook page associated with this website, Kangaroo Court of Australia, 21 times in further evidence his lawyers filed in his defamation case against the ABC and Louise Milligan. Whether or not that means I’ll be called as a witness who knows, or cares, but when the former Attorney-General and alleged rapist Christian Porter is a fan of your website, so much so he uses it as evidence in court, you know you’ve made it to the big time.

Porter does name many other websites in the new evidence but in Schedule H of Porter’s evidence we make up 21 of the 25 Facebook references named.

What is also interesting is that Porter names 1071 articles published on the topic in Schedule G of his evidence, including from independent news websites, but missed a key article published on this website at 6.45am on the 2nd of March 2021 titled “Attorney-General Christian Porter alleged to have raped 16-yr-old Katharine Thornton in 1988”  that went viral very quickly and by the afternoon had over 40,000 clicks on Twitter to the article. Late that afternoon Christian Porter announced a press conference for the following day where he outed himself as the alleged cabinet minister rapist. By the end of that day, the article had over 100,000 views and I have no doubt it played a major part in forcing Porter’s hand to out himself as soon as he did. Without that article going viral, I think Porter would have held off outing himself at least for a few more days or even weeks or months.

It must be noted that I have written a few articles about Porter’s rape allegations and they also don’t show up in his list of articles he filed as evidence. (Click here to see my articles about Porter’s rape allegation)

The new evidence was uploaded to the federal court website on Thursday the 1st of April and I Tweeted a link to it and literally thousands looked to see if their Twitter accounts or Facebook pages were named in the evidence which suggests the matter could be a precedent setter on many levels.

Click here to read the new evidence: (Further and Better particulars filed on 1/4/21)

Click here to read the schedules as referenced in the new evidence: “Schedule A – ID Tweets” and “Schedule B – Twitter Sample” and “Schedule C – Facebook Sample” and “Schedule D – Reddit Sample” and “Schedule G – Extent of Publication.xlsx” and “Schedule H – Article Shares on Social Media” (There were no Schedules E and F attached which are emails to Porter so maybe it is because of privacy reasons in relation to the people who sent the emails. I know I sent one which I published in an article. Click here to see)

This website’s Facebook page is in “Schedule H – Article Shares on Social Media” because I shared the ABC article that broke the story about the alleged Cabinet Minister rapist on the 26th of February. I have sorted the spreadsheet so the Facebook references are all at the top which shows most are from this website’s Facebook page. (I accidentally missed one at the bottom of the screen shot)

Just to be clear Porter is not suing me, other people who shared it or the people who commented. He has put that in evidence to prove his case against the ABC and to support his argument on how much in damages he should be awarded. A lot of social media users are in the evidence and Porter’s Further and Better Particulars letter makes it clear that many more will be added. I think he should limit the number as it turns it into a circus to some degree but from the ABC’s perspective the more the merrier.

Media Watch broadcast a show on the 8th of March 2021, as per below, which gave a good background to what happened before and after Christian Porter outed himself.

My initial reaction to seeing that this website’s name was in the evidence was “Great, a bit of free advertising”. And on reflection, I should get at least 12 months of free advertising courtesy of Christian Porter, because that is how long it will probably take to get to court and then add appeals on top and it could be up to 2 years.

I find it hard to believe that Christian Porter will allow the defamation case to go to the final hearing as I think he will be destroyed by the ABC’s defence and with pre-trial subpoenas which is what destroyed Alan Jones failed defamation case against the SBS and a good barrister would have a field day with Porter in the witness box. But Porter is a person who backs himself as he did at the Perth press conference where I have no doubt he lied and deceived like no tomorrow so there is a real possibility he will see the defamation case through.

I have followed this matter closely and could say more but I don’t want to pre-empt what evidence the ABC might file as the ball is now in their court. I suspect that the ABC will now file numerous subpoenas hunting for evidence that I think will worry Christian Porter in a major way. 

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  1. When I became aware that a current member of cabinet was linked to an alleged rape many moons ago, I naturally became very curious. So I gathered information, especially the list of cabinet members and their ages and tried to work out who it might be. I tried a process of elimination based on ages – this ruled out Porter. I was surprised when I became aware of who it was – via this website. All the intrigue and pussy-footing by the PM et al seemed to generate more and more interest and I was relieved to became aware of who the alleged rapist was.

    I do not believe there was trial by media nor did the ABC et al defame Porter. His name was being circulated by so many people already. It was inevitable his name would somehow pop up – a natural extension of conversations.

    There are lots of people who think they know all about this matter and have proffered their, largely, biased views. For me, it took 50 years before I could tell my siblings what my eldest sister did to me when I was 7 years old and she 18. The impact of that day endured in me and affected me constantly. I’m tired but I think you’ll get my drift.

    I do not trust Porter or Morrison. I accept Kathryn’s word. Forget all the BS with defamation and other games by Porter & Co.

    Thank you KCoA!!!

  2. “The Law of Innocence” is a recent novel by Michael Connelly. His character Micky Haller states in the book, “The only way to proveI didn’t do it is to prove who did…That’s the law of innocence”.

    Porter has been found guilty in the court of public opinion which is made up of people, and from which a jury would be empanelled should this crime had ever come to trial. Despite the machinations of Porter to sue the ABC, he will forever remain guilty in the eyes of public opinion, and may never be able to prove his innocence, if innocent he really is.

    Why? Because he can never prove that it was someone else who raped Kate back in 1988, and he knows it.

  3. I don’t think the ABC prompted the spike in searches for Christian Porter.
    I’m certain it was KCA which outed him.

  4. Good on you KCA! You deserve a medal 🏅🏆🥇. Thank you sincerely for your work and courage on exposing important issues behalf of a better Australia for all Australians.

  5. I don’t think the ABC or Louise Milligan defamed Porter. Neither can be blamed for what became a storm of speculation on social media which concluded by a process of elimination that he was the alleged rapist.

    It’s not as if he didn’t have form, looking at the filth he has written about women over the years.

    Thank you to KCoA for getting this, and other awful stories out there for us.

    • This is so deeply flawed it should be thrown out.

      The chronology and the actions of the alleged victim will make a mockery of his claims.

      Plus if the Macquarie executive spoke to Porter about it so long ago then shutting the fate after the horse was lung bolted just WON’T pan out.

      Rediculous entitled tool.

  6. Watching an ABC show this morning, and as we know Porter was a prosecution lawyer, so it would be inevitable that his professional method of twisting words would have gullible people believing him.
    Great work KCoA, it’s a tough job you do, and pleasing to see you creating potholes in the roads used by the corrupt bast*rds in Australia.

  7. Bill Shorten was another alleged rapist toward a young girl at a three day Labor Workshop in 1986.
    A full letter of Bill Shortens rape complainant has been submitted to the AFP March 23 2021 to be re-opened as she feels justice hadn’t been done at that time, and the Labor Party people didn’t take the time to listen to her alleged rape ordeal. The justice system failed her immensely.
    KCA did bring this scandal to the attention of his readers site however this didn’t help execute justice for the girl either.

  8. Congratulations. Looks like you are now a major player if influential people like our former AG are noticing you. Makes the hard yards in the past worthwhile.

  9. When this was mentioned in The Telegraph I just thought who in the Coalition Liberal Ministry would be low enough and sleazy enough to do such a thing & putting 2=2 together My answer took little thinking little homework And I just came up with the same name as the bloke who outed himself Australias disgrace of an Attorney General following on from his predecessor also a disgrace as AG

  10. When this story broke in the MSM I thought of Porter, his long history of denigrating women known to me. I then went straight to the KCA website as I knew if there was anyone brave enough to inform the nation and world, it would be KCA. Thank you, your work is more important than ever given the rampant corruption of this Coalition government enabled by an acquiescent pandering MSM.

  11. Seems like they are just buying time until an election, where he will slink off into oblivion like the scumbag he is. I agree if you had not outed him they would have all bluffed it out, as they do most things. So many have their own hidden secrets, all the swinging dicks can tell on the other swinging dicks and the femogynist enablers. Much of the social media not referred to in the evedential brief, is where the detail lies, the outing of the wikipaedia page where people used snips to prove it was tampered with and where. Other posts where his early school life was compared with hers and so on. Just a lawyers picnic where the taxpayer pays and it drags on for years till the populus are bored. Laming, Porter and Lehrmann, just the tip of a nasty baby wipe berg !

  12. I say again, ” A taxpayer-paid politician is suing a taxpayer-paid television station . No matter who wins the case, the only loser as usual is the taxpayer “

  13. Thank you for reminding me why I stopped watching Media Watch and QandA many years ago. What absolute drivel masquerading as fearless journalism. I do not exaggerate when I say both make me sick. The so called “recovered memories” of Christian Porter’s ALLEGED victim were not “slapped down” by her friends. They were “slapped down” because recovered memories is make-believe pseudo-scientific bullshit. It’s like saying “Anti-vaxxers were “slapped down” by diary entries at the time.” I feel sick, sad and depressed that I’m even referencing this bilge. Apart from KCA and Twitter, Australian media would be an absolute wasteland. If I could get at certain members of parliament I would, and I’d bathe in the glory of being a national hero. I don’t exactly know how or why KCA exists but I’m glad it does. I have no more words. I hope there is a whole seething sea of people like me ready to wipe out the gov at the next election and take the MSM with it.

    • This story about “recovered memories” was answered by the counsellor seen by the woman in 2013. The counsellor said the woman had always remembered what happened.

  14. Can someone please tell me how it’s trial by media when Porter doesn’t face an independent inquiry but chooses to appear in front of a live press conference? That was his choice and shows how big his ego is, thinking he could lie and get away with it. And for those up the back who can’t tell the difference between Shorten and Porter, Shorten wasn’t in the role of the highest law officer in the country, overseeing laws that affect women and children. Shorten wasn’t a part of the executive government. Shorten wasn’t conducting secret trials against his enemies. And Labor lost the unlose-able election in part because they had a suspected rapist as leader. Shorten’s accuser is still alive and can fight him in civil court. I feel like the MSM actually hate the public most of the time and think we’re a bunch of overfed bogans.

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