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Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes, Seven West Media and their lawyers charged with criminal contempt in the NSW Supreme Court

On Wednesday (17-4-19) I instituted criminal contempt proceedings against Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes, Seven West Media, their lawyers, their law firm and barrister Sandy Dawson SC.

It’s a very simple case. Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes were paying lawyer Justine Munsie from the law firm Addisons to not only represent them in a defamation case against me but also paying Munsie to be an applicant in the matter. The net effect of that is Kerry and Ryan Stokes were bribing Munsie to be a witness.

The key evidence is in an affidavit that Justine Munsie wrote to initiate the proceedings in April 2014 where she said she had permission to write the affidavit on behalf of Kerry Stokes. Only if Munsie was acting as Kerry Stokes paid lawyer could she write the affidavit on his behalf and she can’t be a party to the matter at the same time which she is.

How this came about doesn’t matter at this point but it is likely before the case was filed in April 2014 that Kerry Stokes decided he didn’t want his name on the matter and he didn’t want to sign an affidavit. So, his lawyer Justine Munsie said “I’ll also be an applicant” but she was too stupid and too corrupt to realise that is was obvious she was doing both roles of being a party to the matter and also being paid to represent Kerry Stokes. Ryan Stokes joined the proceedings in 2015.

The reason they sued me is because I wrote an article about Seven paying Schapelle Corby for an interview and they were trying to settle with the Federal Police over a police raid on Seven. So, they decided they needed my article taken down and they instituted a dodgy defamation case and were able to get a super-injunction but the super-injunction was so corrupt it only lasted a couple of days. (Click here to read the judgment which also has a copy of the article)

The people / companies I have charged with contempt are:

  1. Justine Munsie (Addisons Lawyers)
  2. Kerry Stokes
  3. Ryan Stokes
  4. Sandy Dawson SC
  5. Richard Keegan (Addisons Lawyers)
  6. Martin O’Connor (Addisons Lawyers)
  7. Alexander Latu (Addisons Lawyers)
  8. Seven West Media Limited ACN 05348084
  9. Addisons Lawyers

If you are paying a lawyer to represent you they can’t also be an applicant in the case. The Solicitor Rules, which is the lawyers conduct code, makes this very clear and if caught breaching it they can be struck off as a lawyer. I raised the issue in court many times but the judges would duck and weave because they knew how corrupt it was and so would the lawyers. 

I published an article on the 6/4/19 to crowdfund the cost of instituting the contempt charges and said:

I will be instituting criminal proceedings against businessman Kerry Stokes, and probably his son Ryan Stokes, in the next few weeks and I am running a crowdfunding campaign to help fund it. I have set a target of $3000 which will be enough for the initial filing fees and expenses.

I know the process as I recently instituted criminal contempt proceedings against Capilano Honey, CEO Ben McKee and their lawyers which includes barristers Sandy Dawson SC and Monique Cowden and lawyers Richard Keegan, Martin O’Connor and Alexander Latu. (Click here to read more)

For too long the likes of Kerry Stokes and his son Ryan Stokes have abused the law and it is time to hold them to account. By fighting them in court we’ll be fighting on their turf as they have deep pockets and the lawyers and judges in their hip pockets, but they can be beaten. For example, I won a unanimous judgment in the NSW Supreme Court – Court of Appeal in October 2018 where wide-ranging suppression orders and non-publication orders were lifted. It was a big win for free speech and the judges said the suppression orders had “an unjustifiable chilling effect on free speech”. (Click here to read more)

I won’t be laying out all the details here as that will just forewarn them but as soon as I institute the criminal proceedings I will publish an article.

This battle will set a precedent for others to learn from so they can take on the banks and other corrupt corporations that are currently immune from the laws that everyone else have to abide by. Some things will be done well and other things we’ll just have to learn from and roll with the punches.

I have been in a battle with Kerry Stokes since 2014 when he took out a Super-Injunction against me and sued me for defamation in a matter called Munsie v Dowling. It is a stock-standard Slapp Lawsuit where they have no real case so they drag out the matter for years to wear the other party down. Since then Stokes has instituted 3 other matters which are Jane Doe & Ors v Shane Dowling and Seven Network & Seven West Media v Shane Dowling and the Capilano Honey v Shane Dowling matter. None of them have been finalised and Stokes is playing the go-slow routine with all of them.

Capilano Honey are also using Kerry Stokes’ lawyers as he owns about 25% of Capilano Honey and Stokes is overseeing Capilano’s legal action against me.

Stokes has charged me with contempt 3 times in the matters even though he is the one abusing the law. Stokes has committed a long list of crimes by abusing the legal system and running his SLAPP Lawsuits and there are numerous options to institute criminal proceedings against him. (Click here to read the full article)

I have followed through with the promise and the legal documents are here: (Click here to read the Notice of Motion) (Click here to read the supporting affidavit) The matter is set down for a directions hearing on the 3rd of May 2019 in the NSW Supreme Court.

Shane Dowling after serving criminal contempt legal documents on Seven’s office at 8 Central Avenue, Eveleigh – Sydney (18-4-19)

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  1. It shows if there is a will there is a way. I wish I had the know-how and time to do pursue these loaded low lives. I am ashamed of these people.

  2. Keep up the good work there. If you weren’t worrying them they wouldn’t be trying to shut you down.

  3. You are the quintessential Aussie Anti Hero, you do not remain indifferent on issues of injustice, legal or otherwise: I love your (dogged hard hard hard justice / fairness motivated driven) work! Poke the ‘Stoke’🐷!

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