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Scott Morrison spends $1.13 billion on dams in the electorates of Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor who stole $80 million in the #Watergate scandal

The federal Liberal government is spending $1 billion on dams to pork-barrel the electorates of Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce. Both Taylor and Joyce were the 2 key conspirators in fraudulently ripping off taxpayers in the #Watergate scandal which saw $80 million paid to a company set up by Angus Taylor in the Cayman Islands for water that never existed.

The latest scam had Scott Morrison announcing on Sunday (13/10/19) government spending of $480 million for a dam at Dungowan in New England, held by Barnaby Joyce and $650 million to upgrade Wyangala Dam in Hume, held by Angus Taylor.

The dams will do nothing for the current drought and with conservation groups denouncing the plan “saying dams don’t provide water security and slashing water allocated to big irrigators is the best way to tackle shortages.” (Click here to read more)

Ther are also concerns by some NSW Liberal Government MP’s over the planned rush job which will see some laws by-passed. The SMH reported:

“Premier Gladys Berejiklian is being lobbied by some of her most senior colleagues who are opposed to a plan which would water down environmental rules in a bid to fast-track dams and pipelines.”

“the proposal, to be introduced by Deputy Premier John Barilaro, would allow Water Minister Melinda Pavey and Planning Department secretary Jim Betts to direct bureaucrats to disregard some planning processes for critical water infrastructure. (Click here to read more)

I find this amazing as it is well-known by the whole country, including Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian, that poor government planning is a major issue and problem with the failing Murray Darling Basin Plan which allocates water resources to farmers and which is also meant protect the environment. The poor government planning has also contributed to the lack of water in regional areas and the mass fish kills in the Menindee Lakes and other locations.

So what are the federal and NSW governments going to do? They are going to water down planning laws and the environmental rules which have the potential to lead to more environmental disasters.

Why is the spending being done in the electorates of watergate fraudsters Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce. Are they really the best options for more dams? Are there no other electorates that could do with more water? Or is it pork-barreling because Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce are on the nose with their voters after the #watergate fraud and other scandals they have been involved in?

Scott Morrison dams

New England MP Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Premier John Barilaro at Dungowan Dam near Tamworth on Sunday.

Every time the names Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce are mentioned in the same sentence as water half the country thinks about their involvement in the $80 million Cayman Island fraud. I wrote an article back on the 6th of July 2019 titled “The $80 million fraud by Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce that won’t go away. Watergate starts rising again” and said:

Australia’s #Watergate, the $80 million fraud involving federal MP’s Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce, has grown legs over the last few weeks and won’t be going away anytime soon as some predicted it would after the federal election. In fact, Australia’s #Watergate is shaping up as the political scandal of the year if not the decade.

It now includes a $750 million dollar class action by farmers against the Murray-Darling Basin Authority which is the corrupt government department that was overseen by Barnaby Joyce before he was sacked as a minister and is now overseen by David Littleproud. Angus Taylor’s handiwork has now been exposed to also include killing endangered grasslands on a property that he and his brother own and then calling in favours from Josh Frydenberg to try and cover it up, but more on that in a minute.

Farmers are being sent bankrupt as they are not allocated enough water and have to pay inflated prices for water as big business profit from the sale of water. Big businesses linked to Angus Taylor, Barnaby Joyce and David Littleproud have also profited from the Murray-Darling Basin Plan which is overseen by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority which they control as federal politicians. (Click here to read the full article)

Marketing man Scott Morrison, or #BullShitBoy as he has become known on Twitter, achieved nothing by holding a press conference announcing $1.13 billion of government spending on 2 dams that will take years to build and many more years to fill as well as running the risk of more environmental disasters because of less government oversight.

Country people have major problems with the drought which will start affecting the whole population in many ways at a more rapid pace if it continues and we need real solutions by our politicians, not the marketing stunts that Scott Morrison is quickly becoming known for.

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  1. let the rivers flow before adding more dams and depriving downstream users from water they need. Dams should only be used when the rivers are flowing. Not to block downstream users from water. Our farmers, food suppliers need water to feed our people.

  2. Dreadful kleptocracistic people to destroy the Darling tributary for rotten cotton ..Shame on Barnaby..Littleproud..Cash…Scomo !

  3. Why won’t they look at piping wayer from lake Eyre more practical than spending money on dams that will take many years to fill by then the country will be stuffed would love to run a STRONG VPICE ON THIS URGENT MATTER need help shane to get it off the ground and up and running mate cheers len welsh kialla vic

  4. The dams are required to provide water for the proposed 4,000 CSG wells at Narrabri Pilliga Scrub, including the two ‘grazing properties’ owned by Barnyard Joke and serviced by the Northern Inland railway presently chaired by John Anderson, former leader of the nat$ and twice Campaign Manager for Barnyard Joke. Then there will be future demand from the coal field developments presently under consideration for NW NSW.

    Foreign owned multinational mining corporations operate on a 20,30 or 50 year future time frame and prefer governments to build the necessary infrastructure for water supply and mineral ore transport. Naturally manufacturing jobs will be created overseas rather than Australia.

    Any ‘surplus water’ will be available for donors to the nat$ and the necessary mobile telephone pumping switches required to accurately monitor MDB pumping in real time will be avoided at all costs. Regular, adequate compliance monitoring and criminal prosecutions will be avoided in case nat$ party members are embarrassed by any findings.

    Presently about 86% of MDB water is reported as being held by ten (10) landholders in NW NSW.

    Scummo and the nat$ ….. building the worst third world export economy in the OECD for the benefit of foreign owned multinational corporations. is this treason?

    • New England Cocky, on page 341 of Quentin Beresford book Wounded Country mention of two agribusinesses own the bulk of the water of the Murray Darling Basin – Webster and operations owned by Peter Harris and CS Agriculture

  5. When will we, the public, realize that you can always tell when a politician is lying, they have their mouth open!

  6. Too flaming right it’s treason. The people of Australia need to have all public services back under government control. Water, Telephone, Power both electric and gas, Ports, and stop foreigners from using R.A.A.F. bases for their training bases.
    China almost owns us now, the invasion will come from within due to them owning damn near everything we call, public assets. Enough Scomo and to all Politicians.

  7. When the NSW government allows unqualified engineers to design and build buildings in Sydney, which subsequently begin to fall down, why would they loosen building restrictions to get this done more quickly. That just means it will burst more quickly, and all that funding will go down the drain.

  8. A bunch of cretins who have permanent brown tongues from continuous **** (boot)—licking each other in their ‘closed circle’.
    If the never-dry rivers in Australia were piped to Australia’s drought areas it would solve the problem, although the water would more than likely be supplied to dry countries along with our gas, coal and other Australian resources.

  9. Should put the dams further out west sorry forgot we need the extra dam at tamworth for the country music festival what a joke what about the cows and sheep further out

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