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ABC bias exposed with the removal of journalist Emma Alberici and promotion of fraudster Barnaby Joyce on QandA

The Australian tax-payer funded ABC has shown how far it has fallen this week by getting rid of journalist Emma Alberici after trying to do so for the last 2 years on the instructions of the federal Liberal Party / Malcolm Turnbull for questioning the Liberal’s economic policy. At the same time the ABC is sending a message to staff at the ABC to not upset the government they promoted federal MP and fraudster Barnaby Joyce on the ABC’s QandA program which helps position government corruption as a minor issue.

Emma Alberici

In February 2018 The Guardian reported:

After complaints from Malcolm Turnbull, ABC News has removed an analysis piece about the government’s proposed corporate tax cuts by economics correspondent Emma Alberici.

The Coalition is arguing that by reducing business tax the Australian economy will attract more investment and create more jobs. In her analysis, Alberici had argued that there was no case for a corporate tax cut when one in five companies did not pay tax.

Guardian Australia understands ABC News management has been in crisis meetings for two days after the prime minister attacked the articles in question time and then wrote formal letters of complaint to management.

The ABC said the Alberici analysis piece had been removed because it did not meet editorial standards and further information and context had been added to the news story.

“On 14 February 2018 ABC News Online published two stories on corporate tax rates – a news story examining why some Australian companies do not pay corporate tax and an analysis of proposed changes to company tax rates,” a spokeswoman said.

“The analysis piece did not accord with our editorial standards for analysis content, and has been removed for further review.”

The ABC has denied there was any pressure from the government. (Click here to read more)

The article was put back up with edits here: Why many big companies don’t pay corporate tax

That was a lie by the ABC that there was no “pressure from the government”.

After a second complaint to the ABC in May 2018 by then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about Emma Alberici regarding another article the SMH reported:

“ABC chairman Justin Milne told former managing director Michelle Guthrie to sack high-profile presenter Emma Alberici following a complaint from then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull”.  Mr Milne’s comments were contained in an email sent to Ms Guthrie on May 8 2018.

“They [the government] hate her,” Mr Milne said in the email, which was conveyed to Fairfax Media by a source close to the board.”

“We are tarred with her brush. I think it’s simple. Get rid of her. We need to save the ABC – not Emma. There is no guarantee they [the Coalition] will lose the next election.” (Click here to read more)

If you want to get an idea of why the Liberal Party might hate Emma Alberici as the former ABC Chairman said then watch the below video which is a short edit of an interview that Emma Alberichi did with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann on the ABC’s Lateline Show in 2015. If all journalists interviewed like Emma Alberici government corruption would halve in a week.

Emma Alberici left the ABC this week after reaching a settlement.

“The long, public divorce between the ABC and its chief economics correspondent is over. Emma Alberici has settled her case in the Fair Work Commission after her position was made redundant.” (Click here to read more)

Emma Alberici’s position at the ABC was made redundant in February 2018 after she wrote the article upsetting Malcolm Turnbull. It was just a matter of time before the ABC got rid of her to keep their political masters happy. Some senior management at the ABC need to be sacked for this scandal.

Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce has been mentioned in media reports regarding the $80 million Watergate fraud scandal for over 2 years and he was exposed again this weak as further evidence has been published about his multi-million-dollar fraud scam when he was the federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

It turns out that 2 government departments have been telling lies to cover for Barnaby Joyce and his partner-in-crime federal MP Angus Taylor.

After a two year freedom of information battle, independent Senator Rex Patrick gained access to unredacted documents on the Watergate scandal last week and provided them to The Australia Institute and consultancy firm Slattery & Johnson who published a report on Tuesday (18/8/20) which was summarised as:

Key findings:

  • The Commonwealth paid $2,745 per megalitre, nearly double the $1,500/ML price recommended by the valuer it commissioned, almost 20% more than the top of the valuation range of $1,100 – $2,300/ML.
  • The valuation documents contradict claims by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources that the valuer “stated that the department should be prepared to pay” a premium for the water rights.
  • The valuation documents also contradict the Australian National Audit Office finding that prices paid in strategic water purchases were equal to the maximum price determined by valuations.

Then-Water Minister Barnaby Joyce oversaw the purchase from Eastern Australia Agriculture (EAA), a company domiciled in the Cayman Islands that was founded by Energy Minister Angus Taylor. Mr Taylor says he had previously cut ties with the company.

“All Australians should be disturbed by the fact that their money has been spent paying well over the market price for these water licences. It’s no wonder the Government went to such great efforts to keep this valuation secret,” said Senator Rex Patrick, independent Senator for South Australia. (Click here to read more)

Two things that were not stated in the report above is that Barnaby Joyce removed the legal requirement for a tender process which made it easier to commit the $80 million Watergate fraud with Angus Taylor. And also that the new figure of the Watergate fraud is at least $190 million as I reported on the 18th of July 2020 in the article titled “Scott Morrison helps with the cover-up of the Barnaby Joyce run Watergate fraud which now totals at least $190 million” which started off:

The estimated value of the fraud that Barnaby Joyce orchestrated when he was federal Water Minister has grown to at least $190 million with the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) releasing a report on Thursday (16/7/20).

The report found that on Barnaby’s watch the department only used a “limited tender” process which really means there was no real tender process and the whole system was corrupted. It’s well-known that Barnaby Joyce got rid of the requirement for tenders, at least for the $80 million Angus Taylor / Cayman Island fraud which was done without a tender, The ANAO investigated $190 million of water buybacks which based on the report were done no better than the $80 million Angus Taylor / Cayman Island fraudulent water buyback so the whole $190 million spent on water buybacks likely involves fraud to some degree. (Click here to read more)

Ironically, Barnaby was on @QandA on Monday (17/8/20) this week and the new host, Hamish McDonald, was one of the key journalists who drove the Watergate scandal with multiple stories on the issue when he was at Channel 10 as per the below video from my previous article in July 2019 titled: “The $80 million fraud by Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce that won’t go away. Watergate starts rising again.

So why did the ABC and QandA host Hamish McDonald allow Barnaby Joyce on the show without grilling him about the Watergate fraud? All the ABC did was help Barnaby Joyce legitimise himself as an honest politician that has some credibility when Joyce clearly isn’t honest and doesn’t have credibility. The ABC and Hamish McDonald also helped damage their own reputations.

The ABC get rid of a journalist like Emma Albericic because she exposes government lies and then in the same week the ABC promote Barnaby Joyce who is one of the biggest liars in government. No wonder democracy is broken, but that is changing with new media.

To top things off when Barnaby Joyce was on QandA on Monday there was also Indigenous musician Ziggy Ramo as a panellist who exposed the ABC for censorship because he was on the show to also sing a song and the ABC ruled out his first choice of song. Mr Ramo exposed that fact early on in the show which was embarrassing for the ABC.

The ABC is not the only biased media organisation in Australia and not even the worse as that title easily goes to News Corp and the propaganda they push for large business and the Liberal Party via their papers and Sky News. But the ABC is government-funded and the public deserve more than the biased garbage we are currently getting from the ABC on a regular basis.

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  1. If it had been anyone other than the Snake in a Suit, Alberici would still have her job, a promotion and a pay rise.

  2. To be fair, Matthias Corman was trying to answer Emma’s question but wasn’t allowed to, which does suggest a pro Labor bias.

  3. Typical behaviour of his Government today. They are open in using strong arm tactics to shut down anyone who goes against their narrative. Censorship in all its forms has never been more prevalent as it is today even shutting down private citizens of this country for speaking their truth. There is no more unbiased journalism allowed and I think you would be hard pushed to find a journalist who was employed by any media outlet and reported truthfully today. Corruption and silencing are the two big pastimes employed by this Government. Honestly I believe they all need to go and let’s get in some fresh blood.

  4. You are the type of investigative journalist that is so often missing from the current crop of journo’s we have on offer in Australia. Congratulations on another well-researched article about the charlatans and swindlers of our Common Wealth that currently reside in Canberra.

    I have no hesitation in promoting your articles regularly.

  5. Tamworth women supporting adultery support Nazional$ which means that the representative of the National$ Party in New England was re-elected by a majority of Australian voters who accept amoral, adulterous, alcoholic, bigoted, possibly corrupt, dishonest, egomaniac, misogynistic practices from their elected representatives. The male Australian voters are no better.

    So when the agricultural community cries ”Save my farm from the drought” remember that the small family businesses in regional urban centres get no government largess handouts but survive or fall on their own financial resources.

    New England remains an economically depressed region because it suits the metropolitan unelected political hacks who control pre-selection to have a safe political sinecure to support the stripping of Australian natural resources by foreign-owned multinational corporations to the detriment of Australian voters.

    When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  6. The corruption within our governments rivals that of Putin. So does the poison only it has not been brazenly administered like Skripal and Navalany not to mention South Korea and he of the silly haircut Kim Jong-un and his poisoned brother Kim Jong-chul. Joyce is a published philanderer and untruthful incompetent, why give him airtime ?

    • The Commonwealth Auditor General would have all relevant information on expenditure by Commonwealth Departments, be risky to divulge too much or those staff would join Emma A of ex ABC.
      We all know what happens to Whistleblower public servants!

  7. The ABC has been oging donwhill fast in the past 5 years so much so I rarley listen or watch anymore becuase of its bias and sad to see Emma having been treateed so badly and a lunatic like Barnaby even listened to.

  8. So if you have a bunch of Charlatans and thugs (mind you the Labor Party is not exempt from this also) then what else would expect than to have them control “ideologically” the previously (to some extent) freer reporting coming from the ABC. I am now in my late 6’s and have seen it all. I must say that if we ever had a real Government for all the people – no matter their Political bent – after all it is fine to expound your Political bent to achieve Government – but once elected the mantra is and should always be to Govern for all Australians to benefit (a bit naive I know) but true nonetheless.
    History of our country shows from time to time a Government comes along that does grasp this ethos and transcends “Party Politics” to harness the endless untapped possibilities of our Nation.
    This “Morrison” Government has been put in on the back of “a fortunate” election win by Morrison – who sadly is not up to it, nor is his Cabinet of Ministers.

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