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Rolf Harris – How many more victims are there?

Rolf Harris is currently in jail in the UK and is looking at further time behind bars as over 10 new victims have come forward and made complaints to the police. The British police have investigated and passed the “full file” to the Crown Prosecution Service who will decide if they will prosecute Rolf Harris for the new alleged crimes.

I think it is highly likely that he will be charged again because if he is not there will be a strong suspicion of another cover-up. It is well-known that cover-ups of child abuse in Britain and Australia have been going on for decades and that is why there are a number of current and recent Royal Commissions and judicial inquiries in both countries.

Latest allegations

The latest allegations that could lead to further charges was reported in the media on Saturday (2-5-15) (Australian time):

“A “full file” of evidence against disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris has been presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), sources said on Friday night.”

“Harris, who was last year found guilty of multiple sex attacks on young girls, was interviewed under caution by police as part of Operation Yewtree in February.”

“A CPS spokesman said: “The CPS has received a full file of evidence following the interview under caution of an 85-year-old man on 3 and 4 February at a police station in Stafford in relation to Operation Yewtree. A decision will be made in due course.”

Last year Harris was sentenced to 6 years jail.

“Passing sentence, the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, said Harris had shown no remorse for his crimes. He said: “Your reputation lies in ruins, you have been stripped of your honours, but you have no one to blame but yourself.” (Click here to read more)

The big question is: How many more victims are there?

Given media reports and interviews over the last couple of years there are probably dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other victims of Rolf Harris who might never come forward. But over 10 have and if he is charged again the publicity of the trial will likely encourage others to come forward. Anyone who has followed the matter closely knows social media have played a huge part it publicising the issue.

In search of justice. People power on the internet drive the case

Some may forget but it is the media that covered-up Rolf Harris’s crimes for decades. They allowed him to get away with it and refused to report it. Numerous victims of his were actually journalists or people working for media companies as the below videos show. It is only a couple of years ago in 2012/2013 that the media were still refusing to name Rolf Harris even though his house had been raided by police and he had been questioned by police.

It was ultimately the power of social media that forced the mainstream media to finally name him. Rolf Harris’s name was all over social media as being a suspect for child abuse and the mainstream media were looking like a joke as there was no legal reason for them not to name him as a police suspect. I wrote about it at the time in three posts. The first titled Rolf Harris arrested in UK sex scandal police investigation” on the 30-3-13, the second on the 6-4-13 (Click here to read) and the third titled “Rolf Harris arrested. The World Exclusive that wasn’t. The mainstream media fraud.” on the 19-4-13.

This is important to acknowledge because a lot of negative people say you cannot do anything about corruption especially when it is someone famous and/or wealthy and the Rolf Harris crimes show that is wrong.

The background.

It is worth having a look at what led up to Rolf Harris being jailed and other allegations by women for which he has not yet been charged. The below two videos show Mr Harris’s crimes and what brought him undone.


(Click anywhere on the above videos to watch)

I regard the three posts on the Rolf Harris matter on KCA as some of the best work this site has done. Especially the first post when no mainstream media and very few sites around the world would name him. Have a look at the post and the comments on the post to jog your memory on what was happening at the time.

The Rolf Harris matter could have many more years to play out especially if he is charged again or more victims come forward or if both happen. The victims of Rolf Harris thought for many years they would never get any justice but times are changing. So never let anyone tell you that you will not get justice.

Admin: I was working full-time during the week and will do so in the future as well, so did not do a mid-week post, but will always do at least one post a week until I can afford to work full-time on the site. I also received the FOI documents that the National Library were forced to give me regarding Kerry Stokes on Friday which is a very interesting read to say the least. More on that in the near future.

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  1. One hell of a shock when allegations first became public but now little doubt that one of our icons is a creep.

  2. You were the first to name him that I knew of and the Msm were trying their hardest to hide from it. If it wasn’t for social media Rolf Harris would have got away with it again.

  3. Yes I remember, that you first mentioned him. I agree. that you took a hell of a risk, but thank goodness nothing happened, but that is why we are on this web-site Shane, because we know, you will always tell us he truth.

  4. I still don’t believe that Mr Harris should have been found guilty, as the stories from the victims have not been backed up with hard evidence apart from what the victims put together with the help of the prosecutions lawyers and barristers. It makes me sad how the media can easily destroy a mans reputation and life with he stroke of a pen.

    I have just read all the comments to Shanes post from 30/03/13.

    I cannot help but feel that, even though Mr Harris was guilty of adultery, which is a matter between him and his wife, the jury would have come to an entire different verdict if he wouldn’t have been a public figure and the press had a high day to pull him through the dirt, and still has.

    I didn’t know about Mr Harris before this case and I don’t care whether he’s Australian or not, all I care about is justice and to me and everyone I spoke to about the court proceedings, it was clear that, even though he might have been a very touchy person, he couldn’t have done the acts in public as the victims claimed to have happened and therefore he should have been found not guilty on these charges.

    It’s very easy to accuse somebody of something after he’s been found guilty of similar charges, especially if it happened 10 or more years ago. I hope that Mr Harris will get better legal representation this time and that they work as hard, as the prosecution did to prove him guilty, to find him not guilty. He is guilty of being a touchy bloke, but that is not the same as being a child molester.

    • If it was one or two or maybe even three women who had complained it might be possible argue he was set up. But at last count it was around 20 women or more who had complained to the police. Your defence of Rolf Harris is just not believable at all and quite possibly you are one of his close supporters doing some trolling on the internet trying to help his cause.

      • Let me tell you as a survivor of abuse by clergy over 30 years ago its bloody hard to talk about it. I thought the last of my abusers was dead. He isn’t so I came forward. Its hard to prove but we know what we’ve been through. As a survivor you can tell when someone makes an accusation if its false or not. You know. I was devastated when Rolf was accused because as a child I had adored him and as an adult I had admired him, especially after his Andrew Denton interview. However the moment I saw the faces of the women making the initial accusations in my heart I knew immediately that they were genuine. To “I want justice”, any touch that is of a child in a private area is abuse. Until you experience it you just don’t understand what it does to you. Its just wrong, plain and simple and destroys innocence and lives. I don’t always agree with what Shane Dowling says but one thing I admire is that without fear or favour he seeks the truth. No matter how unpalatable that may be. My politics are driven by social justice and I lean centre left but Shane attempts to expose corruption and wrong doing from whatever side. I loved Rolf as a kid. His abuse is a robbery of memory and happiness from ALL of us. he damaged and hurt all he has abused but he also has robbed those of us who admired him of the pleasures of our childhood. That is not as bad as the abuse but I still hurts and makes me feel guilty even though I and all fans shouldn’t because he was a liar and a fraud. The court verdicts proved that.

  5. It is some years now since I first saw Rolf Harris’ shows on TV. Even then I sensed there was something quite strange/creepy about him. A feeling that made me shudder just watching him. Over the years, there have been other “artists” who gave me the same Impression.

    As for Rolf Harris, I believe he has ruined the lives of many young girls and knowingly continued to do so for years showing absolutely no remorse. For anyone to say Rolf Harris’ life is being ruined by the victims/barristers/media is totally ridiculous. He has enjoyed a very pleasant life as “Mr. Nice Guy” feeling very confident his dreams had come true.

    Now the time has come for him to pay for all the suffering he has caused so many people. For my part, I hope he rots in jail and burns in hell for he truly deserves no better. Once a Paedophile Always a Paedophile ! !

    • They tried to cover it up for years and when they couldn’t contain the flood they went for the ‘ he’s just a touchy feely guy’

  6. There are some people who are unconvincible, “I want justice” too cry the victims of this low life Aussie former icon. He crawled into the hearts of us all including the Queen but underneath that cosy exterior was a preditor of the worst kind, well done Shane for putting us wise to this vermin. Allan from Myalup WA.

  7. Shane, initially there was just one as far as I know, and I’m not sure but I think she’s asked Mr Harris for some money to start a business, only when the press picked up on Mr Harris a few more came out of the woods and jumped onto the wagon. His guilty verdict was not for touching women, which isn’t nice if it happens without their permission, but it’s not anywhere the same as sexually assaulting little girls, which frankly I find very disgusting myself, and if I would have any doubt that Mr Harris would have done such a thing to the little girls I would not have wasted one minute of my time to support him. I’m not one of his close supporters, he doesn’t even know about me, and I’m not trolling the internet either, I wouldn’t have a clue nore the time to do that.

    The Renaissance Man, you are absolutely correct that it is a very serious crime to touch children in a sexual way and it will leave scars on these children for the rest of their lives, I got them too. However I don’t agree with your statement that because you are a survivor you would know whether these women where genuine when you saw their faces. Over the last few years I have made so many wrong judgements of people going from their appearance, and I know that there is a lot of truth in the statement ‘You cannot judge a book by it’s cover’ or similar anyway to that meaning.

    I still cannot believe the verdict, but that’s why most countries abolished the death penalty because too often the jury came to the wrong conclusion. The media is a very powerful tool and the mob is easily led and then quick to judge.

    Aussiblue, I’m not sure that we know the truth, we know what the media is publishing. It’s not always the ones that give you a creepy feeling who are the badies. I say it again, ‘You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, because you could get it utterly wrong’. How could he get away with ‘Mr nice guy’ when nearly everyone, in hindsight had a ‘creepy feeling’ about him. I don’t know the man personally, and I don’t know whether he had a pleasant life either, but I do believe that he did not knowingly tell a lie.

  8. Oh come on ! It’s Rolf Harris. I mean sure he touched a few kids but I mean the man is a genius. It’s Rolf Harris. Not some two bit Australian no talent bum. It’s Rolf or even Sir Rolf Harris. I hold him in the same high regard as Michael Jackson.

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