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Bill Shorten’s Parliamentary Sec Michael Danby helped principal accused of molesting kids get visa

A Melbourne court heard last week that Bill Shorten’s Parliamentary Secretary Michael Danby wrote two letters in support of Malka Leifer, a school principal accused of molesting children. The letters were used by Mrs Leifer to obtain a working visa in Australia which allowed her to work at the Adass Israel School in Melbourne.

Mr Danby did not write one letter but two which suggests he knows Malka Leifer well. A lot of politicians have been caught making the mistake of supporting people they shouldn’t but Mr Danby has a history of writing support letters for crooks and criminals he knows. 

Malka Leifer

The current court matter is a civil case were one of Mrs Leifer’s victims is suing Leifer and the School where she was abused. Mrs Leifer is currently in Israel under house arrest as the Victoria Police have started extradition proceedings to have her returned to Australia to also face criminal proceedings.

“The trial has heard Mrs Leifer, who is not defending the action against her, also abused two of the woman’s sisters and a string of other students.” (Click here to read more)

The School is also not defending the abuse “Adass Israel school will not contest allegations of sexual abuse by its former principal, the Supreme Court of Victoria heard today.”

But “the school will argue that it is not liable for the conduct of Malka Leifer” because she was not employed by the School but was employed by the “congregation” the School says. (Click here to read more)

How the School is avoiding its responsibility is a familiar theme heard daily at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse currently afoot.

Mr Danby needs to explain exactly why he wrote the two letters of support for Malka Leifer. If the Victoria Police do manage to extradite Mrs Leifer back to Australia for criminal charges the full story might then be revealed whether or not Danby says anything now.

John Robertson resignation

Former NSW Labor Leader John Robertson was forced to resign after signing a letter that helped Lindt Siege gunman Man Haron Monis.

While Michael Danby’s letters for Malka Leifer might not be as bad as the Monis letter all things considered. It is not far off it and then add it to Dandy’s letter for Kimberley Kitching, as per below, and a disturbing pattern starts to emerge.

Dandy’s letter for Kimberly Kitching

In July 2013 before the September Federal Election Michael Danby wrote an open letter of support for his good friend Kimberley Kitching who was trying to be pre-selected for the Labor Party, but failed. Ms Kitching is a strong possibility of facing criminal charges which were recommended by the Trade Union Royal Commission. She is also the wife of another good friend of Danby’s, Andrew Landeryou.

Below is Michael Danby’s letter of support for Kimberley Kitching written with the Federal Government letterhead.

Michael Danby Kimberley Kitching letter

It is well-known in the Labor Party and Union movement that both Kimberley Kitching and Andrew Landeryou (Dumb and Dumber of the Labor Partyhave been and still are involved in ripping off the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch for millions of dollars. No one in the Union movement or Labor party says anything to stop it because they are supporters and friends of Bill Shorten. This is also fine by Michael Dandy as well as he continues his friendship with them. So supporting crooks and criminals is not a problem for Danby which makes one wonder what his reason was for supporting Malka Leifer.

Mr Landeryou, who uses twitter on a regular basis as a sleaze and smear tool to deliberately defame people, said on Twitter last week that he is planning another trip this year to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a known paedophile tourist destination and Landeryou has been there before avoiding authorities regarding fraud and theft at the Melbourne University Union. (Click here and here and here to read more)

Andrew Landeryou Costa Rica

Landeryou quickly deleted the tweet when I pointed out that it was obvious he was planning the trip to avoid giving evidence at the Trade Union Royal Commission. The RC announced a few weeks ago that they are again investigating the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch under the leadership of Diana Asmar. This would involve fraud and theft by Andrew Landeryou and Kimberley Kitching and would lead back to Bill Shorten, at least to some degree.

So why does Michael Danby continue to support them? Because he is more than happy to support crooks and criminals if it suits him and that is why Danby’s relationship with Malka Leifer needs closer investigation.

Labor trying to get rid of Michael Danby

Some of the above might explain why people in the Labor Party are trying to get rid of Danby before the next federal election. It was reported last December:

“The seat of Melbourne Ports – safely held for Labor by Michael Danby since 1998 – has emerged as the most likely focus of a preselection challenge.” (Click here to read more)

Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Bill Shorten has a lot of skeletons in his own closet some of which includes: 

1. Shorten has been named many times at the Trade Union Royal Commission for involvement in widespread corruption issues at the AWU and HSU. Shorten refuses to answer many questions about his involvement.

2. Rape allegations. Shorten refuses to answer any questions about it. (Click here to read more)

Shorten wants to be Prime Minister but he tells us what questions he will and won’t answer regarding allegations of corrupt and criminal conduct.

Bill Shorten only seems to have crooks and cronies supporting him in his own party. Michael Danby is just another one of many that needs exposing. Danby is someone very few people know because he has done basically nothing since he entered parliament in 1998 other than work the system for his own benefit.

It should be a huge concern for all voters that when you look at the people behind Bill Shorten it is only low altitude flyers or major fraudsters and thieves. It is now wrong to say there is smoke coming from Bill Shorten and his supporters as it has become a raging fire. There is no doubt the corruption and criminal conduct is there. It’s just that a lot of voters don’t see it.

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    • “….corrupt country such as Australia”. Michael, you better have a think about that. Australia is listed 11th in the top 20 LEAST CORRUPT on the world’s corruption list of 177 countries Maybe you need to do a bit of travelling and then come back and tell us how corrupt Australia is….that’s if you are really interested in Australia’s future. Let’s know how it goes….ok?

      • ha ha ha! your comment proves that you are still taken in by their propaganda – hook, line and sinker. so… WHO rated australia as being the 11th least corrupt nation? our media such as kerry stokes? our corrupted government departments or universities which are punished economically by the government for any whistleblowing? gee, the global ratings agencies and NGOs (quietly funded by govts/business) are rating themselves – ooh, i feel so confident that they are telling me the truth. not.

  1. Brilliant post Shane. I have sensed that Michael Danby is a bad person for some time. What has been revealed about Danby by you Shane doesn’t surprise me at all. Danby must be cut loose by the labor party ASAP. For him to write to letters to help a pedophile educator to teach/lead a school in Melbourne is bloody disgusting. For Danby to also write a glowing endorsement of Ms Kitching shows that Mr Danby is a corrupt individual who likes to scratch the backs of criminals and doesn’t care about the many bad things they do. Michael Danby is just an another member of Bill Shorten’s criminal network. I think Shorten’s criminal network is far bigger than what you have exposed already Shane.

    • Same with female domestic violence perpetrators. Their victims are too ashamed to come forward. And there are male rape victims too, same scenario about shame or even being believed.

  2. Gee anyone would think there must be an organised Paedophile Ring within the Government and I know that to be true ,it’s ok though the Pitchforks are coming for them .

  3. Shorten is a real problem – – when will he be totally exposed – ? The ABC/Fairfax surely won’t expose him – he is a real worry

    • They won’t because they don’t want to. But slowly but surely he is getting exposed one step at a time. Because of social media, Shorten can’t hide anymore. His lies & corrupt ways will eventually take him down sooner or later. Even if Shorten becomes PM he will be unpopular in record time and he will not last long.

    • That’s the whole Problem the Media are 100% complicit in this ,that’s the reason we will only ever get the truth from Independent Media Like this Site , Everyone is sick to death of All Governments and their Corruption.
      I think it is way past the time that we need to realise it is us that Put Them there and it must be we the People who remove them ,but not at the Next election but NOW ! how much will it take till we work out where this is all going the Diggers would be rolling in their graves they fought for it and we let them take it away Shame ! If everyone read this site today it would be over tomorrow !

  4. Kimberly Kitching is “the most intellectually impressive woman active on the moderate side of Labor politics.” Wow, how crappy must the rest of them be? Or is intellectually another word for something else to do with the head? I guess Bolt could tell us.

  5. There is a clear difference between rat cunning and intellect and Michael Danby can’t spot it. Talking of rats the Labor Party is looking more and more like a nest of them with a particularly nasty one at the centre.

  6. And these creations walk amongst us as respectable citizens. How they squeal when detected and their cover is removed. But then I guess it is the same for all, “The Child seduced them and made them do it” There isn’t any crime much worse then a perpetrator of child abuse who blames the victim or their own school of hard knocks whilst they were young for their destructive and soul destroying acts they inflict on innocent children. 30 years of working in the prison systems and hearing all the excuses from these creations does tend to make one lean towards capital punishment. Although a dead criminal isn’t exactly job security for a prison officer. There is no cure for these creations of child abuse.

  7. How can anyone even suggest that Bill Shorten could one day be PM of Australia? After all…apart from the rape allegations and fraud allegations, and being surrounded and supported by a ‘den of thieves’…can he really lower himself to the depths of dishonesty and lack of morals shown by our past three prime ministers?

  8. What lowlife, to think this vermin is crawling around in our administration and no-one giving a rats. Shorten collects these Fly By Night creatures like flies, with a dodgy reputation he has you would think he would steer clear of all these potential losers, for when their comeuppance time comes all the garbage will rub off and he will take his place on the roll of wannabe’s. Just consider all his hangers on the AWU the bully mob CFMEU Kimberly Kitchen,Bruce Wilson Ralph Blewett, Julia Gillard The list is endless, imagine “IF” he became PM what a great bunch he has to chose his cabinet from. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA.

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