Attorney General Senator George Brandis SC

Tony Abbott and Brandis both secretly met with paedophile protector George Pell. Why?

Federal Attorney-General Senator George Brandis QC secretly met with known paedophile protector and alleged paedophile Cardinal George Pell in May this year. It was only reported on Monday (20/7/15) because Brandis has spent the last 3 months trying to conceal it.

It is almost identical to Tony Abbott lying in an interview in 2004 on the ABC’s 7.30 Report about a secret meeting he had with George Pell before the 2004 Federal Election.

George Brandis should have never been anywhere near George Pell for many reasons. Not the least of which is that Pell is a sick and perverted person and a key witness at the $500 million Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

It causes major headaches for a lot of people including Prime Minister Tony Abbott who is also a long-time friend of Cardinal Pell. I find it impossible to believe that George Brandis would have met with Cardinal Pell without Tony Abbott’s knowledge and approval. Be that as it may, Prime Minister Abbott certainly knows about the meeting now and has said nothing which also suggests he has known for a long time.

The problem will not be going away as many sexual abuse victims are very upset about it and George Pell is due to give evidence at the Royal Commission again sometime before Christmas. It is guaranteed that Pell will be asked about the May meeting with Brandis when he is next at the Royal Commission and that will raise further questions for Brandis and Tony Abbott.

Channel Ten Report on Monday 20/7/15  

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Channel 10 have a slightly longer report on their website where at the beginning they talk about Pell being accused of protecting paedophiles and at the end about Brandis’ office “only disclosing the lunch after persistent enquiries from Channel 10”. (Click here to watch)

George Brandis knew he should not be meeting with George Pell

It is not like George Brandis did not know Pell was a witness at the Royal Commission. Pell already gave evidence in March and August last year and was put on notice in May this year that he would be required for further evidence later this year.

Also, when the Royal Commission makes recommendations to the government Brandis will be having a substantial say in what recommendations they will implement. As a QC Brandis is fully aware that he should never have met with George Pell for legal reasons such as perceived bias.

Tony Abbott’s friendship with George Pell and the Liberal Party connection

George Pell Tony Abbott

In September 2013 I wrote the below in an article :

“Tony Abbott and George Pell have a history of working together in politics. Before the 2004 election Tony Abbott gave an infamous interview on the ABC’s Lateline where he was caught lying and deceiving in relation to a meeting with George Pell. A couple of days after the meeting George Pell was a signatory to a letter criticising the Labor Party.” (Click here to read more) Below is the video showing Tony Abbott lying.

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch) (For the longer transcript version click here)

Given Tony Abbott has previous history of telling a lie trying to conceal a meeting with George Pell did he tell George Brandis to try and conceal his meeting with Pell?

Questions that need to be answered regarding the George Brandis / Cardinal George Pell meeting

What does Abbott know about the meeting? What did Brandis say to Pell at the meeting? Did Brandis say to Pell that there is no need for Pell to worry as any negative recommendations by the Royal Commission against Pell and the Church will be swept under the carpet? Did Brandis pass on any messages to Pell from Tony Abbott at the lunch or pass on any message to Tony Abbott from Pell after the lunch?

Give credit where it is due

It must be noted that in September 2014 at the request of the Royal Commission the Federal Government led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott extended the Royal Commission for 2 years until 2017. (Click here to read more)

Alleged paedophile George Pell and his support for paedophile priests

Confessed paedophile Gerard Ridsdale and his supporter George Pell go to court

Confessed paedophile Gerard Ridsdale and his supporter George Pell go to court

This article is not about George Pell and his recent actions are well-known so I won’t go too in-depth but his background is highly relevant to the article so I will cover a few parts. George Pell supported serial paedophile Gerard Ridsdale even when he was facing criminal charges as the above photo shows.

I wrote an article in March last year regarding Pell’s evidence at the Royal Commission which starts off:

“Cardinal George Pell, who was investigated in 2002 for sexually assaulting a 12 year-old-boy in 1961, gave evidence yesterday (24/3/14) at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. It is a bit rich to call what came out of George’s mouth “evidence” given almost every second word would have to classified as perjury.” (Click her to read more)

(Click anywhere on the above video to watch)

Another article I wrote in September 2013 which has a lot of background information is titled Tony Abbott and his friend Cardinal George Pell. Perceived bias for the Royal Commission into child sex abuse (Click here to read)

Is George Brandis a paedophile?

As we now know paedophilia goes to the highest levels of government in England so when members of parliament act as strange and in the circumstances that Brandis has I think it fair to ask the question about them.

One thing that is certain is that Brandis having lunch with Cardinal George Pell has given some credibility to a person who will go down in history as one of the biggest paedophile protectors the world has ever seen. And why Brandis has done that is something he needs to explain to the public.

Brandis is divorced with 2 children and his own sexuality is the subject of rumour or at least that is what the Sydney Morning Herald said in an article in 2013.

Those who know him well insist occasional gossip about Brandis’s sexuality is baseless.” And “Don Markwell says he and Brandis have discussed sex only once in more than 40 years of friendship.” (Click here to read more)

I would like to know what those rumours are and whether or not a dodgy meeting with Pell is relevant.

The only rumour that I know of is that George Brandis is gay and was caught in bed with another man at university. If that is true who cares and he wouldn’t be the first gay person to get married and have children. But maybe the other rumours are a lot more than that.

Why George Brandis met with Cardinal Pell and why he tried to cover it up is unknown so all we can do is speculate to try to get to the truth and so we should as it is disgusting and needs to be exposed.

There will be suspicion about anyone who meets with George Pell. Even worse if they are the Federal Attorney-General

Everyone knows that the Catholic Church are protecting paedophiles on a huge scale. Now and in the past. I wouldn’t go anywhere near George Pell in a million years unless it was to try to expose his criminal conduct further.

George Brandis as put the credibility of the $500 million tax payer funded Royal Commission in jeopardy.

Time for action

Tony Abbott and Brandis need to come clean now. The longer they wait the worse it will become. The above story is dynamite waiting to go off and it will sometime in the not too distant future I expect.

If this was a court case afoot the first question people would ask is: Has George Brandis and/or Tony Abbott interfered in the administration of justice. The Royal Commission isn’t a court case but it is the next best thing and people will be wondering for a long time if Brandis and/or Abbott have interfered with it. At least until they say what happened at the meeting with Brandis and Pell.

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  1. George Brandis must be sacked from his position as the Attorney-General immediately. Brandis secret meeting with George Pell has crossed the line big time. Pell is an evil, wicked person who has protected pedophile priests/pedophile church leaders for decades, and has destroyed the victims lives. Brandis is a major liability to the government which hasn’t just been the secret Pell meeting. I know of your previous posts about Brandis, that Mr Brandis is corrupt to the core. I think you must investigate the biggest George Pell supporter in the media as well. His name is Gerard Henderson. Henderson has protected & openly praised George Pell in his newspaper columns & his Mediawatch dog website. He also runs the Sydney Institute which gets donations from corporate companies which needs to be investigated as well. The point is that George Brandis is not just the only person along with Tony Abbott who have protected & supported Pell. Gerard Henderson has done the same thing as well. Henderson is a major grub for protecting & supporting Pell, and showing no respect/recognition for the many victims have suffered because of Pell’s actions. Henderson is no different to Brandis.

  2. Whatever fizzes your bung does not make a Gay an automatic pedophilia supporter nor does being trained in a Catholic monastery make you a pedophilia supporter nor does meeting with a Catholic Cardinal make you a supporter of pedophilia. Pell has met every requirement placed on him by the Royal Commission. It is now a fact that the Vic Pol have been lying to the RC. Open your mind.

    • We know the Victoria Police have lied ,they always do ,what about the Office of Police Integrities Quote ,to The investigation into Paedophilia ” What I hope we can achieve is possibly nothing ,in relation to past paedophile ring even if it is still operating ” But to suggest that Pell has a clean sheet because he has met every requirement is laughable at best , many of us have read the Victims Statement in relation to the Alleged Paedophile Accusation against George . And the Photos of him accompanying Ridsdale to court are enough to make anyone Dry Reach , as for his Performances at the Commission I see most of his testimony as Blatant and calculated lies . When are people going to stop protecting the Mortally wounded catholic church ,and start protecting Moral Values , and especially Children .

    • Badjack you have summed up the situation very logically and correctly. Unfortunately there have been many examples of all of the churches dirty cover ups. That’s why the current Royal Commission. Here is a stray question . We know of the high levels of sexual abuse of children in Aboriginal Communities accross the country. Why to the best of my knowledge have none been brought before the Commission to answer questions ?
      Can anyone answer this please.

      • Pell is characteristic of clandestine abusers in seats of authority who usually go accounted for.
        It is not only sexual abuse it is abuse of the whole person on so many levels – mental, psychological, spiritual, emotional etc and it carries over into the system in acts of injustice and the absolute ruination of the victim’s entire life in terms of ostracisization, marginalization, humiliation, hardship of every kind.
        Victims become targets and are often marred for life with even other victims being turned against them, or on them, which is the final hallmark of the abuser who plays at divide and conquer until the perpetrator is able to safely say that the victim has no-one to turn to, nowhere to turn and is even said to not be credible when in fact it is the long tireless game of the perpetrator intentionally escaping justice.
        The reason other victims turn on such victims is because they feel empowered by the abuse and the perpetrator, feeling important, and fully able to stand over the victims who are so harmed they are devastated to the point of being immobile.
        However, every victim, must step forward, stand up and conquer tis pure evil that has been hidden behind closed doors for too long.
        They prey on the vulnerable, set them for failure at any cost. The worst thing is the abusers cover for each other, help and support each other and are more often than not in high places in caring professions, or politically driven seats of authority that are designed to mete out good, honourable and just acts but do not.

  3. A “secret meeting”, at a lunch at the Rome residence of John McCarthy, Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, attended by others? Not very secret. Is it possible Channel 10 has sexed this up (pardon the pun) as they do with many stories? Channel 10 has its agendas and lack of impartiality like all news sources.

    Kurt – “the tyranny of the pointing finger must be resisted”. Why don’t YOU do the investigating of Gerard Henderson for having an opinion different to yours? What have donations to the Sydney Institute from corporate companies go to do with the price of fish? Are you making some kind of tenuous link? Yours is certainly a biased and ill-informed rant

    • Channel 10 didn’t need to sex anything up. For one example, any lawyer will tell you that George Brandis should have gone nowhere near Pell given there is a Royal Commission in progress where Pell is a key witness.

      • Would you trust a lawyer to tell you anything? I do not resile from my view that your view on this matter is “sensationalist”.

    • I make my point firmly clear on Gerard Henderson, Kathleen. It’s not a biased and ill-informed rant. Henderson has been a very big supporter of George Pell in the media. Henderson has no credibility whatsoever by being a supporter of George Pell & ignoring the victims that Pell has destroyed over 4-5 decades. That’s all of what I have to say about Henderson’s unbelievable support of Pell in the media Kathleen. That’s it.

  4. This is a disgrace to say the least. Their actions were unethical & they should be exposed for these wrongs & punished. I doubt that we will see justice done here– sad.

  5. Getting the truth from Pell will be like getting a bone from a mad dog. That Abbott is in his thrall should come as no surprise. Brandis is merely an Aspro (a slow working dope) but could provide interesting comment to the Royal Commission. Be interesting to compare the membership of the Knights of the Southern Cross to appointments to public office and honours lists since Abbott’s rise.
    The taint of the Roman Catholic Church is everywhere. We should not forget it is not the original Catholic Church only a modern version. Reformation has occurred in history. Perhaps it can occur again. Let us hope three or four latter day Australian RCs get thrown figuratively into the cleansing fires of perdition.

  6. Hey Kathleen, Kurt,

    Do either of you know for certain (please provide your evidence if you do), exactly on what official business the Hon. George Brandis was on when he attended what you refer to as a “secret meeting” and why Cardinal George Pell was there ? As they are both very public figures this information would really clear the air….. Or will it??

    • This is what is says on Brandis’ website regarding the trip to Italy. Makes no mention of meeting with Pell as they said in the Channel 10 story:

      Travel to Italy for cultural and security engagements

      4 May 2015

      I will visit Italy from 4 to 8 May to represent the Australian Government at the Venice Biennale and to meet security and cultural counterparts in Rome.

      I will officially open Australia’s newly built pavilion at the Venice Biennale, one of the world’s most important exhibitions of contemporary visual arts.

      I will also attend the opening of artist Fiona Hall’s exhibition Wrong Way Time, the inaugural exhibition at the new Australian Pavilion.

      In Rome I will meet Italy’s Culture Minister to discuss ongoing collaboration between our two countries on arts and cultural matters.

      I will also meet with ministerial counterparts to discuss issues of vital importance to Australia’s long-term national security interests, including counter-terrorism measures and ways governments can support communities to prevent violent extremism from emerging.

      Click here to read more:

      • I wonder what role the Italians have in our security. Perhaps George was following up on the recent TV mafia story. I also wonder what Brandis knows about art and culture. In these penurious times I wonder who approved the costs of building a pavillion at the Venice Bienniale. He or she would have been a more appropriate delegate to that important bunfight.

    • I did not refer to it as a secret meeting. I referred to others’ referrals! You’re asking the wrong person.

  7. Paedophilia has been a subject for many years and for many years a lot of lies have been told.
    I do not believe that anybody really knows what often really happened.

    I know it happened, but the ABC and Fairfax are only interested in reporting, if it relates to the Catholic Church.

    The statistics seem to tell, that most of the abuse happens within families.

    And it certainly happened in institutions such as the churches, schools, and the Salvation Army.

    But during the last sessions at the Royal Commission there was a person, who swore blind that Cardinal Pell had done such and so. Cardinal Pell did send in his passport, in which it was shown, that he was not in Australia when this occurred.

    And who lies in the cases of Mr Abbott and Mr Brandis is also certainly not proven convincingly.

  8. Hi Kathleen,

    Your right. But I did not intend to suggest you were claiming the meeting was a secret meeting, I was just highlighting ‘your reference to it as such’ in replying to Kurt’s comments.

    Channel 10’s link you provide claims that Brandis has confirmed that he was invited to lunch by the Australian Ambassador……. Did the Ambassador also invite Pell? If so why????

    And in answering that question….. Who should officially answer it?… Maybe the Dept Foreign Affairs ????? Let’s see if they do ?

  9. After all this rhetoric about Catholics and attorney generals and prime ministers. It leaves me wondering are all Catholics pedophiles or all pedophiles Catholics Take away the sexual activity of a human being and you have the perfect recipe for nurturing pedophiles. CELIBACY a requirement of the Catholic church for priests and the like, I rest my case. Prison inmates revert to buggery for their sexual relief, this is not supposition it is a fact that cannot be denied. Pell’s past protection for pedophiles is well documented so lets hope all the people involved in this issue are afforded the punishment they deserve whatever position they hold. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA

  10. Let’s not forget that very unexpected overnight ‘Captain’s Call’ by Abbott on Knights & Dames just happened to be on the same day that Pell appeared before the Royal Commission. I was curious at the time that newspapers quoted to reveal of Knights & Dames as ‘out of the blue’ and ‘a total surprise’ and yet they managed to run 12+ pages of ‘news’ on it pushing Pell’s RC appearance back to page 14 of the paper. I wonder about phone calls the day before from the Catholic men in power to the PM calling in a ‘smokescreen’ favour. They are the masters of distraction.

  11. We really like what you do, & the ‘Truth’ you uncover!! I am not a Roman Catholic, though I did marry one, [a wonderful man & 35yrs of ‘Happy Marriage’] who also is no longer an RC!! My question is……do you think that the Opposition [Labour Party] are filled with supposed RC’s? Tony Abbott is a ‘good man’ in comparison with Bill Shorten!!

  12. I have corresponded with Brandis on two occasions, asking why a federal court magistrate would deny me shared custody with my child because my new wife is Asian. The magistrate felt that “Asians were harmful to a child’s development”. No answer from George some years on, I suppose he is busy with Pell at the vatican.

  13. I am sick and tired of the Pell saga and when he returns later in the year, as I believe he has stated…….he will just trot out the same familiar stories that we have all heard many times. His close association and backing of Ridsdale years ago has always concerned me. Pell has admitted payments by the church many times recently in the media to buy victims’ silence for his Church by paying a few lousy grand to the vulnerable people who are still alive to tell their horrific stories of carnal knowledge and depravity. I simply think, as a non-Catholic, that it has always been a recipe for disaster to be celebate and married only to God. The temptation, particularly in recent history, for a percentage of them to stray into lewd sexual acts with minors is easy to comprehend, given the power they have always wielded in their communities.

    The latest scandal in the UK about high-ranking people in politics and power and certain bosses in MI5 and MI6 I have read about on US site “The Beast” this week are along the same lines of lewd sexual depravity with minors and the mass cover-ups by secret and huge worldwide “organisations” they are a part of….these people should face the full force of world justice and in some way got rid of to walk alone in Hell forever….they are all absolute scum who get away with everything due to their exalted positions in society. I hope the day comes but I doubt it ever will !!

    As for Brandis I am not sure of all the facts so it is hard to give an informed opinion…save to say that if there are rumours floating about his current personal tastes and modus operandi….there is usually no smoke without fire! Not sure of what Abbott really knows but his link to the Catholic Church in his past and the timing of the Knighthood announcements leaves me perhaps somewhat a little suspicious.

  14. The British are certainly giving us all an object lesson on the extent of paedophilia in high places, and the lengths the State and its subjects will go to hide it.

  15. Look people especially lefty’s, there is no proof at all to suggest that George Pell protected any peadophiles, Pell have never been found guilty at all of ever covering up any peadophiles. It is innocent until proven guilty all you a.l.p membership card holders if you don’t like it, go away.

  16. Hope Police have the courage to interview the trouble maker Tony Abbott. He is out to try and ruin a good wonderful person such as Malcolm Turnbull. The tables have turned. Abbotts mate Pell in trouble what has he been covering up. Also they should look into the death of Father Kevin Lees in the Phillipines. It was alleged he was not alone. Was he murdered.

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