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Kangaroo Court of Australia – New media crowdfunding campaign for 2016/17

This article is the official launch for the crowdfunding campaign for this website, Kangaroo Court of Australia. The introduction and ending of the below video was filmed outside the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who also happens to be the federal member for where I live. Malcolm lives on the side of the electorate where houses cost $millions and I live on the rented unit side.


With the failings of the mainstream media and their continued reduction in the number of journalists they employ the work KCA does is becoming more important by the day.

There are a lot of articles on this website that you won’t find elsewhere that are good examples of why you should donate. Some very recent examples are:

1. An article on Malcolm Turnbull and the $11 million fraud (Click here to read)

2. An article on NSW Premier Mike Baird’s dodgy association and secret meeting with the Kazal family who is last few days have been named as being involved in an international bribery scandal (Click here to read)

3. The mainstream media corruption in a recent post titled “Lies & crimes of Australian media. Channel Ten & Adam Walters take a bribe to attack ICAC” (Click here to read )

Also numerous posts on former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott as well as the many corrupt judges and magistrates named are well worth reading and in the public interest.

Shane Dowling - Canberra Trip - 17th September 2012

Shane Dowling – Canberra Trip – 17th September 2012


The funds I am trying to raise would allow me to work full-time researching and publishing stories for the website. I would also use the funds to organise petitions, lobby politicians and push various corruption issues to help drive change for the benefit of the whole country.

Justice Bernard Murphy

Justice Bernard Murphy and Shane Dowling (holding the iPhone) from the website Kangaroo Court of Australia. At the Trade Union Royal Commission – 9-9-14


I have mainly worked part-time on the website over the last five years (while working a full-time job) publishing articles exposing corruption and with your help I will hopefully be able to go full-time on the website and take it to the next level. The budget is below:

Budget – $80,000

$60,000 – Wages

$15,000 – Travel, banners and posters etc.

$5,000 – IT&T – (Another computer, software, an updated smartphone and website costs etc.)

The budget is for the 2016/17 year which will start as soon as the funds are raised. For example if the funds are raised by the end of April 2016 then the budget would run from May 2016 to April 2017.

If the federal election goes ahead on the 2nd of July, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced as a possible date, then the sooner we raise money the sooner I can start driving issues.

Most people do not do anything about corruption because they do not have the time or resources. By making a donation you can help KCA expose corruption and make Australia a better place.

It would be greatly appreciated if you support the work this website does by donating to the campaign. It is hosted by gofundme at: https://www.gofundme.com/kangaroocourt or click on the button below for details.


Please use the Twitter, Facebook and email etc. buttons below and help promote this post.

Update: As of today, 5/5/2016, I have stopped the crowdfunding campaign. Thank you to all the people who donated. If you would still like to donate please see the donation page for details (Click here to go to the donation page)

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Please keep up the work to expose the corruption that continues within the the political and legal system which is rife at the moment. I am all for the exposure but do honestly believe that the only means to change this system will be violence through their own greed which is becoming more prevalent ever day . Cheers for the system that brings this about and your work is part of that ,cheers JC

  2. When I was working, I made a donation equivalent to what I would spend should I have purchased a mainstream newspaper. (I don’t.) I will be doing that again when I do get work if this glass trapdoor doesn’t do me in first. . . . .

    When Phoney Tony Rabbit went to the 2013 federal election, he promised to erase not hundreds but thousands of employees from the Australian Public Sector. I was lost my job in Jan 2104 as a direct result of his election promise. (Ever tried to get through to Centrelink’s call centre? You cannot even obtain a connection. Under-staffed, under resourced to the max and no I did not work for that particular agency.)

    Next up, I have worked for three WA State Govt agencies and twice have been laid off as a direct result of the Emperor’s directive for wage/hiring freezes. The Emperor of WA has no clothes; his cupboard is bare, budget is well and truly blown. My last position was cut as that particular agency has run out of funding and this is a well known state-wide agency everybody depends on 24 hours a day. I have seen first hand collusion, corruption, conflicts of interests, dodgy tenders and not a single solitary piece is covered by the main stream media. The only journalists giving this any light of day are the likes of Shane’s efforts on this site.

    I think if we take a minute to tally up what is essentially wasted monies to purchase a mainstream masthead or the subscription fee paid for the electronic news feed, then make the equivalent payment to Shane to keep this site funded and his work ongoing, would be funds better spent. Please consider this option too.

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