Kangaroo Court of Australia

Free journalist Shane Dowling

Australian journalist/blogger Shane Dowling was jailed for four months on 10th of August 2017. He was jailed for standing up for free speech and exposing judicial corruption.

Mr. Dowling was found in contempt of court, after seven west media/channel 7 paid for 2 of their tv stars to institute frivolous and vexatious defamation proceeding against Mr. Dowling and his website kangaroo court of Australia. https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/

This was the second time Kerry Stokes seven west media/channel 7 instituted frivolous and vexatious contempt proceedings against Mr. Dowling. The first being in 2014.

Mr. Dowling has also been found guilty for criticising a judge for giving a pedophile priest only three months jail.
Mr. Dowling also raised allegations of judicial bribery.

Mr. Dowling is also facing a police charge for sending a email to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2016 regarding a pedophile priest three months jail and alleging judicial bribery.

There are a number of articles on Mr. Dowlings website kangaroo court of Australia which Mr. Dowing has written on the matters.

A Facebook page Free journalist Shane Dowling has been set up to support Mr. Dowling and Free Speech and your right to expose corruption in Australia. The facebook page can found by clicking on the following link. https://www.facebook.com/Free-Journalist-SHANE-Dowling-888678261297381/

Mr. dowling is currently jailed in john maroney 2. a low security prison and is due for release on the 9th of December 2017

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    • Ester W. It is so hard to find a way to bring everyone together especially in a public forum like this. I hope a journalist or lawyer with integrity will step up and lead. HT

      • DC INALL. I am temporarily these days normally reading posts but not commenting. However I know one lawyer with integrity. However I could not involve him/her an any other case after his/her abuse by two family court judges in 2015-2016. This lawyer was guided at all times by the best interests of the child, a concept which other lawyers and judges do not acknowledge. Instead judges are able to disregard the law and create new criteria on a whim in order to ensure that children are placed or left with abusers. The Registry was part of the collusion to ensure that my case was lost. In court (twice, over several hearings) the lawyer was belittled and insulted, a serious factual error was made (but erased from the transcript) and both judges encouraged the opposing lawyers to denigrate me and my application. The others seem to prosper.

        The above indicates how lawyers with integrity are treated in the Family Court. Fortunately this lawyer is able to work in other areas of the law.

    • Yes helentastard, I do agree with you. So much about the Seven West media capacity to provide for precise outcome via Australia’s not quite full fidelity of Australia’s Justice System.
      Since some week or so ago I had discovered a false flag “major event” that had occurred under the Liberal party Federal government, in Tasmania some 19 years ago.
      Any revelations to this matter would see me next to the cell occupied by Shane for the ensuing contrived outcome that describes your situation quite accurately.

    • Helen Shane is in the outer metro centre at Richmond. The cranky/hostile prison officer would not pass a message to Shane for me. I am sending $200 to Shane’s account in the prison so that he can purchase necessities. The telephone number is 02 45822480. Cranky did say that I could book a visit. Unfortunately i am a broken down old pensioner in brisbane and cannot travel because health problems.

      thank you for your support

      • Thank you, Patrick.Well done! I can tell they are making it difficult to communicate with Shane. I  was referred at least twice before I was able to speak to anyone, hence the different phone number. Cheers Helen. 

      • Another broken-down pensioner from Briz as well, Patrick. Fellers like Shane restore our faith that there are still Aussies who care about the country.

  1. I thought things had gone a bit quiet on Kangaroo Court recently, and wondered why.
    Now I know, and I am bloody well appalled.
    I shall respond in the most practical way I know by visiting NAB tomorrow and tossing a few dollars into the hat.
    As that crusty old Anglican, Francis James used to say “Nil bastido carborundum.”

  2. Les Kelly. Good for you! Do spread the word. If you haven’t already heard of it there is an excellent book now available as a free download which spells out exactly what is wrong with Australia’s legal system. See particularly Page 12. It was written by eminent retired journalist Evan Whitton and is entitled “Our Corrupt Legal System”. It can be found at netk.net.au/Whitton/OCLS.pdf We need to raise community awareness about how serious the problem of judicial corruption is in this country and how we are being edged further towards US and away from the fairer European truth-seekng system which uses few lawyers and specially trained judges.

    • I have most of Evan Whitton`s books on the corrupt legal system in this country. If an award-winning journalist can`t make a dent in the corruption, then our voices will not count.

      • Dear Ross It is very daunting,Ross, but we must not give up. Evan Whitton has shown us the way and explained  what is wrong . He has shown that change is possible if we adopt the European truth-seeking legal system  which will almost eliminate lawyers and deliver trained judges.  Yes, indeed we need people like Shane to speak (and go to prison) for us. Regards. Helen 

  3. Shouldn’t Shane be protected under the whistle-blower protection legislation? This was set up to protect people bringing accusations against public office holders, so theycould not be victimised for shining the light on corruption – it appears to be missing in action here.

    • Yes! Everyone ….Shane should indeed be protected!
      How do “we” concerned citizens, go about making it happen?
      Perhaps Sydney based caring people should contact the brilliant lawyer who ‘appeared’ on this site re. his dear lawyer sister, Mother of 3 children -killed during the PREVENTABLE disaster at Martin Place Lindt Café???
      Thank You to whoever will knock at his office door in Martin Place.

    • Chris Townley. Yes indeed Shane should be protected. However in Australia, judges do not always uphold the law. Quite the reverse. Judges tend to protect themselves and each other. If a decision is made to suppress a court report there is no way of reversing it. Appeals are only allowed to proceed if judges allow them. We have the adversarial system at its very worst. It sometimes places the future of most vulnerable (including child abuse victims) in the hands of the most powerful (judges, lawyers, expert witnesses etc). This results in abuse being perpetuated. It is not known why these powerful people want to hurt children. Is it a form of social engineering? Congratulations to Shane for his role in exposing this. Unlike the rapist priest who was sentenced to only three months jail, Shane is in jail for four months without parole.

      • Helen, I have been fighting in the trenches for forty years. I was part of the DLRA that formulated the system to take away the cash-cow from the corrupt Supreme Courts of the States. Thanks to Whitlam`s Government, it happened. But I can`t see any political party changing laws or instigating a Royal Commission into the abysmal state of justice in our country today. It happened once when ordinary citizens made a difference, but it takes people of grit standing together and a political party of humanity.Meanwhile we should keep pushing the fact that the Legal Services Commissioners Annual Reports name and shame the legal profession with between 500-1000 lawyers either disbarred, fined or censured over the past twenty years Australia-wide. This has to make the legal profession the most corrupt of any profession.

    • Andrew Wilkie was a whistleblower who experienced all the crap that Aussies throw at those who expose the truth. However, since being elected to Parliament, he has either given up or been bought.

      • Ross – I think that Andrew Wilkie had a major role in a High Court challenge to the Turnbull governent’s right to hold a postal plebiscite/opinion poll on the Equal Marrriage issue. He/they lost. In any case money had already been spent as the voting papers were posted out very soon after the HIgh Court decision was announced. HT

  4. Unfortunately we are no longer a Democratic country no Feedom of Speech any more so until we drain the Government swamp and the Judicial swamp this is what we can expect when someone dares to speak out

  5. Although I am only a Kiwi with no voting rights, I totally support Shane in his fight for FREE speach and also against judicial corruption in new south wales and Australia as a whole. It is time some decent trustworthy politicians started running this country.

  6. I ceased buying Capillano & related brands several years ago when I read of their prosecution for selling ‘fake’ honey – I now only buy Beechworth but more particularly from local growers guarantee their honey to be raw and natural – sometimes pay a bit more but streets ahead in flavour and quality.

    • yes Gordon to buy honey from the small people you notice the difference in sweetness.capilano honey has been bitter for 15-20 years so that prob says how long woolworths and the rest have been selling it

  7. This is Spanish Inquisition stuff! This man has exposed official and legal corruption at various levels and jailed for it?? Is this Australian 2017? Something really is rotten in the state of Denmark …right here in the land down under! This man must be freed….this is what the Chinese and other authoritarian states do!

  8. Absolute bloody disgrace. Why don’t we all quit our jobs and join the queue of asylum seekey handouts and march on Canberra’s nest featherers to stop this bs. I am appalled and will donate to support Shane. Hang in there mate. What would happen if we all carried placards saying behead all corrupt pollies or judges who insult the intelligence of the fed up public?

    • Louise. What a good idea! The problem we have is in bringing everyone who wants reform together. Reform is happening in Silicon Valley, California. This was motivated by the courageous San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. A summary arrived today as part of a change.org petition update. I can’t provide the link but use of the keywords : Jack & Jill Sanders ; sign petition ; investigate Family Court’s retaliations should bring it up. See also my Face Book page under my name. Also Annie Kelly’s Help Family Law and Family Court@EvilIndustry Global. We are not alone. Do link up and spread the word. We might attract a mainstream journalist with the nerve and integrity to publicize the corruption.

  9. Great to see things moving this way, will check out facebook site tonight, and see how i can contribute.
    LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!,

  10. I am not appaled or disgusted at the way Shane Dowling has been treated, I am 100% ashamed to be an Australian citizen living under the laws of dictators, liars, cheats, thieves and more who are the most hypocritical and corrupt two-faced bastard slime-ball, subhuman creatures using their ill-gotten and illegal positions in society to attack with self-inficted prejudice any person who takes it upon themselves the God-given right, the Freedom Of Speech which thousands of good people fought and died for to protect the now evil obscene dictators of false and un-Constitution justice for their own means and gains.
    The supressed truth and justice by Kerry Stokes and Co, the barristers, solicitors and lawmakers, the corrupt politicians who lie and cheat their way into positions of non-Constitutional self-gratificating levels of self-opinionated controlling rules and regulations are part of the total corruption under which every bank, private government ABN corporation, are hell-bent on destroying the honest people who made Australia a great country.
    All of the above-mentioned corrupt individuals, et al are whip-lashing the backs of Australians and riding them, jack-boot style into the ground, but repercussions are soon to come to the fore.
    Read in history the complete decimation of incompetent, self-appraising dictators.
    I will never have my Freedom Of Speech silenced, there is no-one on this Earth with the capacity or ability to silence me.

    • Jonde, Seriously, are you aware of Australia’s history, and in particular the first settlement in N.S.W. the official Government and the Criminal element within that same Government, who ran the place exactly as it is still being run today ?
      Where the folks who produced alcohol from their home stills were prosecuted and in many cases co-opted to manufacture alcohol for the Government who used the stuff as MONEY ????
      How was it, that the best land was always in the hands of these very same people, and the poorer lands were allocated out to the poorer people, these same people were ALLOWED to pay homage to their richer overlords.
      If you sided with them and served them loyally, you MIGHT be given leave, to exist on the periphery of their circles and pick up a few crumbs, thus elevating your own position in our society.
      The very same people who were doing this, installed the basis of the system under which we are living today, and their ancestors are doing an excellent job of ensuring things stay that way.
      People who think Australia is a Democracy are living a Fools existence.

      • Eddy,

        In answer to your question I shall continue in the next paragraph.except for asking, “Why has the un-necessary word, “Seriously” been placed in your question,?” is my question to you,

        I am very well read in all facets of of Australia’s history, which makes my knowledge of the subject far greater than being ‘aware’ which is akin to you asking if I am ‘aware’ of the speed limit on the Hume Highway.

        I am also very well read in the history of Great Britain and Northern Island dating back for hundreds more years than the very short span of 411 years when Australia was first discovered in 1606 by Dutchman Willem Janszoon, the captain of the ship, Duyfken.

        History is currently, and was one of my favourite subjects at the British grammar school which I attended from the age of eleven for nearly seven years.
        I am ‘aware, and know’ that Australia is not a democracy. Compulsory voting to begin with at a government election begins on ‘line one on brick one’ of the writing on Australia’s parliament wall……..
        …………”Enforceable Dictatorship Corruption Rules For Politicians Judges & Lawyers.”

        The Australian Constitution is not complied with, The Federal, State, Local governments, the total Law entity, Centrelink, Australia Post and most other past government institutions are now private corporations each with an Australian Business Number (ABN) registered in the USA with the Securities & Exchange Commission , Number 0000805157.

  11. I think the facebook site needs a couple of grenades thrown in there to wake people up to these bastards, i will work on it, and drop a nuke you tube as well. a lot of conspiracy geeks there that love this stuff, they may work in our favour what do you all think?
    If it’s done properly it could go viral considering so much of it is going on in our world today. Please note, it is imperative this point is mentioned over and over in our quest, as it is our world not exclusively theirs.
    There would only be mention of what happened to a believer of free speech in a clayton’s democracy, the blatant corruption, the spindless mainstream media muppets etc.

  12. Jonde, how about you be my speech writer, good stuff, me all over, i have said here before, as ex Australian Army, i have wondered why i swore to protect the likes of these hyenas, i often wonder how such a beautiful planet we live on can be infected with such diseased people.

    • Thanks Alan, any time to write some words which hopefully will wipe out ther apathy of many Australians.
      Compulsory National Service for males/females when 18 years old, also performing menial roadside work instead of expensive local council bloodsuckers.

      • Hi Jonde
        All my life i have been strong supporter of National Service for 18 year olds, Male and Female. i myself was a National Service conscript and decided to join up for 6 years, They were some of the best years of my life.
        N/S should be compulsory in a small nation like ourselves, we need to be able to draw on trained soldiers at short notice in today’s world, Israel have a great system. In my time N/S provided great opportunity for promotion amongst regular soldiers, great competitive spirit amongst N/S and regulars, it got a lot of lost souls into the fold and gave them a sense of pride and and give them a guiding hand in their life’s journey. My only regret is that our politicians got Australia involved in Vietnam, a touchy subject so i will stay away from commenting, i’m sure all Australians are aware it was a filthy war with hidden agenda’s oozing out of it everywhere. Good men were sent for what?
        The youth of today in a lot of cases would be better off with a bit of discipline and responsibility instilled in them, all centre link sponges breast feeding of taxpayers for more than 6 months should start earning it by doing N/S or work on their local councils, a shame it would be politically incorrect today, but when NOT IF, we confront an invading force, our grand children will thank those politically correct politicians for the dilemma they face. Again, spineless, self serving politicians engaging in social engineering, this will be a point i will bring up with the RSL members when the time comes after SD’s release.

  13. The word terrorism has its origins from governments terrorizing their citizens. The term has been hijacked and falsified to make people think it’s a bunch of Muslims who hate the west. But funnily enough it still is terrorism in the true sense of the word because those extremists are funded, armed and trained by the very same western governments for the purpose of regime change, control of oil and gas pipelines, natural resources and asset control (theft). While many people are still blind to this, more and more are waking up.

    Shane’s case is no different. IT IS TERRORISM by the same bunch of criminals. Rule of law is a fluid thing, amended to benefit them. Anyone who exposes it and fights it is terrorized.

    Still unconvinced?

    Last time I did my tax returns my net income was about $3300 for the year. A child support assessment was made in the amount of $2800 for the year. (I gave up any career to save my kids from a less than capable mother. Plus I overheard the call to the child support office, and clearly the crying found a sympathetic ear.) A friend whose ex husband earned about $25,000 was given an assessment lower than mine. THAT’S TERRORISM.

    Need more?

    I copped a red light camera fine, left turn, 0.5sec over, the only one in 25 years driving. Would not reconsider because it’s about “road safety”. Alright… gave my financials and offered $5/month payment. Payment plan accepted but amount altered to $20/month without my knowledge or authority. (Now think here about a legal offer document for eg: a home purchase… one cannot just alter the contract amount.) Called them up and discussed, asked to submit documents again. Okay, did it again for $5/month… papers come back altered to $20 again. My lovely caring government (or agent) potentially committed 2 acts of fraud instead of the legal way of advising a different amount or referring to a court. THAT’S TERRORISM.

    Some here know already, but the REAL TERRORISTS are not who you are led to believe they are. They hide among us, and infiltrate and control out governments.

  14. If you want to visit or otherwise communicate with Shane Dowling in prison you will need to know his home address or his date of birth. To make visiting arrangements the correct phone number of NSW Corrections admin is 02 8346 1000.

    • Jonde,

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!

      Until you are adversly affected by corruption, you go about your life none the wiser. People will either fight for Justice or simply concede or they will reach a point where they have no option but to concede.

      The latter is the most emotional, and I have been there on several occasions.
      I have accepted that sometimes you cannot win, as the system simply will not let you.

      Accepting this fact is challenging. SD took lots of risks and pushed them hard, but you cannot beat a corrupt system, nor can you talk rationally with a drunk.

      I do not think a handful of SD’s followers will achieve much and the politicians will do little.


      I came across Evan’s document some while ago, however I have had no time to read. I have come across so many atrocities relating to Estate and Family Law it is sickening.

      After visiting the Charge.Org link you mentioned, I am even more disgusted.
      SD’s protest will not be in vein. I truly believe that this is part of his strategy and he will educate us even more.

      That said, individuals alone cannot take on these people. Caselaw identifies the fighters. I have identified several. I think that reaching out to these fighters to come together and fight one battle at a time is the only way you can influence change.

      Once you involve a Solicitor, your days are numbered and your bank balance becomes very low, very quickly. Most Solicitors make their money from the pathetic legislation we have. There is no incentive for them to make things write.

      Allan, if anyone that could get some leverage and media attention with this I think it would be the RSL. Anyone that has represented Australia in some capacity and put their lives at risk would not condone what has occurred to SD.

      As the NSW Government contributed to SD’s jailing, I am sure they will pursue all avenues to make his life difficult once he is released.

      I will make some enquiries after the long weekend to go and visit SD. If you are based in Sydney and would like to join, please let me know.

      What is sad is that this matter is getting very little coverage in any of the media streams. Sadly, most people simply do not have the time to become involve or are deeply concerned about the risks if they did become involved.

      There are many people battling out there, but getting traction is difficult and frustrating. Unless there is a united front, and the PEOPLE start to rally, it will be impossible to implement change.

      That said, people will start to congregate at all other major Sydney beaches. Handing out a one page flyer
      with KCoA website details along with a a summary of what has happened, may help.

      Handing out flyers at sporting events like the NRL grand final may also generate some good exposure.

      Lastly, what would be real interesting is that we tried to place a half a pager in some of the main stream papers…

      It would be very interesting whether they would publish???

      • Hi Joe
        RE: Evan’s book. the main thrust is a proposed change in the legal system from the corrupt adversarial where lawyers pretend to represent clients, oppose each other and where a judge supposedly makes wise decisions according to the law. None of this is likely to happen in reality. On p 12 of Evan’s book you will see a tabulation contrasting the adverse/adversarial system with Europe’s truth- seeking/ investigative/inquisitorial system. Evan wants his book publicized so I could get approval to include this table in any flyers and ads we organize.

        It’s a daunting task but I want to keep trying despite being physically limited at present. My only experience is with family law but Shane’s situation is very relevant and he acts and speaks for us all..

        Crowd funding would be the best way to finance publicity while we continue to search for a brave journalist/reporter/newspaper. I could prepare a background summary of Shane’s case with which to launch the crowd funding if someone else can set it up using every network etc possible. T

        Refusal to publish would be yet another scandal. HT

      • G’day Joe,
        Ref the reference to the R.S.L.
        My experience as a returned Vietnam Veteran with the R.S.L. has ensued I turn my back completely against that organisation within my home state of W.A.
        The treatment and behaviour I received when I approached them for assistance was disgusting and self serving.
        I cannot speak for Branches in other states, but here in W.A. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.
        They are nothing but the buerocratic copy of the crminal government running the show.
        The moment I entered their office and the guy behind the desk DEMANDED I salute him, despite the fact he was in civvies and a civilian himself, didn’t seem to cut the mustard with him.
        I told him straight, I was no longer in the military, but a civilian, therefore not required to salute any other civilian.
        If this was how the R.S.L. behaved to it’s fellow members, he could take his organisation and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  15. Hi Joe, been reading my mind mate?.
    My very thoughts, i have discussed a plan with fellow RSL members. To start with, a letter to all NSW members of the RSL ( around 40,000 ) to the editor of our national publication. This letter, will put strong emphasis on the democracy we all swore to protect being eroded by an enemy within. Soldiers past and present have always been aware of politicians and their bullshit, Soldiers, being at the pointy end of political bullshit, wakes one up to lifes darker side, i think a raw nerve will be struck amongst a lot of our 40,000 members provided the first letter is a land mine insofar as what has and is happening in our country, in particular the threat to free speech. The enemy within and it’s agenda has to be exposed to all RSL members. Personally, as an ex Soldier i feel totally betrayed by these
    filthy bastards, 6 years of my life dedicated to my country, 6 years of my life dedicated to train for the protection of our democratic lifestyle, and trained to kill for it, all the while traitors have been for decades, operating within our Government, Judicial System, and big business. I am sure my fellow RSL members will feel as i do on the issue.
    I will work behind the scenes putting this together, and run it by you and Helen to start with.
    Once Shane is released, we can seek his approval to implement the proposal. I am hoping Shane has some sort of legal recourse over his jailing which would give this approach some extra muscle
    As you may all be aware, The NSW RSL is embroiled in its own corruption scandal at the moment, hopefully that storm may have settled somewhat by Shane’s release .
    My only fear is infiltration of the RSL by these bastards, i will research the people i need to in the organization, in particular the editors background. and political donations, if any.
    Food for thought.
    Australia has the educated crook politicians, in the main lawyers, appointing highly educated criminals ( former lawyers ) to run and overseer our judicial system, in a lot of countries, behaviour like this would eventually lead to perpetrators being denied the ability to breath.Our democracy,hard fought for by generations of servicemen and women is being engineered by criminals to benefit themselves at an enormous cost to our way of living, we need to expose it all if we can

    • Hello Allan, yes you are correct, what is the true purpose of having a political party consisting of crafty lawyers doing their detrimental-to-the-people-doings.
      The Australian rule of democracy has been trashed by the fat-cat lawyers and judicial incumbents rife through our nation, surely the people have a right to revoke/dismiss or even obstruct the harms being so consistently lumped upon the Australian people.
      It is a gross impropriety to refer to this charade of a Liberal party government as anything other than a bunch of self agenda and citizen-biased trough-feeders, for they do not function as a government as decreed by the powers inherent within the Australian constitution.
      The rituals of recognition and privilege should be denied to the entire flock of these false-spieling Liberal party incumbents.

      • Sorry mate, i missed this one, but, lets remember, it’s not only Libs, it’s all of the bastards,and in particular Labour and their so called other PARTY stooges, a huge threat to us all is the Greens, a bunch of airhead frootloops supported by Labour (my opinion of course) a mob that will be shafted by Labour if they see it to their advantage, the whole lot of them are no more than useless taxpayer sponges more concerned about setting themselves up for life at taxpayers expense than looking after us all and our country, look at the amount of grubs in Parliament, State or Federal with legal backgrounds, clearly a disease within our political and judicial system, Shane was, and is, a threat to these dogs, that’s why he is where he is, let’s hope they don’t keep him there.

    • Allen, nice to see I’m not the only Vet with such a mind set. I’ve been seriously pissed off with our system since my tour of the funny country, after being LIED to and mislead, by these same politicians and their sycophant followers the Media, who do their bidding.

      As an untrained individual, I took on the legal system in the Industrial arena in W.A. from where I learnt of the corruption and criminality rampant within.
      From the lowly Clerk Of Courts right to the top of the the chief judges within my state, they all follow the line and cover each others arses every time.

      I was told by the judge hearing my case, it was perfectly acceptable for me to front up against a fully trained Queens Council, (despite having no training whatever in the legal arena) whilst the Queen’s Council had done many years study and focused on his training for guidance. He considered me an equal in the Court. ??? Seriously. W.T.F.

      To be quiet frank, I’m amazed that Australia has even progressed to the stage it has today.

      Sadly, it is FACT, anyone that sticks their heads up to voice opposition to the ingrained criminal system operating, is liable to get it lopped off pretty quick, especially if inroads are being made that will influence the current system.

      Having been on the coal face myself in this regard, I can attest to this fact.
      Unless you have serious financial backing and good legal (genuine) support, as well as support on the ground, any such effort is doomed to failure.

      Recently, headlines in W.A. are shinning a light on this corruption with the inquest into the Shirley Finn murder. This inquest would never have seen the light of day, if the perps were still alive today. Note too, the involvement of the legal professions strong arm terrorists the POLICE’s part in this sorry saga.

      This is the crap we are all facing. Question is ; How do we combat this when the whole system is designed to protect it’self ?

      • EDDY We must first support SD to the utmost.  Sorry for being repetitive but we need to change from the adversarial system using lawyers to the truth seeking (Inquisitorial or Investigative) using specially trained judges. See p 12 of Evan Whitton’s book “Our Corrupt Legal System” which is available as a free download at       netk.net.au/Whitton/OCLS.pdf      HT

      • Check the Legal Services Commissioners Annual Reports for all States and see how many solicitors and barristers have either been disbarred, fined or censured. And that was just the last twenty years. Our legal beagles try to pose that they are part of a honorable profession but with somewhere between 500 and a thousand Australia-wide hauled over the coals or sacked, you can see just how corrupt it is.

      • Hello Eddy, been off the air getting a few concerns about this site addressed, have the all clear from son, ( computer engineer ) re spooks.
        Nice to have a former brother on board, no doubt we will talk more soon.
        I am away from tomorrow for 14 days competing my beloved historic race car, a passion i enjoy as stress relief from a troubled world, i’m sure you will agree mate, it’s pretty stuffed compared from when we were young, RSL, yes, stuffed these day’s, again, the ground troops (members) are trod on by politically motivated, crooked and greedy bastards looking after themselves, more on that when i return mate.

  16. Just now tried to donate on the go fund me page and got this message….
    “There was an error with your request, please verify your information and try again. If the issue persists, please visit blah blah blah

  17. Good morning

    I have successfully deleted channel 7 from my remote control and hence no one at my home can watch channel 7 until the honourable Shane Dowling is released

  18. I’m in Western Australia and appalled at Shanes treatment. I advised Shane to demand a Lawyer and a Jury verdict. Maybe that was denied or unavailable, A jury hearing his case would never had prosecuted him.
    My experiences in 12 years of seeking Justice is every stinking politician, Judge and Lawyers who have had knowledge of my case is involved in a cover up of stitch ups for filthy forgers Moncrieff Realty relative of Simon Moncrieff former Barrister and Family Court Judge.

    We learn the truth from sites as Shane’s, about filthy corrupt Judges and Magistrates but when the dirtiest of all is Ombudsman Field {the man responsible for human rights in W.A } and consecutive Attorney Generals it is telling Australia is not a fit and proper nation for a permanent seat in the U>N.

    Ombudsman Field is a dirty hypocrite! It’s people like him that permit corruption to fester in the Courts and the Public service. He travels around the world giving lectures on the importance of his position {ombudsman} to protect the general public and the importance of human rights in democracy when he is really an advocate for a Pol Pot regime. he’s a joke and embarrassment to Ombudsman everywhere.

    The question is how do you motivate the masses when the mainstream media controls programming and supports the dirty corrupt establishment?

    Everyone with a law degree is a servant of the Courts remember that! and therefore the Courts protect them, the problem they have is it conflicts with our basic human rights which is the domain of Ombudsman in your State and Commonwealth. The imaginary separation between the State and Courts!

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    • Fred The only way to fix any of this is by publicity.  I think it is a world-wide problem so if anyone has even an inkling of a journalist anywhere who might write up this story, please get in touch. I am about to write a short summary of Shane’s present situation and shall publish it here. Please feel free to suggest amendments and/or use it wherever you think it will be useful. It will deal only with Shane’s conviction and sentencing of August  2017. H T  

    • I approached the Federal Ombudsman because I couldn`t get satisfaction from Centrelink. I even wrote to Hank Jongen. No reply of course. Eventually I heard from the Ombudsman referring me to——–wait for it——Centrelink.

  19. Dear JB
    I think a lot of us here have read the entire judgment, you only repeat what we all know, you obviously have either chosen to ignore or can’t see the bigger picture here, the underlying corruption in our Political , Judicial, corporate worlds.
    For Christs sake, he got jailed for the full term that was available under the law, take a look at what real crims are getting away with in the courts, Shane had a sledge hammer dropped on him for standing up for what he believed in and in order to attempt to silence him.
    Take a look at what was thrown at him for alerting people to what is really going on in the above worlds.
    Have you read the unbelievable court orders against Shane over his exposure of the manipulation of the court system by the very people we entrust to run it, the corporate world and Politicians .
    We don’t need a lecture from someone who obviously is either a part of the system
    or in my opinion brain dead in relation to the real issue that is being pursued here.
    I speak as a former victim of the above mentioned worlds, I have experienced corruption at the highest levels of Government, the Judicial system and public service to the tune JB of just under 2 million dollars,that cost me my life’s work, a 30 year marriage and almost my sanity over a 4 year period. I am but one of an ever increasing number of my fellow Australians that have morally and financially raped buy a totally corrupt system we now suffer in this country. I am of the opinion you should keep your lectures to yourself and please refrain from insulting our intelligence, as i said, you are not looking at the bigger picture here for whatever reason, that’s your call JB, if you don’t support our cause or our goals please go and annoy someone else

    • JB,

      I read your post and I must admit, it did make me laugh 😜

      My guess is that you have never attended a Tribunal or Court, in a personal capacity, otherwise you probably would not have made such assertions.

      That said, you are entitled to your view, and while your view may differ from others engaged in this blog, your views are not being suppressed 🤠

      Now, I am probably guessing that you don’t have children either? The reason I make this assertion is that you imply that (4) months jailing of SD compared to (3) months for a convicted Paedophile is fair. I have formed a different view.

      Now, anyone that’s a true supporter of the fight against corruption would know that what is documented in CASELAW is generally onesided and many facts are omitted, especially if you are taking on the judiciary, government or the elite.

      Anyway, I enjoy reading all blogs, but in this instance,
      prefer ones that are helpful in assisting SD.

  20. Sorry JB i forgot to add, you ask have we “REFLECTED ON THE DEEPER LEGAL ISSUES” WTF do you think we are doing here scratching our heads and balls at the same time?

  21. JB,

    You have made point. I even had to google the meaning of some of the statements that you made.

    This blog is not designed to attack each other. It would be more constructive if you expanded on your view without attacking people.

    While I do not agree with your assertion that we must abide by
    “court orders”, I am very interested to hear your view regarding the “deeper” issues.

    Hopefully it covers some aspects about the “Rule of Law”. That said, if your motivation is merely to frustrate people, can you kindly reconsider your intentions.

    Thanks 👍

    • Thank you for those comments, Joe.

      I was prompted to go back to the original judgement in the Dowling gaoling because the consensus of contributions to this thread seems to be that Shane was imprisoned because he was engaging in free speech and acting like a journalist. I found it difficult to accept that a judge would so openly convict someone on this basis knowing that his/her judgement is public and potentially subject to further appeal and scrutiny. And my reading of the judgement supported my initial scepticism. Shane was not gaoled for exercising free speech as a journalist. Instead, he was imprisoned purely and simply because he had breached a Court order and was therefore in contempt of Court. And the fact that he showed defiance rather than remorse, and that he offered no valid reason or mitigating circumstance, for his breach inevitably resulted in the outcome we all now know.

      One of the things that distinguishes our society from, say, a communist dictatorship is the rule of Law. And the rule of Law invests our Courts with a measure of authority – often ultimate authority. Of course, this is not to say that the authority exercised by the Courts, or the individual judges within the Courts, is always exercised fairly or justly. Neither does it imply that all laws are by definition fair or perfect. It is an undeniable fact that sometimes judges are mistaken and their decisions flawed. And when this occurs the administration of justice is not as even handed or as balanced as it ought to be. Nevertheless, even with its warts and imperfections, our Court system is all that we have. Our Court system is all that stands between us and a communistic type dictatorship or even unfettered anarchy (the “law of the jungle”).

      That being the case, it is my contention that Court orders must be obeyed – even questionable Court orders. No matter how well intentioned or sincere perpetrators might be, individuals cannot be permitted to breach Court orders with impunity or at will. To do so would be destroy the authority of our Courts and ultimately undermine the rule of Law itself. To do so would be to encourage, as well as sanction, civil disobedience and the social chaos that would inevitably arise.

      If individuals are permitted to breach Court orders on whatever basis they choose, on whatever occasions they choose, and for whatever reasons they choose, then our entire system of law would rapidly break down. It would be rather like choosing to exceed the speed limit on the ground that you (genuinely and reasonably) disagreed with a particular advertised speed zone. The way to change questionable laws is not to revert to anarchy and civil disobedience. Instead, the intelligent crusader will find a way to bring about change within the existing framework. The intelligent crusader will not embrace the “law of the jungle”. Sincerity and unshakeable conviction in the righteousness of one’s cause is not a justification for the unsophisticated approach implied by civil disobedience. This is why people who are wrapped up in the their blankets of anger and righteous indignation are mostly condemned to irrelevance and will never bring about useful or needed change. Such people cannot see beyond their immediate perspective thus eroding their own position. Which is a pity, because otherwise sound and sensible positions are being eclipsed by the irrationality of unbridled and undisciplined anger.

      In Shane’s case, there was a Court order against him. Granted the order might be questionable, and granted the potential was/is there for the Court order to be set aside in the future. But until it is actually set aside, Shane is obliged to abide by that Court order. (Unless, of course, Shane considers himself to be above the Law – a distinct possibility some might argue.) The fact that Shane is sincere and passionate in his belief is of no consequence. Neither is it of any consequence that other, quite independent, situations (for example, the case of the paedophile priest you mention) might throw up different or anomalous legal outcomes. By way of analogy, one can offer a traffic example. Suppose you have been caught driving at 60 kph in a 40 kph speed zone. Is it really a valid or reasonable defence to argue that you should not be punished because you sincerely believe the 40 kph restriction is ridiculous? Or that another driver was doing 80 kph in the speed zone? Or that a driver who was clearly doing over 100 kph was not even pulled over? I would argue that breaking the speed limit is an individual matter and should be dealt with on an individual basis quite independently of what other drivers might, or might not, have been doing. But clearly there are many contributors on this website who will disagree with me on this.

      In my view, Shane needs to exhibit far more discipline, and far more maturity, in his social crusade than he has to date. Of course, suggesting this is going to be anathema to Shane’s rusted on supporters, but of itself that does not destroy the validity of my observation. I fully expect a continuation of the crude “shoot the messenger” approach adopted here by Allan. When anger and indignation are present, often the first casualties will be rational thought and dispassionate discourse.

  22. Your last sentence is spot on JB ,i will leave it at that thank you. Sorry Joe, sometimes genetically challenged pseudo academics piss me off.

    • JB,

      Thank you for your view.

      In recent years I have learnt to listen more and talk less. I have also read the CASELAW several time and to a large extent agree with your view.

      SD has been jailed for breaching Court Orders. I have stated in previous blog that he does take many risks and though I am supportive of his work, discipline is imperative.

      Your anologies are sound, though our Judicial system is flawed and corrupted. Sometimes to make a disruption, you must challenge the system.

      SD challenged the system, and was in my view heavily punished, but not on the merits of the case, but as a result of his courage to stand defiant and the people involved.

      I am personally embroiled in legal matter, that now extends to the
      NSW Government. There is not one soul on this planet that can convince me that there is good justice in this country.

      This forum should be balanced as it would help the fight against corruption in what was a wonderful country!!!

      •  Dear Joe I agree. I am involved in  in supporting Shane only because of someone I know who has been badly treated by the courts.  Every other avenue has been tried without success so challenging the law with a view to reform is the only means left.  Bad laws need to be changed but in  our case (as in Silicon Valley in California the courts are at fault. The community of Santa Clara for example  has risen in protest. We need to do the same. HT

      • Joe   The system is very selective when it comes to discipline. I have seen about twenty breaches of the same court order disallowed by the judge who said they were all “stale”, too recent or trivial. All were documented. The respondent and their lawyer admitted to breaching the only one the judge would allow, but were forgiven. There was no discipline in the Family Court that day or on any of the subsequent days when a powerful  judge pretended to consider whether to allow an appeal. He always intended to disallow it.. I had been self-disciplined all my life but I realize the futility of it all when I know that modern court outcomes are pre-determined in favour of whoever has the most money and the least ethics. Also where court transcripts are doctored, perjury encouraged, where judges refuse to uphold the law,l and are entirely unaccountable. Surely everyone realizes that they are all political appointees who can do as they please with a secure job until the age of 70.      

      • Courts orders are regularly breached in the Family Court. Without penalties. Just as perjury is ignored.

  23. Thank you JB for your reasoned view, which should help clear the air.

    Whereas I am usually on side with SD in his tilts at abuse by vested interests; nevertheless I acknowledge that he does sail close to the wind and occasionally oversteps the mark with his commentary. But he is having a go at exposing and making abuse accountable.
    I often advise my kids and grand-kids that a person who never made a mistake never made anything – hopefully moderated with common sense.

  24. Dear JB, A better explanation as to where you are coming from and i will second Joe’s reply to you September 20 @ 8.28 am, I am fully aware of what SD brought upon himself.
    Yes i am bitter with a system that is corrupted, that’s why i am here, to at least help expose it, as it would take JC himself to change it.
    Please accept my apology

  25. JB I found your comment rather patronizing and lacking in empathy. I suspect you are a lawyer.   Alan is still a victim. If the courts reviewed and published the results of their rulings the public would be aware of the damage done.  The legal system is a cruel autocracy. H T

    • The implication of your comment appears to be that a Court Order should only be obeyed if the individual concerned considers the Court Order to be valid and/or reasonable. And given that different individuals are likely to hold different opinions (even on similar Court Orders), your position suggests that obeying Court Orders is optional and solely at the subjective discretion of the individual concerned. And for merely pointing this out, you judge me to be “patronising” and “lacking in empathy”? Well, if that’s your definition of being patronising and lacking in empathy, then I plead guilty. Nothing like an inconvenient truth to stir up the loyal troops. And, just for the record, I never thought, or even suggested, Allan was not a victim of our legal system. This is a construction that you chose to place on my commentary.

    • Dear JB. I cannot find a published judgement relating to the major contempt of court charge of which SD was convicted on 3 August. Would you be kind enough to publish the link online please? The major issue (of which there were three) related to naming the judge who gave a light sentence to a paedophile priest. I feel that the judgment was suppressed since I cannot even find a media report. If so the issue is indeed that of freedom of speech. Without a published judgment our friend cannot begin to launch an appeal to the High Court. If the true reason for his jailing related to an untrue comment on the judge’s character why has the latter not sued for defamation? If this published judgment cannot be found I must reluctantly conclude that there has been collusion to pervert the course of justice. Surely it is too harsh to jail someone for four months without parole for engaging in a non-violent protest. In any case I’d be relieved to see a published judgment. Thank you. HT

      • Hi HT.

        I would be more than happy to relocate and post the link when I get home later today. But just to clarify, the ONLY link I have is for the website I visited, namely the one that contains the Dowling judgement. I’m not entirely certain that link is the one you are asking for. If it is, then I can oblige. But if you had in mind a different link, then regrettably I cannot provide it. Not because I am being difficult but rather because I have no knowledge of what you are referring to. Best wishes.

    • JB . This is a response to your earlier comment on court orders. Most would agree that court orders should be obeyed. However if a court order is imposed illegally one should first use legal means to have it lifted. If this fails publicity is the only way to obtain justice. I can tell that you are not a natural social reformer, JD. And that you have not experienced injustice relating to court matters. If you have, perhaps you would share your experiences with us. I need to better understand why you are so active in this forum. You seem to be an apologist for the judiciary. This forum seeks to correct an injustice and you seem to be undermining this. If I don’t receive that link I shall skip over your future posts. HT

  26. Dear et al,

    I have pulled together all CASELAW decisions that I could locate. If they do not exist on CASELAW or AUSTLII, then they must be suppressed.

    As I have mentioned, SD has been fighting multiple battles. I have followed the Amber Harrison matter closely which overlapped with the matters below. I am aware that the registrar was not correctly listing SD matters on the daily online lists.

    That conduct itself is deplorable. Further, the tactics they use against SD in terms of filing and responding to submissions again is designed to frustrate and unlawful.

    It is important to try and read these in order. I have not, but will when time permits.

    Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling [2016] NSWSC 1909

    Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling (No 2) [2016] NSWSC 1910

    Jane Doe 1 v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 57

    Jane Doe 1 v Dowling (No 3) [2017] NSWSC 126

    Doe v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 202

    Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 392

    Doe v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 1037

    I am not sure if any decisions have be suppressed, that is something only SD can confirm.

    That said, the treatment of SD by the judiciary and the relevant powers in my view have been extremely unlawful. At the moment, I do not have the time to read all of the above, consume and provide a more detailed view, other than to say, if the judiciary can act unlawfully, why shouldn’t the common man??

    They are also selectively picking single clauses from various acts and pursing these relentlessly against SD. If the common person tried that they would be laughed at.

    My current limited understanding is that Material has been published, and to a certain extent it is commonly known, yet SD is being forced to remove content from his website, while others are not been directed to remove and some the content has been published in his book or has been on his website for well over a year.

    Notwithstanding, SD has a running battle with Kerry Stokes and the judiciary for several years. My present concern is that while I am more than willing to get involved and help, unless SD has a strategy and long term plan, then I must devote my energies to other causes.

    You cannot influence change without good strategy and planing. Secondly, it will take years before we see any real change and you need to choose your battles.
    Educating people is important. SD has educated me in many ways and it is why
    I would like to visit him before trying to be of more assistance.

    I think it is fair to say that SD is not protected by any Whistle-blower legislation, because he is not an employee to any of the parties involved. Regardless of all the issues surrounding SD’s jailing, at the end of the day, he defied Court Orders, and for this reason he has been jailed.

    I think that by stating stating that his jailing is a direct breach of “free speech” has confused many, including myself to some degree as I have had no time whatsoever to read all of the above.

    This battle is is far from over and I do hope that I can help SD in some capacity, however that will be his decision alone.

    • Hi all,

      I published a lengthy blog with all the CASELAW decisions that I could find since December 2016.

      Its being held up by the moderator, though I am not sure who that is?

    • ty joe his mum replying for him.the courts are very dubious in treatment of shane he has been jailed for naming people who were named in inquirys.no1 has proved they were lies just channel 7 lawyers and courts have stated they denie allegations.seems wrong ceo has whistleblower financially destroyed and shane jailed why he continues on his merry way.yet the tv stations and current affairs hound and hound the vulnerable for superficial stories.and have independent journalists jailed for speaking out on there tactics.so much for fairness and accountability.not one tv station radio or newspaper has tried to contact us this in itself says how much the system is connected

  27. Hi Helen,

    Just come across this link.


    I think its safe to say that this is the primary driver behind SD’s position not to remove material from the KCoA.

    My question is how can a defamation case be brought against you, and you are convicted of contempt, when the two individuals won’t confirm under oath that they had sexual relations with TW?

    There is so much information 🤕

    Now normally the defence to Defamation is the TRUTH ..

    So, based on what I just read, if SD only published the TRUTH, but defied Court Order’s of Contempt, because he considers the Defamation CASE to be unlawful, then his Freedom of Speech has been supressed for no good reason, and he is now in jail because (2) Australian SWM personalities have brought FRIVIOLOUS defamation claims against him..

    I also note found (1) CASELAW was supressed, though SD published it. I also find that to be an abuse of power by the Judiciary…

    I really need to find the time to digest this sequence of events !!!

    In my view it would appear that an innocent man has be jailed…


    • HT,

      Here are all of the CASELAW links from my previous post.. it still is being held up by the moderator!!

      Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling [2016] NSWSC 1909

      Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 v Dowling (No 2) [2016] NSWSC 1910

      Jane Doe 1 v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 57

      Jane Doe 1 v Dowling (No 3) [2017] NSWSC 126

      Doe v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 202

      Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 392

      Doe v Dowling [2017] NSWSC 1037

    • JB,

      Fair point.

      My other (2) posts are still under moderation for some reason.

      That said, if people can bring litigation against you, but then they can remain silent and are not required to defend their position under oath, then I have a real problem with that.

      I am very interested in better understanding this aspect of law as this issue is the basis of the estate dispute that our family is embroiled in.

      For example, your anaolgy to prove that I am an idiot would be extremely challenging and highly unlikely, however, to prove that someone has had sexual encounters would be far easier per say.

      This matter is extremely complex as it crossed into two other high profile cases, that were both linked to Mr Kerry Stokes.

      To take on such an individual, you need a strategy and a plan, and you must be agile and revise the above frequently, depending on the information at hand.

      The WAR between SD &
      Mr Stokes is far from over. Having working in the media industry many years ago, it is well known that Tim Worner
      is a protected CEO.

      That fact will not change whatsover, especially while he remains at SWM.

      Further, it is unlikely that his options for alternative employment at another broadcaster would readily available, and he certainly would not have the same protections.

      Before you can take on the likes of Mr Kerry Stokes, you must be well aquainted with all relevant legislation and precedents.

      From spending the past (12) months reviewing material on KCoA, SD certainly has all the relevant evidence to WIN, but framing this evidence into robust submissions takes is a separate challenge while trying to maintain a job… 😤

      Entering the JUNGLE without any weapons and shoes, but plenty of food and water, does not guarantee survival…

    • Dear JB
      Thank you. I shall reply to all your posts later today if the system will let me. I keep losing the connection when I enter certain names etc. Your link relates only to the Jane Doe aspect, not the major matter mentioned in the blog re 3 UGI had seen it. This ids the official version which hides the truth about the real issue. Musts go before they delete this. Please acknowledge if you see it to helentastard@ozemail.com.au Thank you. HT

      • JB. Thank you but I am concentrating only on the 10 August 2017 judgment for reasons given in my rather long post last week. Someone else posted it for me because of technical difficulties.  I feel that something (perhaps the report of a separate hearing on 10 August) is missing.   HT   

    • Joe – I guess the other thing that could be said about the example you raised earlier is this: it is not for Shane to determine or judge the merits of any defamation case against him. It is not his call to make . The role of judgement is reserved for the Courts. In any event, and regardless of what he thinks of the defamation cases against him, Shane is obliged to comply with any Court orders issued against him. An allegedly “baseless” defamation case is one thing. An existing Court order is an entirely separate thing. At law (as opposed to in Shane’s mind), there is no relationship between the two, and the two things must not be conflated.

      I feel Shane fell into this same trap when he spoke about his $2,000 fine during his latest Court episode. The unpaid fine has never been pursued by authorities and Shane has consistently maintained that this “proves” the basis of the fine is (to use one of Shane’s favourite words) “dodgy”. But as the judge pointed out, various explanations exist as to why a fine might not be pursued and Shane is not entitled to assume one explanation to the exclusion of other possible explanations.

      • JB II was mistaken in thinking that you were also interested in justice for Shane. You miss the whole point. Why should anyone accept injustice at the hands of those who only want to suppress the truth and demonstrate the power they hold only because they are political appointees?  Our politicians have let us all down.  HT  

    • HT – but where precisely, or what precisely, is the injustice that you continually allude to? Shane is in gaol. Clearly, you (and presumably others) feel this is an injustice. But WHY is this an injustice? Your assertion that politicians have let us down might well be true, but in terms of the Law as it currently stands, how has Shane suffered an injustice? To contend that there has been an injustice is to imply that the existing law has not been properly applied. I am not saying there was no injustice – I am simply saying that I cannot see it. And I am asking that you help me see it. To conclude, and state, that I am not interested in seeing justice done just because I cannot see what you are seeing is harsh. Maybe even an injustice, so to speak. 🙂

    • HT – I posted up four further web links a short while ago, but these are “awaiting moderation”. Given that Joe also is experiencing this in relation to his Caselaw posts, I would whether the system is set up so as to “capture” legal content. Just to reaffirm that I have copies of all links I post up and can deliver these copies to you if required.

      • Dear JB Thank you, but I have retrieved  the only relevant caselaw etc link – that relating to 10 August   2017. It supports my concerns. I’ll post my conclusions by tomorrow after which I shall retire from this forum until after SD’s release.  See my post to Joe.  Regards. HT 

    • Hi HT,

      My latest to posts have did not past moderation. I believe this is an automated function and if SD does not authorise, your posts gets deleted.

      Post’s get held up if they are
      off-topic or contain material that
      need authorisation. They must get automatically deleted? Not sure how SD has set this up.

      I will drop you and email containing all of the links to CASELAW that I have tried to send..

      • HT,

        JB is educating us 👍

        I understand what he is stating, and I have heard the same from Lawyers that I have engaged.

        The Law is very complex and intriguing. While there are many injustices that exist and atrocities that transpire, this is the beast we must work with. Change is very slow..

        We simply do not understand the law as a legal person does and JB has certainly demonstrated he has a far greater understanding of the law than most of us, if not all of us.

        I find his responses very useful, and in my view to see him cease providing his views, would be a disadvantage to us all.

        BTW, he does not have to support SD actions to be part of this blog, however he has provided great insight into how the courts operate.

        Be grateful that this information is free 🤗

      • Dear Joe You disappoint me. incidentally, I do understand the law and know what is wrong with it.  I also know that legal documents are written in such a way that only those with a university education can be expected to understand them. Hence the frequent advice from people like lawyer  Ned, (formerly of this forum) to seek legal advice This decreases personal confidence and helps them make money and stay in control.

         I don’t suggest JB stop contributing but I do feel that he is impeding our progress in helping SD. I have still not received the full 10 August judgment I requested of JB. The link sent refers only to one of the three matters of which SD was found guilty on 3 August.

        Incidentally lawyers use a different version of logic from the rest of us but we don’t realize this unless and until they mislead us and are backed up by judges.  Perhaps the education system’s falling standards are related to all this.     

        After I have posted my summary conclusion on just why SD was imprisoned I intend to retire from this forum until SD is released in December. I have many other things requiring my attention. The main reason for my departure is the frequent deletion of my posts and other online interference which I am sure is not the work of SD of of any legitimate moderator etc. I am spending more time than I can spare and shall find another, more private, means of  fighting judicial corruption. Au revoir and no hard feelings. See you all on 10 December to welcome SD back.  Best wishes. HT

  28. Dear Helen and Joe, I too am retiring from this forum until SD’s release, I am suspicious of who is monitoring the site for reasons i will not reveal here.

  29. Helen, forgot, keep record of all sus phone # to you if any. and do a check on spam mail auto trashed on your computer, sometimes you will find a surprise, be careful and check it

    • Hi all,

      I gave up worrying about that some while ago but appreciate your concerns.

      HT, I just sent you an email. Please
      feel free to respond.

      AM, please feel free to send me an email at 6foot3joey@gmail.com

      JB, you are also most welcome to write to me.

      BTW, WORDPRESS can be sutup
      with RULES to moderate. I don’t suspect anything suspicious is going on, rather SD has possibly setup the MODERATOR software to delete
      posts after a certain time frame as he would not be able to monitor.

  30. As you get older and more exposed to the couet systen here in Australia you have to ask that is the rule of law and the judicial system broken. Some people may say that i was a victim of a slapp myself. Why does the court system/judiciary here (victoria) share office space with the police. Why are the police wages paid by the state. Why do police/juduciary/politicians swear on oath to the queen then ask for a republic. The whole deal is questionable. Court records will prove should i ever get looked at by the secret police here in Australia. I once sat in a court room, not that long ago and witnessed a magistrate who had just heard a case where a young man 19 had just been found to have had a dealer amount 100 plus ecstasy or similar drugs in his pocession. The young man earlier some 2 years or so had also committed a crime with another where he had mugged 2 persons at knife point withon a few minutes of each other. The court minutes will show that the judge accepted as charactor evidence a letter to whom the accused had sought reference and to whom the judge admitted to knowing also. The judge aaid it wont affect my decision. The judge went onto say in summing up the accussed was a good young man or words very similar, i dont have the minutes. The good young man walked out of the court with a slap on the wrist. Questionalble things happen, if you question the questionable you become the point in question. Support is too late when your already in bars. The only way to change things is to get behind the protection enjoyed by politicians like lambie and hanson hench have done. Shane you have to run for a political position its the only way to have a real voice.

    • Dear Ross Quite so. A judge has absolute power over this. If an applicant was the loser the first time in court,  he/she will lose again if attempting to have the original court order enforced.  The Family Court of Australia  is a cartel  or flourishing business arrangement made up of judges, lawyers, so-called expert witnesses etc.  The court’s only interest (apart from making money) is in pushing cases through quickly. The results of its rulings are never reviewed. The contribution of the Family Court to youth mental illness and other social problems will not be known unless the government extends the Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse to include all forms of abuse within families and the Family Court’s intentional and determined  perpetuation of this. It includes rewarding abusers via “indemnity’ costs against those wanting to stop the abuse.      

      In Shane Dowling ‘s case  the relevant judge found it expedient to punish  Shane for a trivial matter rather than reveal the real reason behind his 4-months sentence without parole. H T

  31. My apologies for the overdue submission of the promised summary of SD’s sentencing of 10 August. I was looking for something which is impossible to find, even if it exists somewhere in a form I can read. The summary will be placed online soon in my name by another contributor. HT

  32. Shane Dowling’s Sentencing in NSWSupreme Court, 10 August 2017
    by Helen Tastard

    Below is a summary of what seems to have happened at Shane
    Dowling’s sentencing hearing/s on 10 August 2011. A report of one
    hearing of that date has been released. (Ref [2017] NSWSC1037). It
    deals with only one of the three charges of which SD was convicted –
    a rather tawdry matter relating to Channel 7.

    The other two convictions were to do with SD naming a judge who gave a very light sentence to a paedophile priest in 2016. It looks as though there was a separate sentencing hearing for SD on 10 August relating to the latter two matters. However, I can find no written evidence of this so
    for the moment I must present it as a theory only. While I would
    willingly go to prison in the interests of truth and justice, there is no
    point in risking this if the reason for my imprisonment is kept secret
    from the public. As I have said there is no written evidence of a
    second hearing.

    The Channel 7 contempt charge could have been used to mask
    the existence of a second hearing in the hope that no one would
    notice that the lS-page, very detailed, and apparently reasonable,
    judgment of Justice Harrison did not cover all three aspects of SD’s
    conviction. I just used the word “reasonable “in the legal sense, in
    that Justice Harrison seems to have reached his conclusions using
    logic and in a very cordial manner.

    SD described all three convictions in his blog which I printed out on
    30 August 2017. It was headed Kangaroo Court of Australia:
    Journalist found in contempt for political communication re judge
    protecting paedophile priest.

    In summary, SD was on Thursday (3/8/17) found guilty of contempt
    of court for exposing the scandal of a named judge for giving a
    paedophile priest three months jail. SD was also found guilty of breaching a suppression order for writing an article about being charged with the above contempt. Later in the same blog SD says that he was also due to be sentenced for breaching a “dodgy” suppression order in the “Jane Doe and others” (Channel 7) matter on the same date. He had been found guilty of this on 15 March 2017. (REF:Doe v. Dowling [2017 NSWSC202).

    However despite three apparent convictions SD has so far been
    sentenced for only the least significant of them.
    All media reports on SD’s 10 August 2017 sentencing re the Channel
    7 aspect were similar except a brief online S0S report which
    described SD as a whistle-blower. The first newspaper report I found
    was by a “Sydney Morning Herald” (SMH) reporter which was
    probably the basis for the other reports. It seems that SD was once
    employed by SMH. I had earlier seen a short segment on a Channel 7
    morning show which also portrayed SD in a very bad light. Is there
    also press and media bias against SD?

    The only published evidence (which I can find) that SD’s conviction
    on the judge-related matter exists, appeared on his own blog.
    I cannot understand why the judge’s name was ever suppressed.
    There is no doubt that he imposed that light sentence, although the
    only written evidence I can find online today is on SD’s blog and the
    Broken Rites website. The latter is principally for victims of clergy
    sexual abuse. All of which raises the question of exactly why this
    particular judge’s name may not be uttered. After all he is immune
    from prosecution on any matter involving his work, while SD is in
    prison for simply doing his job. HT

    • Probably beyond their terms of reference and they might be winding up proceedings, but do you think the Royal Commission into Child Abuse would investigate the magistrate who gave the light sentence to a paedophile?

      • Ross : RE possible investigation of paedophile priest involved in Shane’s sentencing. I’m not sure but I think someone would have had to bring the matter to the attention of the Royal Commission. I understand that normally all judges, magistrates, lawyers and expert witnesses have legal immunity regarding their work but a Royal Commission has special powers which can lead to prosecution. Despite the clamour for the Royal Commission to be extended to cover the Family Court which is an institution, the government refuses to do this. Instead they have useless inquiries etc the latest being a so-called complete review. The panel will include the recently retired Chief Justice of the Family Court who will thus be helping to review her own performance over 13 years during which the Family Court has become even more autocratic and cruel. The CJ repeatedly says that the delays etc can be fixed by more funding and more judges. No one in authority will even consider the real reasons for the FC’s failure – corruption and collusion to pervert the course of justice. These are made possible/encouraged by lack of any kind of oversight of the Family Court. When challenged they all cite the non-existent “separation of powers”. Judges are all government appointees. HT

  33. Dear JB
    Thank you. While I would like to think that SD may at some stage be involved in constitutional law, that does not seem to be a possibility at present. The NSW Supreme Courts seem to be determined to prevent it ever being an issue. It is clear that SD has been silenced because his claims are valid, and, as ever, the judiciary is trying to protect itself. Remember that judges are political appointees who hold highly jobs/positions automatically until the age of 70. A judge can only be removed from a case because of bias. In my experience in a particular court an appeal (whatever its merits) is not allowed to proceed if allegations and/or proof of bias or anything like it appears in the documentation. That leaves only points of law to be argued and these are very flexible, depending on the judge who may have a choice on which set of rules etc he/she can use. Moreover, at the stroke of a pen the Chief Justice of the Family Court can suddenly transform the expected full Bench of three judges into a so-called full Bench composed of a single judge who has already exhibited extreme bias. The same judge has conducted at least one free seminar for young lawyers, to make sure the practice is perpetuated. HT

    • JB. PS to the last comment. I too hope that SD can fill some gaps when he is released. However if he does so he is likely to be jailed again for simply telling the truth HT.

  34. Dear et al,

    As previously mentioned, the complexity in this matter is vast. For those of you who are not aware, SD was unlawfully terminated when he was employed by Mr Kerry Stokes, several years ago.

    I have read SD’s book and what started off as an Employment dispute has now spread to expose the power and influence that Mr Kerry Stokes has over the Judiciary and the media, albiet unlawful and corrupt.

    The reports emanting from mainstream media, inlcuding TV, Radio and Print are not consistent to the facts. It is obvious that SD has ruffled many feathers. My guess is that while he may have many reliable sources, his so called colleagues do not come to his aide. That said, I am concerned that he cannot win this WAR alone.

    When the SWM scandle hit last year, while every other media player remained silent, SD started to expose the treatment of Amber Harrison. Again, SD became very heavily involved in reporting this matter. In addition, SD also reported on the Capilano matter.

    If one spends a couple of hours researching Mr Kerry Stokes, you can appreciate the quality of work that SD does. Mr Kerry Stokes does as he pleases, and should any party
    get in his way, he does whatever it takes to destroy them.

    Sadly, should someone be game enough to take him or his company to court, then the shareholders of that company will pay for the legal battle and the judges that are required to decide on the matter.

    That said, what is more disturbing is that you do not have to be Einstein to work out that if you expect to get Justice in an Australian Court, where an ELITE such as Mr Kerry Stokes is involved, you can be certain that you are going to get bent over, unless the masses come together, and Trial by Jury is afforded to you.

    SD and many others have exposed employers of the Courts;

    1. Modifying transcripts
    2. Hearing matters without the relevant parties being present
    3. Registrar’s acting dishonestly and unlawfully and disguising court listings
    4. Accepting Affidavits that are commonly known to be untrue
    5. That there are several current Judges that a Paedophiles
    6. That there are several current Judges that take bribes
    7. That the Separation of Power’s between the Judiciary and the Government is fanciful
    8. That search Warrants are illegally issued to intimidate
    9. That Suppression orders are generally designed to protect the corrupt
    10. Registrar’s misplacing submissions
    11. etc, etc, etc

    Even though all of the above is common knowledge to those that take an interest, and even though there would be many in the Media industry that are aware of Mr Tim Worner’s promiscuity, SD has been jailed for contempt, though in this instance, and while the jailing of SD is probably considered a major victory for those that continue to silence him, it has been to cover-up their misconduct and in my view the truth, as main stream media are forced to protect their own.

    For now, I guess all we can do is wait for SD to fill in all the gaps for us once he is released from jail. I suspect that once he has the capacity to put these events in chronological order, only then will the public come to the realisation of what he has
    actually achieved. I have found that when embroiled in a legal dispute, TIME is your FRIEND, when you are the HONEST party.

    Lastly, lets hope that he does allow people to help him going forward….

  35. JB,

    I have followed the Obeid matter
    with great interest and generally
    review NSW CaseLaw daily. The
    NSW Government had no choice
    but to pursue Mr Obeid. There were millions of dollars involved.

    Corruption is rife in the
    NSW Government. In the past week I have written to the NSW Premier and the NSW Attorney General, regading the conduct of the Secretary of the NSW Department of Justice and their General Counsel.

    Solictor’s and Baristers are almost a protected species in Australia, in particular NSW.

    SD has only scratched the surface. Once the Prothonotary became involved his days were numbered, as the Crown Solictors represent the Prothonotary.

    So, TAX Payers monies were used
    to put SD in jail. Now, in the event that I am required to enter a court of Australia, do I have a legal right to request the Judge or Magistrate to sign a Statutory Declaration in front of me stating the following:

    1. He is not a Paedophile
    2. He does not engage with Paedophiles on a professional basis
    3. He is not taking medication to treat a mental disorder classified under DSM-IV or DSM-V.

    Considering it is well documented on the World Wide Web, do I have a right that my case be herd by a Judge or Magistrate that does not met any of the above criteria.

    Further, by refusing to sign the Statutory Declaration, does that constitue CONTEMPT??

    I am engaged in several matter
    with the (OLSC), and am dealing with the commissioner himself.

    Here is just one website that I have come across.


    I have has (2) complaints dismissed, without proper reason. I have several more to construct.

    In NSW, all roads lead to the

    Only when you start JOINING all the dots, does one start realising how WIDESPREAD corruption is at the highest levels of our government.

    I do hope that you do have a good experience with your legal battle.

    In my view REACHING out to
    people to fight indivdual battles is ONLY way prevedents can be successfully challenged 🤓

  36. JB,

    It’s very important to join the DOTS.. I have read many of SD’s articles, and he has exposed corruption from many angles, similar to Michael Smith.

    It’s a pity that these two gentleman don’t team up as they both are fighting the same battle, both of who have been fighting their own battles along the way.

    What I do find interesting is that while a settlement was made between the two parties a very damaging voice recording has now surfaced. Then there are allegations that no complaint was every made??

    That said, this time around it doesn’t involve TW and supriseingly theres no SUPPRESSION orders. It will be interesting to see if SWM start becoming heavy footed, as the media are having a field day.

    Hopefully the latest developments put a smile on SD’s dial, even if only for a short period of time 👍

    The current SWM scandal will be most intersting to follow as SD all did an article or two on the other females that we terminated from SWM.

    • Eddy,

      I just noticed that you commented on one of my posts regarding the RSL.

      I have not had any affiliation with the RSL, but am certain that in the earlier days it would have been different and supportive.

      I note that in the news in the past week, one of the senior authorities has defrauded the RSL. I find this to be a very sad state of affairs. Once people have a position of power, they have two choices, be fair and respectfull or be unfair and greedy. The justice system generally supports these parasites.

      You raise a very good point around how they protect themselves and it is almost impossible to beat them.

      I truly believe it is possible, and I sincerly believe that INFIGHTING destabilises a group, party, organisation, government, etc!!

      Just take a looksie at our Politicians!! They excel at destroying each other, just to be in power. Aside from that, most of them I consider to be useless!!

      Everyone is fighting there own battles… However, if everyone was fighting one battle, I am confident that victory would eventuate!!

      Corruption is based on LIES… If you can weather the STORM, then TIME becomes your FRIEND…

      SD is very resilient 👍

      Exposing those involved in corruption is the ONLY way to curb its manifestations.

      We will never stop it, however we can certainly do plenty to challenge and disrupt the SYSTEM… 🤡

  37. If you search on the NSW courts website there is a sentencing scheduled for 10:00am 19th October, “Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW v Shane Dowling”. No way in hell he’ll be out in December.

  38. Hi all,
    Have replied to Eddy as well Joe, where is your post on the RSL you mention in your reply to Eddy? i don’t seem to be able to find it.
    My son ( computer engineer ) cleared my end of spooks, activity found, but neutralized, unsure of origin, more later, but i now tend to ride with you Joe in not giving a stuff anyway.
    I am away for 14 day’s competing in my much loved historic race car, as i said to Eddy, a great source of stress relief in a stuffed world, nothing like travelling sideways at 100mph to cheer you up sometimes .
    Hope Helen and JB are well, i have a lot to expose shortly, and in particular in relation to property owners, developers, and managers, JB you will be stunned i promise,
    I am currently working on a book with a famous aussie writer involving what was one of the biggest property development frauds this country has ever seen, the financial rape of super funds, Government cover up’s at state and federal level, political, judicial, Police and senior public service corruption at the highest levels, I am talking of around 300 million dollars in Government ( taxpayers ) losses and an equal amount of losses suffered by super funds invested in this ongoing protected scam.
    The books contents will include all self incriminating documents from every individual involved in this scam ,around 100 individuals, over a period of the 4 years the book will cover, including Television coverage, print media, Hansard.
    I am not intending to make money from publishing this book, i am simply going to dump it all over the internet to expose the bastards and how they are shafting an awful lot of decent Australians, and how this corruption is affecting all Australians.
    We have 11 fruit boxes of documents to canvas, this should give u an idea of the enormity of this project, it took 9 months to copy 3 sets of the documents, one for book research, the other 2 for storage in safe houses for all you spooks out there monitoring this site,
    Talk again soon.
    A bit of humour for a change.
    It was so friggin cold in Canberra this week i seen politicians with their hands in their own pockets!!!
    A priest lay dying in hospital, he summoned his lawyer and accountant to his bedside and remained silent holding their hands, the lawyer finally asked why they were summoned
    The priest opened his eyes and said Jesus died between 2 thieves then went to heaven, i’m doing the same.

    • AM,

      Great joke..

      I too am planning on writing a book. You are right, its not about the money its about exposing and just maybe more people start realising what is actually happening.

      I certainly look forward to reading your book and you will make me laugh even harder if it has anything to fo with (NRAS)…

      That said, safe driving, unload some of the stress buildup. I too will be sharing some pleasantries once the time is right.

      I think 2018 will be the year that the work SD and others have been doing will start to receive the attention it rightfully deserves. I am working behind the scenes to achieve this
      DREAM 🤡

      Health and TIME is all I need between now until its time for me to push up daisies !!

      The Estate dispute that I am embroiled in should never have eventuated. However due to professional negligence, the last (2) years of my life have been spent being directed down rabbit holes by Solicitors and the so call Regulators.

      Well, by year (3), I am comfortably confident that no further rabbit holes will exist, and only then will the WAR of LAW begin, as they system has proved to me, beyond any reasonable doubt and then some, that there is no RULE of LAW in this country when it comes to Estate disuptes…

      Signing off for tonight, de🐂

      • Not NRAS Joe, but 3 of our biggest Federal Government departments, and numerous VIC,QLD AND NSW State departments.
        I too am feeling positive about 2018, a lot will be exposed i’m sure, even if that’s all we achieve, it’s a start.
        It will be a sad fortnight away this time as i am retiring from racing, getting too old and reflexes a tad slow these days to be throwing around a very quick old car with drum brakes, i will miss the thrill immensely, but i will get a thrill getting further into my book and exposing all these bastards and their modus operandi.

    • I’m going to nick name you Dr Phil JB, i love free psychological assessments, a good joke too, and yes i am in good spirits as i look forward to my escape from reality, motor racing, my son tells me i get a twinkle in my eye and i grow another head each time i go racing.
      On the other i will be sad as i am retiring from racing, see my reply to Joe this morning JB.
      Q. What’s the difference between one male spermatozoa and trainee lawyer
      A. Each has a one in a million chance of becoming human
      see ya all in a fortnight.

  39. There`s no ‘allegedly’. The very numbers of solicitors and barristers being disbarred by the Legal Services Commissioners across the States shows how deep the rot goes.

  40. Hi all,

    I just noticed that the two posts I wrote have been allowed through, with the CaseLaw LINKS.. I have just tried to post the following, but was held up by moderator. I have removed the Court Listing LINKS.

    I does not appear that SD has access, rather his mother can allow the posts held up by the moderator software.

    Now, to the disturbing part. Why the HELL would SD’s next matters be in Newcastle, not Sydney.

    Are the courts worried that some of his supporters might turn up??

    Secondly, I am not sure what occurs at a motion, but how does SD prepare for this, if he does not have access to his material.

    While I was convinced before that an injustice has occured, this is becoming a dead set JOKE..

    The NSW Department of Justice Secretary amd the NSW Attorney General MUST be all across this!

    5th October (in NEWCASTLE)

    19th October (unknown)

    I do not know enough about who decides where these matters are heard, but I would expect that SD’s matters be held in the NSW Supreme Court of Sydney, not in Newcastle.

    Something is not right!!

    • Dear Joe I am afraid that all your assumptions are probably correct. There is clearly a conspiracy to keep Shane in jail indefinitely to silence him. Earlier someone (possibly you) suggested crowd funding for a newspaper half-page ad  etc to raise public awareness of Shane’s predicament. Handing out flyers at sports functions were also mentioned. I could write the introduction to the crowd funding appeal if needed but my name must not be publicly associated with it because I am involved with another matter.

      If anyone could rope in a celebrity to head the crowd funding appeal, that would help. Courts are usually impressed by large numbers of supporters so it would be great if as many as possible  went to court that day. I am sorry I can’t travel at present. I seems to have missed learning what this hearing is about. Is it to do with Channel 7 or the judge named in the paedophile priest case? Or is it something else? 

      Taking action before this hearing is urgent but as I have commented I am physically limited in what I can do at present  HT.  

    • Joe and others I have just phoned NSW Supreme Court Registry (Tues 3 Oct about 10.30) and was told that they are not allowed to tell me what the charge is on the phone.  This rule was introduced about 20 years ago. Does anyone but SD know what this is about? The hearing is before Judge Wilson, presumably the same as before.  The original error of listing the case in Newcastle as well as even now  failing to give the exact room number at the correct location (Sydney) suggests that this is part of a plot to ensure little or no public  interest in the case. It may be part of a plan to keep SD in jail indefinitely.

      I hope someone in this forum can attend the hearing to see what goes on. 

      While it is encouraging that the court considers SD to be a threat it also means that SD might need to amend his strategy. I know that he won’t be able to read this but if he did he might consider the early astronomer scientist Galileo who under extreme pressure by the Catholic Church, outwardly denied the truth that the earth does indeed revolve around the sun.  It upset both many scientists of the day and the Catholic Church. Galileo managed to survive by seeming to agree with their lies.  He was eventually “pardoned” for what was considered to be heresy in disagreeing with the Church’s teachings.  Today, the Catholic Church and the Australian courts have a great deal in common in wanting total power whatever it takes.While many Catholics have recently left the church because of the child sex abuse scandals, we are stuck with a corrupt legal system. Other than avoiding it, all we can do is campaign for a change to a fairer, truth-seeking (investigative, or inquisitorial) system. And of course continue to support SD.

      Despite his troubles Galileo’s name is known and admired by nearly everyone and he  is praised for stating what is now an obvious truth. On the other hand few if any remember the names of his ignorant,narrow-minded and foolish persecutors.

      Quite recently, three Canberra politicians sent their a lawyer to a Victorian court to apologize rather than going to jail on a contempt charge. They still made their point.

      I feel that I must make an apology etc for still  contributing to this forum when  I had said I would temporarily retire. I could not stay away when I realized there were many new posts and just how bad it is for SD just now.  HT 

      • A couple of very interesting analogies you make here, Helen. Shane Dowling as a latter day Galileo, and the current Australian legal system as a quasi metaphor for the power-hungry Catholic church. Intriguing thought. Perhaps Shane’s repeated published assertions on this website that named individual judges are taking bribes has more than a ring of truth after all. My guess would be that most Australians are blissfully unaware that many (perhaps most?) of our individual judges are “on the financial take”? I know if I was one of those named individual judges I would feel quite humiliated and ashamed at being so publicly and repeatedly exposed by Shane. And if more ordinary Australians were aware of just how hopelessly corrupt our individual judges are, then I imagine the subsequent loss of public confidence in the justice system would cause the entire rotten edifice to collapse and provide an opportunity for us as a nation to rebuild. It will be fascinating to see how all of this unfolds in the coming months. You are clearly a passionate advocate for Shane and his cause. A true social warrior. And maybe history will remember Shane as Australia’s foremost prisoner of conscience and, even, political martyr?

      • Hi Ebony Thank you for our kind comments. I speak mainly from experience in the Family Court in which I observed severe abuse inflicted on a child by that court. That child had only one non-abusive adult in his/her life and had sought adoption by that adult in 2008. Eight years later two Australian Family Court judges colluded with lawyers and others to sever all contact between child and applicant and ordered the applicant to pay punitive costs in order to reward the abusers, including their lawyers. I risk secret prosecution and imprisonment if I dare to write and publish the full story.  The applicant (and his/her heroic lawyer) were threatened with contempt of court charges  simply for taking this legitimate action which took eight years to conclude, by which time the child had turned 18. 

        The few people I have told about this are embarrassed and cannot believe it. We were all conditioned to respect the law and to respect judges. Most people I know have led such comfortable lives that they have not been involved in a court case and have had no reason to doubt court and government propaganda. My experience led me to Shane’s website and to FaceBook pages etc relating to Family Law and Family Court reform.

        By his courage and endurance Shane certainly deserves his place in history.   HT

      • geebeeone : Thank you but perhaps I missed it. My current concern is about the charges relating to the two October hearings. The Court registry told me that they are not allowed to give out information about it on the phone and it can only be supplied by written application on a “need to know” basis.  And then if only if a judge does not suppress it. Geebeeone, if you know precisely what SD is being tried for while he is actually in prison would you please tell me? I still have doubts about the real reason  he is in prison now as only one of the three outstanding charges given in his blog was mentioned on 10 August. I came to this rather late and have not been free to concentrate on it as well as you clearly have. I am glad you brought this to my attention. Best regards. Helen T   helentastard@ozemail.com.au

  41. Just sent another chop to Media Watch after watching them cover Amy Taeuber`s story, but ignoring Shane`s detention. Maybe they`ll grow a conscience, but I`m not betting on it.

  42. Popped in a reference to Shane in the Guardian comments. Who knows if it will attract enquiring minds, but like water wearing away stone, you have to keep at it. 🙂

  43. Couldn’t help myself, had to check on proceedings, PROTHONOTARY OF THE SUPREME COURT OF NSW V SHANE DOWLING is this heading where i think it is? this is scary.
    Check out Ziems v Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of NSW
    Also check this article out, it has further cases listed at the end of the article
    “When personal becomes professional” by Professor Gino Dal Pont, Professor, Faculty of law, University of Tasmania

    • AM,

      The following link takes you to the court listings:


      Just enter “DOWLING” and then refine your search.

      I noticed that the Registrar never made any attempt to update the
      Court Room details for today. I have taken screenshots for SD should he wish to reference them in the future.

      I will try and attend on 19 October 2017 hearing as I am most interested in better understanding what the hell is going on and how the judiciary operates. I am also keen to see if SD is in attendance or will they hear it without him?

      Further, I am of the view that if people start making enquiries, the Registrar will change the dates around and or provide misleading information. This has previously occurred to me with the (ADT), now (NCAT), so I am well aware of what they a capable of doing to silence those that try an expose.

    • Looks like Corporate Aust website is on hold as they aren`t taking registration. But interesting if their information is valid. Pity they didn`t list the vast number of solicitors and barristers Australia-wide who have been disbarred.

  44. Hi all,

    Yesterday, the NSW Supreme Court held a MENTION. What is most disturbing is that on the 19 October 2017, Shane Dowling will be dealt with a second SENTENCING for contempt, however, when you go to the court listing website, it now states that on the
    19 October 2017, that it is a MENTION.

    The Registrar now appears to be trying to conceal the fact that the SENTENCING is scheduled for 19 October 2017. I do not consider this to be administrative error or oversight. I might be wrong, however, the evidence before me suggests otherwise.

    If I am right, the conduct of the court Officials, (ie the Registrar) is deplorable and they are going to extreme lengths to suppress the truth.

    I find it necessary to write to the registrar in an attempt to obtain the facts…

    If you have the courage to do so, rather than ring them, it might be more appropriate to email them.

  45. It gets worse,

    I just noticed that on the 25 October 2017 there is a MENTION, for R v Shane Francis Dowling.

    It appears that the NSW Police are now pursuing some charges against SD.

    This bombardment of pursuing these legal matters against SD while he is in jail further cements the concerns raised in the forum.

    • Dear Joe Have you been able to find out just what any of the October charges against SD are about? As far as I can tell he did not mention  them on his blog. I am very concerned about SD’s in ablilty to communicate and by the secrecy wich I feel is designed to  silence him further. Joe, please send a  copy your response to this directly to me at helentastard@ozemail.com.au   Use of right hand is limited and I can’t deal with all my notifications . HT  

      • Hi HT,

        Having had shoulder surgery, I appreciate how debilitating and frustrating it is not being fully functional.

        Everything is mentioned on his blog, its just a little tricky to follow. SD is very clever in that sense, as it bamboozeles the other parties, but at the same time confuses most of his followers.. 🤦‍♂️

        I have a very similar style and actually appreciate his acquired knack in connecting the DOTS.

        I will provide you with my summary tomorrow via email. As I have mentioned, I am very stretched for time.

        I do intend on making some enquiries later next week about the hearings and will post what I find out next Wed or Thu and at the very latest, on Fri.

  46. We need Shane back in action. Another dodgy case surfaced today regarding an oncologist twice convicted of sexual crimes and merely given community service. Maybe he did great service to his profession in the past, but looks like he hasn`t been deterred from his activities and the community service won`t change his ways.

  47. Just poked another comment in James Massoula`s article in the Brisbane Times. Water wearing away stone.

  48. In this country you can frequent Brett’s Boys and become a ‘respected’ Governor.

    Why do 99% of the Judiciary give a bad name to the rest?

    Sadly people like Shane Dowling who are torch bearer in the fight against systemic corruption, pay the price, get slaps on the back ‘Good on ya Shane’ and are soon forgotten.

    For evil to flourish, all it needs it for good men to do nothing. Shane in the only runner in the race and the spectators cheer him on.

    Where is Pauline Hanson in all of this? After all it was judicial bastardry that allowed her off the hook. She is the great advocate of free speech as long as no one else is allowed to speak.

    In Afailure,(read Australia) law is practiced and Justice is the causality. Politicians and the Judiciary are losing the respect that undermines the precepts of democracy as we were taught we to respect. Courtroom Cancer !

    • Hi all
      Had a great 2 weeks away, used nearly 3 sets tyres, that’s how much fun i had.
      Good post Bruce, but remember it was one of the greatest acts of political and judicial bastardry this country has ever seen that originally got her jailed, not unlike Shane’s case in that she was removed because she was identified as a real threat to Queensland’s filthy, corrupt, and entrenched political and judicial status quo both well before her time and still to this day a filthy corrupt system rules Queensland, no matter what party is in power, Queensland has always been on par with NSW insofar as corrupt lowlifes in the political, judicial, and Public Service .
      It’s a shame Pauline has always had dickhead advisors, and she should have taken the time to address her public speaking abilities.
      Helen and Joe, hope u are both well, i will now have the time to start my plot with my fellow RSL members, our plan is for an ambush of the current administration, as we are positive we cannot trust it, it is clear it is being politicized, and has been rife with corrupt bastards for a while now.
      Blind freddy can see what the Prime Ministers son in law is up to now he is in control of the NSW RSL, without saying anymore about him a lot of people within the organization are really pissed off with his appointment and can see right thru this appointment, so we will side step the RSL publication, and use other means to bring our concerns to a vast number of people who have served, fought and died for what is at stake here, that is freedom of speech in a democratic society free of corrupt mongrel dogs at all levels of our society, an impossible dream, but we can make a start by exposing a few of these dogs and take it from there.
      I am posting the following for a specific reason folks, which will come out in the wash later, bear with my following rant ( my opinion of course )
      The world would have turned out a better place if Lawyers had been barred from Politics and Public Service completely, whilst not being democratic, had societies in general been aware of the corrupt, greedy and criminal bastards they would evolve into, the incalculable damage and misery they would inflict on the human race through political and judicial corruption,the manipulation of laws and legislation passed and put in place to benefit themselves, their agendas and the social engineering they continue to fine tune to this day, the human race may have made an exception here and classed their exemption as being necessary to avoid a threat to eaches national security, shame the human race missed the boat at the time.
      In all my life ( 65 yrs ) i have met ONE decent lawyer, and ONE honest politician who had balls to stand up to the their establishments, both paid dearly for doing so.
      As i head toward the end of my life, it is depressing to see the world i will be leaving to my grandchildren, a world on the verge of self destruction through hate, politics, religion, greed, and this beautiful planets destruction, all brought on by, when you think of it, by in the main, lawyers turned politicians turned corrupt politicians turned greedy corrupt politicians who cover their arses and agenda’s by appointing more corrupt lawyers to control our judicial system.
      Today’s Australians need to wake up to what is a ever worsening situation for them, i hope we can make a start toward exposing this threat to them in 2018

      • HI Allan Good to have you back. Thank you for good wishes. Had a wrist setback but improving with acupuncture. I can’t wait to  see you get started on the campaign. I agree with most of your comments although not quite sure about P:H.  There has been a general decline in standards since the 1960s followed by Family Law Act  1975. The old divorce laws were flawed but could have been amended and updated without the disastrous result of family breakdown which as led to the current social upheaval. Family Law has since been expanded it to include children and de facto partnerships etc. Even decisions re transgender treatment rest with the Family Court. It would not be so bad if anyone there had appropriate training etc.  But I digress.

        Do you live in the Sydney area and would you be able to do one task which would make Shane more comfortable in the short term? No family nearby to  help. I’m too far away   and not very mobile at present. 

        My email address is helentastard@ozemail.com.au   

        Incidentally Shane’s 19 Oct court hearing is for a mention only so I’ve been advised that Shane does not think it worth anyone attending. Sounds like a delaying tactic by the Court. No one seems to know just what the forthcoming charges are about. The only outside contact Shane has are some outward phone calls which are however recorded and monitored.   He rings his mother when he can (10 minutes only allowed).  It’s a terrible penalty for a non-violent protest about a constitutional issue.  HT     

      • Alan, Pauline was jailed for fraud, along with Ettridge. Had it not been for political bastardry, she could not have had multiple trips to the Electoral Commission Bank, that she has plundered without remorse or care for those she claims to fight for.

        Perhaps you should read what the main stream media do not tell you. I once was her most active supporter; …today I want to see her answer to a Commission of Inquiry.


  49. G’day Shane. Lost you for a while, now know where you are. Best wishes, we’re on your side mate. Keep on the slimy bastards. Nev Starkey.

  50. Things aren`t that bad, Allan. I`m sure there are honest politicians and honest lawyers. They just haven`t been born yet. 🙂

    • Ross. Or, perhaps they are dead. However there is hope. While the present crop (mainly baby boomers, thankfully on the verge of well-funded retirement) have enjoyed the most privileges ever (no world wars, free tertiary education, great prosperity, entitlement to unprecedented bad behaviour, including drug taking ) many of their descendants have had to mostly pay their own way. One prediction is that they will behave be more like their hard up grandparents.   Some young people I know show great insight into today’s problems. HT 

    • Good one Ross, by the way, lawyers and politicians are parasites, they are hatched not born.
      How about a bit of Saturday night humour now and again to keep our spirits up until Shane’s release. I will post some jokes each Sat night. I will call the post ” THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, FAIR DINKUM MATE”
      Q What’s the difference between a female lawyer and a pit bull, A. One wears lipstick
      Q. How many lawyer jokes are there? A. One, the rest are true stories
      Q. Whats the difference between a lawyer and a mosquito. A. One is a blood sucking parasite, the other is an insect
      Q. Why did god make snakes just before lawyers? A. To practise
      Q.Why don’t lawyers go to the beach? A. Cat’s keep trying to bury them.
      Q. Whats the difference between a tic and a lawyer? A. A tic falls of you when you are dead.
      A lawyer woke up after surgery, he asked why all the blinds were drawn, the Doctor answered. “There’s a huge fire across the street, and we did not want you to think the operation was a failure ”
      See ya all next week

    • Ross. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Perhaps that old cliche about looking for a  silver lining helps. Otherwise life would be intolerable at times. Just wait for my memoirs. My best friend says I’ll have to pretend it’s a novel otherwise no one will believe what I say.  HT

      • Glad your amused Helen, a laugh now and again never hurt any of us.
        I was deeply involved in my life changing experience with Politicians and the legal fraternity from both State and Federal spheres at the time of Hanson’s jailing, if the average Australian knew of the circumstances surrounding her Jailing they would be horrified, all the major Parties in Qld colluded together
        to destroy her and remove her from the QLD political scene.
        I am aware of and have proof of actions even she is unaware of, actions i will include in my book, and name all involved, think of all the senior politicians in Qld and Federal politics at the time of Hanson’s jailing and you can rest assured they were all involved.
        I have no political affiliations what so ever, to me they are just a bunch of grubs and thieves, i am looking forward to exposing a lot of them for being just that.

  51. Allan, don`t forget to point out the large number of solicitors and barristers, named in the Legal Services Commissioners Reports. Unfortunately, they only kicked off in 1996. Before that, the Law Societies only disbarred a few of those running rackets.

    • AM,

      Great to hear that you are back in one peice… ONLY, three sets of rubber??

      Anyway, I won’t attend the MENTION. I will still monitor the listings to see if anything untoward is added.

      Well, I locked in a developer to build a Member Portal that will hang off my website. I have kept this under wraps for sometime now. Only a small handfull of people know about it, including SD.

      Hopefully I will be in a position to rollout in January 2018 🤗🤗

      The SYSTEM is broke in many many ways. I hope my investment, which is now becoming significant will help others, including SD.

      He has inspired me in more ways than I have could ever imagined. It makes me SICK, to think that tonight we should be reciving a POST, but not at the monent.

      I so looked forward to SD’s investigative articles. There is so much to expose, but if anyone understands how SHAREPOINT works, then you will appreciate the important of have a great administrator.

      Similiar to a Library. Everything is order and cataloged accordingly. HT, I sent you an email. If you can get back to me around my visit to see SD, would be great. As discussed, I am guided by your and SD’s mum.

      That aside, that means Shane has two mentions. After the mention, what happens? Does esch party then plead their cases? Then a judgement is made?

      I am a little confused, as previously the Court listing stated, Mention, then Sentencing, but no Hearing 🤔🤔

      If someone could fill in the gaps, that would be great.



      • Good to hear from you Joe, skinnie tyres mate, only 3 tyres in a set Joe, the left front off the ground most of the time lol.
        Our feelings are mutual Joe, This is a very real, sickening, and scary scenario we see happening before us at the moment, let alone what’s been inflicted on other people in the past.
        This chain of events is worthy of a Hollywood Movie.
        I am dead serious when i say this to everyone here, i will be speaking with one of Australia’s most famous screenwriters and producers this week, without going any further, my vision will be a story line not unlike the famous aussie movie THE CASTLE or another great movie ERIN BROCKOVICH.
        I was discussing our plan with some of my former army mates, a lot of us remain life long friends as we become brothers in the army and remain concerned about our country for life, we trained to protect, it becomes your child, forever caring about it’s welfare, despite the imbeciles elected to run it.
        I would like everyone to reflect on what i am about to say, it was brought up in our discussions the fact that who amongst us would have foreseen the need for former Soldiers to publicly remind people of why we served, why we trained, and why some had to kill for ,that being our Democracy and all that it stands for.
        Statements/ Speeches of this nature are normally reserved for solemn military events, not to alert a nation of a very real attack from internal traitors, we will from now on refer to their actions as PUBLIC SERVICE TERRORISM
        The very fact that this country has a vile enemy within that has evolved to the point where it is out of control is an extreme insult to us, our country is in grave danger from within, a very real threat is confronting all Australians today, a very real threat indeed, we must arm our weapons and prepare to pull the trigger, no bullshit, no prisoners, our cause, that is to expose these traitors, criminals, rock spiders and their puppets.

        For all you Rock spiders, traitors, criminals and your puppets monitoring this site
        .Throughout history evil people have brought themselves undone by pissig off good people to often, we may not put you bastards to bed but you will be dragged out from under your rocks and exposed

      • Hi Joe The confusion and gaps are part of the conspiracy to silence Joe.  Delaying tactics to keep Shane in jail. At present Shane’s mother does not know very much. We even have different theories about what the actual charges are. If Shane knows he hasn’t been able to tell his mother. I’ll email you when I hear anything definite. Regards HT  

    • Ross: Re Legal Services Commissions. Do you have a list of names of chastised lawyers to place online? I made a complaint in 2009 and at that time I noticed only one. Possibly my state’s arrangements have improved. Needless to say my complaint was not upheld. I realized then that lawyers couk get away with almost anything.

      • Helen, I started to amass a list of those disbarred, fined or censured. Roughly it will probably amount to between 500-800 or more for all the States. There were 160+ for Qld alone since 1996. I kept newspapers cuttings for the years before, but unless you had papers from all States, the list would have been incomplete. Criminal proceedings against lawyers tend to stay within State boundaries, so, for example, Briz newspapers rarely commented on Southern or Western matters. Note than instances like the Keddies overcharging as widely reported cannot be remedied by the Legal Services Commissioners. Another loophole that needs closing. We don`t know who initiated proceedings against lawyers with the LSCs. Were they clients or-gasp- fellow legal practitioners?

      • Dear all

        I am one of the silent followers and I will try go on 19/10/17 to hear what’s going on


        is an Arabic electronic news and they are talking about something done by channel 7 which may be interesting

        to honourable SD.

        If you have somebody who can translate it for you , if not you can ask me again

        and I will try to do it

        iam not good at computer as I reached my 70 but I try to help

        let me know if you ned my humble services

        nabil nasr



      • Hi Ross Thank you.  It seems the state LSCs act independently of each other. I hadn’t thought of using newspapers as a source. Was too involved in the case I was involved in. Thought LSC was a genuine body who could help correct a great injustice. Not so at least in 2009. A consent agreement had been signed under duress, but the signing of it meant that case could not ever be re-opened.  A very expensive big city family law barrister consulted for a second opinion warned the applicant that he/she would never again be able to find a lawyer to represent him/her because of the complaint to LSC.  Your comments give me hope that things are improving. HT.

    • Whilst Alan is about to reveal the bastardry behind what he claims is the ‘bastardry that jailed Pauline Hanson’, let me assure readers that she and Ettridge were jailed for fraud. That fraud centered on the registration of the party. That membership list came out of this very room and belonged to the PH Support Movement, that I brought into existence. Political bastardy that Alan speaks of I have no doubt took place. It was a One Nation Executive who sat on a committee that discussed whether they should call the founder as a material witness having been the sole architect. The decision was made that quote “He knows too much”. Obviously he did because it was Terry Sharples who spent weeks at my home going through the documents that brought them down.

      What none of you understand is that the treatment that you believe Hanson received was because her hide was less important to save than the Prime Minister of the day. Hanson was the sacrificial lamb and the man who brought it all about was NOT Tony Abbott, but the staffer who she fell for “All I ever wanted in a man’.

      One day, the truth will come out, but not before a Commission of Inquiry, is called.

      • Bruce
        I am not ABOUT to reveal anything involving PH, i will do that when the time is right, and when it suits me and this cause.

        Thank you for your interest in this forum, but please steer your comments toward the task at hand here, rather than your pent up hatred and vindictiveness
        toward anything ONE NATION or PAULINE HANSON.
        I Am positive all who contribute to this page know full well why PH was jailed, that is alleged fraud, but you conveniently omit the fact that the conviction was overturned by 3 judges, you omit the fact that she in fact was found not guilty.
        Do you really think the good people that contribute to our cause here are bloody dumb enough not to know one cannot sit in Government with a criminal record, please explain? Bruce.
        You of all people, know as well as i do the circumstances surrounding her imprisonment, Abbot WAS involved and you know it, you are dead right in naming the others involved in her downfall in particular the snake she fell for, but Bruce, we don’t give a stuff here who she was bagging back then, today she sit’s in the Senate, and that’s about all she’s doing, sitting.
        You state in your post that the political bastardry i refer to “no doubt took place” we cannot name people here but you know well who they were and for what reasons, like Shane, she had to be silenced for a while for obvious reasons.
        There will never be an inquiry Bruce, the same sort people are still in control.
        I notice your letter of resignation submitted 6 Oct 2000 to one nation and PH is exceptionally scathing of her and the party, to this day, you clearly not over your experience with one nation and PH, that issue has nothing to do with our cause here, we don’t need UNRELATED soapbox derby’s.
        What i’m am getting at is PH was jailed for similar reasons by grubs using similar tactics, our concern here is the use of these tactics and the consequences to all Australians.
        On closing Bruce, you are well aware there would not be a politician in this country, or your country of origin that has not rorted taxpayers on a daily basis, the amount of past and present politicians, lawyers, judges , public service sponges, and corporate heads that should be in jail begs belief, yet you choose to construe the truth in PH case only, we are trying to avoid and expose such behaviour in this forum and in our society in general.
        Those of you unfamiliar with PH’s history refer to Wikipedia, good explanation there, Bruce’s resignation letter can be found by googling ” Whiteside say’s goodbye to Ms Hanson”
        Google Bruce Whiteside, some interesting info comes up.

      • Allan, perhaps when you have read a little more you might realise that we are more in unison on similar issues, than you think. Hatred and vindictiveness are not in my character, but sorting the truth out is.

        People like Shane Dowling, speak the unspeakable and pay a price.

        Remember Allan that the same system of Justice that sent Shane Dowling to prison, is the same system that set Ettridge and Hanson free.

        Perhaps there was more to that, than what we were ever told.

        Allan, I will not comment here again, but perhaps you might read this;


        I think you can read between the lines.

      • Bruce, we all have a story to tell, but let`s not confuse isolated cases regardless of how passionate you feel. I have been collecting information Australia-wide to show how corrupt the whole system of law is in Australia. We need to change the system, not pursue individual battles. When we formed the Divorce Law Reform Association and took it to the Labor Party, we didn`t bring up each and every tale of corruption, but wanted to alter the whole rotten system of divorce. Lawyers and judges,backed by politicians, are where we have to concentrate our efforts. PH will be a part of that exposure.

  52. Just left this on the Insiders forum:-‘Bet Insiders NEVER covers the inside story on Shane Dowling whose been gaoled for contempt for exposing judicial hanky-panky. Only some journalists are worth protecting’. More water wearing away stone.

      • Helen, we`ve got to stop meeting like this—people are talking. 🙂
        Try this to get the Insiders forum—https://www.facebook.com/pg/InsidersABC/community/?ref=page_internal

  53. Helen, as long as lawyers judge lawyers, there will always be a suspicion of cover-up. The profession and judiciary are tainted. Only citizen involvement will clean out the corruption. But I doubt the push will come from politicians as too many of them are lawyers. They protect their own, just like the police do. Try finding members of the legal profession willing to attack their brothers (and sisters) in court. They may be there, but they are thin on the ground.

  54. Just left a query on ABC Fact Watch. Don`t know if they will run with it, but the more people exposed to it, the better.

  55. Put another sneaky reference in today`s Guardian. Hope it doesn`t get censored. ‘Jailing dissidents? Then where`s the outcry over Shane Dowling? Will we follow China`s path’?

    • HI Ross Good and brave. Is it easy to find the Guardian site? I managed to add a comment to yours on Insiders forum and sent a separate suggestion that they cover Shane’s  the story on the programme.  No response yet. I’m afraid the ruse of making it seem all about Channel 7 has worked. HT

  56. Well there are interesting matters that may be relevant in a general sense.
    Harvey Weinstein has been outed.
    Many in ‘pedowood’ may follow.
    Tracey Spicer is collecting names.
    Be interesting to see if anything more turns up at sevenstein.

    • Ned,

      Have also started watching this closely.

      Wrote a letter to the Commissioner of the NSW (OLSC) raising concerns that complaints against Solicitors are getting dismissed with out investigation whatsoever.

      In my view, SD is also exposing ROCK SPIDERS, and this obviously has hit a nerve.

      The NSW Department of Justice oversees the Justice Cluster, who also are responsible for Correctional Services..

      That are BLOCKING my emails across the board now, without explanation or justification.

      There is a dark and sinister authority at play. I will provide a further update on my progress next week!!

    • Hello Ross
      No matter what party Ross, their all in it together, feathering their own nests and covering their arses, they are all too busy feeding out of the trough, the meaning of the word trough is ” a long narrow open container for ANIMALS to feed or drink out of ” a better description alludes me at the moment for all these grubs.
      The open container being tax payer funds, our justice system, our political system and corporate protectionism, all wrapped up in a web of unabated corruption.
      In the main, the high flyers in Labor and Liberal parties in parliament have always been from legal backgrounds, around a staggering 50% of our Prime ministers have been lawyers, it’s not rocket science to realize why our country is stuffed. A Readers Digest survey a while back rated politicians, lawyers, and journalists below prostitutes for trustworthiness, need i say more?.
      Any campaign that may eventuate through SD jailing must include a plea to all Australian voters to keep lawyers out of Parliament in order to clean the vile mess up they have created, a herculean task? yes, but never the less if given the chance we must grasp it and run like hell with it, i have 10 decorated ex Army mates who are prepared to be involved in a utube video alerting fellow Australians to the degradation of what they fought for, that is our democracy, our freedom of speech, and protection from tyranny and corruption, more on this if we receive SD’s approval after his release.
      Put together professionally, and campaigned heavily say 4 weeks prior to Federal and State elections anywhere in the country it would have a chance of going viral i believe, our main goal would be to have an articulate polished public speaker to narrate the clip, any suggestions?

      • AM,

        I think that a strategy before the next election is BRILLIANT.. The majority of them cannot be trusted, and many will concur, they are deceptive, dishonest individuals..

        They will go for someones JUGULAR, if it means
        self-promotion, however when the spotlight is on them, they crawl into their holes and hide, hoping that the issues will just disappear.

        Would welcome the opportunity to be part of the OPERATION to EXPOSE 🤗🤗🤗

      • Hi, Allan, I was part of a concerned citizen`s group (D.L.R.A.)that wrested the divorce cash-cow from the corrupt legal and judicial industry. We persuaded Gough Whitlam`s government to create a lawyer-free zone in the Family Court. Unfortunately, legal leeches have infiltrated their way back into that system, but it was accomplished by Mums and Dads Australia-wide working together. Whether Labor will back us again remains to be seen.

      • Allan, the only way to expose the corruption is to provide unchallengeable figures. Ones that can`t be refuted. Realise we are tackling the masters of confusion–lawyers. After all ,contested cases can`t both be right? The legal profession crows about how noble they are, how spotless their reputation. By providing the numbers disbarred, exposing the endless rip-offs with legal bills, pointing out the ridiculous costs involved in litigation, we show the lawyers as just lining their pockets without no real interest in their client`s problems. When case run for years, costing millions, who benefits? Only those manipulators of the facts. And judges let them get away with their obfuscation.

  57. Great news on the future of Artificial Intelligence on Ch 2 today. Lawyers` future looks dim with thousands out of work as AI takes over understanding of the law. Bet they are plotting behind the scenes to restrict access to the information.

    • Couldn’t help myself before i go out Ross, Artificial Intelligence ay? have they finally discovered lawyers genetic affliction? lol

  58. I am posting tonight’s laughs and food for thought early as ” She Who Must Be Obeyed ” has demanded i shout her a chow feed and a movie seeing i ran away for 2 weeks “playing cars ” as she put it. Does anyone know if Woolies still sell Jafaas ? may as well have some fun while i’m there, i’m not 16 anymore so my fun at the movies with my girlfriend days are long gone lol
    Tonight’s edition of;
    is brought to you by Grim Reapers Legal Services
    Parliament House
    Q What’s the difference between a Mercedes Benz full of lawyers and a porcupine
    A A porcupine has pricks on the outside
    Q What’s the diff between lawyers and buzzards
    A Lawyers cant fly
    Q What’s the diff between a lawyer and a terrorist
    A You can negotiate with a terrorist.
    Q What do lawyers use for birth control
    A Their personality
    Q What’s the definition of mixed emotions
    A Watching your lawyer drive off a cliff in your new Ferrari
    Food for thought verses
    1/ The more corrupt the state, the more laws
    2/ There is not a more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt or vile people.
    3 The problem with political jokes is they all get elected
    A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation

    A shame statesmen disappeared from the Australian political scene long long ago, just incompetent, greedy, selfish puppets these day’s, or should that be Muppets?
    Now, ya all have a nice weekend
    Uncle Arfa

    • Sorry to be off topic to a certain extent.
      There has not been a Australian statesman for decades. They are now ‘new world order’ ‘muppets’ intent on betraying our soldiers who fought for Australia and now betraying our sovereignty and society to the NWO of corporate fascists.
      Please search the ten minute video report on how Labor foreign minister Don Willissee betrayed Australian industry and workers under ‘The Lima Declaration 1975’ as he agreed to wipe out 30% of Australian manufacturing for the UN.
      So what industry is now left in Australia?
      Then look up ‘NWO exposed by insider’, relating to Dr Day’s address to fellow paedotricians (sp) in 1969.
      It is not the lawyers who are the overt problem, it is the corporate fascists.
      Anyhow, ‘It is Time’ for Lawyers to do their duty under the Wetminster system..
      Be a start to wake up.

      • BTW.
        The controlled corporate mass media, the ABC , the shock jokes and muppett politicians will not tell Aussies about this history lesson and the serial betrayal of Australia to the UN NWO.

  59. Hi again, Ross, sincere congrats on your past achievements, the world needs more like you, hope we meet someday

  60. Good morning all, disappointing,woollies don’t sell jaffa’s anymore, dropped into Bunnings
    and grabbed a pkt of small ball bearings and a spray can orange paint, all good.
    Anyway, a suggestion to you all, Go to Smithion.com Daily and subscribe, get some great stuff daily on politics, environment, people etc. A must read for all of us here is an article yesterday covering a survey dealing with Americans biggest fears, it used to be walking alone at night, and now, can you believe it, it is GOVT CORRUPTION.
    Again, i stress, this is a must read document, please subscribe, it’s free, and read this article.
    I am going to write to the people who put this together and dig a little deeper and see if i can find out what has taken the American people so long to wake up to the what is probably the most corrupt political system in the world, what has alerted them to the extent that they are now worried, i’m praying it’s social media, for our sake, which i suspect it is, this survey result could not have arrived at a better time for us here.
    Almost 75% of Americans surveyed, listed Govt Corruption as their biggest fear, that is astounding, we shall certainly be including this in our war chest.

    • Hi, Allan, just back-reading the posts. Try Equal Justice Federation for another fighter for justice. Seems the rot is world-wide.

  61. Thanks, Allan. But I was just a small cog in the wheel. Others did much more than I ever contributed. Just wanted to point out that a small group of motivated citizens can make a difference if they pull together. And get a political party onside.

    • If one cog is missing the wheel is not as strong, and the chain will wobble, the fact you were a concerned citizen and joined others was an Honorable act, as i said Ross, we need more people like yourself in this country.
      I understood where you were coming, but getting a political party on side these days with so many legal prostitutes in them would be impossible. there is very few honorable politicians in this country, most are there for their own their benefit or cause, ie PARTY POLICY and then have the gall use the excuse they have mandate to do what ever they please, political trickery, and traitorous behavior so prevalent these days in politics.
      I am keeping an eye on Mark Latham and his web site, i like his old school head kicking, no politically correct bullshit style, i shall watching him closely to make sure he’s not roping in attention for his own agenda as well, if he seems clean i will arrange to visit him in the new year and have a chat with him if possible, just a chat to feel him out and and get his views on political and judicial corruption, i will be asking Joe to attend with me
      I feel i should inform you all my research into the 2 filmmakers i had in mind was stopped in it’s tracks before i was to arrange meetings with both, my background check revealed family lawyers in one of the companies and political party affiliation with the other, the spread of the disease knows no boundaries.
      I will keep searching, someone will be out there!!!

  62. The squeeze is now on the group known as Getup. Here`s their appeal and my reply:–‘Dear ross,

    This is the greatest threat our independent, grassroots movement has ever faced.

    Hard-right forces led by Senator Eric Abetz are pushing a twisted government investigation to attack your place in Australia’s politics and diminish our collective power.1

    They’re trying to use the threat of criminal penalties to force GetUp into becoming an “associated entity” of Labor and the Greens, when not a single dollar has ever been exchanged between GetUp and any political party. We can’t submit to their lie — even if it means facing off in court.

    As GetUp members, we act for the benefit of millions of everyday Australians — not politicians or parties. We ensure our hospitals and schools are funded, our climate is safe and our society is just, without fear or favour.

    Now the hard right want to convict us for caring about our country.

    To match their government-funded attack we need the legal firepower of an experienced law firm and one of the most respected barristers in the country. Can you help in the greatest hour of need for our independent movement?’

    My Reply:– ‘ I told you about Shane Dowling of the Kangaroo Court Of Australia website who is now serving a sentence of four months for exposing corruption in the judiciary across Australia. Now you realise there are forces at work in this country trying to cripple exposure. While opposition to the nonsense going on in Australia today remains scattered, we might be vulnerable and picked off one by one. Time to think of an all-embracing organisation.’

    I had written to them before about Shane`s plight and never received an answer. Now the shoe is on the other foot, maybe they might link up with us.

    • Getup? dead set mate, we don’t need to be in bed with these frootloops, researched this mob, @#%&* nutbag morons. We may do better with Latham and/or Hinch, we will see shortly i hope.

      • Major increase in members and donations to Getup. Must be a lot of fruitloops out there. See Guardian re Michaela Cash.

    • Shortland/union dodgy $100,000 donation to this mob, no doubt a back door to further incite and recruit more frootloops

  63. Yes Ross, many, many frootloops out there, so F@#%* many it makes one wonder why evolution has played such a cruel hand to so many of these neanderthals that remain in the gene pool. GENE POOL DEFINITION / ( A stock of different genes in an inbreeding population ) i rest my case people.
    Getup is a F@$#& front, blind Freddy can see who for.

  64. I was a naughty boy. I stuck a reference to Shane in the Guardian`s article on Centrelink.

    ‘Nothing to do with Centrelink, but Shane Dowling continues to languish in gaol after exposing incompetence and possible corruption in the judiciary.’

    Wonder how long before a sleepy corrector notices it?

    • Ross,you naughty boy, be careful mate, Judges may want to SPANK YOU, lol, ie refer, “BENNY HILL THE BEST OF”

  65. Another dig in the Guardian today in Amy Remikis blog—-‘No public interest immunity for Shane Dowling serving a sentence for exposing alleged judicial corruption’

  66. I just came across this quote, and thought it relevant to Shane’s defence, even though too late:


    In addition to these formal procedures of accountability there is, in every free society, the media that reports the doings of the courts. Media reports quite often contain criticism of the law, its procedures and practitioners. In the old days, criticism of the judiciary by the media was somewhat muted. The offence of “scandalising the court” was occasionally invoked to punish journalists who were deemed to have crossed over the line of permissible criticism . Because the punishments for contempt of court in such matters were often draconian, this tended to modify published criticism and commentary about the judiciary. In recent times, the law of scandalising the court has been cut back in Australia . Now there are few legal restrictions on calling the judiciary to account in the press, on radio and television. Indeed, the pendulum seems to have swung to the other extreme. Criticism of the judiciary has become, in some respects, part of popular entertainment . This is not just an Australian phenomenon. Once started, it tends to encourage attacks on the courts by politicians, talk-back radio commentators and many others. The old days of respectful deference or fearful silence have gone forever, at least in Australia. Judges are now rendered accountable to the tabloids.

    The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG
    Justice of the High Court of Australia.

    Text of a lecture given in the series of lectures on the jurisprudence of the Commonwealth for the Commonwealth Legal Education Association. The lecture was delivered in Brisbane on 6 October 2001 at a function organised by the University of Queensland and the Commonwealth Legal Education Association.

    • Karma Two. That 2001 quote no longer applies. There has been a great deterioration in the way the law is administered in the courts since then. And In what way has the the law of scandalizing the court (originating in long ago England to “glorify” the court system) been scaled back? I have witnessed a judge threaten contempt of court charges to an applicant and their lawyer just because they tried to obtain self-funded justice for a severely abused child. I did not think that such a threat could be followed up by secret sentencing  and jail until I discovered Shane Dowling’s case. He told the truth. Any media reports which I have discovered  relate only  to the third sentencing matter of 10 August. This was to do with a tawdry matter at Channel 7. The real reasons Shane was jailed (for 4 months without parole and with very limited means of communication while further unidentified charges have been laid against him) were that he named a judge who had given a light sentence to a pedophile priest and he refused to remove  names  from his blog.  All written  records of this sentencing by the relevant judge have been suppressed/ restricted. Several journalists know of Shane’s case but there has been no publicity. Moreover Shane cannot appeal against such a “silent sentence” as he intended as officially it does not exist. Shane’s defence was based on his implied right to freedom of political speech under the Australian Constitution.  If the Hon Justice Kirby (whom you quoted) were to become personally involved  in Shane’s case it might lead to much-needed reform. He isd highly respected.     

      • Yes, I too have experienced corruption within the NSW courts, which is just unbelievable, and even more unbelievable that it is allowed to continue. And I agree, Shane was not punished for what they claim, but because he offended the Judge who he accused of misconduct. Yes, its a little ironic that Justice Kirby could say all that, when he must be aware that all chances of fair hearings, and fair dealings in Australian courts are being eroded, as the government seeks to protect magistrates and judges of truthful allegations of misconduct, so that they can continue to occur.

      • Karma Two.  I am pleased that we have the same views. The Hon Michael Kirby may not know how the courts have deteriorated since 2001. I understand that he was treated badly by his peers when he declared his homosexuality some years ago. That just might influence his present failure to speak out about injustice now. The judiciary seems very close-knit overall, rather like a family of sorts. Painful to feel an outcast for being different.  

        In Shane’s case I feel that the issue of the judge’s apparent sympathy for the pedophile priest is the crucial factor in Shane’s appalling treatment. And of course the desire of other judges to protect the sentencing judge by focusing on the tawdry Channel 7 matter and suppressing reports about sentencing about the major matter also heard on 10 August..   HT


    • Ever since citizens decided to stop the ripoffs and nonsense perpetrated by the Supreme Courts of Australia, and persuaded the Labor Party to remove divorce proceedings from the clutches of the judiciary and the legal profession, respect for the law in Australia has fallen to a low. Too many legal professionals and a number of magistrates have been imprisoned, fined or censured for any respect to be maintained. Once upon a time (all fairy stories start this way) fear of the law and dire consequences stopped citizens from complaining. Those days have gone. Now, we want our lawyers and judges to be accountable. No more the failures of legal proceedings can be swept under the carpet for fear of contempt. Lawyers and judges have to measure up or face the consequences as well.

      • I’d  love to know the names of any who have been punished. My complaints have been ignored.   The judiciary is still unaccountable. The Family Court (FC) is probably about the worst. The recently retired Chief Justice (who was responsible for the last 13 years)  has gone to Canberra to sit on a panel of an enquiry into Family Court performance.  She will therefore be enquiring into her own  performance and that of her fellow members on the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) which she introduced to Australia c2012.  AFCC is a cartel within a cartel. It consists of people who work within the Family Court including representatives of Legal Aid and Relationships Australia. It relies partly on commercial sponsorship. It controls may aspects of  Family Court  procedure which often contradicts the law. If anyone doubts this look at any forum dealing with the subject. Most of my posts on this topic are deleted. HT  

  67. Terry,

    I have also followed this matter in great detail on CairnsNew.Org

    I am reaching out to retired Legal Practioners that wish to make a difference, however have been silenced or extinguished by the SYSTEM.

    If you have some spare time, please feel free to send me a personal email at 6foot3joey@gmail.com



  68. I sent Joe this email –

    Hi Joe,

    I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but it sounds interesting. I had a gut full of the legal system (21 years) and I’m reluctant to ever get involved with it again.

    I read all the posts of people and their individual issues with judicial corruption. Each one is different, well, I had 21 years of that kind of crap. I could go on and on, anecdote after anecdote, hours worth of judicial corruption. People really don’t want to know.

    They can dismiss Shane’s incarceration as ‘well, he did something wrong to the court’, or they can dismiss all those posts about, say, the Family Law Court screwing them over (you’re just bitter).

    However, I don’t have to go on and on about 21 years at the coal face – I can just point them to ONE case. Just research that one case and you will know everything I learned about the system in 21 years.


  69. I was wrong and I was right. Since we can`t buy every paper or watch every newsite, I thought I had better use the writer`s friend–Google, and check if anyone had covered the Shane Dowling story. Well, on Aug 10-11 ( and only those dates), the SMH, Australian, Crikey and Bandt actually did cover Shane`s sentence. So I was wrong. But then, Shane`s blog isn`t about one case or one questionable person. Obviously none of the reporters covered his extensive history of alleged corrupt judges and other prominent figures. Did the sentencing judge read ALL of Shane`s blog, or confine himself to just one case? So those media outlets reporting Shane`s case did a very shallow job of covering his exposures. The smear job by Crikey (allegedly the people`s champion) really got up my nose with their award.

  70. Sorry to opine.
    Anyone who pays money for the Crikey or Ackland’s Justinian mob are waisting their money….. as with the msm and the Australian Broadcasting “waste of our billion per year’. ( borrowed by our politicians from bankers at intererest !)
    Take a week to get a hold on independent news sites. (Like this one)
    Others are at shtfanplan.com. see good news sites down the feft hand bottom list.
    Down in the “doubleyous’ is ‘whatreallyhappened.com/ Mike Rivero (and Claire) in Hawaii run the site.
    Justinian, (Richard Ackland) Crikey ABC, msm and shock jokes, we are on to you lot. You have been provided with heaps of information over a decade but will not even exercise a courtesy of a reply.
    BTW. Visit Dee McLachlan in Melboune at gumshoenews.com. and see what retired a barrister has to divulge (Terry, as above in comments here) with others, in many comments.
    Supporters of Shane, look further see the big picture.

    • Ned. I note that you are back. You still have not replied to my post of some time ago. If I remember correctly you are an experienced law person and therefore have a vested interest in protecting your fellows. HT

      • I have not partaken much simply because too many commentators presume to know my attitudes and history. I deal with evidence not uninformed presumptoons.

  71. Terry, I could tell you stories of legal and judicial corruption to curl your hair. For too long lawyers have protected lawyers. Judges have allowed lawyers to get away with negligence not permitted to citizens. Even now, how could the average citizen find an honest lawyer? Referrals? Pro bono work? Lucky dip? Have lawyers ever exposed legal corruption without being forced to testify? The old Aussie convict mentality about dobbing in mates runs through the legal profession.

  72. Ned, funny you mentioned it, I also sent the link of the Port Arthur video to ‘Justinian’ – “Australia’s most revered and disturbing law journal. For nearly 40 years, with loving attention to detail, it has chronicled the exquisite finery and dirty linen of the legal profession”

    They never posted any of the articles I sent them before, so I doubt they will post anything about the video – that would be just a bit too much “dirty linen of the legal profession” to air on a public forum.

      • Terry,

        I have just finished for the day and have not had a chance to write to you as promised. I will aim to do this before work tomorrow morning.

        I have not come across any non MSM media except for CAIRNSNEWS.org

        They also have a wealth of information on Port Arthur and David Walters (another LEGEND) taking on the Judiciary in QLD.

        SD is not alone. People across Australia are fighting for JUSTICE, however the SYSTEM simply makes MINCE MEAT out of those who try.

        People POWER just helped David Walters.. No one is RALLYING for SD yet..

        People NEED to be educated before its too late. Main Stream Media (MSM) continue to brainwash the millions, and many are just too BUSY to acknowledge or consume what is really going on!!

        Anyway, need sleep 😤

    • I found Evan Whitton and his wonderful book “Our Corrupt Legal System” on via Justinian. It’s available as a free download.  I can’t see relevance of Port Arthur to our cause which  is about obtaining justice for Shane. Do let’s try not to be distracted from this. 

      • Helen, nobody is trying to ‘distract’ from Shane’s ordeal. If you go back through this long thread you will find many people talking about their own ordeals in the corrupt legal system – Martin Bryant is just one of many.

      • Terry . I accept that others have ordeals in courts.  Someone close to me is very much one of them. I’m not an experienced Face Book user and am technically on an extended break to help care for a dying  young adult person who is close to me.  Paternal abuse had a big part in their condition but it continues even now using the usual tricks of the psychopaths including trying to exclude anyone who wants to help. Yet the Family Court refused 2015-2016 to help the applicant to break the inter-generational chain of child abuse which has caused so much suffering.  The root causes are hereditary mental illnesses, fundamentalist religion, and  Australian law which gives parents ownership of their children without protecting the children. The applicant  had to pay punitive costs which rewarded the current abusers. The applicant spent most of their savings trying (mostly unsuccessfully)  to  protect the grandchildren. The applicant was financially independent but now dependent on welfare. If the true story is ever published the author faces Shane’s fate but with a fine that strips them of all remaining assets. All arranged by secret court hearings and not reported in the media. .   The applicant was isolated from the age of 13 because they proceeded with obtaining the scholarship- funded good boarding school education bequeathed by the dying non-abusive parent.  Siblings did not know that they were similarly  provided for and were forced into menial work by the remaining abusive parent. In this that parent was  supported by the so-called Trustees (lawyers) appointed by the deceased parent. They wanted to hold on to each child’s inheritance  until age 21 rather than use it to fund education and other necessities as the will clearly stated.  Applicant’s academic and professional success was always  greatly resented by the very abusive parent.  Isolation within the extended family,  homelessness and innocence/ ignorance led to applicant’s early marriage to a psychopath (who had been severely abused) which in turn led to child abuse which began when the now-dying son was 10 days old.  Grandchildren were/are similarly abused and isolated from each other as well as from the applicant.  In 2015-2016 Australian Family Court  judges ensured that the  isolation continues. These judges intentionally ensured that the abuse will continue through later generations.           

        My contribution to this site is because, like Shane,  I want to see exposed the corruption of the court system. I would not previously have believed that it existed. I had to witness it personally. HT

  73. Helen, that`s the main problem. Australians won`t believe our complaints until it happens to them. Then they come looking for help. I was a counsellor of sorts with PWP, D.R.L.A., Lone Fathers and DOTA and asked the complainers why they never supported us before their need. They all had the same answer. They never believed our stories of what was going on. So how do you get the message across? Here`s a chap (Shane) who has put his life on the line for Aussies and his reward is no support from other than those who have been through the mill. Yet we have the hide to call this the land of the FAIR GO.

    • Ross. We must have been brainwashed into believing Australian laws etc were perfect. There used to be Monday morning flag ceremonies at state schools when after saluting the flag (by boys only) ,all students solemnly promised (among other things) to obey the law. Only since Vietnam (and the lowering of voting age to 18) has anyone like me dared to question”‘authority’.  We were an overly compliant lot. I changed in 2015 when I heard an unprepared judge  claim that Australia is not a signatory to the Hague Convention.  The judge was annoyed with the applicant for refusing to sign a consent agreement in the corridor. I discovered that by next day all reference to the Hague Convention it had disappeared from the transcript. Auscript (which has a monopoly on transcription) tried to make me believe that it was in the judgment, claiming that they were not contracted to record judgments. (Logically a judgment cannot include something that hasn’t been already mentioned in the hearing). After the initial shock of this, everything else  I had previously thought to be a momentary lapse suddenly made sense as part of a conspiracy to ensure the applicant failed. These included refusal of the Registry to accept applications on time, bias and acceptance of perjury.

      I think we can best publicize the corruption by informing the young through our stories. It will have to be legal of course. Dissemination would probably  have to be via social media. Perhaps a technologically experienced  Shane D/KCA supporter could advise how best to do it. My story would make a good movie and there must be many more.

       I recall a Year 11 pupil who always visited me immediately after their elective Legal Studies class, with yet another batch of awful ‘lawyer jokes’.  To my shame I discouraged this as I felt that no profession could be so bad.  (I don’t think that particular school could have produced many lawyers).  I had wrongly assumed that lawyers’ conduct was regulated. But then the only contact I had had with a lawyer was for conveyancing and to do with wills etc. Being in court was different because lawyers seem to be afraid of judges who ultimately control their progress (or otherwise) towards the top.  And as we know judicial corruption is rampant and there is no mechanism for correcting this huge  anomaly.  HT      

      • Helen, after being ground into the dirt by the corruption of the Qld Supreme Court (long story), I went with a legal stenographer for a while. She called me a liar for speaking of lawyers as corrupt. Fast forward a decade, her boss in Queen Street Briz was disbarred. Two subsequent lawyers she worked for including a woman, were disbarred. I wonder if she would apologise to me if we met today. Apart from the hundreds of solicitors AND barristers disbarred by the Legal Services Commissioners in all States which only kicked off 1996 or thereabouts, we have many booted out by their mates at the Law Societies and Bar Associations before that date. Getting disbarred, fined or censured only means that some have been caught. Who knows how many slipped through the net. Anyone remember the 200 barristers that were called to account by the Taxation Office for dodging their returns?

      • Ross :I feel cheered. I did not know of the many disbarred lawyers etc An articled clerk in the case I am familiar with was sympathetic and helpful  until the applicant complained to the relevant Legal Services Commission. He/she then supported the others in their perjury etc and was swiftly promoted within the firm.   HT

  74. I left the Bar in 2007. It took me 5 years of healing before I could begin to laugh at the absurdities I ran into (call them ‘Your Honour’- LOL). George Carlin would have loved to have the material that I have.

    Helen, your case is important to you, your outrage is just like many other people on this thread (and thousands of other cases). However, most people in the community aren’t interested in personal cases. The Port Arthur Massacre affects everyone, that is why I bring it up. People think they know about it, but the reality comes as a shock to most people. They can’t believe the system is that broke.

    The government kills 35 people to promote gun control. The police, legal system, media all are complicit in the fraud. Well, more than fraud, it is accessory to murder. Then to top it all off, intellectually handicapped Martin Bryant gets stuck in gaol for something he didn’t do. Stuck in a maximum security prison for life.

    Here’s a thought – if everyone in Australia knew the truth about the Port Arthur Massacre, do you think they might be more willing to believe your story?

    I say they would, if the Government could do something like that massacre and the subsequent strapping up of clueless Bryant, Hell, what wouldn’t they do?

    I’m surprised that the population didn’t wake up after Lindy Chamberlain’s case. The backstory on that case was the dingo/dog half breed that took Lindy’s baby was owned by one of the rangers at the park. The animal had tried to drag off a kid before and the ranger was told to get rid of it, he didn’t. When Azaria was taken, they went into damage control. Law suits, possible criminal charges, a hit to the tourism industry, this could really hurt – so they decided to strap up the mother to make it all go away.

    Hell, Joy Kuhl (sp) the forensic pathologist that fabricated all the evidence about fetal hemoglobin didn’t go to gaol, she wasn’t even charged – she got a PROMOTION. Probably for covering for the decisions of those higher up that wanted the fake evidence.

    I’ve done two cases where my clients were strapped up by the Police to protect the involvement of the Police in the drug trade. One of the cases was really ugly and my safety was put at risk, but I eventually won both cases and kept both of them out of gaol.

    I’ve got another case that I was involved with I’ll mention, I’ll find a link to the article and post it in a minute. It will be another trip ‘through the looking glass’, another ‘red pill’ to take on what is going on in Oz.

    • Terry. I take your point. It is a pity that you are not still in practice. I suspect that most contributors to this forum are too emotionally and financially exhausted to take much active interest in the woes of others.  I deeply regret this as I still sympathize with Lindy Chamberlain who seemed at the time to have been punished for belonging to a rather unworldly religious group.

       My long term aim is to contribute to a change in the legal system, from the present adversarial to a truth-seeking system. It is refreshing to learn your views on the strange practices of court rooms. Most of the participants I saw in court obviously felt superior, treating the applicant with disdain but with conduct (lies, false accusations etc) suggesting their own  less than perfect backgrounds. Time was said to be short but some of it was spent in discussing whether robing was necessary. Yet somehow they had once been high achieving Year 12 students with good memories and apparently capable of logic.        

  75. The Chelmsford Hospital in Sydney was a mind control experiment. 24 people died at the hospital and another 19 died within a year.

    Here’s my story in regards to ‘Chelmsford’. I got a ‘flick’ brief from one of the guys on my floor that got ‘jammed’ (his trial went over an extra day and he gave me the brief for the following day).

    It was simple ‘compensation’ claim with doctor reports and taking the witness through her evidence – no biggie, I’d done heaps of them. The NSW Government had allocated some money for victims of the ‘negligence’ of Chelmsford hospital and she was one of them.

    Some background on me, I’m a Vietnam vet that had been a PTSD counsellor (I started the first ‘group’ sessions in Oz). I had some understanding of working with people with psychiatric issues.

    The next morning I took my new client through her story – I was stunned. She had suffered depression from the break-up of a relationship and was referred to Chelmsford. What they did to her with ‘deep sleep’ therapy and electro shock was beyond anything I could comprehend for dealing with psychiatric problems, if anything it would probably make it worse.

    She had attempted to escape twice. The first time she only got down the block in her gown when they caught up with her. They dragged her kicking and screaming for help back to Chelmsford and gave her another electro shock. The second time she managed to get away for a couple of hours, then back for another electro shock.

    She eventually was discharged, a completely broken wreck with a 7 different pills to take each day. She took a sea cruise of the Greek Islands to help recover and one day just dumped all the pills over the side of the ship. It took her a week to withdraw from the medications, but she made it.

    Fast forward some years and I read about Dr. Cameron in North America. When I heard ‘deep sleep with barbituates’ and electro shock, I remembered the Chelmsford case.

    At that time on the internet there was the evidence from an inquiry on Dr. Cameron. I started going through the various documents and eventually found correspondence between Dr. Bailey of Chelmsford and Cameron in Canada.

    I had read heaps of medical records, reports and clinical notes related to previous medical cases, I didn’t expect any problems reading the Chemlsford stuff – but I did. I could understand the dosage, duration of sleep and a few other things, but the ‘clinical notes’ were gobblygook. The notes were unreadable, the sentence structures were odd, the phraseology didn’t make sense – then I realized they were discussing the results in CODE.

    Unfortunately, I never broke the code. I couldn’t find anything in the documents that would help me decipher it.

    The NSW Government allocated money for ‘negligence’, but this was not a medical negligence issue – this was intentional medical malfeasance. Perhaps you could argue that the first death was a manslaughter, but after that they knew what they were doing could and WOULD kill people. Yeah, murder charges should have been brought. What happens? The government (tax payers) paid money to make the whole thing go away.

  76. WOW….

    Never heard of this atrocity before.
    And there was a Royal Commission.

    All roads lead back to the so called GOVERNMEMT, and the ELITE and the Legal Fraternity.

    HT, these ATROCITIES where more than one person is involved, may just EDUCATE people as to the DARK forces that most are oblivious too.

    Until you are DIRECTLY impacted by the WIDESPREAD injustices, it is often impossible to consume and accept the TRUTH.

    SD has been EXPOSING corrupt conduct for years, as have many others. Unless people CONSUME and want to UNITE to influence change, then SD’s efforts will be FUTILE..

    It’s a SLOW process. Most people do no want to KNOW the TRUTH, and this propaganda feed to the people from Main Stream Media (MSM), most suppresses the truth.

    There are many of us fighting small BATTLES, and achieving very little, except for stirring up some dust.

    The PEOPLE need to start a WAR, and fight one WAR together.. Only then will precedents change!!

    What that WAR is, should be decided by the Sholdiers (members).. WAR’s can take years, however, and there are no WINNERS, rather, just territorial gain.

    The strategy, should be one WAR at a time, not thousands of little BATTLES…

    That is my view 🤦‍♂️

    • Hi all, been on self inflicted compo, slowly getting better.
      Terry, raising the Bryant issue sends me back to discussing Port Arthur at the time with former infantryman within my RSL, i remember we all had difficulty in agreeing that one man could do so much in so little time, and the later disarming of Australians, we forever remain suspicious of the involvement of Australia’s covert tier of Government ,Terry, you, most certainly will know of whom i am speaking of, hope to meet you someday, and pass stories.
      I have had some wonderful experiences myself, including being told by a Former Minister (still living} to “back off before you disappear”: for attempting to expose a $300 million corporate fraud cover up , yes $300 million, and a further $280 million taxpayer loss by a supposed Govt watchdog, anyway all will be revealed down the track.
      The Chamberlains? her conviction was a joke right from the start, years later i had the bad experience with a corrupt N.T copper, confirming my suspicions.
      Tis a wonderful world we live in, Our creator wears many hats on this planet, but for the love of me, why does he/she not intervene in mankind’s dreadful behavior continually stuns me, and further strengthens my atheism.

    • Joe. I agree that we must keep trying. I would not have become a KCA supporter without the damaging  experience of being a close observer in a long-running court case. I did not think that such misconduct and blatant use of power was possible.    

  77. My son wanted to become a journalist so he teamed up with a reporter from one of Qld`s leading newspapers. The journo told him of the many stories of corruption that the editors spiked. Whether they were too defamatory, too involved or fragmentary, or too close to friends of the proprietors, who would know?

    • Ross Cameron. Here is an email that was sent to me from one of the Four Corners team:

      Hi Bruce,

      I fear the full story has disappeared down what some seasoned journalists call ‘the Memory Hole’. This is the place where uncomfortable stories go that might threaten the established order – and your story of the true origins of the One Nation Party is one that would unsettle a lot of ‘important people’.

      You have really exposed the dirty tricks that operate behind politics. Lazy journalists sadly are too satisfied just repeating the boring old line, rather than digging into the true tale.

      I certainly tell anyone interested about the real origins of the ON party and how people like you, and some others were used up in a far ‘grander strategy’.

      I for one admire the job you’ve done and the efforts you continue to make to chase up faltering journalists.

      More strength to you Bruce!

      • Hi Bruce,
        Gotta name of the team member here so we can bag 4 Corners for being the pack of arseholes they have always been.

    • Ross, I have had recollections of your name since you first appeared here, i lived in Qld for 28 years, are you ex Army by any chance? or were you related to a former politician?
      My entire experience with judicial, political, law enforcement and msm corruption was in Qld to begin with, once the heat was turned up the Feds took over. I have said before here, QLD has been, and still is one of the most corrupt states in our country, in particular the judicial system, an entrenched pack of vile people right to the top, NSW has always had a politicized and grubby Police force at senior level, but fail into insignificance compared with same establishment in QLD,
      We need to as individuals come together here with our personnel experiences put them together and establish a base from which we can launch a counter offensive,
      but in saying that, any offensive action must be supported by rock solid evidence, no hearsay, bullshit, or rumors, just fact.
      The way i see it is a collective utube and facebook attack with the facts.
      Everyone here would be aware this site is being monitored by the enemy, this site will be eliminated as soon as it becomes a threat to anyone of these traitors, so a contingency plan must be established if needed in the form of a running counter attack against us being taken off the air so to speak.
      Guerrilla tactics will have to be implemented in the form of an establishment of
      the KCA followers email list, which can be infiltrated by a rouge message daily
      from one of us , as to our standing on the day, anyway, more on the concept later, hope we all hear of Shane’s health on the 7th.
      Good night all.
      Give ya dog and cat a hug and tell em ya love em !!!

      • Hi, Allan,another Q`lander like us spilling the beans is on the website ‘It`s Not Normal;. He`s been affected by child abuse and tends to overload his postings, but looks like he`s a top investigative reporter as no one is suing him for his exposures.

  78. Since Allan Moore waxes lyrical about the incompetent forces of law in Queensland he should read this:

    ‘The reasons advanced by the Queensland Court of Appeal in quashing the fraud convictions of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge are not all that compelling.

    The outcome is this: Hanson and Ettridge knew the 500 Queensland electors whose names were given to the Queensland Electoral Commission to procure the registration of One Nation were not really members of the party. There was stacks of evidence that the management committee of the party (the two Davids and Pauline) had no intention of letting the great unwashed have full voting membership. They were merely supporters. ‘ ………………..

    see: http://justinianarchive.com/222-article

  79. Bruce, I don’t think anyone here gives a stuff about Hanson, or your quite obvious obsession with the treatment you received from her and her goons.
    Your ongoing whinging about her on this site is pissing people off, You,and your personal war with her has ZERO to do with SD’s plight, or what is trying to be achieved by us here.
    I take offence at your obvious sideswipe at me and attempt lecture here on this site, you obviously still hold resentment toward me after our first tiff, your vindictiveness is not unnoticed.
    I never said forces of law in QLD were incompetent, i said they are corrupt, big difference Bruce, they are also cleaver corrupt bastards.
    In a previous post here you said you would no longer be commenting on this, site, stick to your guns Bruce, Pauline has a phone number and an email address, how about using them instead of this site to whinge about her.
    This is the last time i will make music with you here Bruce, Good luck with Pauline.

    • BW,

      Without sounding disrespectful, I have to agree with AM. As SD is unable to moderate the blog, can you kindly not contaminate this blog with historic issues that you have with PH.

      While I acknowledge your efforts to EXPOSE her, she is in my view a CORRUPT Politician, and I do not want to waste anymore OXYGEN on her than I need too.

      Our focus is to get traction on SD’s matters, and the less we talk about peole like PH until SD returns, the better!!

      Thank you in advance.


  80. Pauline Hanson – The paid puppet in parliament for Kerry Stokes and Channel 7

    by Shane Dowling on July 13, 2016 in Senator Pauline Hanson

    Pauline Hanson has been on Channel 7’s payroll since at least September 2015. Channel 7 is controlled by the corrupt businessman Kerry Stokes who is well-known for using politicians and government employees as his personal puppets and doesn’t hesitate to bribe government officials to get his way. And it looks like Pauline Hanson has also [……..

    Joe, there is much in the Hanson case that you could learn from. The loosely used word ‘corruption’, permeates the Hanson saga from its inception, which encompasses the party, the solicitors, the judiciary, the QEC, the police and the courts, including the Appeal Court.

    I understood that the site was being monitored in Shane’s absence. As for Shane, I have admiration for those who are at the vanguard of contentious issues and although we have clashed in the past, I like him are not followers. There are plenty who slap those on the back for doing it alone, but few that paste here who have the guts to do it themselves.

    Shane, in my book stands tall. In the meantime nothing can be done to alleviate his present situation. He will come out stronger and that will be the time to gird loins and act.

    The comment from a Four Corners is lost is apparently lost.

  81. Hi all,
    Forgot to mention, has anyone noticed Lucy Mcmongrel has rolled over Fairfax media recently?
    Defamation case over some black sportsman, can’t remember his name, accused of flashing himself to masseur,check it out,a good laugh

  82. Another stab in today`s Guardian. Either I`ll finish up getting someone in the media to take up Shane`s case, or I`ll finish up in a cell next to him for contempt. The Guardian comment— ‘Australia has a robust and open legal system that is independent of government and second to none.’ You either have never experienced the corruption of Australian Courts or you have been extremely lucky. Have a look at the Legal Services Commissioner`s Reports of disbarred solicitors and barristers. Have a look at Shane Dowling`s imprisonment for exposing alleged judicial corruption. Talk to various fathers groups on their experiences. Meanwhile, dream on.

  83. Let me give you an idea about how hard it is to get any traction on these issues. The Port Arthur video link I posted, how many of you watched it? Did anybody really comment on it? Well, Helen did, but she thought we shouldn’t get ‘distracted’ by Port Arthur.

    I sent it out to lots of people, no comments back. Other people I know sent it out, very few comments back. – It is like it never happened.

    So what is going on with the Australian consciousness? Is it fear, is is cowardice, is it a shock that prevents cognition, peer pressure to keep quiet?

    In my experience, this ‘turning away’ is going to be the biggest hurdle that Shane and others in this thread concerned about the Rule of Law will confront. I thought the video would be a good vehicle to use in order to communicate to the masses – but the masses have gone silent. Why? Tell me, what was your reaction to the video? It may help with the next step in confronting this madness.

    When Shane gets out of prison he will be driven by righteous indignation, but how will he vent it, by screaming in the wilderness as I have?

    • Terry, you seem to have, for some reason, chosen to exclude the fact that i, as well as Helen, responded to your post, (2nd Nov ) i find it difficult not to agree with Helen.
      Given your past, one would suspect it odd that a learned man such as yourself would have missed an extra comment on your post.
      Whilst nothing surprises me these days, your comments and links have been more than interesting and informative.
      It’s a shame the MSM prostitutes have not investigated these potentially stunning allegations, in particular the build date, and delivery of the 22 “SEAT” morgue truck.
      Anyway, Port Arthur is not the issue here, despite the fact that it may have similar demons in control, it will not,in my opinion, until proven, be of any help here.
      Govt rock spiders have become an enormous burden on society, but until lazy, dumb ass Australians understand or care how the real world works, their grand children will be the ones that will suffer.
      These children will witness some of the most profound changes to the planet and
      life in general than has ever been experienced by any previous generations throughout history, changes brought on by corruption and greed amongst the very people entrusted to ensure our well being.
      These low lifes have sold out our farmers,our manufacturing industries, public assets( to cover gross over spending ) what these bastards have done is sell out their own children, but are too blinded by power, ego’s and greed to see the writing on the wall.
      Lets hope for Shane’s release, so we can get on with the mission.

  84. Read the story years ago in Nexus ? magazine, Terry, It never got traction then and it won`t today. Unless something interrupts Aussies beer, wine or smokes (better include footy and cricket), they couldn`t care less. As I said elsewhere–if it didn`t happen to them, it didn`t happen. You stand alone–you fall. Only unity will get things done.

  85. One thing you have to understand is the Aussie pyche. They will take anything they can get–welfare, pensions, hospitals, all the benefits they can, but they won`t thank those who propose and force the changes So if you want to alter conditions to improve society, don`t expect any thanks. It`s a loveless job. But thank Odin someone steps up to do it.

  86. I don’t expect any thanks, however I didn’t expect any betrayal either, but I got more than my fair share over the years.

    What did people think of the video? (Really, I want to know!)

    Did anyone forward the link to it?

    If not, why not?

    This is a thread of concerned citizens, if they can’t be bothered trying to get the message out, then who will?

  87. Hey Joe, I sent a link to your Cains website – https://cairnsnews.org/

    Not even a acknowledgement, let alone provide a link to the populace.

    Shane, when you get out and read all these messages, this is what you are going to be up against.

    • Terry,

      I watched the video. It was shocking.
      Ross is right, people do not want to know. They like to complain, but do not want to act.

      It is my view that most people simply cannot consume of believe what Governments will do.

      Rather than watching TV, I educate myself by reviewing blogs such as KCoA or CairnsNews. BTW, I am not affliated to CairnsNews, but they have a great deal of information about MB.

      I used to share links with close friends, however they never watched, so I stopped that approach. They would rather watch TV, Movie or Sport, than review.

      The mentality is that “I cannot help, so why bother…”. Most people just accept corruption. They cannot afford to loose their jobs, so they turn a blind eye.

      Most Solicitors and Barristers know that the (OLSC) is USELESS, but you don’t see them EXPOSING the Commissioner!!

      The CORRUPT are always well connected. We are SLAVES to the Government. They are our MASTERS, rather than our SERVANTS. Challenge the SYSTEM, and the threats will come.

      You mention that you are retired, but before then, did you challenge the SYSTEM and if not, why NOT?

      Generally the answer is the same. People do want to put their jobs at risk…

      Up until 2 years ago I thought MB was guilty.
      I only stumbled across certain websites that exposed the truth when looking for information to assist with my own battles.

      Its only when you start fighting for JUSTICE that you become aware of the atrocities that exist around us, most of which link back to the Governments…

      MB case is sickening, but MSM convinced the population his was guilty. To reverse
      this (20+) years on will be a challenge.

      I think it is possible, but people do not CARE and those that would contribute are generally fighting their own battles…

      The Government is behind this atrocity, so to get any traction, the relevant ENTITY would be taking on the Government 😡

      That aside, I am curious why the Commonwealth DPP would be in charge of SD’s matters and not the State DPP?

      I don’t understand how this works, but something STINKS !!!

      I experience
      the same with my friends. Very few give

  88. “You mention that you are retired, but before then, did you challenge the SYSTEM and if not, why NOT?”

    You must have glossed over my postings. I spent a couple of DECADES challenging the system. I’ve done HEAPS of pro bono work, that is, without pay, AND in many cases without any thanks.

    I’ve traveled around giving speeches, making videos, writing articles, not to mention all the interaction I have had with the MSM and the government. I’ve done several major cases, like take on the banking industry (pro bono) just because nobody else would get off their ass and do it.

    That’s just me though, it is who I am. Others will choose differently in 3D physical reality to express who they are and the experiences they are willing to endure.

    • Terry, you seem to be pissed off and on your soapbox here, a bit like BW, What’s the go? you seem to be short changing our intelligence here as well, i think we are well aware of what pro bono means to start with, and believe you me Terry, you are not the only one here that has challenged the SYSTEM here on this site, if you get of your soap box for a minute and read some of the comments here you may notice some of us have been there and done that, and in all probability, a lot more used to copping the rough end of the pineapple than you have, i should suspect.

      • Terry,

        I wasn’t suggesting that you haven’t contributed, rather I was implying most decide to do nothing while they are employed for obvious reasons.

        I am very suprised CairnsNews did not publish the video? I will send you a private email regarding the video.

        There are many injustices and atrocities that occur daily. I am gobsmacked how such WRONGS continue without government intervention.

        The STRESSES, the TIME, the SACRAFICES and the MONEY to seek Justice is seen by most as waste of time.

        As I said before, people fighting BATTLES is a waste of time. People need to unite and fight a single WAR. Only then might we start getting some traction !!

        What that WAR is I have no idea.
        MB case is very sad and there has been many attempts to EXPOSE.

        So why hasn’t any traction been made? I suspect that all the people that could effectively EXPOSE, are part of the

        And from everything that I have read, what Government is going to engage in a Royal Commission??

  89. Alan, I was responding to Joe’s recent comment. As far as you PA comment, my post was asking about the PA video – “Port Arthur video link I posted, how many of you watched it? Did anybody really comment on it? Well, Helen did, (not relevant, distraction)”

    The post was about the Port Arthur video, you were talking about some blokes in an RSL club. If you feel slighted, I apologize for not including you.

    Anyway, I get the drift – can’t see any relevance to Port Arthur, cannot help so why bother, people accept corruption, probably too long ago to reverse the decision, people are fighting their own battles and I should get off my soap box. There’s one more rationale that I just have to list.

    I have run into this one a couple of times and it blows me away when I hear it. The first time was at an Environmental Law function. I was talking to a couple of male solicitors about Port Arthur. There was this female solicitor on the edge of our group listening in. She finally broke her silence and said some silly remark. I corrected her. She then came up with another ridiculous set of facts and I corrected her again. She tried again and again I corrected her. The she said “I don’t care if Martin Bryant is innocent, I don’t like guns!” – and walked away.

    Gather that, a SOLICITOR, someone that should be upholding the Rule of Law can say something like that. ‘I don’t care if he’s innocent’.

    I wanted some feedback on the video and got a little bit, thanks. I won’t bother this thread anymore.

    • Terry,
      When I mention to colleagues etc., 911, we are killing 2mill plus in 16 years of wars based on lies, I have to put up with, ” you are so boring” and I just leave their presence.
      Those people actually think they are; responsibe, law abiding, overflowing with their sense of morality and being persons of good fame and character.
      Of course it is a common attitude throughout our society….. msm and pollies particularly.
      One can easily understand how Hitler’s mob was able to do what they did.
      So who really gives a stuff about 911, MB and SD? …….. boring people only!

      • Sir,
        Please concentrate how we help Mr Dowling that he can continue awake conscience of those that that forgotten whom they are, and help him educate those that are ignorant to a problems in our society. This must be the important issue right NOW ! Free Mr Dowling and if he is still willing that he can with our support continue to do general clean up in places where are need it.
        Respectfully Eva

  90. Tried to post this on the ABC Open Thread and got blocked—again. ‘Don`t ever be a whistleblower in Australia. Latest victim, Shane Dowling, is finishing his four month sentence for exposing alleged judicial corruption. I doubt any previous whistleblower would bother going through the hell and lack of support that characterises Oz again. Far better to pull your head in and ignore the illegal activities. Watch the Paradise Papers cool down and the guilty get away with it.

  91. Bruce, expand your horizons. Not one but all political parties have questions to answer. If we ever get a Federal ICAC up and running, then evidence against one party might serve a purpose. With the current news cycle, single issue complaints just get drowned in the flood of news. Who remembers the hue and cry of the Centrelink fiasco except those involved. No media bothers reporting on CL today. BTW, I gave up crying yonks ago.

  92. Today`s strike on the Guardian`s First Dog—–‘ Meanwhile Shane Dowling languishes in gaol for trying to expose corruption’.

    • Before Shane Dowling there was Scott Balson. HE is now semi retired but the corruption that he fought against is more deeply embedded than ever. Many of us have written on this but it is the cancer that is dragging Australia down to a point were we will meekly surrender what decent people have fought down the years to protect.

      The fight is not only with the judiciary, the lawmakers, it is also underpinned by the media barons. I would imagine that Shane has met journalist who agree with what he writes, but as I have been told, we print it and our livelihoods are gone.

      Yes Ross, Shane will languish
      , but who the hell really cares. It is the price you pay for tilting at the Untouchables.

      What did Edmund Burke say ….?

      • Before Scott Balson, there was Robert Bond in Qld. Never heard of him? He led the corruption reform agenda here for years. Before Bond, going back to 1969, there was an Australia-wide parents` organisation called Divorce Law Reform Association. Never heard of them? And so it goes on. Today, we have the Internet–Social Media. Before that, all information was strained through the bought-and-paid-for media, or passed on word-of-mouth or flimsy newsletters. Let`s use the `net to spread the real story, bearing in mind not everyone is computer-savvy, or really interested in reform. But evil always tries to flourish in secret, and we can break that.

  93. Latest strike against the masses. ‘Instead of whining about the state of Australia, become a volunteer. Do something. If you aren`t contributing to changing conditions, you`re just a parasite and aiding those who exploit us. Support Shane Dowling for openers.’ Guardian today.

    • Ross. This is good news. Was this a quote from someone’s letter etc or was it written by a Guardian columnist? One way of volunteering is by becoming a supporter of GetUp. I have done so and am hopeful that soon Shane’s (and our) concerns will be on their agenda. In 2009 GetUp was crucial in having Australian Family Law amended to to place the child’s welfare and safety first. No one could foresee at the time that cartel members of AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Australian Chapter) would conspire to ensure that this amendment is often ignored. This AFCC was brought to Australia quite recently by the recently retired Chief Justice. of the Family Court. AFCC is a group of Family Court judges, lawyers and others who work within the Family Court. It seems to be endorsed by the Family Court but the potential for conflict of interest is obvious. There are probably more damaging aspects to it. HT

  94. Helen, the Members of the Family Court are part of the problem. When we framed the changes to the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1968 that became the Family Law Act, we specified—NO LAWYERS. Instead they have been allowed to creep back in and brought their old obfuscating tactics with them. Go to any Men`s Group and read the treatment fathers are subjected to. The same as happened in Supreme Courts under the Mat Causes Act. So the circle is complete and Aus citizens get bled dry. Only those who have been through the process can see what needs changing. Lawyers look at the system from a different view-point. They insist on long drawn-out proceedings to cover every angle. And who faces the bill? The ‘best interests of the child’ is a typical lawyer trick. Who the hell do the judges think will care for the child until he/she grows up? Will the judges and lawyers oversee the child for years? So the BIOTC argument is just a excuse to salve their consciences.

    • Ross. I have known since 2008 that the Australian Family Court is a cartel headed by its recently retired Chief Justice. I have a theory that the present power of AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts). Australian Chapter, springs from a trial (or test) in the mid 1990s which involved a round table conference. I was present at one where lawyers were present but the child’s lawyer had interviewed the child and truly represented that child’s wishes.

      It was very satisfactory  but not very lucrative for lawyers. I’m sorry but I can’t finish this post as it keeps disappearing. Triggered by my mention of the inner circle of a certain court which ensures that child maltreatment is perpetuated in Australia.

      Did you know about  tonight’s Four Corners Program on ABC 8.30 Eastern Summer Time will feature the late architect of the 1975 Family Law Act?   HT

  95. Thanks, Helen. I often wonder if the legal profession and judiciary`s dislike of Murphy was because he removed the cash-cow from the Supreme Courts. Regardless of what he may have been in other matters, the man stands tall in my opinion for breaking the corruption of divorce proceedings in Australia.

    • Ross. My impression is that some  young legal people still regard Murphy as a hero also. I feel that the minor corruption in the divorce courts pre-1976 was replaced by more general corruption in others, especially the Family Court (from the mid-1980s) where children are virtually trafficked to abusers. However, this has  become worse  since the mid-1990s which means that Murphy is not directly responsible. It’s more to do with a  little-known cartel within the Australian Family Court which adopted the never-recognized and twisted theory of a Dr Richard Gardner which is known as PAS (Parent Alienation Syndrome). It is now used widely to place abused children with their abusers and to sever contact with anyone who tries to help these children. As I just said it is twisted. Gardner is dead but his theory (or whatever) lives on. All this is made possible by government  support and total absence of accountability within the Family Court.  

      Then there is Shane’s ongoing treatment by the corrupt NSW Supreme Court.  How can we explain the failure of the new “watchdog” to put an end to this?

      As for the former corruption in divorce. I feel that Australian society  was healthier when couples were obliged to make a commitment to each other before having children.   Murphy’s 1975 Family Law Act did not cause all of the problems of today’s youth, but it eventually contributed to the casual parenting which so often leads to a child’s  failure in life. It seems that Murphy (a lapsed and divorced Roman Catholic) set out to destroy all that was good about the (admittedly flawed) Judeo-Christian tradition in Australia without replacing it with a system of ethics. If he thought about this at all he probably expected the community to do this spontaneously but this did not occur. Nearly everyone embraced the new sexual liberation and some good has resulted including the recent Yes vote re marriage.   

      Tonight’s 4-Corners (ABC 830 p.m. AESummerT) should be enlightening although it will probably deal more with Murphy’s conduct after he became a High Court judge. You will recall  that Murphy moved straight from his post as Attorney General to that of High Court judge. Thus dispelling the myth of the separation of powers.  

      With regard to no-fault divorce (or divorce by mutual agreement) which formerly required a five-year separation, the reduction to two years would have been sufficient to ensure that reconciliation would not be possible.  Whatever its failings the Victorian Supreme Court took better care of children than does the modern Family Court which uses them as chattels in the quest of its practitioners to increase their wealth and power.    HT

      • Helen at the risk of offending you, you have no idea of how corrupt the Supreme Courts of the pre-1976 era were. It got so bad that fathers and mothers Australia-wide banded together to form the D.L.R.A. and pursued reform. Luckily, the Labor Party accepted the need, although we had W.C.Wentworth from the Liberal Party visit us to understand what we were complaining about. Without Murphy`s Law being passed, I think we might have seen bloodshed as citizens bled white by the corruption were on their last legs

      • Helen, if you never experienced the sham of the Supreme Couirts, you know nothing. So don`t try to compare it with the mess that the Family Court became. Adversarial lawyering has no place in a family break-up and that was the system we tried to overthrow. Once you introduce the fault-finding of the Mat Causes Act of 1968 into the equation, cases drag on for years until the family savings are exhausted, as are the participants.

  96. Latest salvo at the ABC, but I can`t get it posted———‘Incredible how the legal profession and the judiciary have been covering up the negligence and incompetence in the legal system for far longer than the Whitlam era, yet they feign outrage over a man who set out to reform the system. Look at the Legal Sevices Commissioners Annual Reports for all States and tell me who needs hauling over the coals. When journalists like Shane Dowling try to expose the evil in our country, the guardians of morality shut him down. ‘

    • Hi Ross,

      What is your background?

      Please email me at 6foot3joey.com
      to open communications.

      There have been a few TWEETS today from KCoA, stating that they? are trying to keep him in goal and that the Commonwealth DPP are involved?

      Its had to establish what the hell is going on, other to say, SD is trying to be SILENCED…

  97. Look, those that are at the vanguard of trying to speak out are always going to be at the mercy of the ‘establishment’. We don’t have the resources, nor do we know the right people.

    Today I was ‘silenced’ by the ABC. This is what we are all up against. Be it politics, corruption or the judiciary.


  98. Ross, after witnessing the Four Corners program on Lionel Murphy, could anyone ever have confidence in the law at all.

    When I saw Clarrie Briese, gutted after the mockery of the Court of Appeal, I not only felt for him, but realised how unjust the justice system can be. What I saw were those who acted in defence or prosecution as being people who first of all who did service not to justice, but to their role as practitioners.

    For me the program intentionally or not portrayed the fragility of the scales of justice. The too-ing and fro-ing of political, criminal and unlawful intrigue flowed through the whole program.

    • It also showed the jury system at its worst. They obviously thought that Murphy was “a good bloke” and did not recognize his ruse of his unsworn statement for what it was.

  99. In a few days time the irrepressible Shane Dowling is expected to walk from prison. It will take him a few days to adjust to the sunlight of freedom and get back to the relentless job of tracking the onward and upward path of entrenched corruption. The great problem of course is that it is all around us at all levels of the elitist untouchables. The white wigs and crimson robes set the agenda for the lower intellectuals to follow. If they can get away with it, then why should we worry. The bottom line of course is that those at the bottom end of the social strata make for the easier targets. Doubtless the crimson robe-ers in all their piety will watch like eager hawks ready to pounce again.

    Words are cheap and in recent days there is not much comment. Has the memory lessened with time. I dare saw that one or two of the stalwarts who wait impatiently to see their warrior emerge and re-enter the affray.

    Shane I am now getting on. You have the years ahead of you to carry the load. The greatest problem is that for the most part you fight the fight alone, with a few flag wavers cheering alongthe pathway you tread.

    Take heart as I write the welded on Pickering Posters are now dreading the prospect of their ‘good onya Larry’, dropping off the perch. The site is also in decay.

    Let me say this in all sincerity. You have served time, because you did not bend to the authority of those who wield the power that has the weight of legislation to uphold the manipulation of words that can be fashioned to supress. For those who dare to think, to see and to reason, your little stint is seen as a badge of honour and one that you will carry with pride for the rest of you life.

    Stand tall Shane Dowling, you are a giant among minnows.

    The best of wishes to you for the future.

  100. Another jab at Get-up who celebrated their influence on the Qld election. ‘Cover-ups from Channel Nine executives pleading no knowledge of Don Burke`s activities while Shane Dowling remains imprisoned for exposing the same nonsense at Channel Seven.’

  101. And the same on ABC`s 7.30 Report Facebook page. Can`t believe our paragons of virtue in the media can waffle over one celebrity and ignore another media`s hanky-panky.

  102. Tried again to post on ABC, but I get blocked. Can someone try this site and see what happens? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-28/don-burke-fallout-women-have-the-power-to-expose-bad-behaviour/9200142

    My post was ‘ For all the fuss about Channel Nine and Don Burke, even C10 cops a brief mention, I notice everyone is studiously avoiding mentioning Shane Dowling, now serving a term of imprisonment for trying to expose Channel Seven`s hi-jinks. Funny set of standards in the media. ‘

    • Ross. I hope someone does get through to the ABC but I don’t intend to try.  Shane’s case has been carefully manipulated by courts and media to focus on the Channel 7 matter in order to camouflage the real issue which was to do with Shane naming a judge in a pedophile case. If I remember correctly Shane was officially jailed for disobeying a court order to remove posts from his blog. He was led away from court in handcuffs and imprisoned without parole for the maximum time. HT  

  103. Latest round on ABC`s Auspol: Pedophile priest gets three months detention for raping three boys. Shane Dowling gets four months detention for exposing corruption. Refugees get five years detention for wanting a better life. Australia, the Fair.

  104. Another post on Michael West.com.au—-”Judges don’t get political donations so an independent judicial commission, instead of a parliamentary commission, will deliver punch, accountability and reform.”

    ‘Not if you read Shane Dowling`s exposures on Kangaroo Court Of Australia. BTW, he comes out of the clink on 9th December.’

    • Ross Could an independent judicial review ever exist? It would be conducted and controlled by judges and lawyers. There is to be a so-called independent review into the Family Court by judges and others possibly responsible for the misconduct.  No Family Court clients or victims will able  to  directly participate. The  Australian Law Reform Commission (which seems to be part of, or closely aligned with, the  Attorney General’s department  will accept short written submissions but they will not be able to intervene.

      Those wronged by the Family Court want to be able to tell  their stories to open-minded Royal Commissioners. This occurred during the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse when a Commissioner memorably and compassionately told a victim that he “had his back”.  No one is protecting Family Court victims.

      Among the the Australian Law Reform’s Advisory Committee is a prominent member of the cartel within the Family Court which is in the process of taking over the Court. If I name that cartel here my post may be deleted. Please email me at helentastard@ozemail.com.au  if you want its full title. This cartel is  a business enterprise masquerading as a professional organization with the aim of helping families. There may be other members of it involved in the proposed review but there is no accessible list of the cartel’s members. I know only the names of some of its leaders, and, according to its  quite recent Constitution, only its directors have the right to access all its documents .  

      When I recently tried to establish the precise nature of the relationship between the Family Court and this cartel,, my computer was attacked by a virus.

      Of recent interest is that the Full Family Court (of five  unnamed judges) ruled that Stage 2 treatment (hormone medication) for gender dysphoria in those under 18 who know they need to change gender with medical help, no longer requires Family Court approval.  It is surprising that this was ever a Family Court matter especially where parents support the  child (as with Kelvin) who was 17 at the time. Although Kelvin already had Family Court approval,  he/she, with family support)  appealed to the Full Court (seemingly to help others) with pro bono/free legal representation.  A new and helpful precedent has been set although all names are suppressed. 

      Significantly, a senior Family Court judge (who is named on at least one of his/her papers on the topic) as President or Chairman of the above cartel) has written quite extensively and made Family Court  decisions.

      The cost to consenting parents of gaining Family Court approval for Stage 2 treatment is at least $8000 with a delay of about eight months.(Most of the above information came from a recent short item in a Fairfax newspaper and from an ABC website dated 21 Sept 2017. The ABC  author was Louise Hall).

      This manifestation of power and money-making explains the previous interest of the Family Court and its mercenary cartel. Which brings me back to political donations. The Family Court  does not need political donations as it is able (with full government support) to extract large fees etc from its clients all on the claimed  basis of the child’s “best interests” while pretending that they are mediating etc. Although “best interests” is legally defined, Family Court practitioners are not bound to observe this legal requirement as they are unaccountable and have legal immunity.

      Perhaps this latest Full Court ruling signifies that Family Court reform from within has commenced. Good overall but of little comfort to Family Court victims for whom there can be no restitution without a Royal Commission.  HT 


      • Helen, we know the present corrupt government is on borrowed time. All our efforts should press on the Labor Party. Perhaps they may get infected with the clean-up virus that saw the Whitlam government attack long-delayed reforms.

      • Ross. I do hope that any of the more powerful parties will choose reform but  I would not want to see another Attorney-General like Lionel Murphy.   I  have reason to hope that cultural change is occurring from within the system and that the High Court is now doing its job. For example, the Bob Brown’s  peaceful protest  re logging. This  was slightly related to Shane’s argument that freedom of political communication is an implied right under Australia’s Constitution. A legal academic tried to explain the Brown result by alleging that the wording of the law was unclear. However  but a precedent has been set. (I feel that using precedents is a lazy device and is no substitute for simply re-drafting a faulty law,  but we have to work with the present entrenched system for the time being).

        Then there is the case some months ago when the High Court allowed a lawyer to be sued by a litigant because the latter had suffered financial loss.  Slight progress, but it may increase to make lawyers accountable for other bad advice and failure to properly represent clients.

        It is however important to remember that no such litigation can occur in out-of-court settlements.  In the Family Court at least, these are often obtained by threats and coercion relayed by one’s own lawyer who has a financial stake in obtaining a so-called “agreement”.  It is very hard to stay resolute during the bullying and harassment  one may be subjected to in the corridor outside the court. One message relayed to an applicant I know (and which I heard) was along the lines of “May Heaven help you if a judge has to rule on this”. The applicant stood firm and shortly afterwards applicant and lawyer were ambushed, losing the case entirely. Although they both suffered ,at least the applicant gained insights into the corrupt system, including the lengths one judge will go to in order to protect a fellow judge from having to face a Family Court Full Bench. These insights  may help to bring about reform.   HT        

    • Anothery in the Guardian on the RC into the banks. ‘BBA take a gander at Shane Dowling`s site for a real look at the judiciary. BTW, he`s out of the lockup on 9th December’

  105. I await with interest Mr Dowling”s missives upon his release this week.
    He will need time to catch up on the Weinsteins, Burke types, channel 9 and other allegations and disclosures, some being gathered by Ms. Spice-r.
    In a few months the world has changed.
    There are reported, hundreds of sealed indictments in the US alone.
    Shane a feast awaits your release.

    • And now we have sexual allegations surfacing against a certain re-elected member. I hope Shane has kept his fire and not decided to pull the plug. Whistleblowers are an endangered species in Australia

  106. Let’s hope 2018 will be a year a lot of grubs will be exposed, a lot of corrupt judicial criminals will be exposed, a lot of political corruption and crime exposed.
    Rest assured all,exposure is going too happen in 2018, if only all these low bastards knew what was being put together at the moment, they would not be sleeping well i assure you all.This may be the last pleasant Festive Season for a lot of the Political and Judicial garbage that slowly rot’s in Parliament Houses and Court Houses all over Australia.
    UTUBE and FACEBOOK will become a Nuclear Weapon around March/ April.
    When powerful people can no longer use that power they crumble like whimpering dogs, make mistakes out of fear, engage in desperate acts, and, ultimately bring themselves down. For all the LOW LIFE GARBAGE monitoring this site rest assured you have finally awoken a sleeping giant that will expose an awful lot of you filthy animals on UTUBE and Facebook, and again, rest assured will be serious viewing for all you traitorous grubs out there.
    To all the decent people here, i hope you all have an enjoyable festive season with family and friends, stay safe and see you all in 2018.
    Dateline 2018 Operation “Scorpion”
    Let the games begin!!

  107. The march of the Gladiators, with Allan and his trusty steed at the vanguard. A sight to behold a dream to fulfil, but doomed to fail. The mountain is mighty, the warriors minnows.

    May I suggest that Shane be given a little breathing space to contemplate the future and not beset by the flag wavers who expect him to come out with all guns blazing.

    • Bruce I feel much more optimistic about this project and am prepared to give Allan and his team every encouragement. There is no room for negativity if we are to bring about reform. Like you I thought that Shane would need some time to recover but we may be surprised by his resilience.    HT

  108. Fully expected that response from you Bruce, it was decided long before you came along that SD would be left breathing space on his release and that nothing would be done without his approval, so keep your smartarse remarks to yourself.
    You don’t have a clue what’s going on behind the scenes and you never will until it happens, so just sit on the fence Bruce and sing your negativity to the birds.
    If you haven’t the nouse to work out what my last post was attempting to do, stay the @$%# of this site

  109. Parting joke for the year people,
    There are 3 kinds of people in this world.
    Those who make things happen.
    Those who watch what happens
    Those who wonder what happened
    So true this day and age.
    See you all next year, be great to see SD free and let him take a while to regroup.

      • Hi all,

        I just ran a search on the Court Listings and SD has a MOTION Hearing on 12 December.

        Hopefully SD will provide us with an overview of what the remaining (2) matters are.


      • I also split them into two–givers and takers. And the takers are, by far, in the majority.

  110. Dunno when a trope reaches critical mass, but here`s another on AIMM.com ‘On another note, only three days until Shane Dowling exits the prison where a judge sent him for three months for contempt of court. When you become a whistleblower like Shane who has been exposing corruption on his website, do not expect ANY government help.’

  111. Well,

    I checked the listing again and it look s though they had a hearing today as well. Todays one certainly was not their last night when I checked…

    Mmmm, looks as though they concealed this yesterday, so people would not know 😤😤

  112. From ABC News’A convicted paedophile who taught at one of Melbourne’s top private schools has been jailed for four years for sexually abusing two boys aged in their early teens.’ Makes you realise how right Shane was when he tackled the NSW judge who gave THREE months to a pedophile who sexually assaulted two girls under twelve. Meanwhile our blabber-mouth Prime Minister ignores the corruption around him and waffles on about transparentcy. We know who`s transparent, Mal

  113. Couple of political statements this week;
    PM–‘We`re getting the BANNED back together’—True
    Tanya Pilbersec–‘We are all equal under the law’–False

  114. Hi All,

    Did anyone get a chance to read the ABC News online front page article on 8th December.? It was a search engine that a allowed you to search for (amongst other things) the names of the companies that don’t pay company tax in Australia. It was great reading!!!!! Pity I didn’t print it out on paper😑.

    It was there at 8am and suddenly poof🤹‍♀️it was gone at 9am. Oh the internet can be fickle can’t it😅

    Address was:

    Maybe some fun for Shane to follow up when his denial of freedom of liberty is over.

  115. Latest salvo in the Guardian: ‘The cracks are appearing in the legal and judicial hierachy that have ruled this country from its birth. Since legal proceedings can destroy our lives with their corruption, will a Royal Commission change our society? Btw, Shane Dowling gets out today. Yahoo’.

    • Ross. A Royal Commission is a necessary first step. The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse has had an effect on the community in that many younger people are now questioning the teaching of their former church.  And victims have been helped by at last being able to speak about their abuse by people in authority including priests.  This refutes the claim that the enforced secrecy in the Family Court is intended to protect children. Extending the Royal Commission to include all child abuse resulting from Australian Family Court decisions is an obvious next step.  Such an inquiry would surely reveal that the Australian Family Court is largely guided by the discredited and non-existent Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS) a theory put forward in the 1980s by a Dr Richard Gardner. He was a US psychologist who suffered from a physical degenerative disease which probably affected his mind. He eventually took his own life. 

      Yes, a parent can alienate a child from the other parent, but the so-called syndrome (PAS) is used and twisted by the Family Court to punish caring parents and reward the abusers.  Even if the estrangement is a natural result of parental abuse.  Someone should go back to first principles and overhaul the warped reasoning and look closely at the business based cartel operating within the Australian Family Court and which appears to be taking it over with government support and approval.  This group was established in US in the mid-1990s and uses the above PAS as a means of funding its members using court action. In Australia  it is headed by an appeals  judge of the Family Court and it openly mocks its own rules regarding conflict of interest. Its full name is given on my Face Book page.     

      A disturbing example of other poor judicial conduct is given in your other post about the NT judge who has been treated far too lightly for his cruel treatment of a bereaved child.  That child cannot hope to develop self-esteem at present. He needs courtesy and compassion by the court, not denigration. If/when he commits further crimes he alone will be blamed, not the judges who intentionally by-passed the opportunity to begin to comfort and rehabilitate him.  I note that no apology to this child has apparently been made.    

      Meantime the Government is pursuing GetUp.  It (the government) has strange priorities. HT  

      • Helen, I`d settle for an anti-corruption body independent of the Commonwealth, but who do we get to staff it? As you know, Royal Commissions are set up with limited terms of reference, so I can see the weasels putting boundaries on its exploration.

      • Ross I acknowledge the problem. I had hoped that the head of the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse could continue in that role. He seems to have integrity and has been fearless and thorough. From memory I think that Julia Gillard appointed him.  We do need a Federal anti-corruption body but that of NSW  has not been successful so far.   Especially regarding Shane. HT

      • Ross

        Yes, parent alienation  is a popular tactic with narcissists and psychopaths. What I object to is Family Court so-called professionals describing it as a syndrome. They then use  it (with reverse logic) to place abused children with the abuser and exclude the more caring parent from the child’s life.   We expect judges to be intelligent and to lead the community in such matters.  That means judges  condemning (rather than endorsing) such theories and the way in which they are misused. In the Family Court  poorly educated (for their role) judges often delegate the decisions to family reporters etc. These are often equally poorly educated for their role but know it is in their own interests to produce the kind of report required by the judge.

        I am sorry about your experience of parent alienation I experienced it also.  But modern day judges are expected to help the genuinely alienated and to distinguish alienation from estrangement. Alienation is inflicted by a third party, while estrangement is the usually result of abuse or similar from which a child seeks to escape by telling the more trusted parent about it. Naturally the child rejects the abuser. No one could expect the actual reaction of the Family Court which tends to “find” that the trusted parent concocted abuse charges and persuaded the child to report the abuse to them. This leads to the abuser being rewarded. HT



  116. After a couple of attempts to enlist that great supporter of Aussie democracy–Getup, I thought I would keep them in the loop ‘Thanks for your support for Shane Dowling. Just thought you`d like to know he gets out of gaol today after four months imprisonment for defending Australia`s freedom. Couldn`t have done it without your whole-hearted support.’

    • Ross,
      It would seem that I have missed any publicised report on SD’s predicament from “get up”.
      Are you able to refer to any support from that that organisation?

    • Ross.

      I understand the satire. However, GetUp was very powerful in 2009 when they helped to have Australian Family Law amended to make children’s safety and welfare top priority.  No one could then foresee that the Family Court would become so corrupt that children are often excluded from proceedings.

      I am trying to interest GetUp in my causes without apparent success so far.  They have other things on their collective mind including the opposition of the Federal Government.  It seems serious. However if enough KCA supporters express a wish for GetUp to be involved it may be effective.

      Shane’s case (which is mainly about freedom to make political comment as implied by the Constitution) has  been largely obscured by court and media  which focus on the sordid (and personal) Channel 7 matters.  This compromises Shane’s campaign as it is designed to do. Perhaps GetUp needs to have this spelled out more than once. However GetUp itself obviously needs financial  help just now.   

      Is it possible that Amber Harris’s prosecution for contempt re criticizing Channel 7 has been timed to coincide with Shane’s release?  HT        

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