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Jailed Australian journalist Shane Dowling released with bail conditions

I have been released from jail (9/12/17) for breaching a dodgy suppression order by naming 2 TV stars in the Tim Worner / Amber Harrison sex, drug and fraud scandal at Seven West Media.

Obviously I would have preferred not to go to jail but I have no regrets as I took a stand after more than a dozen non-publication orders and suppression orders had been issued against myself and this website during SLAPP lawsuits on behalf of Kerry Stokes and his associated companies and staff over the last 4 years. The same type of corrupt lawsuits that Kerry Stokes is running against others as well in his attempt to undermine free speech.

Going to jail has a negative impact on your life as you have to close down most aspects of your life outside of jail but there have been some positives as well but I will expand on that more in a post in the next few days.

I have filed an appeal regarding my conviction (Justice Ian Harrison) and I have another conviction (Justice Helen Wilson) and a retaliatory police charge to deal with as well. Justice Wilson has flagged that I am looking at more jail time but that will be at least 2 months away as it is set for a mention on February 7, 2018. Justice Wilson has set bail conditions which mean I cannot say much. Once again I will write more on the matters in a few days as I am due in court for the police charge on Tuesday (12/12/17).

I am also in court on Monday (11/12/17) as Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media are still chasing me. I note that Seven West Media and Kerry Stokes have also started contempt proceedings against Amber Harrison.

During the last 4 months I have been in jail SWM’s share price has dropped from 85 cents to 62 cents and they reported a loss of $745 million. It’s not hard to work out why when senior management and directors at the company spend most of their time harassing the staff, using drugs, committing fraud with shareholders money and running legal battles against journalists, bloggers and Twitter users trying to conceal what they are doing.

This is just a quick post to let you know I am fine. I did have to resign my job and lost my rental unit so I do have to spend some time getting set up again. Hopefully I will get settled in the next few days and be back to normal as far as running the website in concerned. As someone suggested on Twitter I’m “recharged and ready to rock and roll“. The people chasing me have made a lot of mistakes and left themselves exposed and I expect next year to be a good one for myself and the supporters of this website. 

Thank you to the people who supported me on social media while I was in jail as you did make a difference. Free speech in Australia is very much under attack by the wealthy and the courts and if they can get away with putting me behind bars who’s next?

I have stopped the GoFundMe campaign I set up a few days before I was jailed and thank you to all the people who supported it.

Being jailed has cost me a lot financially and I need to raise some funds for legal expenses as Legal Aid will cover some things but not everything and I need to spend some money on IT costs etc so please read below and support.

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  1. Glad to hear you are out Shane. I hope and presume you are able to keep what we donated to the fund me thing? and can use it to help get you back up and running. I have great respect for what you are doing, and, although not able to help as much financially as I would like, I have tried and will continue to try to push buttons to enlist help from where I can. It takes time and persistence to make people act, and a bit of bare face cheek, but if you keep up the emails reminding us, although I’m no facebook/twitterer do dah, I will try a flick things on.


  2. Shane,
    It is clear the system says one thing and does another.
    Laws are established against bullying. Our politicians are the signatories of those laws even though we know they are crafted by employees of parliament.
    It is very disheartening to see that the judiciary is either tied by interpretations or else prejudiced by influences that they will judge to not protect those highest of democratic human rights, instead subjugating themselves to the service of bullies.
    No spine and an excuse at hand that they selectively worship interpretations of some laws over others to get to where they need to be against the will of the reasonable person test.
    Defamation proceedings are a classic example of how to persecute freedom of opinion for the expedience of psychopaths.
    We as a nation have a long way to go before we can truly say we have a democracy.
    Until then we have this Clayton democracy which is authoritarianism driven by wealth power and supported by insipid politicians and judges of questionable motives.
    Stay strong my friend.
    I too was a victim of such crap, by a judge who’s ego was more important than the truth.
    Honesty and integrity must prevail over garbage!

    • Doug, While I admire Shane’s stand on the influence of the rich and influential over us more programmed citizens, I think Shane’s problem has been that he has neglected the most powerful tool against the most corrupt in our society. If anything highlights this, it is the recent dual citizenship saga with the parliament. The Australian Constitution is the most powerful law ine land and those who know its power, should and will prevail. Even this recent same sex marriage bill will fail if someone with knowledge of our constitution feels strongly enough to challenge the corruption that is endemic to Australian politics, law and judiciary.
      I have a wonderful example of how powerful the Australian Constitution is: many years ago a chap without English as his first language used the constitution as his weapon against paying a $50 fine for not voting. It took him five years, but he beat them all. All the lawyers, solicitors, QC’s the lot.. why? cos he knew the constitution and its power. There are people in Australia who know the constitution very well,surely the time must be here to band together to fight these frauds in Canberra? And NSW of course. The rots needs to be identified and revealed for what it is.. A good start would be the governor general.. the queens representative indeed. How could the prime minister pick the GG then?

      • Glenn, I suggest you do some research to discover that the The Australian Constitution is being ignored by the politicians in our political and legal systems.
        The Commonwealth Of Australia has an Australian Business Number 122104616 registered in the USA with the Securities & Exchange Commision # 000 080 5157.
        The Australian Federal Government, every State government, every local council, Australia Post, Centrelink, Australian Tax Office, many more government institutions and member institutions of the Legal System et al have Australian Business Numbers.
        Research and discover that HM Queen Elizabeth and Australia’s Governor General no longer play a major role in Australia’s political system and the United Nations /New World Order members push aside and ignore the 1901 Constitution Of Australia.
        Anyone expecting sections of The Constitution Of Australia being used as a tool for defence in Australia’s legal system are wasting their time as we see on this site. Freedom of Speech is not illegal as written in The Constitution Of Australia, but Mr S. Dowling was sentenced to a term in prison by complying with :-
        [quote]1.Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.
        2.Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

  3. Jesus Shane,  what has Australia come to? This sounds more like a corrupt south American craphole than a democratically (I use that term loosely) country.The whole bloody system needs an overhaul but look who we have running the joint and the opposition? Our country is in the worst political state in my lifetime and I am 78 years of age.Keep up the good work mate.Best Wishes John

  4. Shane

    I admire your strength of character in keeping up the good fight.

    Isn’t it ironic that while SWM & Stokes has relentlessly pursues both Amber Harrison and yourself, their share price and profits are falling.

    At some point in time the relationships between the Judiciary and the litigant’s representatives will be investigated and perpetrators punished.

    It’s also ironic that the main stre media(MSM) ignore Amber and your plight, and in your case, you were doing what they should have done, while denigrating you as just a ‘blogger’.

    WTF are they doing?

    Hopefully an international media organisation will pick up you stories, given the fallout from Weinstein.

  5. Well done, mate. Take your time and get settled first. These problems have been around for years and won`t go away in a hurry. Realise you have a lot of friends and that makes the load a lot lighter.

  6. NSW government, pushing people into unemployment and homelessness. What a disgrace, and their reasons for doing it to you even worse. Hope you are on your feet soon Shane, and good luck for court on 12 December.

  7. Hi Shane,
    The day you were released from the jail was 9 December 2017. This was the International Anti-Corruption day. It is likely that those who put you the jail will be forgotten but you will be remembered for fighting for justice and fighting for a free speech and what you believe is right for the nation and its democracy to survive.

    I have been fighting against the alleged systemic corruption and crimes cover ups from June 2006 and seen and experienced judicial corruption to protect big names in our country first hand. Fortunately that corruption is documented.

    I hope you will get all the strength to stand up again.

    It is a universal fact that those who abuse their power and authority will lose it. In my case I was the applicant to get the documents involved in the crimes where a passport was obtained on my name to commit crimes successfully using Australia Post’s services The corruption to cover up the matter has continued and the fight to eradicate corruption will not stop.

    Truth has enormous powers and the money power has great limitations. People out there will always be looking for your little faults and you must take care not to give them that opportunity to find those and you will be the winner.

  8. Hang about Shane, how can you have bail conditions? Your sentence is fully served and they have to start the process (albeit shonky) again.

    Telling you, you can’t continue to do what you do, is Star Chamber garbage.

    Supportive lurkers, and active participants, your voice is needed, lest the ignorant mainstream media ignore what’s happening and other bloggers think “It won’t happen to me”.

  9. Very happy to see you are out alive Shane!When these bastards sit back and say amongst themselves “Well we got all that sorted,” it will be the day they are carted off to jail themselves.It comes back. The schemes of the malicious are brought out of the darkness and revealed to all – Then justice. Wishing you the best Shane.Chris K

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  10. Shane, I thoroughly endorse Ross Cameron’s comments above.
    I am constrained by the age pension, nevertheless I will tip another few bob into the bin.

  11. Shane, glad to see that you are free and survived your time “inside”. Keep up the good work. I only wish I was in a position to help financially. Unfortunately I am only able to offer moral support.

  12. Great to see you back and in good spirits despite your ordeal Shane, Merry Xmas and look forward to supporting you in the new year.

  13. Power does not corrupt…. Fear corrupts. Perhaps the fear of loss of power .. Corrupts. By John Steinbeck. They all Fear you…. So welcome back. I will contribute some

  14. I can only endorse all the other comment here,and donated as much as I can afford.Wish it was more. Shane, dear boy, you have just barked up the wrong tree,why not have a little talk to Halal Sammy for some advice on how to make treachery pay!😼

  15. ester weiss,

    Seventy- one years ago I remember my late Dad writing poems in front of a log fire, sitting at a card table in a cottage that was little more than a cabin. This was one of them, that has been a rock for me. I am sure that it will provide an inspiration for those who like Shane Dowling are at the vanguard fighting the injustices that hide behind the walls of pontifical Justice.

    I Am Fear

    I stand besides the statesmen
    As in gilded council hall
    They plan a new world order
    For the nations big and small;
    I watch their grim set faces
    Read the hopes within each heart
    Hear the lofty aims propounded
    As each one speaks his part
    I see the documents they sign
    For I am always near
    I am the background to their thoughts
    The voice that whispers in each ear
    I am the shadow of History
    I am fear!

    I shape the destinies of Nations
    I breed Hate and Bitterness
    I spread the rumour and it grows
    Helped by radio and press
    I speed the wheels of Industry
    In the race of armament
    I sow the blood red seeds of War
    Of greed and discontent
    I march in the ranks of all men
    From the vanguard to the rear.
    A shadowy wrecker of unity,
    I am fear!

    I am the invisible horseman
    Riding the highways of Time,
    Blighting the lives of millions
    In every age and clime;
    For mine is a great and awful power
    And many my victories be;
    But I have often known defeat!
    Courageous hearts spell Victory!
    God planted in the souls of Man
    A tiny vital spark
    Which flaming to its fullness
    Lights his pathway in the Dark!

    Only the shining light of Faith
    Can strip me of my power;
    I have fought it down the ages,
    I will fight it to the hour,
    When men of goodwill everywhere
    Crossing the deadline of doubt
    Bearing the Banner of Brotherhood
    Put my legions to the rout!

    Man’s faith in man and faith alone,
    Can break my fatal power
    For I am fear, and all I fear
    Is Faiths Triumphant Hour!

    William Richard Whiteside,
    Nov.4th 1946,Whakatane, NZ

  16. What’s the latest on your appearance at the Seven vs Publisher ‘X’ saga? You were there yesterday as you stated, and will presumably be there tomorrow. An honest update would be appreciated.

  17. A pleasure to read your words again Shane, never give up because the cracks of weakness are in those who oppose the truth.

  18. Sorry for what you’ve endured. We know the Judiciary is heavily compromised. Perhaps the Federal ICAC, if it ever gets off the ground and has ‘arms length’ independence will revisit Seven’s Media and the Judiciary’s bonds regarding your treatment. It doesn’t look like there is any honesty remaining amongst the ranks of the judiciary. Stokes appears to possibly rule the Judiciary as puppets on a string. Puppets command no dignity. Is there anyone left not beholding to yours-truly?

  19. Hello Shane,

    Good to know when someone stands for justice.

    I went to prison for 19 days without a charge.

    Who said that a litigant in-person has a fool for a client.

    All the best.



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