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How can Governor-General Hurley be believed about the war crimes given he tried to cover-up the ADF sex tape scandal?

Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley, who has a history of trying to cover-up the ADF sex tape scandal in 2011/2012, is now in the spotlight about his role in the war crimes cover-up given he was chief of the defence force when the alleged war crimes were committed.

It was reported last week that “Scott Morrison warned Australia’s Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell that he expects the top brass to be held accountable for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, not just the rogue soldiers who were on the frontline.” (Click here to read more)

I agree with Scott Morrison that “the top brass be held accountable” but that raises the question of why did Scott Morrison appoint David Hurley as Governor-General of Australia on the 1st of July 2019. Surely that needs investigating as well as the numerous alleged war crimes. The dates the alleged war crimes happened have been well known for several years and it was also well known that David Hurley was chief of the defence force when they occurred although he denies any knowledge of the alleged war crimes.

There were warning signs about General Hurley’s questionable morals and corrupt conduct as far back as 2011/2012 when I published a number of articles about the ADF sex tape scandal cover-up which happened when General David Hurley was in charge.

On the 12th of March 2012 I published an article titled “Defence Force Chief General David Hurley caught lying to the Australian public to cover up the abuse of an 18-year-old female” which started off:

Over the last few days, some of the media and others have been calling for the resignation or sacking of Defence Minister Stephen Smith over the defence force Skype sex tape scandal. Yet they have failed to call for the same from the Chief of Defence General David Hurley and the commander of the Australian Defence Force Academy Commodore Bruce Kafer.

Criminal offences have taken place in their attempt to cover up criminal offences in the defence force and there needs to be a Royal Commission as the cover-up is being directed by the highest levels of the defence force. (Click here to read more)

On the 5th of July 2019, I published an article titled “Governor-General David Hurley and the ADF sex tape cover-up. Will he be another Peter Hollingworth?” which started off:

On Monday (1-7-19) General David Hurley, former Chief of the Defence Force from 2011 to 2014, was sworn in as the Governor-General. But was due diligence done given David Hurley was up to his neck in the infamous ADFA Skype sex-tape cover-up scandal in Canberra? The obvious question is will David Hurley become another Peter Hollingworth who was forced to resign as Governor-General when he was exposed for covering up child sex abuse when he was Archbishop of Brisbane.

David Hurley was Governor of NSW from 2014 until May 2019 but that position does not get anywhere near the scrutiny or publicity as the Governor-General and the media in Canberra should have been asking a lot of questions, but they haven’t.

We’ll first have a quick look at former Governor-General Peter Hollingworth and his resignation as that gives an indication of what could possibly be ahead for David Hurley. The fact that Hollingworth’s past cover-ups keep being raised today, 15 years after his resignation, suggests very strongly that is likely what will also happen with David Hurley and his cover-ups at the Australian Defence Force which might lead to another Governor-General resigning. (Click here to read more)

Governor-General David Hurley

General David Hurley being sworn in as Governor-General of Australia in 2019

Hurley investigation found nothing – Gross negligence? – Cover-up? – Similar to the attempted cover-up of the ADF sex scandal

David Hurley held an earlier investigation into the war crimes exposed by the Brereton Report but Hurley’s investigation uncovered nothing. (Click here to read more)

A quick overview of the Brereton Report is:

The Brereton Report which was released on the 19th November 2020 found evidence of 39 unlawful killings, primarily of civilians and prisoners, which had subsequently been covered up by ADF personnel. The report stated 25 ADF personnel were involved in the killings, including those who were “accessories” to the incident. The unlawful killings discussed by the report began in 2009, with most occurring in 2012 and 2013. (Click here to read more)

The Brereton Report found 39 unlawful killings by 25 ADF personnel but General David Hurley’s investigation could find absolutely nothing. It is not believable that Hurley found nothing and even less believable when you know Hurley has a history of cover-ups in the ADF.

What due diligence did Scott Morrison do before appointing David Hurley as Governor-General?

I suspect that Scott Morrison and the federal government did no investigation into David Hurley before they appointed him as Governor-General of Australia. If they did investigate Hurley’s background, why would they appoint him as Governor-General given the huge cloud that was brewing over war crimes during David Hurley’s time as Chief of the Defence Force?

The Brereton inquiry started in 2016 and during and before the inquiry there were allegations all over the media about alleged war crimes at the ADF on David Hurley’s watch? That should have had alarm bells ringing for the people who did due diligence on Hurley’s background before he was appointed Governor-General. Or maybe Hurley was Scott Morrison captains pick.

Maybe because David Hurley was Governor-General of NSW from 2014 to 2019 made him look like a safe pair of hands but he shouldn’t have been appointed to that position him his attempt to cover-up the ADF sex scandal in 2012.

It looks very much like David Hurley could end up being another Peter Hollingworth and forced to resign as Governor-General of Australia which is the question I raised last year as mentioned above. Scott Morrison and the government should have been asking the same question before they appointed David Hurley as Governor-General.

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  1. Rather odd that all these scandals and attempts to cover same have one common connection, both NSW and Federal…LNP… Hollingsworth was an embarrassment to hilt, mate of Howard, lucky LNP didn’t appoint Pell to GG!

      • It is odd that many people single out a particular government Party which they dislike and accuse that Party of being corrupt (but never include particular details) when it is common knowledge, and more so the details published by Kangaroo Court Of Australia that a large number of politicians in every Australian government Party are corrupt.

  2. What about Quentin Bryce as GG when she covered up on the Heiner Affar in Queensland. Download a copy of the Rofe Audit (google search for it) and search this document for Bryce. The Rofe Audit was formulated by David Rofe QC (since deceased). Rofe was a very eminent criminal lawyer based in Sydney and former DPP of South Australia.

  3. Delusions of Grandeur. They all believe that they are above the Law and untouchable. But like all how they scream and carry on when they fall from their perch.

  4. Anyone having confidence in Morrison or belief in his words really suffers from cognizance failure.
    A glance at his failed roles in the commercial world whilst being of a grand scale pale into insignificance to that of his mishandling and incompetence of the role of PM

  5. All that saves these corrupt activities courtesy of LNP is their number one supporter, Murdoch and his gang of corruptals at Sky and all Murdoch print…

  6. Thankyou, Des. Talk about the mother of all State government cover-ups and the great many White Collar Crimes committed there within. The volume of unwarranted privilege allowed to those involved in the State of Queensland reprehensible matter, goes on to demonstrate how smug were the politics of that era. Then that they still linger in both the State and Federal political arena’s by all of the involved.

    • From memory, Magistrate Heiner handed his report over to then State Premier of the day, Wayne Goss, who took the report to Cabinet who duly shredded the report and the report was never seen again.

      Seems the author of the report refused to offer any comments for fear of his life..

      One can only wonder who scored a mention in this report

      • That’s not quite correct. Read the contents of the dedicated web site on the Heiner Affair for the full details. The documents contained evidence of child abuse and should have never been shredded. They were also required as evidence in court as Centre Manager Peter Coyne and others placed legal demands on the documents to which they had an absolute right of access under the PSME Act, 1988. To see just how bad the situation is in Qld. go to my Facebook page and download a document called Children’s Commission (30-4-2020) and read from then to date. https://www.facebook.com/des.oneill1/

  7. I would not be the only person to suspect that Scott Morrison and the Federal government gave a ‘supporter’ of the Party a job, irrespective of his background.
    The flow-on would be that Hurley circulates ‘the good word’ about the Liberal Party and this would be done to activate more votes in the direction of the Scott Morrison government.

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