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Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg refuses to deny kissing and groping Rachelle Miller without her consent when she was a junior staffer

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is refusing to deny kissing and groping Rachelle Miller without her consent when she was a junior staffer in questions that I put to him after the allegations were reported in a story on the True Crimes News Weekly website on Wednesday (4/5/22).

If true that is a criminal offence and another sexual assault that Scott Morrison and his government are trying to cover up.

The True Crimes News Weekly article says that Scott Morrison is trying to cover it up by refusing to release a government report (Thom Inquiry) into allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination that Rachelle Miller made against federal MPs Alan Tudge and Michaelia Cash. News articles recently reported that Rachelle Miller received more than $500,000 as compensation even though the government report cleared Alan Tudge as there was a “finding there was insufficient evidence“.

Rachelle Miller did not participate in the Thom Inquiry because she did not think it was an independent and serious investigation and would not investigate allegations that “might amount to criminal conduct”. Rachelle Miller’s full letter outlining her reasons is below and is a fascinating read by itself given she was a government insider for many years, knows how the government works and didn’t hold back in the letter.

(Click here to see the above letter on her Twitter account)

The ABC reported on the 17th of April 2022: “Rachelle Miller, who accused Alan Tudge of bullying during relationship, makes historical claim against another Liberal MP”

“The former government staffer who accused senior Liberal MP Alan Tudge of abusing her while in a consensual relationship, has alleged another Liberal politician sexually harassed her more than a decade ago.” (Click here to read more) But the article gave no more details than that. 

True Crimes News Weekly’s article gave further details and reported that Rachelle Miller’s complaint also included allegations that Josh Frydenberg kissed and groped Rachelle Miller without her consent when she was a junior staffer which is something that would amount to criminal conduct if true. (Click here to read more)

As we have come to expect, Scott Morrison has stood by and supported Alan Tudge. But Alan Tudge, who should be campaigning for the election, has not been seen for weeks apparently and I think he is likely in the Liberal Party witness protection program to keep him away from the media so they don’t ask questions about Rachelle Miller and the $500,000 settlement.

As per the below Tweet I have also put questions to Josh Frydenberg, and he has not responded at this point in time. (Click here to see on Twitter) True Crimes News Weekly said they contacted all parties involved and asked them for comment but none replied.

I also published the same questions on Facebook (Click here to see) and Josh Frydenberg has also not responded there. 

Crisis management 101 says that you go on the front foot fast and call a press conference immediately to deal with a crisis issue and that is what Josh Frydenberg should have done today. It looks like he will try the Christian Porter routine and hide for as long as possible and hope (call in favours) the old media might close shop and try to bury the story. I’m sure his mate Ryan Stokes at Seven West Media will help as will News Corp and others. 

But the problem for Josh Frydenberg is that the story has already gained traction on social media today and will continue to grow at a rapid pace each day up until the election. So, Josh either calls a press conference by the end of Thursday (5/5/22) or tries to ride it out. But given Josh is in the fight of his life against independent Dr Monique Ryan to keep his Melbourne seat of Kooyong I think trying to ride it out will be fatal to his chances.

As far as Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party are concerned, they would probably prefer that Josh Frydenberg tries to ride it out as calling a press conference to deal with the issue could possibly damage the whole party so they are prepared to lose Josh to protect Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party.

Are the allegations true against Josh Frydenberg? I do not know, I wasn’t there. But one thing I have no doubt is that Rachelle Miller did make the complaint about Josh Frydenberg to the government, and they are trying to cover it up because you do not let something like that ride 16 days before an election if there was no complaint to the government. But of course, they can’t deny it if a complaint was made as there are too many witnesses as the complaint was lodged via a law firm and all of the parliament house staff would know by now.

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  1. Would anyone be surprised, alleged assault, alleged cover up, could say without fear of contradiction, business as normal for LNP..

  2. For the life of me, I just cannot fathom why the criminality of these trough snuffling mongrels is NOT headline news in the MSM. The Murdochs and Stokes of this country are aiding and abetting the perpetrators of a vast plundering of public resources, the protection of Tudge, Morrison, Dutton, BRS et al, the wilful destruction of First Nation lands and the dangerous infiltration of religious fundamentalism into our, constitutionally protected, secular nation. Our health, education and social support mechanisms are being willfully trashed under the direction of a Shadow Government of self-interest led by big business and the MSM. It’s so bloody depressing that it’s likely Morrison and his crooked cabal of nation wreckers will do Labor over again. Speaking of Labor, the elephant in the room is that they have failed – yet again – to substantially differentiate themselves from the Liberals. Thereby driving its voters to the arms of brainless lunatics like Kelly, Hanson and Palmer.

  3. Total Grubs these Liberals when it comes to attacking women and treating them like playthings. What about their wives, What do they say. ??? Oh !! Just like the Men in the Liberal party they all think they are GOD, and can do know wrong. Keep going on this action, it needs to go to court. They are a menace to our society and to women In general. I Never trust a Liberal with anything, ever. And these Grubs need Naming and shaming, and sacking as well.

  4. Combined with the cover-up of the Brittany Higgins allegations and her also being shoved into Senator Cash’s office, it seems the Senator is the official “clearing house” of women raising these issues. Perhaps they think having a female dispose of the victims, somehow makes it all okay. And the MSM seems to agree.

  5. In my opinion the failure is with the police or rather due to police corruption. These are police matters that they should be investigating and prosecuting as applicable. There is no need for government inquiry, the government is not the police/judiciary! The country is rotten to the core but KCA readers already know that.
    Love your work.

  6. The house of cards is now falling!! Thought it would take longer than this. Scott Morrison and his parliament mob, and I say MOB, as they have been doing this type of thing for years. No one has called them to task, or if they did the MSM was not allowed to say. There are a few good independent news reporters out there, and thank goodness because now the people can be informed truthfully, until people know the truthful facts, they can not make a real choice. It is not just this lot of politicians, HOWARD/HAWK/ and alot more, They are all dirty, but it is only now all this is coming out. Scott Morrison was sacked for more reasons than Howard said. I just hope people are strong enough to deal with all the real truth when it all comes out. The Aborigines know the real truth, but no one wants to listen!!! Thanks KCA for sharing facts.

  7. @mike gard wake up man, you think hanson or palmer could be any worse than either of the
    corrupt main stream parties, labour and liberals are two wings of the same bird, time to give
    one nation a go, face it they can,t be any worse than what you have now
    As far as the jew boy pervert he is untouchable nothing will happen to him

    • Both Hanson & Palmer are Liberal Party stooges. One trying to feather his own nest,while he reneges on his workplace obligations & the other one keeping up her lifestyle. Neither one is beyond reproach! Labor has done more for Aust. than LNP, who’s aim is to cut Medicare, PBS, Pensions & Welfare..

  8. Why can you all not see the real problem here, the LNP just have to stop employing such ravishing Femme Fatal’s,….

  9. I bet Rachael Miller used a whole bottle of Listerine to wash her mouth out after being forcefully kissed by Grotty Josh. A very bright light needs to be shone on this right now & before the election.

  10. I find the politically biased comments here ludicrous..I know of several pollies, of various persuasions , who should be in hiding..That goes for many peripheral party supporters who enjoyed the fringe benefits…Public servants,
    Union members..Time to lift the lid.

  11. This is the problem with Australian main-stream media. They are not doing the job properly, such as reporting of this and the “Prayer Room” that is clearly in the public’s right to now. Instead, they would rather waste their time thinking up of gotcha questions targeted at Albanese. No matter which station you turn into or which newspaper you read, ABC/7/9/10/Murdoch/Sky/Fairfax, the journalists are Liberal cheerleaders who agree with the secrecy the government has been entrenched in since 2013. Because if they go anywhere near an interesting story like this, then the government will send their Nazi goon squad their way. This is the same one who thinks it is okay for politicians to forge signatures and authorize illegal raids.

  12. How is it that we do not have any political party colleagues speak out, to perhaps support an open independent inquiry or investigation into alleged wrong doing by any of their party colleagues; especially when there has been a written formal complaint to the head of their party or the Australian Federal Police?

    The reputation of the party and more so the honesty and integrity of the Australian parliament is at risk and brought into question.

    I remember when David Morrison gave his speech and the highlight in his message for me
    was “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

    That leaves me with a very distressed and uneasy feeling about the “do nothing” ” small target” “I wasn’t there” “don’t look at me” party colleagues that hope that it will all just go away.

    I would simply ask that you consider what your Federal representative MP said or acted upon when various incidents and issues came to light.

    They stand down footy players until there has been an investigation, don’t they?

    Best you communicate with your local MPs to ask them of these questions … if indeed you can find them.

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