Federal Court of Australia

Justice Berna Collier the frivolous and vexatious litigant

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Profile of Berna Collier who was appointed a Judge to the Federal Court of Australia on the 8/2/2006.

In proceedings that Justice Collier commenced against her neighbours house redevelopment prior to being appointed a judge she was ultimately found to be a frivolous and vexatious litigant. (Click here to read more)

It was reported by Hedley Thomas in The Australian:

“The litigation started months before federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock elevated Justice Collier, a university professor of commercial law, to the Federal Court bench early this year. Justice Collier did not disclose her court battles at the time, saying this week she did not believe that she needed to.” (Click here to read more)

How confident would you be if you were in court and you had Justice Collier hearing your case? And why wasn’t Justice Collier stripped of her position as a judge?

People who are frivolous and vexatious litigants are people who either have no clue about the law or are abusing the legal processes. Either way to have a judge who has been found to be a frivolous and vexatious litigant makes a mockery of the whole legal system.

As it turns out Justice Collier herself handed down a judgement in Frippery Pty Ltd v Booth [2008] and awarded costs on an indemnity basis because the litigant was frivolous and vexatious. I suppose that is fair enough as the saying goes “it takes one to know one”.

In an article written on the legal website Justinian:

“Sir Terence O’Rort reporting from Queensland

“Brisvegas Federal Court adornment Justice Berna Collier and her hubby Alan have been stuck in the boggy terrain of the Parks & Gardens Court.” (Click here to read more)

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