Australian Government to close down WikiLeaks for 100 years

We all know what the Australian Federal Government has done publicly to try and stop WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. What they are doing privately we do not know but one has to surmise they are doing a lot given their public statements.

In an article in the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) by Ross Cameron on the 13th January 2011 it starts off:

“I recently put the proposition, to a senior frontbencher in Federal Parliament, that the WikiLeaks horse had bolted, and that shutting down Julian Assange could not reverse a fundamental shift in the balance of power towards the citizens and away from the institutions that govern them.”

His response was: ”The Catholic Church shut down Galileo for a hundred years. I think we can shut down Julian Assange.” (Click here to read more)

One has to ask on what basis are they trying to stop WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and to whose benefit.

Given the legal and court issues surrounding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and the actions of the Australian Governement I will write further on this topic as it falls into the confines of the focus of this site. That being corruption in the judicial system.


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  1. i’d rather say a political conspiracy or political persecution toard Mr Assange as we constantly hear of the legal issues so that people can stay caught up with this nonsense.

    There have been no charges around Mr Assange, and hat they are trying to do is once extradited, he will be charged behind doors, and this has nothing to do with the legal system which we do know is corrupt anyway.. What we do have here is the political persecution which has to stop.
    Shane, thanks for the help you do provide, however next time, (and I do not know as to whether there will be such a time, and why not) make sure you do come over as someone who is honest as to what you want to accomplish; there is room for all to express, and am saying this, you came along at the Forum and did not communicate to anyone, what your intentions were; this in itself is a breach of trust and integrity; i do not have room enough to express more; please do g send me an -mail or your phone number

    anyone what you were going to do with the filming, it is a break of trust, and i suggest you do send me a call; even I am unsure how many words this window can carry; so waiting for your call.. ta.

    anyone that you would stand up ith another intention than hat you showed yourself.

    your intentions why was that? i’ll be more than

    happy to discuss that. in the main time, be true and do not

    • I was honest. I spoke to two people on the phone the night before, Anne and Helen, and I told them I wanted to come along and do a story for my site and Anne looked at my site and said they liked it. So it was not a breach of trust. And I identified myself when I got there to Anne and she they told me to set up. So they knew who I was.

      I have written a number of posts on Wikileaks and Assange starting with this one “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” which I did on the 7th August 2011.

      The Greens can give us a carbon tax that a lot of people do not want and if you go to their site its says:

      Greens secure $165 million for dental health
      Millions of Australians can’t afford to see a dentist. More than 60,000 avoidable hospital visits are caused by untreated dental problems every year – along with thousands more visits to the GP. We know why: one in three people say they can’t afford to go to the dentist, or delay going to the dentist because of the cost. Low income earners, Indigenous people and those who live outside major cities are by far the hardest hit.
      The Greens have secured an additional $165 million investment in dental health. This is a big win and the first step to making dental care part of Medicare

      That’s right they can get the government to spend $165 million on dental care and force the government to have a carbon tax but cannot get the government to give full support to Julian Assange. The Greens are full of it and are only paying lip service to Christine and Julian and using them.

      Like I said in the post if they want to get Julian the full support he deserves they can in five minutes.

      Make sure you sign the petition.

  2. How dare the Australian government do this to one of their own young, brilliant dedicated journalistic citizens. Just to appease evil corrupt power hungery foreigners to save their own necks at the costs of the lives of brave innocent young people world wide—Disgraceful and shameful Australia is so gutless to protect her people..

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