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Kerry Stokes threatens legal action against blogger

I posted a story on this site in relation to Kerry Stokes’s current legal problems on the 23rd May 2011 titled “Kerry Stokes, Seven Group Chairman and Australia’s number one perjurer, has been charged with contempt of court”. (Click here to read) Yesterday, Thursday the 26th of May I received a threatening letter from Kerry Stokes’s lawyer, Justine Munsie – Addisons Lawyers. I received the letter when I arrived home at 9pm and it was under my door. (See letter below)

Kerry Stokes letter page 1

Kerry Stokes letter page 2

The letter raises two key issues. Issue one is that I said Kerry Stokes “has been charged” and the second issue is they claim I suggest that Kerry Stokes “has been charged and found guilty of perjury”.

Issue one is clearly a smokescreen to conceal the real issue, which is issue two. A quick internet search will reveal that almost every media organisation in the country has said that Mr Stokes has been charged with contempt of court or to that effect.

So why has Kerry Stokes had his lawyers send me a letter complaining about it and not the other media organisations? (If his lawyers have sent a letter to the other media organisations they have not taken it down from their sites). The only reason he raises it in his letter is to conceal the only real reason for his letter which is he wants me to take down the references to him being a perjurer.

Well as I have previously stated on this site: “In a court of law any inference that can be reasonably drawn from the primary facts has to be taken at its highest. (See the decision of J Gyles in Choundary v Capital Airport [2006] FCA 1755 at 3 and 23).” See page 24 in my book “Love Letters from the Bar Table”.

And given that as stated in my previous article that Justice Ronald Sackville said Mr Stokes had given “deliberately false evidence” and “Mr Stokes evidence on this issue was not only implausible but, I must conclude, deliberately false,” Justice Sackville said etc.

It is clearly fair and reasonable to conclude that Mr Stokes is a perjurer until proven otherwise.

What must be said is that the letter from Mr Stokes lawyer, Justine Munsie, could and would be regarded as an attempt to conceal a serious indictable offence which is a crime in itself. The lawyer is trying to hide Mr Stokes perjury.

Justine Munsie – Addisons Lawyers

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  1. “Well as I have perviously stated on this sight:”

    That should read:

    “Well as I have perviously stated on this *site*:”

  2. what happened to the post on Freehills ? I note its been taken off why you should have fought this to the high court

    Have you received a summons or does stokesy give a rats about your opinion.

    • In relation to Freehills, nothing about them has been on this site, at least not yet. I think you must have seen it on my other site Crimes of the Law. I took it down from there as most of the content is my book “Love Letters from the Bar Table”. There is even a chapter about Freehills fraudulent costs bill and they get mentioned right throughout the book.

      Initially I had full intentions of appealing to the High Court but the problem with going to the High Court is where does it stop and it is costly even with fee wavers and then factor in the time and for numerous other reasons I decided it was time to move on. If I had of appealed it could still be before the courts now. At least my matters were only Unlawful Termination, others have a lot more at stake and have to fight and are in the courts for 5 or ten years.

      As far as Stokes is concerned there is nothing he can do. I know it and he knows it. The lawyer’s letter was just a straight out attempt to try and intimidate me to amend the post. That is why I scanned his lawyer’s letter in and did another post.

      As I said in the post “What must be said is that the letter from Mr Stokes lawyer, Justine Munsie, could and would be regarded as an attempt to conceal a serious indictable offence which is a crime in itself. The lawyer is trying to hide Mr Stokes perjury.”

      I’ll do another more detailed post on it in the near future.

      (Just so you know I might take down the Crimes of the Law site soon as it is up for renewal and I do not do anything with it now days)

  3. From the same type of mongrels that gave the world the phone hacking debacle. How can you trust the Australian Media?

  4. I do not watch any Channel 7, because of Kerry Stokes ownership of that
    station. He controls The West Aussie Newspaper and we do not buy the
    newspaper. The Sunrise programme has all “his Puppets” on it plus that
    dreadful Andrew O’Keefe doing the weekend news which we don’t watch.
    Another one of “his socialists boys”. This “socialist thing” drifted over to
    the West and was employed in putting up T.V. antennas. Now he controls
    what we are allowed to see and hear. He is like the “Nazi Mafia”!! There
    should be an investigation into this” Nazi Mafia Man” . Instead of wearing
    poppies on Remembrance Day his boys should be wearing White Feathers!
    Socialist Stokes never spilt any blood for Aussie because he is a big COWARD!
    Pauline Hanson took the bastard to court and WON! Aussies who Fathers/
    GrandFathers who paid the ultimate scarifice in the Battle for Australia should
    be taking this “Nazi Mafia Man” for trying to stop Freedom of Speech that their
    Fathers/GrandFathers fought and died for. It certainly would receive a lot of
    International Press and this would nail the Nazi Mafia in Aussie. Have you noticed
    that Channel 7 have a new Nazi boy on their pay roll, Kochie is in love with him.
    The Game Is Up Channel 7!!!

  5. Being a West Australian I was somewhat disappointed to read this blog and letter from Kerry Stokes’ lawyer.I have no time for Media watch and his comments and no longer take time to access the show.I will continue to follow this ‘Saga” with you as I am doing with Thomson and Slipper matters. These are a disgrace particularly Thomson and this matter should be brought to a head rather than just keep passing the buck.Keep the good work going!!

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