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KCA – Where we’re at and where we’re going. A year in review.

This is the last post for the year and I thought it would be good to summarise what this site has achieved and the direction it will heading for the next 12 months.

Even though this site has not set the world on fire, we have had a number of wins which is pretty good going for a site that is only 12 months old. My first post was on the 2nd January 2011. The reason I say we instead of I (as I am the only writer of the posts) is because this site is reliant on the followers and readers of this site to have any impact. And impact we have had, make no mistake about that.

Some of the achievements are:

  1. This site is now archived by the National Library of Australia on their Pandora website. (Click here to see)
  2. Initiated the Julia Gillard media crisis with my story on 7th of August titled “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read) which forced her to intervene and close down the reporting of her corrupt past.
  3. This site got a mention on Media Watch and in The Australian. (Click here)
  4. This site has had over 102,000 page views (96,000 since the beginning of July). Which is very good going for a new site.
  5. Almost 300 subscribers to the site. Most have joined in the last five months as you would expect for a new site.
  6. Kerry Stokes had one of his lawyers send me a threatening letter after I did a post on him. He had no right to do so as I was speaking the truth and covered legally by fair comment law. Stokes and his lawyer were sent packing after I did another post on the letter and the lawyer and I never heard from them again. (Click here to read)

Next year which is the second year of this site I will be trying to post on a more regular basis and utilise video more for on site reporting and interviews.

I think what has been achieved starting from scratch at the beginning of the year has been a fair and reasonable effort. There is no reason if the growth rate can be kept going that this site will be a real force in 2012.

I will start posting again sometime towards the end of January 2012.

Thank you for your support and happy Christmas and New Year.

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  1. Shane, You are doing a marvellous job. Globally people are rising up and providing this kind of knowledge in their own way. The truth about the corruption, dodgy dealings and the abuse of power is being exposed.

    Have a safe and Merry Christmas and I have every expectation that despite some rough times ahead, the future will be a lot better than the past. xoxox

  2. Thank you for what you have done on this site. I was an avid listener of Michael Smith when he first started on radio at 4bc nights. He was a breath of fresh air and looked for truth and justice. I have listened to talk back over many years and have never heard any one like him. He wasn’t a sensational radio presenter, he was brilliant interviewer and fact finder with compassion and a reality that made him like a family member. I hope that you can up date us on where he is and how he is doing. Like you, I think there are only a few who take on the big guys in town. Have a wonderful Christmas and pass on my good wishes to Michael and his family.

  3. Shane
    Thank you for delving up the crud that is obviously endemic within our system keep up the good work as to spread the word i.e. the “Truth” =Knowledge= Power to the people who have been lied to, deceived,conned, suffered myriads of spin,to the point of having treason committed against the Australian people.Thanks to a litany of so-called political leaders being complicit in what i call the “Hidden Agenda”. Keep up the good work and may the Power of the People be with you!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Regards Ray Cullen

  4. Congratulations Shane on an excellent & informative site which obviously takes up a lot of your time and energy and places you in the crosshairs of powerful & influential people.
    A special thanks for shining the spotlight on a PM whose real socialist agenda is stuffing this country and taking away any incentive one might have to strive for anything other than welfare and mediocrity. What a terrible blight on Australia that our first female PM turned out to be an absolute dud but that is no real surprise considering her past record.
    All the best for your future.

  5. keep us informed about the state of our nation ,not enough people believe we are under threat from within ,or care ,australians first illegal immigrants last

  6. Thanks Shane

    Shame about Michael Smith. I had hoped that some other radio station would pick him up as he was a great guy and liked to get at the truth. He also got the ball rolling on Craig Thomson by the way, as well as the Julia/Bruce Wilson affair (pun intended)

    One day we shall hear the truth from him and I hope it is not too far away. I also hope that next year we will see a stop to the ridiculous attempts to shut down free speech in
    the media so that truth can prevail.

    Have a great Christmas and we will see you no doubt fighting fit in the New Year which will bring with it lots of challenges on the political front.

    Regards, Carol

  7. Thanks for all the work you have done in exposing the PM for the liar she is – keep up the good work! Have a wonderful aand restful Christmas, and look forward to hearing from you again in 2012.

  8. HI Shane,

    Congratulations on having the courage to expose the real criminals in Australia. If it wasn’t for people like you posting on the web we would not be told anything by the left wing media.

    I wish you a happy and restful Christmas and a prosperous New Year and look forward to reading your blog next year. I am sure there is plenty more to come out in the public arena especially when the labor Party is kicked out.

    • As the Americans are learning to their great cost, The Left vs Right paradigm is as false as it is futile. The poison of corruption and dishonesty in public life knows no side.

  9. Hope you have a good break Shane and come back refreshed next year, to give them another whack.

    Like others have said, Smithy was brilliant and 2UE don’t deserve him.

  10. Talk about left wing media Glennis, it’s just disgraceful. I’ve always known it was bad, but not this bad.

    Great job Shane. Have a restful and peaceful Christmas, and I look forward to yours and your followers articles in the New Year.

    Maintain the rage!

  11. Keep up the good work Shane but rest peacefully over the break to garner your strength for the new year.

    Take it easy mate, be safe, and look after your health.

  12. Hi Shane, Since 1974 I have been waiting for the truth to finally come out and that was with Timor and other places. I do actually get physically sick when I hear or see these lying conniving people in office making false and misleading claims.
    I was told about your sight and since I’v started following your moves I can once again feel that the worm is starting to turn. The egotistical people who flout the laws and condemn those who pay the piper will sooner than later start screaming about unfair treatment and bring up all the excuses to try and cover up their corrupt behaviour.
    Have a Grand, and Merry Christmas, a Safe and Happy New Year. Your gift is in knowing that those who oppose you are openly trying to pervert the course of Justice.

  13. Hopefully readers encouragement of your endeavours will ensure you to continue to be bold. Keep up the good work. We have quite a little mess in Queensland at the moment, plenty of corruption worthy of your reporting. Merry Christmas.

  14. Well done, Shane. I am a new reader and would not miiss an issue for ANY reason.
    Keep up the great work.
    Keep it up Shane. Your following is just getting underway.

  15. Thanks for a great site I stumbled across this site by accident but it appears its worth it. The infomation is well researched and referenced and a large suprise to me that I didn’t see it in the mainstream press first. One thing is true though our political system at the moment is a farce I don’t even see the point of voting because I see them acting out of self interest instead of for their constitutes with no real alternative in sight I feel powerless in the face of it all. This site gives me hope but change is still a long way off unless this rubbish is stamped out.

  16. I hope that they have not got to you and that you are just on holidays & not posting by choice. All the best for 2012. We need strong voices to speak out against corruption.

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