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Julia Gillard’s office lines up the Aborigines against Tony Abbott but it backfires badly.

Criminal offences have been committed by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s staff make no mistake about that. The prima facie case is rock solid.

For example there is enough evidence to have at least Tony Hodges, Julia Gillard’s former media advisor, charged for breaching Division 149 of the 1995 Criminal Code – Obstruction of Commonwealth public officials, which is punishable by 2 years jail.

In this post we look at the evidence and the relevent laws.

On Australia Day, 26th of January 2012, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office started a chain of events in an attempt to discredit and/or embarrass the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. The plan failed and if the rule of law is followed at least one and maybe a number of people could and should get some jail time.

As of today, 30 January 2012, the Australian Federal Police say there is no evidence of a criminal act. Have they done an investigation? No! How did they come to that conclusion? Regular readers of this site will know that it is the standard procedure of the Federal Police when it comes to crimes by anyone in the government to sweep it under the carpet.

The chain of events. (With the help of the Herald Sun and others)

Australia Day – 26th January 2012

9am – Aborigines conduct a peaceful march in Canberra over sovereignty and land rights.

11am – Tony Abbott says in Sydney that in relation to the tent embassy in Canberra “that it might be time to move on”.

About Lunchtime – Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott arrive at The Lobby restaurant to present medals for emergency services workers.

1.30 to 2pm – Around this time one of Julia Gillard’s junior media advisors, Tony Hodges, phones Unions ACT secretary Kim Sattler and gets her to go to the tent embassy to stir up trouble by greatly exaggerating what Tony Abbott said. She tells Barbara Shaw at the embassy that Tony Abbott said the tent embassy should be closed down and that Tony Abbott is only 200 meters up the road at the The Lobby restaurant. Kim Sattler has since denied she exaggerated what Tony Abbott said. But as the evidence will show Kim Sattler is a compulsive liar.

Kim Sattler also talked to Michael Anderson, one of the co-founders of the embassy. One version says she said to him “the PM’s office want to talk to you” and another version says “Anderson said Sattler told him she was from the Prime Minister’s office and that his initial reaction was that it was a joke.” (Click here to read the full story) If Ms Sattler did say she was from the PM’s office she is in clear breach of section 148.1 of the 1995 Criminal Code – Impersonation of an official by a non‑official – 2 years jail, but more on that later.

2pm – Protesters head from the tent embassy to The Lobby restaurant.

2.05pm – “A source at the event said they had witnessed Mr Hodges and another staffer from the PMO speaking to several members of the crowd outside, around 20 minutes before the protesters charged the windows, sparking a dramatic evacuation of both Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott from the building.” (Click here to read the full story) I am very curious what was said and who the other staffer was and why hasn’t Julia Gillard issued a statement on this point.

2.25pm – Julia Gillard’s security team call police.

2.30pm – About 50 Federal Police show up and clear a path for Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to clear the building.

2.40pm – Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott leave the building.

In the afternoon following the events.

Sometime in the afternoon Tony Hodges tells his superiors what he had done. One has to suspect they already knew and were up to neck in it.

“Ms Sattler posted a photo, taken on her iPhone, of the crowd engulfing the medal ceremony and added the comment, “Tony Abbott just announced the Tent Embassy should be closed down and a huge crowd from the Embassy went to greet him and he had to be rushed away with a police escort!” (Click here to read the full story)

Friday 27th January 2012

Julia Gillard at a press conference denied any knowledge of anyone from her office had tipped off the protesters. Even though her senior media advisers where aware of it the previous day.

But earlier in the day “Sydney radio presenter Ray Hadley blew the whistle, telling his listeners that a Gillard staff member had phoned someone from the embassy and said ”you should have heard what Abbott just said, he wants it all torn down … if you’re looking for him he’s across the road at a restaurant” (Click here to read the full story)

1.30pm – Ms Sattler called the Australian Federal Police into her office informed them she had been the one who passed on the location of Mr Abbott to protesters.

At about 6pm it is confirmed that Tony Hodges has resigned. Why did take almost 24 hours? And after a denial of any knowledge by Julia Gillard? I doubt very much he would have resigned if the media had not got hold of the story nor would Julia Gillard have taken any action.

Saturday 28th January 2012

Early saturday morning Kim Sattler told the Canberra times this:

“But when The Sunday Canberra Times reached Sattler earlier in the day, she denied being the go-between for the PM’s office in tipping off the Aboriginal tent embassy. She denied even having a conversation with Hodges and claimed she learnt about Abbott’s presence from people at the tent embassy. ”I heard it from people on the ground,” Sattler said. ”I did not talk to Tony Hodges.”

“She said the Liberal Party would be ”hunting” for somebody to blame.” (Click here to read the full story)

Obviously Ms Sattler was lying as the previous day she had confessed to the Federal Police.

Sometime Saturday Ms Sattler had another go at Tony Abbott.

“Ms Sattler berated Mr Abbott through the social network, saying he played a role in the violence.”

“Tony Abbot is like your typical bar-room brawler, who starts a fight and then disappears like a coward when it is in full swing,” she wrote.” (Click here to read the full story)

Saturday afternoon Barbara Shaw and Michael Anderson from the Aboriginal tent embassy out Kim Sattler as the go-between.

Later in the day Julia Gillard also outs Kim Sattler and also outlines the role of Tony Hodges in the riot. She tries to water down what he had done. (Click here to read)

Saturday night Kim Sattler talks to Samantha Maiden at News Ltd. She says:

“But Ms Sattler, a staunch Labor Party supporter and secretary of Unions ACT, said she was “the messenger who is being shot” and that she had only repeated information given to her by Ms Gillard’s then press secretary, Tony Hodges.”

“I spoke to Tony Hodges on the phone,” Ms Sattler told the Sunday Herald Sun.

“He mentioned that Tony Abbott had made a statement about the embassy, that it shouldn’t exist at all.”

Ms Sattler said: “He (Hodges) said, ‘You might want to get someone to respond to that’. He said, ‘By the way, he is next door at the Lobby at the function’.” (Click here to read the full story)

Sunday 29th January 2012

Ms Sattler issued a statement refuting what she said to Samantha Maiden at News Ltd.

“In a statement issued today, Ms Sattler said the News Ltd reports were “inaccurate”.

“As I said in my statement yesterday, Tony Hodges from the Prime Minister’s office told me what Tony Abbott had said – that people should ‘move on’ from the tent embassy,” she said.

“Yesterday the Prime Minister gave an accurate account of my role.” (Click here to read the full story)

I bet the statement was countersigned by the Prime Ministers office.

Monday 30th January 2012

After numerous calls by the federal opposition for the Federal Police to investigate the Federal Police issue a statement:

“The Australian Federal Police says it will not investigate the disclosure of Tony Abbott’s location before the Australia Day tent embassy protest, despite an official request by the federal opposition.”

The AFP said in a statement that “no evidence of a criminal act was identified”. (Click here to read the full story)

Of course you will not find any evidence if you do not look.

The prima facie cases:

Tony Hodges should be charged with breaching section 149.1 of the 1995 Criminal Code – Obstruction of Commonwealth public officials as well as section 70 of the 1914 Crimes Act. (Both are listed below in summary format)

Mr Hodges was clearly trying to obstruct and hinder Mr Abbott in his official duties. So was Kim Sattler.

Section 70 of the 1914 Crimes Act is the same section that Allan Robert Kessing was found guilty of back in 2007 when he was found to have leaked a government report to the media about airport security problems. Kessing to this day denies it, but even if he was guilty it was in the public interest to do so. (Click here to read more)

Section 70 is well-known in the public service and Mr Hodges could and should have been aware he was breaching it. It is not for him to tell people where Tony Abbott is and even more so if the people have a grievance with Mr Abbott. The prime ministers office and the federal police would have also known he had broken the law.

If you or myself phoned the prime ministers office and asked where Tony Abbott was they would not tell us. Their response would be that it is classified information and by law they could not tell us.

Kim Sattler should also be charged with breaching section 149.1 of the 1995 Criminal Code – Obstruction of Commonwealth public officials. If the report as mentioned above in the SMH is true and Ms Sattler said “she was from the Prime Minister’s office” she should be also charged with breaching of section 148.1 of the 1995 Criminal Code – Impersonation of an official by a non‑official.

It must be noted other reports have her saying that she said to Michael Anderson “that the PM’s office want to talk to you” if that is the case then it is not a criminal offence. But is raises other questions. Who at the prime ministers office wanted to talk to him. This seems to imply that others were involved otherwise it would have been “Tony Hodges at the PM’s office want to talk to you”.

The laws.

Section 148.1 (2) and 149.1 of the CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1995.

Division 148—Impersonation of Commonwealth public officials

148.1 Impersonation of an official by a non‑official

2) A person other than a Commonwealth public official is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person falsely represents himself or herself to be a Commonwealth public official in a particular capacity; and

(b) the person does so in the course of doing an act, or attending a place, in the assumed capacity of such an official.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

Division 149—Obstruction of Commonwealth public officials

149.1 Obstruction of Commonwealth public officials

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person knows that another person is a public official; and

(b) the first‑mentioned person obstructs, hinders, intimidates or resists the official in the performance of the official’s functions; and

(c) the official is a Commonwealth public official; and

(d) the functions are functions as a Commonwealth public official.

CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 70 (Click here for the full section)

Disclosure of information by Commonwealth officers

(1) A person who, being a Commonwealth officer, publishes or communicates, except to some person to whom he or she is authorized to publish or communicate it, any fact or document which comes to his or her knowledge, or into his or her possession, by virtue of being a Commonwealth officer, and which it is his or her duty not to disclose, shall be guilty of an offence.

“Commonwealth officer” means a person holding office under, or employed by, the Commonwealth, and includes:

(a) a person appointed or engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 ;

Concealing a crime is a crime in itself so there are plenty of people in the Prime Ministers office with some serious questions they need to answer.

This needs a full and open public enquiry as the federal police will do anything. Even if they are forced to investigate they will drag it out for ever and close the file in six or twelve months with no charges being laid.

Julia Gillard and her office are desperate with Kevin Rudd breathing down her neck with a challenge to Gillard’s leadership imminent. Without a doubt Tony Hodges did not act alone and what about the lies of Kim Sattler.

The picture is of Kim Sattler and Julia Gillard from Ms Sattlers facebook page (which is now blocked) and which is on the News Ltd site.

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  1. Great summary of events. I also wonder at the very least, why was he allowed to resign without an internal investigation into breaching the Public Service Code of Conduct and Values. Always the easy way out for this prime minister. She sure aint no leader…

  2. I was listening to Ray Hadley on the net, on Friday and heard him mention this. Unfortunately, I missed the initial call but all credit should go to Ray as he persisted and passed all info, to his listeners, as it became available. This whole grubby mess was wholly designed to embarrass Tony Abbott and I have very little doubt that Gillard saw this as a way to get at him. Gillard will do anything to hang onto power and I will even go as far as to say that the stumble and lost shoe were done deliberately to gain empathy. Gillard is an evil person and, if she is replaced as PM, as she did to Rudd, she will spit the dummy and resign completely from parliament.

    • Geoff, I would take a bet on that…Gillard will only go if she can take them all down with her, and it will be a really dirty deal. They know it and I believe that is why they can’t get rid of her (unless it is terminal)

  3. Why isnt the journalist who asked Tony the question in the first place being investigated ?i think this is where the story starts and ends .This is the pandoras box.

    • The question the journalist asked Abbott was fair and Abbott’s response was his basic viewpoint. The trouble started when Sattler told lies about what Abbott said to the people at the Aboriginal tent embassy.

    • I agree, the question was loaded and the ABC interviewer and her employers should all be questioned as to why they chose to ask Tony this, knowing he was going to be at the LOBBY!

  4. This is the first time i heard Hodges was actually in the crowd. Is there some refernce to this somewhere.
    Also the photo she took on her phone. Is it anywhere?
    Dont count on Shaw – she is a solid Green

    BTW. excellent summary

    Have a look at for another slant.

    • Hodges and another staffer were in the crowd 20 minutes before they started banging on the windows. The link is in the post. The photo she took on her phone was on her Facebook page which is now blocked and the link to where it is mentioned is in the post as well.

      • Sattler was very obvious among the crowd at the window, taking photos/videos and grinning like a mullet.

  5. This is going to be as much about the cover up as the original “crime”

    Several questions come to mind. Hodges was “asked to resign”. Does this mean he wasn’t actually fired and will surface in another cushy Labor job somewhere (i.e. he is taking one for the team)? It beggars belief that he acted alone as they would normally act as a united team working daily on team-directed strategies.

    There is a strange (to me) thing that sparked off the whole circus. Apparently at random an ABC reporter did a doorstop interview with Tony Abbott. She asked the question about the tent embassy that sparked the whole thing off. This was in Sydney and it just seems like too much of a co-incidence that she actually asked him about the Tent embassy of all things . It was hardly a topical subject at the time. Remember this was Australia Day and it would seem more likely that a question relating to the celebrations would have been asked. Bolt says that it is common practise for these media advisors to feed questions to journalists and the possibility of this raises even more serious questions
    time will unfold even more details and I am also wondering if the AFP will do a “FWA”

    • Perhaps the ABC had been primed by Hodges about this interview, after all he knows all the MEDIA people! If this is true, then I would say Gillard and her group knew about the idea of inciting violence to Tony.

    • “Does this mean he wasn’t actually fired and will surface in another cushy Labor job somewhere”

      Boy did you ever get that one right!

  6. I find it difficult to believe Gillard didn’t know Hodges had informed what Tony Abbot said to the Aboriginals. Juliar has lied, cheated and used spin continuously since becoming P.M. I like many others regret voting for her and I would never vote for her again. I think she has doomed the credability of the Labor Party, at least while she is at the helm.

  7. Shane, I know Sattler spoke to the protesters, but this debacle seems to go right back to the interview. Why would ABC choose THAT question at that time? It is fortunate that Tony did NOT say the tent embassy should be removed, as he would be really copping it from all sides!

    • Was the ABC journalist primed to ask the question? Who knows? If there is an enquiry of some sort, and I think at least a senate enquiry will get up, then maybe look at it then. But I doubt you will get the journalist to admit it. And the people at the tent embassy marched in Canberra on Australia day and the Coalition has talked about a referendum at the next election to change the Constitution to recognise indigenous Australians, so the journalist would use that as the reasons.

      I think focusing on the question and answer by the journalist and Abbott is wrong because it does two things (1) that is not where the damage was done. It was Sattler and Hodges lying about what he said and then inflaming the issues by telling the lies to the people at the tent embassy.
      (2) It takes the focus away from the more blatant lies and deception before and after the fact by the players involved which includes quite a few in the Prime Minister’s office.

      For example you wrote in a previous comment that “Sattler was very obvious among the crowd at the window, taking photos/videos and grinning like a mullet.” Which is true, she was at the function and a good point to raise as it made me think, then why did Hodges say that he phoned Sattler. More likely he went up to her at the Lobby restaurant and asked her to go the 200 meters to the tent embassy and stir up the trouble.

      Sattler said she was already at the embassy when she got the call from Hodges. But why would she be there if she was invited to the function at the Lobby restaurant. Seems to me there are more lies that Sattler and Hodges are telling and that the Prime Minister’s office have plenty of more questions they need to answer.

      The jounalist issue has been raised and is worth looking at but near impossible to prove unless someone rolls over, but lets move on now and start crunching the evidence and try and work out what other lies have been told.

      • There’s a photo of someone that appears to be Sattler here, taken at ~1:40 according to the camera. Don’t know what that proves, but it seems she was indeed at the embassy beforehand, not at the Lobby.

      • Yes, that might be her. If it is her why would she be at the embassy at 1.40pm when she was invited to the function at the Lobby restaurant which started at lunchtime? Looks like she went there for one reason only.
        (Update. I have just had it confirmed that it is her in the photo)

      • I only wonder, and you’re right, the journo wouldn’t admit as much, but if this event actually had its beginning with the choice of question fed by a media adviser to a journalist, then a bigger charge of an actual conspiracy begins to emerge.

        Its also my hope that Indigenous people realize how deeply they have been manipulated by these people for political ends, and how much these events have discredited them in the eyes of the many apolitical Australians out there who just respond to images on a TV screen.

  8. I distinctly remember Gillard saying that she didn’t know the union official, adding something like “we’re members of the Labor party, we would have been in the same room at some stage”. That is, she was trying to distance herself from Sattler.

    However, what about this pic?

    (Edited: your link was the same picture in the post)

    That sure looks like they know each other to me!

  9. Thank you Shane for the article that sets it out so simply.
    This whole scenario is a disgrace and makes you wonder HOW LOW can politics go?

  10. In my opinion, this whole fiasco was orchestrated by Gillard & her team to gain sympathy votes. I have no sympathy what-so-ever for this pathetic puppet of the NWO. She is a proven liar who is implementing UN policies. Agenda 21 is alive and well in Juliar’s mindset and it is up to We, The People of the Commonwealth, to stop her.

    • You’re among the first I’ve seen who’s actually worked this out. You are absolutely right about her as a puppet (a willing, well remunerated one at that, as is Rudd) of the NWO.

  11. From Bolt’s Blog


    “Another partial answer. I am informed that the Sydney ABC journalist was requested by a Canberra colleague to ask the Abbott the question about the tent embassy. So, did the Prime Minister’s office in turn ask the Canberra journalist (whom they know personally and deal with regularly) to have that question put to Abbott? (I have been requested by my informant not to reveal the identity of the Canberra journalist.)

    And more information: I am informed by a source with a so-far perfect record for accuracy that Gillard overruled objections from security personnel about having the Australia Day function at that venue, so close to the tent embassy. If true, why?”

    So it looks like it is true about the loaded ABC question…

  12. Shane, your precise precis seems so straight forward; how are you able to do what the Aff Pee seem reluctant, or unable, to do?

    More over, why does it take an ordinary pleb like you to do what we plebs pay huge tax dollars do to keep us safe from an unruly mob?

  13. Be wary Mr Abbott.. I saw on another site that a left wing loony was suggesting that Mr Abbott planted the original question, so he could give an answer that could be mis-represented.

    These left wing loonies will stop at nothing !!!

  14. Slightly inaccurate at the whole start of this:

    What happened was:

    On 26 Jan Tony Abbott was at the Opera House to announce that the Coalition would be making an additional $10 million to Lifesaving Australia to help provide much needed equipment to over 300 volunteer surf lifesaving clubs which save thousands of people from drowning every year.


    Mr Abbott, today is also the 40th anniversary of the Tent Embassy in Canberra. Is the Tent Embassy still relevant or should it move?


    “Look, I can understand why the Tent Embassy was established all those years ago. I think a lot has changed for the better since then. We had the historic apology just a few years ago, one of the genuine achievements of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. We had the proposal which is currently for national consideration to recognise indigenous people in the Constitution. I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian and yes, I think a lot has changed since then and I think it probably is time to move on from that.”


    Why did the ABC Reporter ask that question? Did any-one else suggest that she ask that question? If so who and why? Is it the answer she or the ABC expected? Did she discuss the answer with any-one else? If so who and why? How does the ABC reporter now feel about the furore that was caused by her question and Mr Abbott’s answer? Are we the tax paying public that fund the ABC entitled to know the answers to these questions?

    • I heard a report on Sydney radio this morning that the Sydney ABC reporter had been briefed from Canberra earlier in the morning. Has anyone else heard this?

      I think the majority of Australian journalists should hand back their press passes until they can learn to check their sources and report the truth.

      • Post script:

        From Andrew Bolt’s blog:

        Question: Did anyone from Gillard’s office contact beforehand the ABC journalist who at a Sydney doorstop that morning asked Tony Abbott the question about the tent embassy that Labor then seized on? If so, what was said or suggested?

        Answer: “The (Gillard) spokesman said the PM’s office had had nothing to do with the original question to Mr Abbott on Australia Day that elicited those comments. It is understood the question was put by a Sydney-based ABC reporter on the suggestion of the Canberra bureau.”


  15. The whole affair stinks from Julia Gillard and flows on down to her staffers. I agree with had_enough as news footage of Julia Gillard inside the buliding, when told by her minders that they may have to go, shows her first response was worrying for Tony Abbott. Why Tony Abbott? Did she know something no one else did? Why was she not concerned for any of the other people in attendance?

    • A public display of concern that shows her as a “Uniter”, not a “Divider”? Fits in with the theme of the plot. I say plot because I’m now quite convinced that this was a rather elaborate little political plot that seems to have spun out of control a little.

  16. Hodges is the “Fall Guy” for sure.

    Too many inconsistencies in the whole story for me to take it all at face value.
    The fact that many people are still out their blaming Abbott, egged on by incorrect and biased reporting should concern us also.

    The ABC, which has a duty to be impartial, is probably one of the worst offenders, considering that it’s charters prohibit personal bias and opinion.

    The ABC have a perfect opportunity to unravel all the media’s part in this saga with the ($2.5 million a year for 15 mins a week), Media Watch. We shall see if it gets a mention and if it does will they take a position?

    Either way Julia’s press office has to take responsibility. They were either in on it OR they weren’t and Hodges acted alone. If he acted alone it would be because the prevailing culture of the PMO was “get Abbott and nothing is off-limits attitude” and he thought it would earn him some brownie points. After all the “boss lady” does the same spin every day and she is the PM!

  17. Everything you said is fine except for the reference to the “riot”. There was no riot, there was a protest, the only violence perpetrated in that protest was from police.

    • Bashing on windows, interupting peaceful procedings, restricting people’s movement by jumping infront of cars or blocking access.. IS VIOLENCE.

      Spears were seen in the crowd, actually held at shoulder height in a throwing position……, if that is not a threat of violence, I don’t know what is.

      (Edited. Last line deleted by moderator)

  18. What a disgusting low life bunch of thugs running our country. I really can’t wait for Abbott and the libs to take over, maybe then we can get some semblance of integrity in our government…..Gillard and co simply stagger from bad to worse.

    This doesn’t excuse the disgusting attitude of the thugs that burnt the flag…and I do know not all koori’s feel this the blog going around on facebook of this great young aboriginal man!

    • This illustrates another dimension to this remarkable event. The cynical manipulation of Indigenous people to achieve a cheap, nasty political stunt. This from operators in the Labor Party, the party of Sorry. I hope Indigenous Australia has duly noted this. This is how much respect the ALP really has for you.

      I think this event has incredible instructional value to any student of the dark arts of political manipulation… not to go about it.

  19. I am sure that there is much more to this than we are being told. The PM must believe in fairy land if she thinks we believe that Mr Hodges acted independently on this matter. The PM stated that she did not know Kim Sattler (who, allegedly passed the actual message to the protesters) but they had met way back in 2007 while attending a function for Emily’s List. What did Kim Sattler actually say to the leaders of the protesters? Has anyone actually interviewed these elders to get their version? This should be fully investigated by the AFP. If there was no offence committed then why did Mr Hodges “have to” resign? It’s a worry!!

  20. Wether the Aboriginies were sucked in or not doesn’t matter their behaviour was atrocious. Throw eggs at the pollies if you want but how dare they burn the flag. Many people have given their lives for that black and white. I think these people don’t deserve the right to sit on their asses and collect the dole. lock em up or send em to a mission to get in touch with reality – It seems the trouble is being stirred up by the creamies, the main antagonised was whiter than me.

    • I live in the North, and unfortunately I still expect no less once the mob mentality takes a hold. Aurukun looks like that most days, with no Abbott to be seen. I just hope though that a new generation of Aboriginals has been made aware that their friends are not always their friends.

  21. For all justice loving Australians Piers Ackerman had an article yesterday about the long running Heiner affair

    A bit of cut and paste
    Meticulously prepared allegations of the most serious misconduct by some of the nation’s most senior public officers, including the Governor General Quentin Bryce, the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, and a raft of Queensland jurists have been received by every member of the Senate.
    The allegations were contained in the Rofe Audit of the long-running Heiner Affair and e-mailed to every Senator on Australia Day.

    Please take the time to read and e mail your Senator asking what he/she intends to do

    For more background here’s the heiner affair website

  22. Australians should start to learn as I have learned first hand that at levels of Government there is a three tiers cover up where complaints are drained in a black hole where there is no scape. What ever your complaint they will send you to another department that will send you to another and back where you started. Did you know that the worse case scenarios are Councils (NSC example); they are a state within the state. and like the Family Court of Australia they have a law of their own. Without a judge they will send you an uneducated untrained foot soldier to investigate any issue. He reports what he finds and another public servant with a “manager” title or “team leader” rubbing his/her ass on a desk’s chair drafts an aggressive threat. You receive it late but the letter is dated one weak earlier. You investigate the issues and reply that there are some factual errors. They ignore them and issue on due date ORDERS without a Court Judge and a comment that your application is no relevant! They give you a very short delay to comply or YOU take it to the Environment Court to object. There is the Order and the REASONS for the ORDERS like a Kangaroo Court NO appeal. If you do not comply they proceed to do the repairs in your neighbor PRIVATE property and send you the bill or enforcement order with no appeal because the time is over! … Councils are not accountable to any one except them self! .. so imagine the tactics that we have to dissipate in any wrong doing at any level of our three tiers Government system, the hot potato is bounced around. The same with the Speeding Fines, the State Government and the Federal Government … shall we call them the UNTOUCHABLES or the extreme right or extreme left old dictatorial “Banana Republic” or former East Germany secret police tactics?
    I have lost my faith in the Australian Democracy .. Paul Keating was right. We only have today opportunistic sale men politicians where “one says what he does not think and the other thinks what he does not say”. Vive La Liberte … the French got it right I think.

  23. maybe julias office could follow canadian laws and bligh government where its ok to lie


    From The Canadian Government’s authorised booklet “How Canadians Govern Themselves”.

    the rule of law.

    What does the rule of law mean?

    It means that everyone is subject to the law; that no one, no matter how important or powerful, is above the law — not the government; not the Prime Minister, or any other Minister; not the Queen or the Governor General or any Lieutenant-Governor; not the most powerful bureaucrat; not the armed forces; not Parliament itself, or any provincial legislature. None of these has any powers except those given to it by law: by the Constitution Act, 1867, or its amendments; by a law passed by Parliament or a provincial legislature; or by the common law of England, which we inherited, and which, though enormously modified by our own Parliament or provincial legislatures, remains the basis of our constitutional law and our criminal law, and the civil law (property and civil rights) of the whole country except Quebec (which has its own civil code).

    If anyone were above the law, none of our liberties would be safe. What keeps the various authorities from getting above the law, doing things the law forbids, exercising powers the law has not given them? The courts. If they try anything of the sort, they will be brought up short by the courts.” Source : see page 32 of the booklet

  24. This was an elaborate plot orchestrated by the PM office well before Australia Day; Antonette Collins ABC was told to ask Abbott the EXACT question in Sydney after being directed from Canberra – who exactly remains unanswered, but Anna Morozow from the ABC Canberra has been suggested many times on blogs as the go between the PMs office and asking the loaded question from Antonette?

    Even the restaurant The Lobby was questioned about the security risk but overruled by JuLIAR, & was deliberately booked near the embassy just over 50 metres away.

    Was the inaugural awards centred on volunteers, aimed at getting Abbott to accept the invitation to set their plan in motion?

    Kim Sattler Unions ACT was also a GUEST at the Lobby Restaurant at the awards luncheon and an integral part of the plan to deliberately bullshit & change Abbotts respectful remarks made hours earlier to incite the crowd when she not only went directly to the organisers after being at the restaurant, but rushed around the crowd saying Abbott was over there NOW talking to the press & posted remarks on blogs, Facebook etc and then followed the crowd to the Lobby and started uploading photos.

    The lone cameraman Mark Jessop from channel 9 to CAPTURE JuLIARS pretentious CONCERN & even the AFP security assessment giving the whole detailed exit route up so close on camera is unbelievable, looks staged & just lights camera action from the conniving manipulator!
    Does this photo capture a smirk form JuLIAR?

    Meanwhile, 3AW is working to confirm Ms Sattler posted this comment on the 3AW website on Australia Day afternoon, following the violence:

    “I was present at this incident. A very peaceful event was going on next door when word arrived that Abbott had called for the dismantling if the Tent Embassy! What a provocative and dangerous statement to make on such a day! The PM was not in danger from the crowd – they were angry with TonyAbbott. The police decided to move Gillard and Abbott out of the venue together! Tony Abbott put the PM in danger!”

    The above comment was posted with attribution to Ms Sattler and a UnionsACT email domain.
    3AW has recorded the IP address from where the comment was originally posted from.

    The JuLIAR LIEbor Greens Govt is a disgrace and an immediate investigation should be underway and interrogation of ALL the people involved in this whole grubby saga.
    Tony Hodges was definitely NOT the only person involved in this deliberate attack on Tony Abbott in the Australia Day Prime Sinisters Office PLOT!

    • I recall when Juliar was retreating from the confusion she said to her companion something like should we give mr Abbot a lift . It was presented on ABC news 24 , maybe it was staged ? Did anyone else see the piece

  25. None of these commentators appear to have seen and heard the video clip made at the “embassy” by one of their own, which features the loudspeaker announcement that Abbott wants to tear down the tents. This clip surfaced a couple of days after the furore.

    Was that Ms. Sattler ? Difficult for her to argue her innocence of the charge of incitement when the whole thing is on tape.

  26. To-day I started to read this site, as somehow I overlooked it months ago, early February, there is a post referring to the Heiner affair,, this refers to article of piers Akerman,then the comments on this article then comments by peter Cain on this blog, it is now six months later and nothing has been revealed, we still have the same criminals in charge, so are we getting anywhere? Answer is obvious – NO

    • Words cannot describe the utter disgust I feel for Gillard/Labor and their ridiculous point scoring games! I dread the garbage we’re going to be fed next year re the elections!

      Unless something radical changes or happens..I fear they’re going to be most down and dirty elections we’ve ever had.

      What saddens me is when friends that vote one way, argue and I’ve seen them even fall out….with friends that vote the other way.

      I blame all this angst on Labor…as I feel they’ve been down and dirty since that ridiculous Tampa affair and people now think this is the way to behave.

      And our politicians feed this disgraceful mindset we’ve become accustomed to.

  27. If any of these peolpe have committed a criminal offence, then give the evidence to the police. Finally happening in the AWU case so why here. Bit of a case of put up or shut up. Just don’t get our hopes up if nothing is going to happen.

  28. Shane, Just read through this page again and saw my own comment on 16th July, 2012, well, it is so sad, that still the same criminals are in charge and it is Australia Day again and we are still in the same position!

    off topic Shane, Have you heard anything about Craig Thomson, his solicitor supposedly has asked for a delay in the proceedings
    Was supposed to be in court yesterday. How does one find out? Can you? Please!!!!

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